Kroger Closing Stores

Kroger Closing Stores 2023 – Why did they shut down locations?

Why is Kroger closing stores in 2023? Over the past few years, Americans have had a poignant relationship with grocery giants. 

We all prefer to go shopping on our own. But it can be tricky sometimes. Or chances increase when the store does not sell the item you need. So you have to choose a replacement product. For which you have to go the extra mile, in search of another store. 

But do you know? Many big grocery stores are closing their locations. Yes! It can be heartbreaking news for many devoted in-store shoppers. But there is nothing we can do except accept the truth. 

Do you want to learn more about Kroger and its closing locations? We have curated this article for you! Here, you can find out every Kroger’s closing locations. The reason behind its closures, how many stores have been affected, who owns the company, and several more.

Moreover, you can find detailed information… on when and where these grocery giants are closing their locations. 

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Is Kroger Closing Stores?

Kroger is one of the biggest grocery retail stores in the United States. But now, the grocery store announced that it will be closing some of its locations. 

For many years, Kroger has been a staple store in the grocery industry. Its closing news came out as a big shock to many shoppers.

About Kroger

The Kroger Co. is the third largest food retailer in the world. The first world’s leading food retailer is Walmart. At the same time, the second world’s leading food retailer is Costco. Its presence across the country is in several formats, such as:

Price-impact warehouse stores, supermarkets, and multi-department stores. It operates thousands of convenience stores worldwide. An expanded variety of products and services are offered by Kroger convenience stores, such as Kroger fine jewelry stores specializing in Jewellery. It sells jewelry under the Fred Meyer Jewelers and Littman Jewelers. 

Another C-store offers expensive and valuable synergies to expand the supermarket fuel centers. The company generates good cash with its high-margin business. These supermarket fuel centers are the one-stop shop for all. It enhances margins for Kroger.

Do you know the fast facts of Kroger? It is Kroger, the only supermarket company… 

That operates a three-tier cheap distribution system. 

It provides superior quality private label products.

To attract consumers and force them to shop with Kroger. Due to this, the company generates good profits and high margins.

Kroger, along with other grocery chains, including Walmart. Set to close their specific locations very soon. At the same time, some have already closed and are planning to close more locations.

However, this news is not unique to Kroger only. Several other grocery store chains announced the closure of their locations.

There is no doubt that these closures impacted the communities. Thousands or millions of people depend on grocery stores in their local areas. 

To satisfy their daily requirements. Now, the closures of these stores put pressure on them. For many, this news appeared as disheartening news or a big shock!

Are All Kroger Stores Closing?

No, all Kroger stores are not Closing. Kroger still exists. However, the grocery giant announced the closure of its several locations. No Grocery stores have left unscathed. It looks like the impact of the recent retail apocalypse has spared no stores. 

In 2022, most grocery store chains closed their stores throughout the U.S… The most popular chains that announced their closures… from the beginning of June to the end of July 2020 include:

Sprouts Farmers Market, Lidl, Aldi.

Later the same year, Kroger shuttered several other locations from August to October. 

Other famous companies axed their locations in November 2022, including:

Whole Foods, ShopRite, and Giant Eagle.

Kroger has already closed its many locations but is not done closing stores. Still, the series goes on. Other grocery giants are making cuts also.

Another popular Mexican grocery store, Northgate Gonzalez Market, is also affected by these closures in California. It reported the company shuttered its two stores in California. Initially, an exact date for those closures was not set. Later, it closed its targeted stores in 2022.

The closures for Kroger continued in 2023

Kroger also announced the closure of its stores in Gassaway, West Virginia. Reports said this location will shut down in 2023. Still, the exact date for the closure of that location is not disclosed.  

Why Are Kroger Locations Closing?

The answer to why Kroger locations are closing is not the same for every closed Kroger location. One of the spokespeople of Kroger confirmed, “We are closing some of these stores to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, we want to leave this pandemic behind. But the same reason does not apply to some of the store’s closures.” 

The reason behind some of the stores’ closures is unknown. Besides, the impact of these closures on the workers is also unclear. It looks like those who were impacted adversely by these closures.

Maybe they were hired by the other locations. While in some cases, some of the employees faced mass layoffs.

