Five Guys Closing Stores

Is Five Guys Closing Stores in 2024? – Is 5 Guys still around?

Is Five Guys closing stores? Five Guys is a fast-food chain known for burgers, fries, and hot dogs. The first Five Guys restaurant opened in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, and the brand has since grown to nearly 1,500 locations worldwide.

Most of the Five Guys locations are often in high-traffic places such as retail malls, shopping centers, and busy street corners.  

The chain uses the franchise model, with each site owned and run by a local franchisee. This provides more excellent menu selections and shop design freedom while adhering to the Five Guys brand and quality standards.

Recently there has been talk going around that Five Guys will shut down their stores in Florida and USA. So are the words on the street really actual? 

Are Five Guys closing in Florida, or Are Five Guys closing in the USA? Are 5 Guys still around after their shutdown? We will be looking at all of your queries regarding the same. 

So make sure you are reading till the end. 

What exactly are Five Guys?

Five Guys Closing Stores

Five Guys is a prominent fast-food restaurant chain known for its burgers, fries, and hot dogs. Jerry Murrell and his family launched the company in 1986, and it has since grown to over 1,600 outlets in the United States and worldwide.

Five Guys are well-known for its straightforward yet high-quality menu, which includes fresh, never-frozen beef patties cooked to order, hand-cut fries made from whole potatoes, and a selection of toppings and sauces. 

The chain’s dedication to quality has resulted in a devoted following of customers who value the freshness and flavor of its meals.

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Is 5 Guys still around?

There have been rumors circulating about Five Guys closing some of its locations, but the company has clarified that they have no plans to shut down. 

While some individual franchises may choose to close or relocate, the overall chain is still growing and expanding, with over 1,700 locations open worldwide and 1,300 locations under development. 

In fact, Five Guys are known for its rapid expansion as one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the United States. 

It’s important to note that individual franchise closures are expected in the industry and are often due to changes in market demand or lease agreements.

Detailed Answer

Rumors have circulated on social media that Five Guys, a fast-casual restaurant business, is closing its doors.  These rumors, however, are false. According to an Oak and Rowan report, Five Guys is closing only some of its locations. 

The rumors started with a tweet in late 2020 about a single location closing, which readers picked up on and circulated further rumors about.

While many eateries have been forced to close due to the pandemic’s economic decline, Five Guys is not one of them. In reality, in reaction to COVID-19, Five Guys has altered its business approach, including closing some outlets in Texas and Oman.  Five Guys began franchising their brand in early 2003, and it now has over 1,700 stores worldwide. The brand is run by the five sons of the founders.

It is vital to emphasize that the pandemic has put an enormous strain on the food service industry, with many restaurants closing. 

According to industry experts, the epidemic might force up to 30% of restaurants to close permanently. While small restaurants are more vulnerable, dining room closures and increased home eating have pressured chains, particularly those in the casual dining industry.

Is Five Guys closing in Florida?

No, Five Guys is not going out of business in Florida. According to a local guide website, Five Guys, like the rest of the food business, has suffered the effects of the epidemic, although they appear to be doing well in terms of location.

Furthermore, a search on the official Five Guys website reveals that the restaurant brand has many sites in Florida. 

A debunking piece on Oak and Rowan also verifies that Five Guys is not closing and that rumors of the chain closing began with a single Twitter tweet in late 2020, referring to a single location closure. As a result, there is no evidence that Five Guys is closing in Florida or elsewhere.

Have Five Guys closed any Florida locations in the last year?

In the past year, there have been a few temporary closures of Five Guys stores in Florida, although it is still being determined if they have closed permanently. 

According to a Reddit post from August 2021, a Five Guys restaurant in Tampa was briefly closed, but no cause was given. There is also a currently shuttered Five Guys outlet in Orlando. 

However, maintains that Five Guys is not closing any of its outlets and lists all of the Five Guys restaurants in Florida that are currently open. 

As a result, while several Five Guys restaurants in Florida have closed temporarily in the last year, it is unknown if they have closed permanently. The franchise is not closing any of its sites in Florida or any other state in the United States.

Is Five Guys closing in the USA

No, Five Guys is not going out of business in the United States. According to a report from May 2022, rumors about the company going out of business originated with a single Twitter message in late 2020 referring to a single site closing. 

