Are IKEA Sofa Covers discontinued

Are IKEA Sofa Covers discontinued? – why is there a shortage?

Are IKEA Sofa Covers discontinued? At IKEA, an era has come to an end. Yes, the Ektorp has, unfortunately, been discontinued. It is fading out gradually. Much to the sorrow of fans, the business is replacing its well-liked Ektorp sofa in the U.S. and Canada.

Without a doubt, one of the most well-liked furniture items from IKEA is the Ektorp sofa. Most people have either a love or a hate relationship with IKEA, but those who adore it are aware of the Ektorp sofa. It is one of IKEA’s top furniture sellers and might be the most talked-about sofa they provide.

It’s easy to understand why Ektorp’s popularity is on the rise. It has a classic design that will never go out of style. The machine-washable, detachable slipcovers make cleaning and changing look simple. In this article, let us learn more about the discontinued IKEA sofa covers in detail.

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About the brand

Swedish multinational firm Inter IKEA Systems B.V. operates under the IKEA brand. The company produces and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, decorations, and home accessories. It manufactures a variety of other products and services for the house. Ingvar Kamprad founded it in 1943, and its current headquarters are in the Netherlands. Since 2008, IKEA has held the title of the largest furniture store in the world.

Has IKEA discontinued offering the Ektorp?

Yes, the Ektorp has tragically been discontinued. The line was phased out in the fall of 2020. The Ektorp collection at Ikea is very popular among home decorators all around the world. Its popularity is due to its classic style and reasonably priced slipcovers in a variety of colors.

Who doesn’t enjoy a couch that can be thrown directly into the washing machine, according to lifestyle blogger Christal Linfitt? Holly Stehle, a DIY and lifestyle blogger, called the disclosure of Ektorp’s removal “disappointing.” She bought the model in 2020 since the slipcovers were removable, she claimed.

It’s been out of stock at many neighborhood IKEAs since long ago. However, they do have Uppland on hand. The good news is that Amazon has them for sale online! If you are considering purchasing one, look at the colors and do it right away. They most likely won’t stay for very long.

Reasons to love Ikea Ektorp

The Ektorp is a blank canvas on which to change your interior design. This is why Mary Donetskova, a lifestyle blogger, adores her sofa. She claims that by “simply switching up the slipcover and other decor, the room gets a whole new appearance.”

According to her, “the classic design blends well with various home decor styles.” “I know I have a lot of options if I ever want to change my style. Also, they all complement what I already have. I also enjoy changing things up and decorating my home frequently, especially for special occasions or seasons. The alterations I make at home go nicely with Ektorp.”

For her new home, another lifestyle blogger wanted a traditional white couch. But she claimed that with two children and a dog, most people felt she was nuts for choosing a stain-prone color. She commented, “You can practically put this couch(which she had) in the washer, which is why I love it so much.” I love the covers. Additionally, the cost made it appealing.”

When the blogger’s Mandy and Ali H. identified the ideal Netflix marathon sofa for their three-person apartment, they were ecstatic. The dimensions were ideal for their limited room. In the past two and a half years, they have owned their Ektorp. It has withstood smushed freeze-dried strawberries, random mystery stains, and green juice spills.

We have no motive for changing until we eventually split up and go into our separate homes, they remarked. And even then, there will undoubtedly be arguments about who gets to retain this sofa and who must embark on the dreaded sofa hunt.

In all honesty, the $399 price tag is unbeatable. The Uppland also has a $399 starting price. Kelly Siktar, an interior stylist, bought hers mainly for this reason.

Therefore, from these instances, we can say that the Ektorp is generally

  • Versatile
  • Affordable, 
  • Long-lasting, and 
  • Ideal for apartment living

Ektorp replacement

But we don’t need to panic to buy all the Ektorp slipcovers we can find. It’s because the sofa is being replaced with the Uppland. It is remarkably similar to the Ektorp.

