Lemon Tea Discontinued: Why There is a Big Shortage?

Lemon Tea Discontinued: Why There is a Big Shortage?

Has Lemon Tea Been Discontinued? Lift is a range of soft drinks produced by the company ‘Coca-Cola.’ It was introduced back in the 1970s. A lift provides carbonated and flavored fruit juices. It is available in Austria, Latin America, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and the Philippines.

Lift was one of the eight international soda flavors featured at Club Cool in Epcot. In 2015 Lift in Australia was rebranded as Fanta Lemon Lift and then back to Lift in 2016 with a flavor change. Initially, the drinks used to be sweeter, but later on, the company made them less sweet and sourer. Lemon is one of the main elements of lift beverages. Recently, a rumor has been spreading that the lift lemon tea has been discontinued. It has only been a rumor because there has been no such news or confirmation regarding that till now.

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Will there be no more lift lemon tea?

Lemon Tea Discontinued: Why There is a Big Shortage?

Some Facebook posts and comments have raised a query, “Will there be no more lemon tea?” It all started when one of the tik tokers posted a video, and He started the video by saying: “Righto, I heard a rumor today that I wanted you to hear from me first.” Lift is being put down and sent to the junk food graveyard. I’m not sure if I’m prepared to have one of my favorite fizzy be “put down,” In all honesty, I have no clue what that’s even supposed to mean.

The company is changing the flavors. The company already has a lot of flavors on its desk. The company is adding caffeine to some of its drinks, and new flavors will also be on the market soon. The tangy soft drinks and sprite lemon will also be seen in the market. But the lift lemon tea will not be there, which is the worst part of the video.

There is no surety on the rumors. They are just rumors, and no official announcement is there now. We can not confirm if the lift lemon tea is being discontinued or if the lift itself will be discontinued.

More about Lift Lemon Tea

Lift lemon tea is a beverage that is a combination of Black tea with Lemon. It tastes wonderful. People like to have it more often to change the taste on their tongue. Many people consider it a healthy drink as Lemon has many beneficial properties. Lift lemon tea can be taken as a hot beverage in winters and as an iced tea in summers. It helps cure a cold during the winters and provides a refreshing, relaxed feeling in summers. Due to all of these excellent pros of lift lemon tea, it was loved by everyone.

Lift lemon tea is a go-to beverage even though lift has many flavors. Tangy or sour flavors are loved more by the people that give a buzz to the mouth. Discontinuation of lift lemon tea has been a buzz killer. However, it is only a rumor people are tagging and asking if the lift lemon tea is discontinuing. We do not have much information on this fact. No one wants to lose such an iconic beverage. We will keep you updated as soon as the confirmation comes

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