For some of these closures, Kroger did not disclose the exact reason. However, the reasons are unclear. Even though we can anticipate the probable reason behind those closures, there may be a rise in online grocery shopping and delivery services. 

The rise may have affected the brick-and-mortar grocery retail store.

Another reason can be the larger restructuring plan for their business.

Moreover, you can find out the different reasons behind the closures of Kroger locations separately.

Who Owns Kroger?

The Kroger Company is widely known as Kroger. It is an American-based retail company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883. It operates around 2,720 grocery stores in the U.S. 

  • Moreover, it has 134 multi-department stores. 
  • 188 marketplace stores.
  • 121 price impact warehouse stores.
  • 2277 combo stores. Kroger’s headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Other operations of Kroger include:

  • 33 manufacturing plants.
  • 129 Jewelry stores.
  • 2,252 Pharmacies.
  • 1,629 Supermarket fuel centers.
  • 225 The Little Clinic in-store medical clinics.

The Kroger Company is one of the largest American-owned private employers nationwide in revenue. Kroger is considered to be the largest supermarket operator. Later, it became the fifth-largest grocery store in the United States. 

It ranked 17th on the Fortune 500 of the largest U.S. companies by total revenue. 

How Many Shares Of Kroger Exist?

You can check the status of Kroger Shares from an outstanding history from 2021 to 2023. Shares outstanding means, after assuming the securities, convertible debts, warrants, and other options, how many shares are held by shareholders. The company’s shares have been listed below:

There is a 2.98 percent decline in Kroger’s shares outstanding in 2021 compared to 2020. It estimated Koger shares outstanding were 0.781 B.

In 2022, Kroger’s outstanding shares were 0.75 B, While the outstanding ones were 3.46 percent higher in 2021.

In 2023, Kroger’s outstanding shares were 0.727 B. At the same time, the shares outstanding were 3.58 percent higher in 2022.

It estimated the company’s shares outstanding by the end of April 30, 2023, were 0.724 B. On the other hand, it reported there is a 1.23 percent reduction in Kroger shares outstanding year over year.

How Many Kroger Stores Are Closing In The United States?

It seems like Kroger put efforts to pare down its stores. Due to this, it decided to shut its brick-and-mortar stores in 2020. The closure string is still going on. Nobody knows when Kroger stop closing its locations in the U.S.

Besides, Kroger, another grocery chain, decided to close their stores. Some have already closed, while others plan to close soon this year.

The number of stores that closed varies from place to place. It includes:

  • Two Kroger stores closed located in Ohio at a distance of two miles.
  • Three Kroger stores located in Long Beach, California, closed in 2021. 
  • Two Kroger stores closed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2022.
  • One Kroger store closed in Dearborn, Michigan, in 2019.
  • 14 Kroger stores closed in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina 2018.
  • 15 Kroger stores closed in Texas.
  • This closure in Maryland impacted 60 stores of Kroger. 

Is Kroger Closing Stores In California?

In 2021, Three Kroger stores were closed in Long Beach, California.

Let’s read out to find out which go-to-grocer is closing its doors permanently in California: 

  • #5420 W. Sunset Blvd (closed on March 10, 2021).
  • #9616 W. Pico Blvd (closed on May 15, 2021).
  • #3300 W. Slauson Blvd (closed on May 15, 2021).


The city required Kroger grocery stores to raise their employees’ pay. It reported due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic… more than 300 employees were to be paid extra dollars per hour. 

Due to this, Kroger Co. announced the closure of its three stores in Los Angeles, California, in 2021.

Is Kroger Closing Stores In Georgia?

By the end of 2022, Kroger announced the closure of two locations in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s find out which stores have been closed there.

  • #3871 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30319… Atlanta, Georgia (closed on December 9, 2022).
  • #2452 Morosgo Way, Atlanta, GA 30324… Atlanta, Georgia (closed on December 9, 2022).


According to reports, those stores could not meet customer’s demand. Due to this, the sales declined. The company cited negative profit.

In a nutshell, low sales and negative profits were the main causes behind the closure.

Customers who were impacted by these closures were served at different locations. Still, they can be served at the following locations in Georgia.

