Why were Zoo pals discontinued

Why were Zoo pals discontinued? – why is there a shortage?

Why were Zoo pals discontinued? One of our favorite childhood products has initiated a significant comeback! Like us, you probably have a crush on Zoo Pals. Have you ever sang along to the TV jingle, pleaded with your family to buy a pack at the supermarket, and requested that each meal be put on a plate with a beautiful animal pattern?

They have returned and are much more impressive than before! Zoo Pals is being officially relaunched by Hefty with ten of the original animal designs. Some of your previous favorites, such as Curly the Pig and Domino the Dalmatian, are still available. They have sections for condiments and sides that are patterned after the ear or the foot, just like the original design.

Since the first discontinuation of Zoo Pals almost ten years ago, devoted fans have contacted and posted on social media. They even started petitions to bring them back. Others have even gone to great lengths to manufacture their ceramic replicas of Zoo Pals. Let us view this product in detail in this article.

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What are Zoo Pals?

ZooPals are a kid’s paper plate designed as animals for people who haven’t had the sheer delight of eating off of such beautiful china. Every plate had a circular center that, in most cases, represented the animal’s head or face. Additionally, there were two smaller compartments. They were designed for ketchup or other condiments. These ramekins usually had the ears, feet, or eyes of an animal correctly placed within them, showing how well this brilliant idea was carried out. Yes, they made dining enjoyable!

There were about 20 plates per package, with 5–6 different designs. They also popped up in a variety of collections, including ones featuring farm animals and rainforests. Some of the themes were quite adorable. The lifestyles of American children who were growing up in the 1990s and early 2000s were highly nostalgic for ZooPals.

The manufacturer had to stop selling the product in 2006 since there wasn’t enough demand. The nostalgia grows stronger as time passes. The memorable theme song and eye-catching appearance made eating enjoyable for the kids.

Who manufactures Zoo Pals?

An American company that manufactures household goods is called Hefty. Along with garbage bags and trash cans, they also sell disposable cookware, kids’ disposable tableware, slider-closed food storage and freezer bags, plastic storage containers, and trash cans. ZooPals were produced by Hefty. Mobil Chemical Co. established Hefty in 1965.

Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc.’s parent company, Reynolds Group Holdings, bought Pactiv on November 16, 2010. So, Hefty products have been owned by or under license to Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc. It has its main office in Lake Forest, Illinois.

A trusted brand for decades, Reynolds Consumer Products is a market leader in high-quality home goods. The goods under the Reynolds and Hefty brands help in organizing, chopping, cleaning, and storing.

In the United States, grocery shops, drugstores, and other big-box retailers sell hefty products. They can be bought both in person and online.

 Hefty was the innovator of some really amazing products:

  • first drawstring garbage bag
  • first foam plate
  • first food storage slider bag

These inventions can appear small, but they help us around our homes a little bit, and that’s Big. Even though they’ve pioneered a lot, they value being the last thing we are concerned about the most.

Hefty’s mission is to offer durable, reliable items at affordable rates. So customers won’t have to stress about minor messes around the house. “Life is short. We will have more time on the tasks we want to do and less time on the tasks that need to be done due to Hefty,” the company claims.

After almost a decade, Zoo Pals are back!

The Hefty brand is bringing back the iconic paper plates featuring ten of the original Zoo Pals animals. To make eating enjoyable, Zoo Pals are returning!

The cute plates, which are well-remembered for their catchy jingle “Woof! Woof! Zoo Pals!”. They were a kid’s lunchtime favorite in the 2000s and early 2010s until they were withdrawn in 2014. According to an exclusive report by PEOPLE, the Hefty company will resume selling its famous animal-shaped goods on August 17, 2023.

The paper plates are well-known for their segmented ears or feet to separate distinct snacks and dips. They come in a variety of bright, fun shapes and colors.

Ten of the original Zoo Pals will be available again. This includes Curly the Pig and Domino the Dalmatian, both fan favorites.

Jen Ganahl is the senior brand manager at Reynolds Consumer Products. According to him, “With this relaunch, our loyal fans will be able to recollect their most treasured childhood memories as adults.” “We’re thrilled to introduce the next generation to the delight of mealtime through Zoo Pals plates.”

“The nine-year wait for the return of Zoo Pals is now over,” according to Jen Ganahl. “Over the past nine years, we’ve gotten many calls, social media posts, and petition requests from fans,” he added. “The joy of mealtime with Zoo Pals plates will be brought to the future generation with our relaunch. This will enable our original fans to relive their favorite childhood memories as adults.”

Only internet stores sell them; Amazon and Target both sell them in 20-packs. Zoo Pals are appealing not just for their adorable appearance. But it is also for their usefulness in motivating kids to complete their meals.

The catchphrase “When you finish your plate, then you see their face!” broke out nearly ten years ago. The plates enjoyed a comeback on TikTok during the years they were discontinued, with Gen Z consumers recalling nostalgic products.

In January, user Ella Jokaminski shared a TikTok video of herself discovering a package of vintage animal-themed plates in her parents’ pantry. “My 2000s babies know,” she wrote as the caption for the picture.

Another social media user with the handle @uhmeri gained popularity for creating plaster Zoo Pals coasters.

One viewer’s remark on the DIY video read, “My childhood just flashed before my eyes,” and another user quoted the lyric, “Ribbit ribbit Zoopals.”


Now, you can enjoy a throwback experience with these special plates that feature ten unique Zoo Pals animal designs. Users can discover Curly the pig, Fritz the frog, Kosmo the cow, Baloo the whale, Tina the tiger, Speckles the ladybug, Domino the Dalmatian, Shelly the turtle, Puddles the duck, and Theo the bear all over again! Each plate has two dipping wells for more dining fun. It holds the perfect amount of condiments and sides, including ketchup, ranch, peanut butter, sweets, and more.

Zoo Pals plates not only make eating enjoyable but also ease the burden on parents of picky eaters. This is especially true when it comes to trying new foods. It can be challenging to keep kids interested in and motivated to want to eat. But Zoo Pals plates make it an interactive and enjoyable experience. Even better, ten of the original “Pals” will be returning!

Effective August 17, 2023, Zoo Pals plates will be offered. Thus, starting today, you may buy the plates from online shops, whether you wish to share the Zoo Pals magic with your children or relish in nostalgia.

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