Corning layoffs

Corning layoffs 2023 – How is Corning Inc.’s financial performance affected?

Corning layoffs – At the start of 2023, Corning Inc. intended to make adjustments to the business based on the economic situation. On January 18, 2023, Corning Inc. announced that it would be laying off not more than 1.500 employees worldwide, or less than 2.5% of its total workforce. The company claims to have about 61,000 employees worldwide.

According to a statement from a company representative, “Corning Incorporated has made certain changes in our businesses. It is based on the macroeconomic environment that will result in a limited reduction in our workforce.” “We’re dedicated to treating those affected with respect and dignity in accordance with Corning’s core values.” Let us view the layoffs at Corning Inc. in detail in this article.

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About the Corning company

An international technological business based in the United States is called Corning Incorporated. It focuses on specialized glass, ceramics, and materials and technologies that are related to those. Up until 1989, the business was known as Corning Glass Works. In 1998, Corning sold the subsidiary Corning Consumer Products Company to Borden. This is done in order to sell off its consumer product lines. Corelle Brands is currently owned by Borden.

The five main business sectors for Corning as of 2014 were 

  • display technologies,
  • environmental technologies, 
  • life sciences, 
  • optical communications, and
  • specialty materials. 

The joint ventures Dow Corning and Pittsburgh Corning are both operated by Corning. In 1996, Quest Diagnostics and Covance were separated from Corning.

One of the primary suppliers of Apple Inc. is Corning. Four times for its innovations in products and procedures, Corning received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

This well-known international glass manufacturer, Corning, also creates items like vials for the pharmaceutical sector. In 2022, Corning said it had “updated the business operating strategy.” This is in order better to match the company’s operating supply with customer demand.

Corning Inc. laid off hundreds of workers in 2020

Corning Inc. reduced its workforce. On January 15, 2020, the Corning, New York, corporation that makes technology announced layoffs. A corporate representative, however, claimed that it. 

Only makes up “a very small percentage” of the local Corning staff. They said that they were not going to disclose the figure due to business concerns.

The business claimed that while keeping focus on important goals, costs and capacity needed to be adjusted. The company stated that severance packages would be provided to any fired employees.

Later, in May 2020, it was announced that Corning Inc. would lay off 300 to 400 workers. Workers at sites in Erwin and Painted Post are reportedly affected, according to a steelworkers union representative. They wanted to hear from them again once business picked up.

According to a business official, “Corning has begun to take select actions as required to match resources with current conditions. This is due to the temporary but acute economic impact of COVID-19.” “The layoff would start on May 18, 2020, Monday.” 

Corning laid off employees in the Israel R&D center in 2021

On June 7, 2021, Corning Israel (before MobileAccess) laid off a large number of employees. About 150 people were working for the Israeli company at that time. The business provides wireless internet communication equipment and in-building wireless solutions.

Corning Global Management decided to change its spending structure to reflect its revised revenue forecast. Thus, it resulted in layoffs at the Israeli unit. Every fired employee got a support package, including extra pay, according to Calcalist. According to Nissim Atias, Corning Israel’s General Manager and Global Technology Director,

“The business’s R&D center is going to continue to develop the next generation of wireless technologies. Also, the company is currently working on that.”

The foundation of Corning Israel was built upon the acquisition of MobileAccess, a local business. The deal was made by Corning in 2011 for around $180 million. The business in 2021 disclosed a technological innovation. It enables it to use a hybrid optical fiber that combines data connectivity and a power source. This is used to send electrical energy to tiny, remote cellular cells.

The business has created an antenna system that offers buildings and organizations wireless coverage. MobileAccess was purchased by Corning. It is a company that specializes in offering cable and optical communications. This acquisition is done to advance its wireless communications capabilities.

Corning Inc. cuts 1,500 jobs worldwide in 2023

Midway through January, Corning Inc. reduced over 1,500 employees across the globe due to concerns about the economy. How many of the paid workers who were let go worked at facilities in the Greater Corning area was not disclosed by a corporate representative.

“According to the macroeconomic circumstances, Corning Inc. made some changes to its operations. It had led to a small reduction in its staff,” according to a company representative.

