Samsung Ice Maker Recall 2023

Samsung Ice Maker Recall 2023 – Did they fix it or replace it now?

Is there a Samsung Ice Maker recall? Numerous products are recalled each year by firms due to safety concerns. When products like automobiles and appliances malfunction, recalls also happen. If you’re one of the many customers who are dissatisfied with the ice makers, you might wonder if there has been a recall of a Samsung ice machine.

Customers of Samsung have filed a fresh class-action lawsuit, claiming that the company’s freezers fail to keep food fresh enough. Samsung’s customers who claim their refrigerators are malfunctioning have more than 80,000 members in a Facebook group created for them.

Numerous individuals from all around the nation have reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Better Business Bureau. People becoming sick from rotten food was mentioned in several stories.

Samsung is facing a class-action lawsuit

Samsung Ice Maker Recall 2023

According to the 95,000 members of the Facebook group Samsung Refrigerator Recall USA Now, Samsung has been letting its customers down for a long time. So many Samsung refrigerators have issues with leaking, improper temperature management, and ice makers that don’t function as expected. The North Carolina television station WTKR conducted its study on Samsung refrigerators and concluded this.

A class-action lawsuit against Samsung was filed in New Jersey in February 2017, according to the Colorado TV station KDVR. Among the issues raised in the case were the following:

  • The fans were making buzzing, clicking, grinding, and knocking sounds.
  • Increased ice crystal and water drop accumulation
  • Ice buckets that are difficult to remove and get stuck
  • Parts that freeze up and stop working
  • Smooth ice
  • Under the crisper trays, water seeps out.

According to KDVR, the class action lawsuit comprises 28 pages of complaints. These are from hundreds of consumers and identify more than 20 brands of Samsung refrigerators.

The manufacturer’s lawyers submitted a motion to dismiss the case. In April 2018, they marked the most recent significant development in the class action lawsuit against Samsung. In 2015, Samsung published an internal corporate letter listing dozens of refrigerators with known ice maker issues.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker recall

“Our customers are our main priority, and we are ready to help,” Samsung wrote in an email. Every situation is different, and we support the millions of Samsung products in use nationwide.

Neither Samsung nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall regarding the refrigerators. In an email, a commission representative stated, “We cannot disclose whether we plan to recall a product or not.”

A class action lawsuit against Samsung is also pending, with claims that the ice machines are faulty. More than 20 refrigerator models are listed. According to court documents, Samsung was aware of the flaws “for years” yet did nothing to fix or replace them.

The defendant claimed this in its response to the case. The plaintiffs had “cast about for legal arguments that will permit them to repackage their faulty or timely warranties as legitimate causes of action.” They had not made “timely warranty claim(s).”

According to Samsung, it frequently collaborates with consumers on repairs, replacements, and reimbursements. Samsung gave one customer a partial refund in their case. After being contacted by ABC Action News regarding another customer’s device, Samsung resolved the issue.

Despite receiving thousands of complaints from customers, Samsung still needs to publish a formal recall for ice makers. A corporate representative reportedly stated in 2017 that they could not confirm or deny if Samsung would recall ice makers in the future.

Samsung ice maker recalls list

Samsung Ice Maker Recall 2023

Being the owner of a malfunctioning fridge can be very upsetting. Owning a refrigerator, as it should be called, is nevertheless downright terrifying. Our refrigerator may burst into flames, leak gas, or catch fire. That will only lead to disaster.

Most trustworthy refrigerator manufacturers recall their goods as soon as they discover a defective component that can be dangerous. Samsung, meanwhile, has yet to take any initiative in this regard. More than 100,000 people joined a Facebook group most recently (as of January 2022), where they voiced complaints about a faulty Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung is currently the target of a class action lawsuit for more than 20 different refrigerator models. The lawsuit describes flaws that lead to leaks, sludge, and over-freezing in the ice compartment of built-in door ice machines. Additionally, there was freezing up, fan noise from an over-iced room, and leakages from the ice house beneath the refrigerator’s crisper trays.

Numerous freezers reportedly stopped cooling entirely. They hired maintenance specialists, but they were unable to resolve the problem. Sometimes the issue is momentarily resolved, but then it returns, and the refrigerator continues to malfunction.

No Samsung products have been formally recalled as of yet. However, class action lawsuits were brought in 2010 and again in 2017. As the robust Facebook community of more than 100,000 owners of Samsung refrigerators takes action, Samsung is compelled to pay attention.

A team has examined specifics from the actual class action complaint and compared them with the service bulletin. They released a report that describes recurrent problems with the following refrigerator models:



The Facebook group is a terrific place to go. They do a great job serving as consumer advocates. But we should first try to fix the problem with Samsung. One user said they sent an email to [email protected]. They have received a response from an employee at Samsung, with the email suggesting that this may be a simple and rapid way to get a response.

The appliance usually recalls occurring once the Consumer Product Safety Commission receives a sufficient volume of complaints. It is realistic to expect a Samsung refrigerator ice maker recall to happen shortly due to these and other factors.

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