Stripe Layoffs 2023 | Why Did Stripe Layoff?

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We have curated this blog for you to dive deeper into this important topic, so let’s find out the answer: “Is Stripe laying off employees?”

Stripe is laying off employees. However, this layoff news did not come as a big shock for us. All the tech employees are at stake due to the economic slowdown. Stripe is not the only company that announced plans to cut high-profile jobs. Besides, other big tech companies such as Meta, Robinhood, and Twitter did the same.

No company left unscathed. Initially, Stripe fell into the trap of the hiring process quickly. Due to this, it over-hired employees. But now, it is forced to tighten its belt. The CEO of the company stated… “We are slashing around 14 percent of total workers.” It reported the tech industry announced the layoff of more than 120,000 of its workforce due to the market downturn.

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Stripe Layoffs List

According to reports, Stripe laid off over 120,000 of its workforce in 2023. Those who are enlisted in Stripe’s listing will go public in 2023. After shattering the dot-com surface, Stripe laid off 107,00 employees.

In 2022, Stripe confirmed to lay off 14 percent of its workforce. It means around 1,120 workers impacted out of 8,000 of its total workforce.

Stripe announced its latest round of layoffs just after other companies. In the same year, Brex declared to cut down 11 percent of its workforce. Besides, Chime also announced a layoff round at that time. Around 12 percent of Chime’s workforce was eliminated in that layoff round.

The company’s CEO made the layoff announcement regarding the degree. To which he can easily point to the situation. At that time, there were two particular mistakes that the company made.

After getting this news, we are considering. You might wonder what leadership mistakes were made by the company. According to us, we thought there were two important errors of judgment. We would like to mention both of them here as both of them are very consequential mistakes.

The company said, “To the internet economy’s near-term growth, we are too excited and optimistic. The likelihood and the impact of a broader slowdown also take lightly in 2022 and 2023.”

Another statement the company released was, “We raised operating costs immediately. We were happy as we succeeded in some of our latest product areas. To get things flowing, we allowed costs to grow and operational inefficiencies to drip in.”

In our view, the news is not a big shock or a huge surprise. Because Stripe always looked to remain in the balance, it reported the company’s internal valuation declined by 28 percent from last year. Stripe estimated it dropped from 95 billion US dollars to 74 billion US dollars. 

After carefully observing things, Stripe announced its round of layoffs. At that time, the layoffs round was not huge, and it was smaller. Only impacted around 50 workers at its acquired TaxJar. Stripe took over TaxJar in 2021.

Why Did Stripe Layoff?

When asked about the reason why Stripe Layoffs. The company’s CEO, Patrick Collison, revealed the reason behind the latest layoff round. He explained several probable reasons behind cutbacks, including:

  • Due to the world’s pandemic-driven surge toward e-commerce and the digital world. The company hired many employees.
  • The company also faced several other macroeconomic challenges.
  • Higher interest rates.
  • Reduced Investment Budgets.
  • Sparser Startup Funding.
  • Energy shocks.
  • There was a significant growth period. Later, the economic downturn is ridden with inflation.

He added, “At that time, The hiring process was exciting at Stripe. We were aggressively hiring and now overhired the employees for the world we are in, but we regret it, which hurts us a lot. We are not able to offer the experience to the employees that we have promised. We hoped for a better experience for those impacted at Stripe.”

According to him, this mass layoff round can be handled perfectly then. He said, “We have announced a mass layoff this time. As we thought, this is the perfect time to do so. So, we put our foot forward.”

In a nutshell, The CEO said, “Stripe is cutting down 14 percent of its workforce. Due to overhiring.” He said, “We overhired for the world we are in.”

Who Owns Stripe?

Stripe, Inc. (aka Stripe) is an American and Irish-based multinational company. It is not just a company but a financial technology company. It was established in 2009. Stripe was launched by John and Patrick Collison (Irish entrepreneur brothers). Stripe has two headquarters. One is in San Francisco, while the other is in Dublin, Ireland. 

According to LinkedIn, the company has more than 8,000 of its workforce worldwide. It reported the company introduced its office in Canada in September 2021. Its first Canadian office is located in Toronto, Ontario.

It features businesses to aid them in accepting payments. Payments that are made online and allow send payout worldwide. According to reports, Stripe offers its software and application programming interfaces (APIs). Millions of businesses are in the habit of using its software and APIs. Businesses use them to manage their offices/ operations online.

Stripe Layoffs Severance Packages

Severance is compensation provided to non-unionized employees by the company. It is given when employees are eliminated without any solid reason. Employees who are fired without any cause can get a full severance package.

Many companies sometimes claim their employees are largely unaware of severance. At the same time, some anticipated that employers were largely unaware of their role during the firing process. The employment law says employees have the right to get full compensation at termination.

Apart from layoffs, when it comes to severance packages, all those impacted workers got severance packages. The severance package covers at least 14 weeks’ worth of pay. It all depends on the duration that is served at Stripe.

Those who joined Stripe in 2022 received the full 2022 annual bonus as they are considered pro-rated team members. Moreover, PTO (Paid Time Off) was also paid at Stripe.

On top of that, all unused PTO was paid by the company. After departure, Stripe offered healthcare coverage for half of the year to impacted employees.

For non-unionized workers, the probable factors of the severance pay are as follows:

  • Age
  • Bonuses
  • Position
  • Benefits
  • Length of Service
  • To Find new work

Where Is Stripe Located?

Stripe belongs to the internet. It is not a place but a team. Its dual headquarters are in Dublin and San Francisco. The company interacts with its customers globally and speaks more than 30 languages.

It has over 8,000 Stripes build products. The company supports its users from its locations. 

Stripe offices located:

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Chicago
  • Dubai
  • Dublin
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Melbourne
  • Mexico City
  • Prague
  • Sao Paulo
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore
  • Stockholm
  • Sydney
  • Tallinn
  • Tokyo
  • Toronto
  • Warsaw
  • Zurich

What Are Other Companies Laying Off?

As of January 2023, more than 2394 companies confirmed layoffs this year. More than 3150 companies announced layoffs in 2022.

The listing below is some of the leading companies that announced layoffs in 2023 and froze hiring. These are as follows:

  • GKN Aerospace – No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 700 
  • Virgin Media O2 -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 2000
  • UBS Group -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 35000
  • Autoliv -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 8000
  • Tara Mines -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 650
  • Grubhub -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 400
  • Byju -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 1000
  • Check-Cap Limited -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 90 percent of workers
  • VDL Nedcar -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 1850
  • Suncor Energy -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 1500
  • Goodyear -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 550
  • Orange Romania -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 551
  • Bitwise Industries -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 900
  • Rolls Royce Holdings -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 3000
  • Walgreens -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 504
  • First Citizen -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 1000
  • British Telecom -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 55000
  • Oracle -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 3000
  • NovaVax -No. of impacted employees by the layoff round: 400

Of course, it is not a complete list. It is impossible to bring up all of them here because thousands of leading companies announced layoffs this year.

To Sum Up

We have concluded that the online payments giant Stripe announced to lay off 14 percent of its workforce. The company was hit hardest by the latest layoff round. Leadership misjudged the internet economy growth. This layoff move impacted the company’s recruiting division.

Stripe IPO (Initial Public Offering) is an online payment processor. It is one of the most awaited companies in the tech industry. It is a privately held company that decided to go public in 2021. 

But its first step did not succeed, so it went back. As of March 15, 2023, the company had a project valued at around 50 billion US dollars. Later, it streamlined its business and debuted among the largest IPOs in history.

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