Discontinued Monsters Flavor List of 2023

Discontinued Monsters Flavor List of 2024 – What Need to Know?

Discontinued Monsters flavor list – For many years monsters have been the top-selling energy drink in the world. The company has created a special market segment of its own and has loyal customers who have been using its products for a long time. It was one of the first energy drinks in the market and became popular, especially among the youth. Since its Establishment, the brand has released almost 30 flavors or variants in the market.

 All of these have been inspired by the contemporary demand of people. Monster has been a youth symbol for a very long time. It was and still is very popular among high school and college students. The brand is available in almost all North American, Europe, and Asia countries. Many other brands have been inspired by monsters and developed their own energy drinks. 

But throughout all these years, Monster has also discontinued many of its flavors. All of these variants were mostly discontinued because of a lack of sales or because their taste needed to be updated according to the changing times. To eliminate competition brands often discontinue their products that have substitutes in the market to eliminate competition. For example, if another energy drink has a similar flavor, then Monster will decide to discontinue its own. 

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Why does Monster discontinue its flavors?

Most of the time, Monster discontinues its flavors because of a lack of sales. If a particular variant is not performing very well in the market, the company decides to discontinue it to save operational costs and avoid wasting products. This way, Monster keeps introducing new flavors in the market for experimentation, and if it works out, the variants will be held in the market. But if the sales are exemplary, it is decided to continue the product. 

Most of the time, the news of discontinuation is not officially announced by the brand. The product suddenly disappears from the market, and customers can no longer find it. Many brands follow the same practice of not making official announcements before discontinuing a particular product. Sometimes a specific flavor is unavailable in the market for only some time because of some manufacturing-related issues. As soon as those issues are solved, the product returns to the market. So it’s very important to distinguish temporary discontinuation from permanent discontinuation. 

What is Monster energy drink?

Monster Energy was introduced in 2002 with its flagship brand, Monster Energy Limited. After its release, the brand became extremely popular and started importing its products to around 200 countries. The company has always adopted unique marketing practices, such as making famous athletes and sports personalities their brand ambassadors. This is a great way to establish personal contact between fans and favorite characters. All those people who prominent football players and basketball players inspire are always inclined towards the products that they advertise.

Due to unique marketing practices such as degrees, the brand became the world’s most popular energy drink brand. Even now, the name Monster in the market of energy drinks comes first. After almost two decades of its Establishment, it has remained an extremely profitable energy drink brand. No complaints regarding the product quality or packaging have ever been received or highlighted by the public. The brand has always maintained a clean image and separated itself from controversy. 

What are the discontinued monster energy flavors

  • Ballers Blend Energy Drink
  • Mad Dog Energy Drink
  • Heavy Metal
  • Monster Assault
Discontinued Monsters Flavor List of 2023

Ballers Blend Energy Drink

This is a carbonated drink that is very similar to the taste of punch that many kids have had in their childhood. It also comes with a bit of phase to give it a good finishing flavor. It helps in giving you energy and takes your game to the next level. This product was discontinued by Monster energy a long time ago and has since yet to return to the market. Many people thoroughly enjoyed this flavor and became disappointed with the brand after it was discontinued. The brand discontinued this variant because it was only liked by a limited number of customers and could not increase its customer base despite many years of market presence.

Mad Dog Energy Drink

The brand also discontinued this flavor despite its unique taste. It also had a great punch with the flavor of glucose and some sugar. It was also used to elevate your level of energy while playing. The streets and the people of the streets inspired the concept behind this energy drink. Sadly this variant could not perform well in the market, due to which it was discontinued.

Heavy Metal

This energy drink was introduced in 2012 and was discontinued very recently. It was one of the most creative flavors launched by the brand, as it had the taste of Guavas and passion fruits. Some people particularly enjoyed this energy drink, and it became their staple. After its discontinuation, many people were not happy with the decision of the manufacturers and demanded the brand launch it back in the market. Most people thought that because of not very convincing sales, the brand had to discontinue this variant as it incurred losses.

Monster Assault

This was one of the most popular monster energy flavors ever released. The product was revolutionary and one of a kind. It gave a kick of energy to anyone who consumed this, and at the same time, it was very refreshing. It had mixed flavors of different fruits and voice instant stress reliever. Upon its discontinuation, there was a lot of social media controversy as people needed help understanding the reason behind its discontinuation. It was a good-selling product and was profitable as well. The reason behind its discontinuation still needs to be discovered.

Is monster energy discontinued in 2024?

Monster energy is still ongoing and very much available in the market. Currently, the brand has more than 30 available flavors and variants. It keeps releasing and discontinuing different flavors every year as per public demands. Now, it is one of the best-selling energy drinks in the world and imports its products to different countries.


Monster Energy has discontinued a lot of its Flavours throughout these years. The practice will continue for the coming years as this is how big companies remain relevant in the market and become dynamic with time. 

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