Cracker Barrel closing stores 2023

Cracker Barrel closing stores 2023: Why Cracker Barrel Shut Down?

Like most other major restaurant chains, Cracker Barrel is expected to keep closing sites for strategic reasons. The reports of the company’s closure, however, are absolutely false. The business has yet to make plans to close its doors, not even in 2023.

You need to look no further than Cracker Barrel if you’re seeking a spot to enjoy the holidays! Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day are now the hours of operation for the restaurant. Additionally, they have a lot of holiday specials scheduled. They offer all-you-can-eat holiday meals, like roasted turkey dinners, and their regular menus.

We will be sure to discover something that suits our holiday palate, whether we wish to delight in some traditional Cracker Barrel dishes or try a new one. Holiday hours at Cracker Barrel have already been made public for 2023.

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Is Cracker Barrel closing stores in 2023?

Cracker Barrel closing stores 2023

The Cracker Barrel chain of restaurants coines a casual southern cuisine with a country store. Millions of Americans love going there. Since its opening, the chain has had more than 660 stores across 45 states. The cafe takes its name from a real cracker-filled barrel previously popular in country stores. It has a variety of rustic decor and a reasonably priced home cooking menu. 

But throughout its lengthy existence, Cracker Barrel has faced more controversy than is fair. Also, criticism is familiar to the company. In addition, the chain frequently tries out unsuccessful new menu items. Also, it sells millions of servings of foods that nutritionists would prefer were never served again when it isn’t facing lawsuits or complaints. In other words, it’s a brand that separates people.

Since opening its first location in Tennessee in 1969, Cracker Barrel has been around and is still in business. Along the highways of America, Cracker Barrel offers visitors and residents a spot to grab a homestyle dinner. The company may play a game of checkers while rocking back and forth.

It was rumored that the iconic Cracker Barrel, famed for its country store and homestyle comfort food, might shut down in 2021. It turns out that there is nothing more wrong.

The business reported $830.4 million in total revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. Comparing the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 to this quarter, there has been an increase of 5.9%. This revenue growth fell short of what the business had expected. It was caused by lower-than-expected travel rates and a decline in the number of visitors who were 65 and older.

The company reminds investors that its forecast for fiscal 2023 depends on various factors. As a result, many of these factors are out of their hands. 

Furthermore, lower-income visitors were most affected by rising inflation and higher gas prices. At Cracker Barrel, comparable store food sales increased by 6.1%. This comprises a 7.0% menu price increase. Retail sales in equivalent stores increased by 3.0% from the same time last year.

No company can ensure that it won’t be accused of bias in the future. Also, restaurants can only promise that they will continue to grow. Restaurant closures are frequently caused by poor business conditions, negative press, and shifting trends.

However, there is no reason to believe that Cracker Barrel sites will soon be closing. The business is cozy for down-home food and is trying to improve its reputation.

Cracker Barrel’s financial problems

The growing costs took a deeper bite out of their budgets. Cracker Barrel cited pricing for a decline in the number of silver-haired patrons at the chain’s country-themed restaurants, the business claimed.

Cracker Barrel closing stores 2023

In an earnings report with analysts in 2022, the firm reported that customers who were 65 and older skipped the popular highway stop throughout the summer. Chief marketing officer Jennifer Tate added, “we always see them holding back trips.”

Sandra Cochran, the CEO, stated that the company is “having to face the difficulty of managing an environment of reduced consumer demand.” Also, increased expenses are mixed with the uncertainty of when either of these factors may become less strong.

Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Mullan cited Cracker Barrel’s statement that its dine-in revenues were down 10% compared to pre-COVID levels. It was analyzed in the most recent quarter. Also, dining room visitation was down by a minimum of the mid-teens.

The promotion of plant-based sausage at Cracker Barrel has been criticized as being “woke.” Mullan also mentioned rising menu prices as a possible “traffic barrier” for fiscal 2023, which the firm intends to boost by 8%.

The business still recorded growth during the most recent quarter, aside from losing elderly diners. Without providing further information, Cracker Barrel claimed it had “got momentum” with customers aged 44 to 55 and millennials.

However, a facility in Oregon was permanently closed in 2022 due to security concerns. Security concerns caused the sudden closure of Jantzen Beach Cracker Barrel, based on a article from August 9, 2022. The staff at the Oregon branch needed more advance notice of the closure.

The company confirmed its plans to open 12–23 restaurants in 2023. It announced this while outlining and admitting its significant financial difficulties. Cracker Barrel has not closed as many locations nationwide as other large restaurant chains.

Financial experts are asserting that specific locations will likely be strategically closed in the year to come based on Pommells’ words. Thus, it is probably due to problems with an unsustainable lack of performance relative to operating costs. However, it should be noted that the company has neither confirmed nor denied those statements.


When such negative findings are made available online, rumors regarding the company’s long-term future usually arise. For the time being, Cracker Barrel is continuing its expansion ambitions. Although no new closures have been announced, strategic permanent shuttering is not ruled out. 

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