kosher salt shortage

Kosher Salt Shortage 2024: Reasons and Scarcity Factors 

Is There A Shortage Of Kosher Salt In 2024? Yes, there is. You can find difficulty while buying Kosher salt in 2024. But it does not mean that the company has discontinued the salt.

So, how sometimes do you have trouble finding your favorite snacks when you go to the store? Well, imagine if that happened with salt! Yes, in 2024, there’s a problem finding something called Kosher salt shortage.  It’s a salt many people use for cooking, but don’t worry, it’s only gone for a while.

Kosher salt is unique because it has no extra stuff added to it, like regular table salt. No iodine or other things. It’s just plain salt but in big, flaky pieces. People worldwide use it but call it different names depending on where they’re from.

Originally, Kosher salt got its name because it was used specially to prepare meat for Jewish religious practices. But even though it’s got “Kosher” in the name, it’s not just for spiritual stuff. People use it in cooking all the time!

So, if you’re having trouble finding Kosher salt, don’t worry too much. It’s just taking a little break from being on store shelves. But it’ll be back soon enough!

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What Happened To Kosher Salt?

kosher salt shortage 2023

Kosher Salt was once a part of Diamond Crystal, but it has become a part of the Cargill family of products. Cargill is also one of the biggest producers of salt worldwide and a leading agribusiness worldwide.

You can also use substitutes for Diamond Kosher Salt if you can’t find them in the store; Morton’s Kosher Salt is the equivalent product to Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt. But you must remember how much salt is needed to add.

What Happened To Kosher Salt?

Kosher Salt was once a part of Diamond Crystal, but it has become a part of the Cargill family of products. Cargill is also one of the biggest salt producers worldwide and a leading agribusiness worldwide.

You can also use substitutes for Diamond Kosher Salt if you can’t find them in the store; Morton’s Kosher Salt is the equivalent product to Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt. But you must remember how much salt is needed to add.

Reasons For The Shortage:

Several factors have influenced the shortage:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions: The pandemic disrupted supply chains, affecting mining, transportation, and labor in kosher salt production.
  • Increased Demand: During canning and pickling seasons, demand surged, exacerbating the shortage.
  • Production Issues: Major kosher salt manufacturers faced challenges, leading to intermittent shortfalls.

What Did People Post On Shortage Of Kosher Salt?

When people find a shortage of Kosher Salt in the market, they start writing on Reddit about its shortage and where to find it.

One of the users wrote, “I emailed the manufacturer a couple of years ago, and they replied in such a way….”

“We are so sorry to hear that you cannot find our Kosher Salt, but you do not need to worry because we have started to sell Kosher Salt to retailers. We hope you find Kosher Salt on the store’s shelves soon. We have already sold some of its stock to the food service industry. Also, working with the store dealers to restock Kosher salt on their shelves across the country takes some time because it can be a gradual process. You can also participate in this process by contacting your nearest retail shop and asking the retailers to restock their shelves with Kosher salt. So, one can easily find the product in their nearest locality once it becomes available.”

Another user said, “I have not seen Kosher salt on the store’s shelves anymore. I am considering when it will be available again in the stores…But the last time I saw and bought Kosher salt was when it was available, and now I cannot find the salt in the store. Now, the shelves are occupied with a million other brands of table salt, pink salt, sea salt, seasoned salt, extra salty salt, saltless salt, salt alternative, and others, but no kosher salt is there. And I am a big fan of Kosher salt as I don’t even buy any other salt except Kosher salt.”

While some were saying, Kosher salt is still available. Yeah! We know they are saying this because the availability of products varies from market to market.

A man wrote, “I reside in the USA and doing MA, I can easily find Kosher Salt at the nearest store including Walmart, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Wegmans, and Market Basket. I’m saying this because I use only Kosher salt, and it is the only salt I prefer over another brand’s salt ever in Kitchens.” 

Why Is Kosher Salt Used In Cooking But Not As A Table Salt?

Kosher Salt is used in the kitchen but not as a table salt because it lacks common metallic additives, including iodine, dextrose, and fluoride. 

Its size is more significant than table salt, so the amount of Kosher salt can be estimated when sprinkled by hand instead of a sprinkler.

Kosher Salt’s density is lower than other salt brands, and it is less salty than table salt.

Kosher Salt is widely used in the kitchen for general cooking, Brining or Kashering Meat, and cleaning. 

When this salt is added to food, that enhances the flavors and juiciness that meet all religious requirements. It also has other flavor additions, including herbs, sugar, and spices. 

It is widely used in meat because it absorbs very well on the surface of the meat, and an extra quantity is discarded before cooking.

This salt is mainly used for cleaning, as it has a larger grain size, which is an effective cleaner for kitchen utensils, including cast iron skillets. When using Kosher salt as an abrasive cleaner, it can easily dissolve with water after washing. 

It differs from other utensil cleaners that leave a harsh residue when not rinsed immediately after cleaning.

Is Kosher Salt Still Available In 2024?

As we have mentioned above that the manufacturer has continued Kosher Salt. But there is a shortage going on in the market in 2024. Things are expected to come on track after some time; until then, you can opt for another alternative to Kosher Salt.

If you are looking for alternatives to Kosher Salt, you must go for Coarse Sea Salt, Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt, Canning & Pickling Salt, and Fine Sea Salt.

Also, for table salt, you can check on Fine Sea Salt, Natural Sea Salt, Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, and Canning & Pickling Salt.

Wrapping Up

Regarding wrapping up things, we’ve concluded that Kosher has not been discontinued, but there is a shortage for some reason. Kosher salt is different from table salt because it is less refined. 

Kosher salt granules are more prominent and don’t mix in dishes after cooking. It is more versatile and the best option for garnishing dishes before and during cooking to give succulent flavor.

Kosher salt is unique because it has no other types of impurities as other salts; it is always unrefined and free from iodine and anticaking agents. No sea impurities have been seen in Kosher salt. All these qualities of Kosher salt make it so unique.


What is causing the kosher salt shortage in 2024?

The shortage is influenced by supply chain disruptions, increased demand during canning and pickling seasons, and production challenges faced by major kosher salt manufacturers.

Why is kosher salt essential in cooking?

Kosher salt’s large, coarse grains make it ideal for seasoning and enhancing flavors in various dishes. Chefs and home cooks rely on it for its texture and taste.

How long has the shortage been going on?

The shortage has persisted for weeks or even months in some areas, affecting availability and pricing.

What alternatives can I use if kosher salt is unavailable?

Consider using table salt, sea salt, or Himalayan salt as substitutes.

Are there any efforts to address the shortage?

Morton Salt has increased production to make kosher salt more readily available in stores and online.

How have chefs and restaurants coped with the shortage?

Many have adapted using alternative salts or adjusting recipes to account for the scarcity.

Is the shortage specific to certain brands of kosher salt?

No, it affects various brands like Morton and Diamond Crystal, including popular ones.

What impact has the shortage had on prices?

Prices have risen due to limited availability and increased demand.

Is there a risk of long-term scarcity?

While efforts are being made to address the shortage, it highlights the need for resilient supply chains.

How can consumers stay informed about kosher salt availability?

Regularly check with local stores and online retailers for updates on stock and availability.

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