  • #2875 North Decatur Road, Decatur, GA 30033… Georgia
  • #2205 LaVista Road, Atlanta, GA 30329… Georgia
  • #1799 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, GA 30306… Georgia
  • #1225 Caroline Street, Atlanta, GA 30307… Georgia

Is Kroger Closing Stores In Michigan?

On May 18, 2019, Kroger announced the closure of one of its stores in Dearborn, Michigan. The impacted location was:

  • #23000 Michigan Avenue… Michigan.


The reason behind the closure revealed that The store was facing financial issues. While another Kroger store at 23303 Michigan Avenue., is still open. All the impacted employees and customers as well transferred to another location.

In 2019, Kroger announced to open another 2 stores in Michigan. Besides, it remodeled 11 of its existing stores in the same location.

Is Kroger Closing Stores In North Carolina?

It reported that 14 Kroger stores in North Carolina were impacted and closed then. A few of those locations are mentioned below.

  • # 331 at 202 NC Hwy… 54 Durham, N.C… North Carolina.
  • #366 at 1802 North Pointe Dr… Durham, N.C… North Carolina.
  • # 332 at 3457 Hillsborough Road… Durham, N.C… North Carolina.
  • #337 at 5116 N. Roxboro Road… Durham, N.C… North Carolina.
  • #342 at 1273 NW Maynard Road… Cary, N.C… North Carolina.
  • #354 at 8345 Creedmoor Road… Raleigh, N.C… North Carolina.
  • # 357 at 940 US Highway 64 W… Apex, N.C… North Carolina.
  • #372 at 1371 E. Broad St… Fuquay, Varina, N.C… North Carolina.


Kroger closed the doors of all of its Raleigh and Durham-located stores as all these stores in that region were oversaturated.

It reported these closures impacted more than 1,500 workers. Out of which, some workers got a severance package. In comparison, some transferred to other locations.

Is Kroger Closing Stores In West Virginia?

According to reports, Kroger also closed its stores in Gassaway, West Virginia. These locations were expected to be closed in early 2023. Additionally, it has expanded its business by adding several other locations in West Virginia in 2023.


Due to poor performance and profitability. Kroger announced the closure of its stores in W.V.  

Is Kroger Closing Stores In Ohio?

Kroger announced the closure of stores on March 9, 2023, situated in Ohio. 

  • #Pinewood Plaza Shopping Center is situated on S Smithville Road in Dayton.
  • #Spinning Road Plaza in Riverside.


Low sales and no profitability led to the closure of Kroger stores in Ohio.

Is Kroger Closing Stores In Texas?

Kroger also planned to close its locations in Plano, Texas. In 1993, Kroger closed its 15 stores located in Texas. The state with the most number of Kroger locations also faced closures. It reported that… Two stores were closed in Texas.  


The reason behind the closures was the “major relocation.” Due to this, Kroger announced all these closures.

Is Kroger Closing Stores In Maryland?

No Grocery stores in the U.S. remain unmarked from the retail apocalypse. The two largest U.S. grocery chains – Kroger and Albertsons… Both of them announced the closures of several stores in 2021 and 2022. Still, the shuttering locations continued in 2023.

Maryland has not been spared from the retail apocalypse. It looks like this apocalypse affects every big grocery giant throughout the United States.  

It is estimated that 60 Safeway retail stores closed in Maryland. When the announcement was made, the officials did not disclose which locations would be affected by this move.


Due to financial issues, the company refused to operate its stores in Maryland. 

Low sales, Less demand, unable to meet an ongoing market trend. All these causes forced Kroger not to operate its stores further in Maryland.

How Many Kroger Stores Are Left In The United States?

As of June 12, 2023, There are about 1,327 Kroger locations nationwide. Texas has the most number of Kroger stores in the U.S. 

It is estimated the city has 212 stores, which is 16 percent of the total number of stores throughout the United States. 

Below, we have discussed Kroger locations by state. It includes:

  • The territory with the most number of Kroger locations is Texas. It has more than 200 Kroger stores in the U.S. Reports say the exact number of Kroger locations in Texas is 212.
  • Ohio has 201 Kroger stores in the United States.
  • Georgia has 167 Kroger stores in the United States.
  • Tennesse has 155 Kroger stores throughout the United States.
  • Michigan has 123 Kroger stores in the United States.
  • Kentucky has 123 Kroger stores throughout the United States.
  • Indiana has 107 Kroger stores across the United States.
  • Virginia has 69 Kroger stores throughout the United States.
  • West Virginia has 43 Kroger stores across the United States.
  • Illinois has 35 Kroger stores throughout the United States.

