Fairlife Milk Shortage

Fairlife Milk Shortage 2023 – causes of Fairlife protein shake out of stock

Why there is Fairlife milk shortage? Fairlife Milk Company was deeply involved in a significant controversy in 2020. This happened after undercover footage of staff members physically abusing cows went viral. But the company claims that their cows were treated kindly. Two years later, a $21 million Fairlife milk settlement was reached.

The class action case against Fairlife was finally resolved in the spring of 2022. According to the settlement, the defendants included Fairlife, the Coca-Cola Company, and Fair Oaks Farms. This is the location where the video of animal abuse was recorded. Mike and Sue McCloskey are the proprietors of both Fairlife and Fair Oaks Farms and Select Milk Producers, Inc.

Despite continuing to deny all allegations that their milk is produced inhumanely, the defendants settled the lawsuit “to prevent further lawsuits.”

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Why Is Fairlife Milk the Best Choice?

Fairlife Milk Shortage 2023

Milk is well known to be a great source of protein and calcium. So we must choose the product with the most nutrients at the lowest price. Fairlife milk is a good source of protein and calcium globally, as per a recent Fast Company report. Furthermore, milk contains half the sugar and carbohydrates in other milk products. Fairlife should be at the top of our list if we’re looking for high-quality, nutritious milk.

Is there a fairlife milk shortage?

There are several reasons why there will be no fair-trade milk in 2022. One reason could be that the Fairlife milk company is no longer in operation. Another reason could be a lack of milk production due to a reduction in the number of dairy farms. Furthermore, the price of milk has risen significantly in recent years, making it unaffordable for many consumers.

What happened to Fairlife?

Undercover footage was taken by an animal rights activist in 2019. It exposed Fair Oaks Farms, which delivers milk to dairy companies such as Fairlife. The footage revealed shocking evidence of animal abuse. As a result, many shops stopped carrying Fairlife products, and many customers boycotted the brand.

However, three years later, customers are wondering how Fairlife treats cows in the aftereffects of the scandal and whether Fairlife will continue to abuse cows in 2021.

An Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) activist worked as an undercover milker at Fair Oaks Farms. This farm supplies milk to dairy companies such as Fairlife (owned by the Coca-Cola Company).

On June 12, 2019, ARM released a cut of the investigator’s secret body camera footage detailing cruelty on the dairy farm. The video quickly went viral, and the organization followed up with a 125-page report detailing what the activist saw, including “extreme and violent animal neglect” within the first hours on the job.

Fairlife provides no proof that its cows are no longer abused. Industrial animal farms are prohibited from being pictured or filmed under a set of “ag-gag” laws. According to the Animal Legal & Historical Center, ag-gag laws were first enforced in response to 

undercover activists. These laws are the government’s way of safeguarding the meat, dairy, and egg industries. Because of these laws, it is impossible to know what is happening on Fairlife’s farms. Fairlife claims to be trying to improve animal welfare and sustainability at its supplier farms. But consumers have no way of genuinely monitoring them.

Fairlife, a Coca-Cola-owned ultra-filtered milk brand, has agreed to ramp up animal welfare. They increased oversight at its vendor farms as part of a $21 million settlement of lawsuits filed following allegations of animal abuse at a former “flagship” dairy supplier.

Fairlife chocolate milk shortage

Fairlife Milk Shortage 2023

Fairlife does not currently produce chocolate milk. Fairlife does, however, produce a variety of flavourings. Strawberry, vanilla, cookies ‘n’ cream, and caramel are among the flavors available in their milk.

Fairlife chocolate milk has vanished from store shelves across the United States since late September 2020. The company has not stated why this is the case, but there are many alternative reasons. One possibility is that Fairlife has difficulty obtaining the cocoa required to make its chocolate milk. Another possibility is that the company is rethinking its manufacturing priorities in light of the global pandemic. Whatever the reason, the disappearance of Fairlife chocolate milk will undoubtedly disappoint many of the product’s fans.

A supply chain problem at Houlton Farms Dairy has ended up causing business issues. The company that makes the chocolate milk’s special cocoa mix is experiencing trouble producing raw materials. Customers have been lining up to get their hands on the popular drink.

This recipe combines Houlton Farm’s cocoa, carrageenan, and other ingredients. Port backups are affecting Tate’s imported raw materials.

Supply chains have become increasingly complicated as a result of labor shortages. Other issues have also arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. County Yankee Grocer in Washington, D.C.’s supply chain was disrupted, forcing the store to serve only one chocolate milk per customer.

Later, the company announced that it would no longer be able to manufacture its product in Maine. Tate & Lyle is considering relaunching chocolate milk production soon.

Fairlife protein shakes

The company has temporarily stopped Fairlife Nutrition Plan Coffee production. They also hope to reintroduce this flavor in 2023. Meanwhile, Fairlife is working hard in the coming months to increase the availability of certain other Nutrition Plan products.

According to the FDA and Lyons Magnus, the recall was because the products did not meet commercial sterilization specifications. They could be infected with dangerous organisms, such as the one that causes illness.


Fairlife experienced double-digit sales growth week after week in 2021. Thus, it set a new annual record of more than $1 billion in U.S. retail sales. According to the company, the brand also achieved “large share growth” in the value-added dairy classification across all Top 10 retailers. Also, it is the No. 1 selling brand in the category on Instacart.

Fairlife also made significant progress in the business-critical areas of animal protection and sustainable practices. Fairlife highlights critical achievements in its newly released stewardship report. This includes increased community support through its grant program and the complete essential adoption of animal care standards across all its supplying farms. Thus, it is making significant progress toward its goal of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

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