IKEA claimed in a statement that the Uppland is essentially an upgraded version of the Ektorp. The Uppland sits higher and deeper, with taller backs and longer arms. Despite the fact that the models look remarkably similar, While the Ektorp cushions just have foam, the Uppland cushions also feature springs. The slipcovers are still washable in the washing machine and come in seven different colors.

Cindy Harvey, a lifestyle blogger, previously owned two Ektorp sofas before purchasing her current couch, a Uppland. The Ektorp and Uppland are the family’s favorite pieces of IKEA furniture. This is according to the woman, who has owned a Farlov, Stocksund, and Harlanda sleeper sofa, among other items.

Uppland has larger dimensions and springs in the bottom cushions. Thus, it is an amazing improvement over Ektorp, according to Harvey. It has a soft and supportive feel. Price and slipcover options are still very beneficial.

IKEA Ektorp vs. IKEA Uppland slipcovers

The covers are created differently as a result of the size variation. The Ektorp covers are smaller than the Uppland covers.

The cushion slipcovers differ from one another in another way. The cushions on the Ektorp are covered in fabric on both sides. Thus, when someone spills something, you can turn the cushions over.

Certainly, the cushion’s underside is not entirely covered in fabric. Since they are made of mesh, you cannot turn them over.

Can Uppland covers be used on an Ektorp?

The Uppland is wider than the Ektorp covers, so they cannot possibly fit. Can the Ektorp fit in the Uppland? Yes, but it will seem odd because there will be extra fabric.

You could definitely work some magic to make them fit if you know how to sew or if you know someone who does.

Bemz creates an alternative for the covers of Ektorp sofas

For the entire IKEA Ektorp range, Bemz manufactures extra and replacement Ektorp sofa coverings.

  • The discontinued IKEA Ektorp 2-seater sofa bed,
  • The discontinued IKEA Ektorp 3-seater sleeper sofa and
  • The discontinued IKEA Ektorp 3-seater sofa

The Ektorp armchair, the Ektorp chaise longue (with or without armrests), the Ektorp corner sofa, and the Ektorp sofa cushion are all models in the IKEA Ektorp couch series that Bemz covers naturally.

The two-seater Ektorp sofa bed is no longer available from IKEA. Thus, the two-seater Ektorp sofa bed covers are also no longer available. It’s not necessarily forgotten just because it’s gone. In fact, it’s the most popular sofa cover ever!

The no longer available IKEA Ektorp sleeping sofa for two people blends seamlessly into most living areas. The bed part is simple to draw in and out of and requires little effort. It is pleasant, comfy, and traditionally fashionable. It’s due to the rounded armrests, the floor-length covering, and the thick seat cushions. Avoid throwing away your two-seater Ikea Ektorp sofa bed cover if it is beyond repair. With a Bemz slipcover, you give it a fresh life.

IKEA’s whole discontinued LILLBERG sofa line

Starting in 2006, IKEA offered IKEA Lillberg couches (and, by extension, IKEA Lillberg couch covers). But they were eventually taken off the market. However, this Scandinavian modern couch has a classic design and is well-built. So there’s no need to discard it when the fabric sofa cover deteriorates. IKEA Lillberg sofa bed covers, and Lillberg sleeper sofa covers are available from Bemz. It is available in a vast array of colors, designs, and fabric qualities. Bemz also makes extras or replacements for 

  • 2 seater IKEA Lillberg sofa covers,
  • 3 seater IKEA Lillberg couch covers, and
  • IKEA Lillberg sofa bed covers


IKEA’s best-selling item has undoubtedly always been the Ektorp! But can the Uppland perform equally well? Yes, it is the obvious response to that. IKEA retained Ektorp’s best qualities. Then, they improved upon the worst characteristics. They may market to a larger audience in this way.

Will the Uppland be as beloved as the Ektorp? Really, it’s the same sofa. It’s just a little bit bigger, and the cushions are made better. In the end, Uppland will be a big success and keep up their fantastic furniture sales.

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