Why Clear Care Travel Size Discontinued - Shortage of 2022

Why Clear Care Travel Size Discontinued and Shortage of 2023

Why Clear Care Travel Size Discontinued? Clear care is a hydrogen peroxide-based lens cleaning solution that is very effective in cleaning lenses. The brand claims no preservatives or chemical substances in the cleaning solution. After the cleansing, the answer becomes neutral, just like the tears, and doesn’t bother the eyes.

To prove their word, they have challenged the customers to test it live, and if it doesn’t work the way they claim it, they are ready to stop manufacturing the product. To use this product correctly, you must first wash your hands and ensure that your hands are clean. This is to prevent any external source of germs or dirt from getting on the lens.

Once you have ensured that your hands are clean, you can take the solution and put it on the lens. After placing the key on the lens, leave the lens for five minutes. Fill the case of the lens with the solution as well. Now put the patient and lens together and ensure you tighten the case very well to prevent any solution leakage.

You have to soak them for at least six hours overnight. This ensures that all the possible germs or unwanted organisms are killed. It also provides the absolute eradication of dirt from your lenses. You can do the whole process overnight so that your lenses are ready to use when you wake up the next day.

As a lens user, you have to be highly precocious while using your lenses because you’re one small mistake that significantly impacts your vision. This is why taking small hygienic steps toward your lens cleanliness is essential, or else the consequences are lethal.

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Why is clear care out of stock?

Lens cleansing solutions have been out of stock in many parts of the world for a long time. This shortage is not just limited to clear care brands; many other brands are also unavailable in the market.

 It is being said that several production units of these line cleaning solutions have been shut down because of using nonsterile lubricants. Several lens-cleansing answers were asked by the governments of particular countries to be removed from Shops and supermarkets. 

All of these companies that have come under the government’s radar have said in their defense that no product with non-sterilized lubricants has been released in the market. All the products released for public use have gone through extreme quality check procedures. All the products manufactured with non-sterilized lubricants were just for testing purposes and not for actual consumption.

Effects of discontinuation 

Why Clear Care Travel Size Discontinued -  Shortage of 2022

Precise care is top-rated among people who have sensitive eyes and vision defects. The product gives them extra security from potential eye infections and other related issues. This is why it has a significant consumer market in the eye medicine industry. But the recent allegations have affected the brand’s image to a considerable extent. People are now reluctant to buy this lens cleaning solution as its primary ingredients and quality is now being questioned. This contradicts the whole purpose of this product which is meant to clean the dirt of a used lens.

Due to this discontinuation of many lens cleaning solutions, there is a decline in supply. Due to the decrease in supply, people need help finding lens cleaning solutions quickly in supermarkets or online. This has increased the demand, which has led to black marketing of lens cleaning solutions. People are ready to buy these lens cleaning solutions at much higher prices than what is set by the companies and the government.

Are clear care travel sized packs discontinued?

Recently there were a lot of rumors regarding clear care travel size packs being discontinued by the manufacturers. This stemmed from many users needing help finding the smaller pack of the lens cleaning solution. People started believing that the manufacturers discontinued the smaller pack, which was false news. 

The travel-size packs were not discontinued by the brand and are still very much available. The brand recently faced a lot of accusations regarding using non-sterilized lubricants. This led to removing all the valuable products of clear care from shelves of supermarkets and other stores. But now clear care lens cleaning solutions are available in supermarkets as well as on online websites as well.

 If you cannot find these in your nearby supermarkets, you can order them from some online stores. They will be delivered to you at a new time, and you can use them. But it is recommended to get it checked by your eye doctor first and get approval before using it.


Clear care lens cleaning solutions have been in the market for a long time, and people have been relentlessly using this product to clean their lenses. In today’s world, a large section of the population has some or the other sort of eye and vision-related problems. 

They wear lenses because they look better than spectacles and are hassle-free. Once you put in the lenses, you don’t have to worry about forgetting them somewhere or cleaning them repeatedly, just like spectacles. But maintaining hygiene with lenses is extremely important because they always remain in close contact with your eyeballs. 

Leniency can lead to lifelong vision defects. This is why solutions like clear care were introduced in the market, which ensured absolute sanitization of lenses without any worry of irritation or allergy. But recently, all the allegations surrounding clear care and other related brands, you must be careful when selecting your lens cleaning solution. 

Your lens cleaning solution will directly impact the quality of your lenses and how they will react to your eyes. If too many chemicals and preservatives are used in the solution, it may severely damage your eyes. This is why it is mandatory to take precautions and check with your eye doctor before using a product. 

You must take extra care if your eyes are sensitive. Always remember that your security and safety are in your hands. Giving yourself time while selecting the products used on your body will always do you good.

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