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Costco Formula Shortage 2024 – when will formula be back in stock?

Why does the US have a formula shortage, including the Costco Formula shortage? We know the question arises in everyone’s mind, Does Costco Have A Formula Shortage? Why Is Costco Formula Out of Stock? If you are searching for it, then your search may end here. We have discussed almost everything about Costco Formula Shortage.

Costco has its formula, i.e., Kirkland Signature Pro Care comes in dual packaging HMO Infant Formula with Non-GMO Infant Formula…

In 2022, it was reported that baby formula was short in supply, and these shortages are expected to persist in 2023. Only part of the year would be covered, but at least the shortages will be there until the spring of 2023.

Costco recalled the brand’s formula, the affected products included:

Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Infant Formula for Babies Sensitive to Lactose – 1.36-kilogram size. The UPC is 96619 26926 6; Code EXP 2020; NO 05 T05DVBV.

Baby formula is scarce nowadays, and parents are worried about it. 

Let’s lighten the story of a woman who desperately needed this formula for her twins.

In 2022, A mother of four, Amber Bergeron, poured her heart out and said, “I have eight-month-old twins, and I used to feed them Costco’s baby formula, but now this formula is out of stock. It has been continuously difficult for me to feed them.” 

She also added, “I am beyond struggling.”

She said, “The formula is now out of stock. I cannot find this formula in stock anywhere, and only half a can is left. In search of this product, I went to multiple stores and tried to reach family and friends here and out of town to get it. But all my efforts went in vain and got defeated.”

“I have tried all ways and to the best that I could.”

After writing about it on social media platforms, she finally got the formula she needed for her kids from someone.

But, it was not enough; those cans of formula came down to the line after some days. She said, “This formula is not very easy to find. Somehow, I found one can; now, it has come down the line. What to do? A little quantity of formula does not last very long – with twins.”

It indicated that she struggled a lot due to the shortage of baby formulas. It was hard to feed babies for her.

Why Costco’s Kirkland Signature formula is unique and more in demand? It is unique and rated 4.8 out of 5 and more in demand. It features:

  • It contains DHA that helps in Brain Development.
  • It also contains, Lutein to support eye development.
  • This product is certified by the Orthodox Union – UD and Halal.
  • It contains LNnt HMO and 2′ FL to support Immune and digestive health.
  • No Artificial color and growth hormones.

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Why Is Costco Formula Out Of Stock?

costco formula shortage 2023

The formula at Costco has been out of stock for a few months, and the series is expected to continue in 2024. The baby formula has been unavailable due to its laboratory plant shutdown.

The Abbott plant where the baby formulas were made has been shut down since February 2023 and ceased the production of the formula. The Abbott plant stopped due to contamination problems (Cronobacter Contamination). Although the product is well known for its superior quality, now it is found that the product is being contaminated.

The company promises to give the best quality, designed to be like breast milk. Costco’s baby formula is a milk-based standard infant formula that provides complete nutrition from the very first year. Now, the double formula has been launched that offers the best of the best quality.

Due to Cronobacter contamination, Costco ceased baby formula production, including Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Infant Formula for Babies Sensitive to Lactose – 1.36-kilogram size. The UPC is 96619 26926 6; Code EXP 2020; NO 05 T05DVBV.

Where Is Costco Formula Made?

In 2001, it was reported by the USDA that the formula produced by Abbott Laboratories started to be produced under the brand Costco. So, it confirmed the Costco formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories – the makers of Similac Formulas. It is believed that Kirkland Signature’s Infant Formula was a product of the same laboratory, and now it seems to convert to the Perrigo brand.

Moreover, parents observed that Kirkland’s Signature Infant Formula is started to be sold in new packaging. Formerly, the product was packed in a yellow box, but now, the box is replaced with a blue box under the name Kirkland Pro-Care Infant Formula.

When Will Costco Formula Be Back In Stock?

The Baby Formula shortage is not a matter of a few days or months ago. It has been there for years. It is reported that nearly two years have passed since the baby formula shortage started. This shortage impacted kids and their parents across the United States. 

Costco’s baby formula, which is in higher demand due to its quality, has been short in supply since 2022. It is expected that the issue may still need to be resolved this year, too, and the problem will persist in 2024.

It is still being determined whether Costco’s formula is back in stock. But you may still find this baby formula at some stores online. The availability for this particular product may not be the same. There are possibilities; you may or may not get this product because the availability of the product varies from market to market.  

We hope the Baby Formula will return to the store’s shelves as soon as possible after the mentioned period of shortages.

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Is Costco Formula Still Available?

Yes, Costco’s Baby Formula is still available. There are plenty of websites that sell this baby formula. You can also check for its availability online on its official website.

Moreover, due to shortages, the FDA temporarily approves specific foreign formulas to be sold throughout the United States. It is better to switch brands if you are still looking for your desired product.

Alternate Options To Costco Formula

Here you can check a few alternate options to Costco Formula; from the ingredients to the packaging, these formulas can be the best option. 

  • Happy Baby – One of the Best Organic Baby Formula.
  • Enfamil – Neuro Pro Formula.
  • Earth’s Best – Organic Infant Formula (a DHA-free version) is also available.
  • A toddler formula – Kabrita

The Bottom Line

Costco stopped production of its Kirkland Signature brand infant formula due to contamination issues. Due to possible Cronobacter contamination, the formula is now unavailable and marked as “Out Of Stock” everywhere.

Due to shortages, you are indeed having trouble finding a formula that can be the best fit for your baby. You must talk to your pediatrician about it and try to switch to other brands that can be readily available. We hope you get the desired brand formula to feed your baby.

Costco partnered and linked directly to several retail companies and straight to the Kirkland Signature Pro-Care Infant Formula. It catalogs the company’s retail relationships on Costco’s website and Perrigo’s

On Perrigo’s website, there is a wide variety of formulas available; Costco mainly sells Kirkland’s non – GMO formula in a dual pack certified by Halal and Kosher.

The product is good, as parents reviewed on its official websites, including, that the Kirkland Signature Baby Formula is of superior quality. Besides, it has a good taste, and their babies enjoy the taste of the baby formula. No issues have been seen yet, such as stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. Along with superior quality, the best part about this product is, that it is more desirable and affordable, with no price issues.