Versace Eros Flame Discontinued

Versace Eros Flame Discontinued 2023: When it comes now?

Versace Eros film was launched in the year 2018. It is a better version of a similar masculine perfume released by Versace in 2012. Then your version released in 2018 had completely different notes than the previous one. It became a massive hit among the public because of its unique fragrance. It had notes of citrus fruits, spicy, woody, and hints of amber.

 It is described as a very paradoxical flavor that comes across as spicy and sweet, light and dark, cold and hot. It is a fragrance specifically designed for men, and the company has marketed it well. The company has said that this perfume is especially for men who are strong and passionate and, simultaneously, in control of their emotions. 

Has Versace Eros Flame been discontinued?

Versace Eros Flame has yet to be discontinued by the brand. In August 2022, there were rumors that the brand would discontinue the perfume as they were thinking of launching another variant of the same perfume, which is more refined. The older variants will be discontinued to create a customer base for the new perfume. 

But as of now, this perfume is available everywhere, including retail stores and websites. The brand might have thought of discontinuing this perfume, but a final decision has yet to be taken. All of these can also be assumptions by the public. They can also be fake rumors; sometimes, people start circulating fake news for new reasons. 

Versace Eros Flame Discontinued

Nevertheless, there is no practical reason for the brand to discontinue this fragrance as it is very popular and has performed well in the market. This is why nobody has been able to deliver this statement or piece of information. Currently, if you want to buy this perfume, it is very much available, so this narrative is completely false.


Olivier Pescheux developed the composition of this perfume. He has smartly used contradictory notes of Rosemary and cinnamon in this perfume. It is a perfect concoction of two worlds bought together to create a beautiful hybrid product. 

Some other beautiful ingredients used in this perfume include Pepperwood, Geranium, and rose facets in the perfume’s heart and a warm base of woods blended with Tonka and vanilla. They have used famous models like Gigi Hadid and Salomon Diaz in their advertisements. This perfume is available in sizes 30, 50, 100, and 200 ml Eau de Parfum. 

Other products from similar fragrances, such as deodorants, two sticks, shower gel, and aftershave lotion, are also available. The brand released all of these products as the public very well received this perfume. Although intentionally meant to be a male perfume, a lot of females also enjoyed this perfume a lot.

Versace Eros Flame Discontinued Alternatives Fragrances

Versace Eros EDT

This original fragrance inspired other subsidiary fragrances from Versace Eros Flames. Versace Eros EDT was the pioneer fragrance and the inspiration behind others. This was a sweet fragrance with vanilla notes but not too overpowering. Its outer bottle was blue and was inspired by Greek mythology. Aurelien Guichard did the whole design in 2012. 

You could smell green apples, mint, and Lemon in the opening notes. This gave you a very fresh and awakening start from the fragrance. Then, you could smell the intriguing and creamy tonka bean, earthy Geranium, and sweet ambroxan. When the fragrance would write down, you could smell vanilla and dry wood notes. 

This made this whole fragrance very rich and classy. It wasn’t too masculine, yet it wasn’t too feminine either. It was a perfect balance of different fragrances to form a beautiful amalgamation.

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette 

This perfume was also inspired by Greek mythology and designed by Aurelien Guichard. It is famously known as the crowd pleaser because these fragrances are enjoyed by almost everyone who gets to smell them. It also has base notes of vanilla that are not too overpowering yet very pleasurable to smell.

This fragrance for men was launched in 2020. It had a minty and citrusy start because of the hits of apple and mint leaves. To add a masculine touch to it, notes of Geranium and sage were also added. Upon drying down, you could smell vanilla, which was extremely seductive, and petunias to add a floral touch to the perfume.

This perfume is more suitable for evening occasions where you must dress formally. It is a very long-lasting perfume, and you can expect this to last for 5 hours at least. It helps create a nice fragrance bubble around a person, and you will certainly get a lot of compliments once you start using this perfume.

Versace Eros Parfum

This perfume was launched in 2021 and was a more refined version of all the previous perfumes that had been launched. This was less out there and more dominant than the other fragrances. It was a lighter version and thus could be used daily. It had a very bright yet dry opening with notes of Lemon, orange, and mint.

It also had Geranium, sage, and lavender to bring richness. Also, it had very obvious notes of vanilla to add the warmness to the sweetness that any perfume lacks without having vanilla Notes. To balance the sweetness of the perfume, some citrusy notes were also added. 

All in all, it was a very balanced perfume that Versace created. This was a winter fragrance and could be used daily, irrespective of whatever occasion you are going for. You can expect longevity of at least eight hours from this perfume which is phenomenal. This was the best and most versatile fragrance compared to the other similar ones.


Versace Eros Flame is a very beautiful fragrance. It has many different parent fragrances from which this has been inspired. Flame is the most refined version of all the parent fragrances, which is why it is more famous than the rest. Likely, a better version of this perfume will also be released. This is a perfect fragrance for a man who wants to smell exquisite yet not masculine.

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