Infiniti Q60 Discontinued: Is Infiniti Making a New Q60?

Infiniti Q60 Discontinued: Is Infiniti Making a New Q60?

Infiniti Q60 Discontinued – Another Day, Another Goodbye! Discontinuation of Infiniti Q60. Infiniti Q60 changed the picture of the sports car industry when it came out in 2016. It is one of the most luxurious sports cars till now. But it is heart-wrenching to say that sports car lovers will have to say Goodbye to this model. The afterthought about the sports cars led the company to this decision. People are more inclined towards crossovers and SUVs now. “We are focusing on the most popular luxury automotive segments such as crossovers and SUVs, as well as the upcoming EV we recently announced that will be built here in the U.S.,” said an Infiniti spokesperson. As per the information, 2022 will be the last year producing Infiniti Q60, but some models will still be available in 2023.

Lucky enough to be in the same decade as Infiniti Q60! It seemed like yesterday when Infiniti launched its super-exclusive model Q60. It has been six years, and no one has thought of discontinuing such a luxurious sports car. Adoration of SUVs has been the root cause of the end of the Q60 era. People are in kind of denial of losing the model but are also lucky enough to reside in the same period. The interiors of the model made people fall in love with the car. Infiniti’s spokesperson confirms that they will stop the Q60 production by 2022, but models will be available until 2023. Infiniti is now focused on entering the production line of SUVs and crossovers.

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Is Infiniti Q60 in Dire Straits?

Infiniti Q60 came in 2015 as a concept and made its debut in 2016. It was overwhelming news for all sports car lovers, but the model will be discontinued in 2023. It has been only six years, and the model is in dire straits already. According to the recent auto sales data for an entire year, Infiniti just sold 2,729 Q60s in the U.S. in 2021. On the other hand, 13,894 units of the Q50 sedan and 19,196 of the QX50 crossover were sold simultaneously, both of which ride on the same platform as the Q60—no wonder the company has decided to discontinue the model. Q60 was an exclusive model and an amazing sports car but could not make its place eventually.

2023 will start with the discontinuation of Infiniti Q60./ Infiniti Q60 will end by the end of 2022. The luxurious Infiniti Q60 is going to retire by the end of 2022. It played well for the last six years but could not make it to the finals. The demand for SUVs and crossovers has beaten up the affection for Q60. The sales data of all the cars made it clear why the company will be focusing on SUVs and crossovers. 2022 will be the final production year for Q60, but models of it will be available until 2023. The company has done a few things to persist customers’ interest, but nothing worked out in the end. The sports car market has now become a niche area that is challenging to hold.

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