“Macroeconomic environments” refers to the most significant economic factors. These are influencing the business’s fortunes. It includes inflation, consumer sentiment, and supply and demand problems.

According to a Corning Inc. representative, the company expects the job losses to affect fewer than 2.5% of its more than 60,000 employees worldwide. Reporters questioned more about the workforce job cuts. But a representative replied, “We are unable to share any further details.”

Corning’s financial positions

Corning Inc. Sales released financial figures for the fourth quarter and the entire year 2022 under generally accepted financial principles (GAAP) for the fourth quarter totaled $3.4 billion. The core sales reached $3.6 billion. Core earnings per share were $0.47 in the fourth quarter, while GAAP earnings per share were negative $0.04.

According to the firm, the main reasons for those deviations were restructuring expenses taken in the fourth quarter and also due to the non-cash mark-to-market adjustments related to its currency-hedging contracts. Also, the business debt is issued in Japanese yen. The quarter’s free cash flow totaled $377 million.

According to Wendell P. Weeks, chairman and CEO of Corning Inc.,

“A number of pandemic-driven effects are continuing to ripple across the global economy throughout the year.” We are resolving the effects that the current environment offers for margins and cash generation. Also, we executed well to increase sales and advance strategic goals.”

Weeks expressed satisfaction with the sales rise. He stated that Corning Inc. continues to produce despite recession-level demand in regions that account for roughly half of the company’s revenues.

According to Weeks, “cars, television, smartphones, laptops, and tablets are all much below what we consider to be in the normal range.” “We use the strength of our positions in the expanding optical communications and solar markets. This is to offset this week’s customer demand.”

Outlook for the first quarter of 2023

The management estimated core sales in the $3.2 billion to $3.4 billion range for the first quarter. Also, core profits per share are in the $0.35 to $0.42 range. Because of disruptions brought on by the pandemic in China, management forecasted a greater decrease in sales than seasonality.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, management made decisions to raise pricing and boost productivity. The company believes that these initiatives will start to pay off in the first quarter of 2023. This would lead to increased profitability despite a projected drop in revenues.

In 2023, Corning Inc. would continue to put its focus on running each of its businesses successfully, according to Weeks. This includes reacting to market and global dynamics. It also includes pursuing long-term growth strategies and capabilities. These will underpin the company’s success as the world economy stabilizes.

How is Corning Inc.’s financial performance affected?

China’s relaxation of the harsh limitations placed on its residents in an effort to stop the COVID-19 virus’s spread has influenced Corning.

Weeks stated that a situation was developing in China, where consumer confidence was already poor. It was the reason behind their below-season outlook for first-quarter sales. “China changed its strategy for combating the pandemic in December, and far more COVID outbreaks followed.”

Weeks claimed that, as a result, consumer spending decreased. Also, there was a labor shortage. This affected the demand for Corning Inc. products, notably in the display, environmental, and specialty materials sectors.

Weeks stated that “we expect China to get over these problems and things to improve. But it is still too early to predict when improvements in consumer mood and demand will occur.”

All employees at Corning’s R&D facility in Israel will be laid off!

Corning is closing its R&D facility in Israel and terminating all of its employees. Many employees whom Corning Israel currently employs will lose their employment.

Nissim Atias, general manager of Corning Israel, announced the closure on May 3, 2023.

“Corning is now carrying out a variety of activities. This is to assist its long-term growth. This includes closing its facility in Israel and adopting a number of steps to alter its spending structure. We looked around for other options.” He promised everyone would receive a thorough support system and recompense from us.


According to Corning Incorporated, president and chief executive officer John Loose will retire on April 25. He has worked for the firm for 38 years. James Houghton will take over as CEO in his place. The company also mentioned that, due to the continuing telecommunications downturn, it may close some plants. Also, it may lay off up to 12.5% of its workforce.

The company also projected a first-quarter net loss that would be less than expected. Corning warned by describing the first quarter as the bottom for its companies in February. The business said that extra cost-cutting measures were possible if revenues did not increase. This includes such things as job cutbacks and facility closures.

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