Is Instant Pot Going Out Of Business in 2023?

Is Instant Pot going out of business? Instant Pot is a convenient option that one should look for while cooking. All you have to do is to drop veggies or whether you like to cook. Press a button and head out for work. After some time, your favourite dish is ready to serve. Isn’t it interesting? Generally, the Instant Pot is an electronically controlled device. It is used to slow-cook or pressure-cook food items. It is a need for everyone.

2010 the product became a top seller and hit the market for a while. It attracted many people, and they became fans and considered themselves Potheads as they used it to make their desired food items effortlessly. However, they still want the product to make pudding, soups, and many recipes. But in the past several years, Instant Pot is not booming the market with its product hits. Besides, customers have lost their interest. So, the parent company is struggling.

So, what happened suddenly? Why Is Everyone’s favourite product in their ‘worst products ever’ list? We know it may be a jittery situation for some. Are you curious to learn more about it? What can you do? And all. 

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Is Instant Pot Filling Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

As we all know, Instant Pots and other familiar kitchen items manufacturing companies – Instant Brands, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in June 2023. The company also produces products from other brands, including Corelle, CorningWare, Chicago Cutlery, and Pyrex.

Between 2009 and 2010, Instant Pot became increasingly popular and hit the shelves. Everyone who wanted to have it, they already had it.

In truth, electronic Multi Cookers, including Instant Pot, gained much popularity during the COVID-19 outbreak. They hit the market by generating nearly 758 million US dollars during the pandemic. But sales declined by half last year. In the first quarter of 2023, the company lost approximately 22 per cent of sales compared to last year.

Why Is Instant Pot Filling Bankruptcies?

Instant Pot filed for bankruptcy, and analysts found the reason behind it. 

To figure out what exactly happened. Analysts are busy analyzing things closely. According to analysts, it is revealed that Instant Brands was struggling with macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. But it was all blamed on economic conditions.

Post-pandemic declined customers’ demands, and the company faces poor sales. 

Customers said, “We all want to have Instant Pot. But a majority of people already had the device. So they don’t need to touch the newest one.”

What Happened Exactly?

Instant Pot is one of the most famous products among Snapware, Pyrex, and CorningWare. Its parent company is Instant Brand. The manufacturer announced this year that it filed for bankruptcy. 

The company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in June 2023. A variety of reasons were there. 

According to the company, this move will secure the company as it funded around 132.5 million US dollars. So that funding allows it to stay afloat and restructure rather than liquidating the entire business. No further matter on sales has been disclosed yet by the company itself.

The company’s president and chief executive – Ben Gadbois, stated. “We have passed the toughest time of the global Coronavirus pandemic and supply chain issues. Besides, we are still struggling with geopolitical and macroeconomic slowdowns. They have affected the whole business and hit hard.”

They also added, “The company’s capital structure became unsustainable. Because tightening credit terms and increased interest rates impacted the liquidity ratio.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, sales declined. Even its air fryers and multicookers were selling. On having poor sales, the company said. “It appears a majority of people have Instant Pot on their hands. So they do not need to repurchase it.”

One of the marketing professors at the University of Pennsylvania – Barbara Kahn, said. “Instant Brands is giving the official excuse, which is the debt burden.”

Also added, “Mostly, the retail companies like Instant Brands carry debt. When they become a debt burden. Then the common refrain from these types of companies is that they filed for bankruptcy.”

In truth, COVID-19 post-pandemic, retail companies like Instant Brands have been dealing with poor sales.

During the coronavirus pandemic, people were stuck at home due to increased indoor activities like exercising and cooking. People bought many households and other products that they needed the most. Kitchen appliances and Peloton bikes were also needed, according to Kahn.

She continued, “When lockdown ended, people felt they didn’t need to buy a new Instapot. Moreover, they need to look for products they have already bought. No Peloton was also needed.”

During the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Peloton bikes sales powerfully forward. Due to this, the home equipment company laid off nearly 20 per cent of its workers because it lost around 439 million US dollars last year.

What Is The Future Of Instant Brands?

Instant Brands had planned to continue its business in a better way. It noted that Instant Brands operations outside the United States and Canada are not involved in the bankruptcy filing. In a statement, the company said. “The new financing will help the company to continue paying its suppliers, vendors, and workers.”

Instant Brands had yet to reveal whether their products were low or the most selling. We need more information on sales data of other Instant Brands products. But a few home appliances companies such as Circana, Unit Sales, Dollar, and others have also needed better sales. Their sales dwindled by 20 per cent from 2022 to 2023 in April.

According to S&P Global reports, Instant Brands was downgraded. Because no customer wanted to spend money on the brand’s discretionary products. On June 8, the first quarter of 2023, the company’s net sales declined to 21.9 per cent, compared to the same period in 2023. 

The future of Instant Brands is not murky. A little hope is still there. As a clinical accounting professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business – Smrity P. Randhawa said. “Instant Pot filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Due to this, it gets a chance to reorganize its entire business.” 

Companies such as Peloton and Instant Brands always deliver durable items. Their items only need replacements sometimes. She said, “I use Instant Pot twice weekly to prepare meals for my family. I bought it during the Coronavirus pandemic”.

“I bought it through social media, as it sold it to me. The product is durable and will last longer. It works amazing, so I do not need to buy another one now.”

According to Dr Kahn, the company produces durable products. Consumers need to give solid reasons for the replacement of the product.

Is Instant Pot A Reselling Item?

Believe it or not, Instant Pot Reselling in the market is booming. One of the later writers, Bettina Makalintal, said. “I decided to sell my rarely used and more like new Instant Pot on Social Media Marketplace. I hoped to get half the money I paid for while buying it. When I opened the page, I discovered I was not the only one selling the product online. Many people were doing the same. I was surprised when I found many people using that marketplace. To resell their used Instant Pot.”

It indicates that the Reselling instant pot is booming the market. Are the Instant Pot’s glory days behind us?

As people are reselling their rarely used Instant pots, that becomes a problem for the brand. There were two reasons behind it:

The primary reason is that the appliance is not worth the countertop space for some who have an Instant Pot. Moreover, it is believed that if anyone wants to test the gadget. Then they would go to get a different brand of Instant Pot.

Best Selling Instant Pot Alternatives Of 2023

In recent years, Instant Pot has undoubtedly been the most recognizable brand. It specializes in the best multicookers. 

But we inform you that Instant Brands is one of many companies producing multicookers. There are many best alternatives worth trying in terms of features, cost, and at every angle. 

Let’s have a look at a few alternatives to Instant Pot.

  • Russell Hobbs Multi Cooker – Good To Go 28270
  • Thermomix TM6 Vorwerk – Best-selling Instant Pot in the UK
  • Cuisinart Cook MulticookerMulticooker – GRMC3U
  • SmartLid Multi Cooker – OL650UK, 7.5L
  • Crock-Pot 12- in-1 Multi Cooker – CSC051
  • Ninja Foodi Max – OL701 14-in-1 Multi-Cooker 
  • Chef IQ – Smart Cooker
  • Ninja Foodi – OP301
  • Breville – The Fast Slow Pro BPR700

Final Verdict

Instant Pot was one of the successful and best-selling countertop appliances. However, This blog helps us understand how the top-selling countertop appliance filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in just a few days. Due to this, its top-selling brand becomes the lowest one. 

According to experts, it is revealed that for brands like Instant Brands. Durability is their biggest rival. According to some, the Instant Pot faced the biggest failure. It is because of high quality and durable product. It is believed that, once you buy, they can survive for up to six or seven years. Ironically the significant contributing factor to being filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is its financial troubles. 

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