Product 19 Cereal Discontinued

Product 19 Cereal Discontinued – What happened and Where to Buy?

Is Product 19 cereal discontinued? Product 19 is a cereal brand produced by Kellogg’s. The product was introduced in the market in 1967 and was known for its lightweight cereals that were easy to eat and digest. The cereals were made from corn, oats, wheat, and rice. The company claimed it had all the nutrients for a balanced diet, such as iron and calcium. The production of these cereals was discontinued officially in the year 2016.

The product’s name signified that it was the 19th variant of Kellogg’s or the 19th product that was in progress by the company.

When the product was introduced, it was marketed as a full power-packed breakfast with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. The brand claims that if you have cereals regularly in your breakfast, you will barely have any nutrient deficiency.

why Product 19 cereal discontinued?

The cereal brand was discontinued by Kellogg’s in 2016. It was said that more than the sales of this product were needed to keep the brand active in the market. Since Kellogg’s keeps launching many new variants of its cereals frequently, it also has to create shelf space for them.

Product 19 Cereal Discontinued

 If too many options are available from one single brand, the market may become too claustrophobic. This is why a brand needs to discontinue previous products to be able to launch new products. This is why Kellogg decided to discontinue the production of product 19 cereal. After around 40 years of service, the brand decided to bid the serial farewell. 

The old products of a brand likely get less popular with time. With the new generation becoming the main target customers, the way a brand operates changes dramatically. People of today have a very different test from what people had 40 years back. This is why brands must launch new products that keep the customers intrigued and entertained.

All in all, the customers need to know that this cereal brand has been discontinued, and Kellogg’s probably has no plans of bringing this back. If you want to try this product, you may find many alternatives in the market. Kellogg’s has a wide range of cereals you can choose from.

Update About the brand

 The product’s packaging was simple: packed in a white and red plane box with its name written in the center in big alphabets. The only prominent thing about this packaging was how the product name was displayed so that people could easily recognize what cereal brand it was. 

No extra effort was invested in making the packaging look more desirable and appealing to the customers. The brand claims that they focus more on nutritional value, which is why it makes its cereals from whole grains. Not only was it a complete meal in terms of nutrients and vitamins, but also very easy to digest.

Breakfast is meant to be the heaviest meal of the day, yet it must be easy to digest because you have your whole day in front of you. To work easily and without any heaviness in the body, it’s very important to eat breakfast that is easy to digest. 

Product 19 claimed to fulfill this requirement.

They have been known for using prominent figures for advertisement purposes. In the 1970s, American football player Tom Harmon was featured in their commercial advertisements. After that, Kellogg’s advertisements prominently showed a person doing yoga. Their main target customers were the people who wanted to lose weight. That is why they focused on the aspects of yoga and weight loss.

Were product 19 cereal good for health?

The brand claimed that the cereals were made from whole grain and had all the sensual nutrients and other components such as calcium and iron. However, serial brands claim the same, so it is difficult to distinguish and rank them if you look at the increment list that most of them and made from the same ingredients, primarily corn being the most used.

The ingredients used in manufacturing product 19 cereal are Milled Corn, Sugar, Whole Grain Oat Flour, Wheat Flour, and Rice; it contains 2%: Or Less Of Defatted Wheat Germ, Salt, Malt Flavoring, Annatto Color, BHT for Freshness. Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamin C ( Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid ), Vitamin A Palmitate, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide, Reduced Iron, and many more.

Nutritional value

The product is low on calories, so if you’re looking to lose weight, you can try this as a breakfast option. It has all the ingredients that will benefit your health and increase your metabolic rate. A few hours of daily exercise combined with these cereals might make you lose weight very fast. Always remember that losing weight is a combination of good eating habits and exercising daily.

 But it is advised that you should be independent of your nutrient count on these cereals. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with all the antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins, such as green vegetables, eggs, dairy products, and rich carbohydrates like rice and wheat.

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