Is Kroger Bigger Than Walmart?

The simple answer to this question is NO!! Walmart is the world’s largest food retailer and the most popular grocery store chain nationwide. It had a market share of 25.2 percent last year.

While Kroger and Costco have around 5.6 percent and 7.1 percent of the market share, respectively, Kroger is the world’s third most popular grocery store. In contrast, Costco is the second most popular grocery store.

Market share, revenue, company size, number of employees, and every aspect. Walmart is bigger than Kroger. There is no doubt that Walmart is a bigger retail store than Kroger and other retail stores. 

Now, most of the grocery giants have announced the closures of their stores, such as Kroger, Walmart, Costco, and several other retailers joined the list of closed stores.

Other biggest grocery stores that announced closures along with Kroger include:

  • Target
  • CVS Health
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Amazon 

What Are Kroger’s Plans For The Future?

For 2023, The Kroger Company plans to invest more than 770 million U.S. dollars to expand its business. 

It reported those funds are designated for the following:

  • To raise average hourly wages.
  • To improve health care options in several areas.
  • New training and development opportunities.

It offers high-quality services and products to attract customers. To raise customer demand, the company expanded its business and put efforts to meet an ongoing market trend. 

Who Are Kroger’s Biggest Competitors?

Kroger is a one-stop shop for all, one of the largest supermarkets across the country. It generated revenue of 132.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Kroger has plans to do with its thousands of locations in the U.S. 

Kroger announced the closure of several stores at different locations. 

Are you curious to learn about Kroger’s biggest competitors? If yes, Then keep reading to know. Listed below are the biggest competitors of Kroger. Here you can check them out:

  • Target – One of Kroger’s biggest competitors. In 2020, it generated around 93 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Due to this, Target became the eighth-largest retailer in the United States.
  • Walmart – It is the biggest competitor of Kroger. No doubt, Walmart is the largest company worldwide. It generated the highest revenue of around 559 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Moreover, Walmart is the leading competitor for general merchandise, pharmacy services, groceries, etc.
  • Albertsons – Another competitor to Kroger is Albertsons. It is a food and pharmacy retailer. It has more than 2000 of its locations in the U.S. 
  • It is the second-largest supermarket store in the U.S. It generated 69 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Albertsons operates more than 30 stores. It is best known for its superior quality across the country.
  • Costco – A big competitor to Kroger is Costco. It generated 163 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Costco is the second biggest retailer in the United States. It is a wholesale retail store that offers prominent savings.
  • Aldi – Another main competitor to Kroger is Aldi. It has more than 2,000 stores nationwide and over 6,500 stores worldwide.

When it comes to groceries, multiple grocery retail stores compete with Kroger. A list of the biggest competitors to Kroger also includes: 

Meijer, Publix, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Safeway, Dollar General, and many more.

These alternate options to Kroger can be the best fit for budget-minded consumers. But these have less product selection.

Which Other Stores Are Closing Along With Kroger?

In March 2023, Kroger announced plans to close its two locations. While other grocery giants also announced the same at that time. Let’s explore how many locations have been affected.

  • Many Walmart Stores departed at that time 
  • (One in Mexico, Two in Illinois, One in Florida, and two in Portland, Oregon).
  • Sprouts Farmers Market closed its 11 locations.
  • Stop & shopshop closed its 2 locations.
  • Amazon Go is axing its locations as well.
  • Aldi also closed its locations.
  • Green Zebra is closing its three locations.


In conclusion, we have concluded that grocery stores, including Kroger, Walmart, and several others, announced closing their stores in the United States. These closures of Kroger’s stores may be significant news, along with the closures of other big grocery chains. 

Yet, there are plenty of grocery delivery services still available. But the big grocery stores are closing their multiple locations. 

Kroger announced the closure of its several stores in the U.S. 

The grocery giant is believed to be clearing up space and making room for a larger Kroger store. 

Still, the reasons for the closure of some of these locations are not clear yet. Additionally, it is also unclear how these closures would impact employees. 

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