Is Vibrant Life crystal cat litter discontinued in 2023?

Is Vibrant Life crystal cat litter discontinued? Vibrant Life Mini Crystal Unscented Cat Litter can provide a secure and hygienic area for pets to use the restroom. It is designed to assist in removing undesirable odors. It also maintains a fresh scent throughout the house. This product is available in stores and has yet to be discontinued.

Crystal cat litter is a recent innovation in the long history of cat litter. But in just two short decades, it has gained a loyal following. It is due to its excellent smell control, long-lasting absorption, and simple upkeep. We’ll describe the Vibrant Life Crystal Cat Litter available on the market in this article.

What is crystal litter?

It’s important to understand the various kinds of litter. This is regardless of whether you’re a first-time cat owner or a seasoned pet parent who wants more advice.

Cat litter made with silica crystal beads usually contains no dust. It aids in maintaining cleanliness around our pet’s litter box. Compared to regular cat litter, crystal-based litter lasts longer and is also good at reducing odors.

Although they can be expensive initially, we can use this kind of litter more frequently. One of its basic drawbacks is that silica crystal litter can be harmful if consumed in excess. Our cat’s claws or nails may become entangled with the crystals. Additionally, when they groom their paws, they may consume the crystals. After our pet uses the litter box, it is best to check their feet. By doing this, typical illnesses brought on by consuming silica crystals can be avoided.

About Vibrant life crystal cat litter

Unlike other brands, Vibrant Life cat litter has special mini-crystals that produce less dust. This ensures that after the pouring process, the air in the home is still clear and breathable. The low-dust cat litter immediately absorbs odors to keep them out swiftly. Like the ordinary kind, the crystals can be poured into an empty litter box. All it takes to keep crystals fresh is to rake them after scooping.

Every time our cat uses this product, they will have a comfortable experience. It is due to how kind it is to their paws. It is durable and was made by experts for quality and safety. Since the litter is unscented, it is perfect for use when we wish to stay away from excessive odors.

The vibrant Life brand was superbly created to showcase our pets at their best. It provides an 8-lb bag of it, giving us plenty to work with. This brand that puts our pets first may include various services meant to keep animals healthy, content, and boosted.

Is Vibrant Life crystal cat litter being discontinued?

We have yet to come across any data on the discontinuation. Also, this product is sold by retailers. Although the firm has yet to discontinue any of its products, there may be a low stock in nearby pet stores and an online pet store due to any possible issues.

Review of Vibrant Life Crystal Cat Litter

Vibrant Life Mini Crystal Unscented cat litter eliminates odors. We can add these unscented, tiny crystals to our empty litter box, just as we would with regular litter.

To sustain freshness and keep foul odors away, throw away solid waste and rake the crystals regularly. This durable tiny crystal system is gentle on the kitty’s paws and low dust. We anticipate that Vibrant Life Crystal Unscented Cat Litter will keep our kitty happy and healthy. Thus, it will make us happy as well!

Here are a few advantages of this product:

  • Components in cat litter quickly absorb odors and lock them in.
  • Low dust, quick scooping, and non-stick properties simplify cleaning and removing clumps from the litter box.
  • Due to long-lasting, high-quality silica crystals, the trash field area is smooth and ready for use.
  • This cat litter is gentle on paws and won’t stick to our cat’s paws, preventing any unpleasant licking or messed-up house tracks. Safe for our family, our cat, or our kitten.
  • For just one domestic cat, the lasting formula lasts 20–30 days; for many, it lasts seven–15 days.

Some individuals adore this clutter. It makes sense why this stuff takes them aback. In some instances, this clutter could be expensive. Customers gave it four stars for cost because of this. Despite being a fantastic product, it is no longer in demand.

However, this brand once took pride in that buyers left some crystals behind on the laminate flooring. Since the crystals fell off the carpet, some extra pieces have resolved that issue. However, the carpet used to get wet when the urine litter ball leaked.


Vibrant Life Mini Crystal Unscented cat litter is gentle on the paws and won’t stick to our cat’s paws. Thus preventing any risky licking or untidy house tracking. You, your cat or kitten, and your social circle can feel safe there. Maintaining quality litter inside the container is crucial. Now, too little material produces a foul urine odor. Additionally, this product needs to be replaced and dumped once a month.

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