On the other hand, Five Guys does not intend to close all its locations. In fact, Five Guys have declared that it will enter the Australian market in 2021. There are 1,392 Five Guys stores in the United States as of May 2022, with California having the most locations. 

As of May 2022, there are 1,392 Five Guys locations in the United States, with California having the most. 

Additionally, lists all Five Guys restaurants in the United States still operating. Whereas Five Guys have discontinued some locations after COVID-19, these closures are just modifications of its business strategy. They are no indications that the franchise will shut down entirely.

Are there any confirmed Five Guys closures in the USA?

There have been a few confirmed Five Guys closures in the United States, but they are uncommon. According to a May 2022 story, the chain’s demise began with a single Twitter post in late 2020, referring to a single store closure. When word of the tweet spread, readers took it up and propagated further rumors.

However, in reaction to COVID-19, Five Guys has altered its business plan, including closing some stores in Texas and Oman. 

Despite the impact of COVID-19, Five Guys will be around for a while. A news story from 2021 also claims that a Five Guys location in Longview, Texas, will close permanently after October 2, 2021. 

As a result, while some documented Five Guys closures have occurred in the United States, they are not widespread, and the company is not closing all its stores.

Do Five Guys plan to close its store?

Five Guys have closed several locations in reaction to COVID-19, but not all of its locations in the United States. 

In reaction to COVID-19, Five Guys has altered its business plan, including closing some sites in Texas and Oman. However, these closures change the franchise’s business strategy and do not indicate that the franchise would be closed down permanently.

Furthermore, claims that Five Guys has no plans to close and that the Twitter rumor concerning its closure is false. 

Five Guys business model plan

Five Guys’ business model is founded on three essential principles: serving high-quality food, providing exceptional customer service, and keeping things simple. The chain uses the franchise model, with each site owned and run by a local franchisee.

The devotion to quality is a significant aspect of the Five Guys business model. The restaurant brand only employs fresh ingredients, such as 100% fresh meat for burgers and fresh-cut potatoes for fries. 

The organization also values customer service, educating its personnel to be courteous and accommodating to all customers.

The simplicity of the Five Guys business concept is also significant. The chain has a restricted menu, focusing on burgers and fries.


Finally, Five Guys is a prominent fast-casual burger restaurant known for employing high-quality products, offering customizable menu options, and providing exceptional customer service. 

The chain’s retail design is sleek and minimalist, emphasizing the freshness and quality of its meals. Five Guys is a well-loved and successful brand, as evidenced by its continuing expansion.

Five Guys restaurants are often constructed with a modern and minimalist aesthetic, featuring red and white decor. Customers can observe their burgers being created fresh to order in the open-plan kitchens. 

Customers may customize their burgers with various toppings at the company, which is noted for employing high-quality ingredients.

Five Guys’ success can be due to its emphasis on quality, simplicity, and the customer experience. Customers like the chain’s fresh and personalized menu options and the courteous and efficient service offered by the personnel.


Is Five Guys still in business? 

 Yes, Five Guys is still operational and serving up their famous burgers and fries!

 Did Five Guys close any stores in 2024? 

 While there have been rumors of individual franchise closures, the overall chain remains strong with over 1,700 locations worldwide.

 Are there plans to shut down Five Guys? 

 No, there are no plans to shut down Five Guys. The chain continues to thrive.

 Is Five Guys expanding? 

Yes, they are! There are approximately 1,300 locations in development.

 Are all Five Guys stores affected equally by closures? 

 Not necessarily. Some individual franchises may choose to close or relocate, but the chain as a whole remains strong.

What sets Five Guys apart from other fast-food chains? 

Five Guys stands out for several reasons such as Quality Ingredients, Customization, Generous Portions, No Freezers or Microwaves, Family-Owned Vibe, and Consistency.

So, if you’re craving a juicy burger and crispy fries, Five Guys is the place to go!

 Can I still get my favorite burger at Five Guys? 

 Absolutely! Five Guys continues to serve their delicious burgers and hand-cut fries.

 Is the pandemic impacting Five Guys operations? 

 While the pandemic posed challenges, Five Guys remains resilient and operational.

 Who runs Five Guys now? 

 The five sons of the original owners are actively involved in running the business.

What’s the secret to Five Guys’ success? 

 Fresh ingredients, customizable toppings, and a commitment to quality have contributed to their popularity!

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