Rolex Milgauss Discontinued

Is Rolex Milgauss Discontinued in 2023 – New Update on Rolex Watches

Is Rolex Milgauss discontinued? Many people believe that the Rolex Milgauss is due for an update. 2022 could be the year that it happens. However, Rolex may not update the Milgauss at all. Instead, it will discontinue the collection. Any major decision involving the Milgauss can draw significant attention to this long-overlooked model and elevate it to the “must-have” Rolex for 2022.

If Rolex discontinues the Milgauss, it will mean the end of one of the most unexpected and colorful watches in the brand’s entire catalog. The Milgauss is distinct from any other Rolex. It has bright orange accents, a green sapphire crystal, and a lightning bolt-shaped second hand. The Milgauss was considered too unusual to be a bestseller for many years. But the popularity of the new colorful Oyster Perpetual dials proves that today’s purchasers are entirely on board with fun and vibrant Rolex watches.

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Is the Rolex Milgauss going to be discontinued?

Rolex introduced the Milgauss in the 1950s as a watch for the scientific community. The anti-magnetic Rolex Milgauss watches were named for their capacity to withstand 1,000 gausses. They were on the brand’s list for three decades before being discontinued in 1988. However, Rolex brought back the Milgauss in 2007. It incorporates vintage design elements like the lightning bolt second-hand with newer considerations such as a more significant case and the latest update motion.

One mention in the current Milgauss lineup presents a green sapphire crystal. It is also known as glace verte in French, or “GV” for short. Until recently, Rolex provided Milgauss watches with colorless or green sapphire crystals. However, a closer look at the current Rolex catalog reveals that all non-GV models have been discontinued.

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By Rolex standards, the collection has undergone relatively few changes over the decades. The reference 1019 was launched in 1960 and was available for the next 28 years. Due to poor sales, the entire collection was eventually dropped in 1988. While the Submariner, Daytona, and others were steadily but safely ascending to their current heights, it was time for the Milgauss to bid farewell after just over three decades of existence.

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Rolex Milgauss Discontinued

The black dial model of the non-GV Milgauss was discontinued around 2013. This version was only in production for about six years. It is quite a little while for a modern Rolex watch. The Milgauss with a black dial and transparent sapphire was discontinued before the Z-Blue dial debuted at Baselworld the following year. So the Z-Blue dial might be said to have updated the second black dial alternative.

By 2014, three Milgauss models remained available. They are the white dial 116400 with a colorless sapphire crystal, the black dial 116400GV with a green sapphire crystal, and the Z-blue dial 116400GV with a green sapphire crystal. However, Rolex discontinued manufacturing the white dial Milgauss model in 2016, leaving only the two GV models.

Any new stainless steel Rolex design will always be one of the year’s hottest releases. If Rolex introduces a new Milgauss for 2022, it will almost certainly be no exception. However, the Milgauss has never been a big seller for Rolex. But just like many legendary artists who only became famous after their deaths, there’s always the chance that the Milgauss will become a must-have Rolex. This will happen only after it is discontinued.

Which Rolex watches will be phased out in 2023?

The watches were expected to be updated last year, owing to the quirky Rolex Milgauss’s need for an update; given that the Rolex Air King and Milgauss share the same case, The Air King was updated this year, and it appears that a new Milgauss is in order.

Since the introduction of the Milgauss ref. 6543 in 1954, the Milgauss line was part of the Rolex collection. It was marketed as a watch for scientists and engineers who required a professional wristwatch that could sustain magnetic fields.

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 The current generation of this eccentric timepiece was introduced in 2007. It perfectly describes the model’s oddball functionality while incorporating iconic Rolex design elements. The inner case of the 40-mm stainless steel watch is made of two ferromagnetic metals and protects the movement from magnetic fields.

We can choose between a black dial and a Z-blue dial. Both have a green sapphire crystal on the first hand and the signature orange lightning bolt on the second. This watch is famous for all the right reasons, but it has been in the Rolex collection since 2007, so it wouldn’t be surprising if an updated version is released in 2023.


The Rolex Milgauss is a fascinating watch that sneaks through the cracks. On the one hand, it’s an excellent example of Rolex occasionally loosening its shirt collar and trying something new.

The watch may need to be more playful and indefinable for most Rolex newcomers to use as their first watch. Everyone considers the Milgauss to be more of an enthusiast’s Rolex.

Finally, the Milgauss is, in our opinion, the ideal watch for people who already own a Rolex. Also, it is a good model for someone looking for a more casual alternative with a price or performance ratio that is secondary.

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