Energizer Layoffs 2023 | Will Energizer Layoff Employees?

Are there Energizer layoffs? In January 2023, Energizer confirmed the closure of its two plants. One is Portage, and the other is the Fennimore Energizer plant. These two plants were planned to be closed. 

Suppose it happens exactly for real. Undoubtedly, this move will affect hundreds of southern Wisconsin workers. This plan is expected to be implemented, and workers could be out of their jobs by 2025.

Keep on reading! In this blog, we take a look into Energizer layoffs. I will also explore the roots of this most popular battery company globally. 

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Will Energizer Layoff Employees?

In February 2023, Portage and Fennimore Energizer employees were aware of losing their job roles. They learned about the layoffs from a paper tacked on the walls of the Energizer Employee Bathroom. It revealed that Energizer has planned to close its manufacturing facilities as soon as possible. Due to this around 600 employees will be affected altogether. 

This way, the layoff news spread among employees. That employee clicked the image and shared it with the public. The entire manufacturing department heard the first official word from Energizer. According to reports, the layoff will come into action in October this year. It will be continued until everyone’s job would be affected by the next one or two years. 

The rumors of closure and job outsourcing outside the US have been there for months. However, the Portage and Fennimore shutdown plan was revealed in February 2023. The closure of both the plant will affect around 600 local jobs altogether.

Yes! You’ve read that right; Energizer goes through with what they call a ‘phased consolidation.’ Union Officials are worried about what will happen if this happens. As both cities’ mayors also brace for the worst. Portage’s Mayor Mitchel Craig said, “It seems like Energizer forgot about the humanity/ human element. This is why it is making this move.”

He added, “We are generally talking about people’s livelihood.” Union Officials said, “This move is just corporate greed.” They said, “The money is the basic element we all need. Similarly, to save these jobs, money is necessary. It is like a drop in the bucket for big companies like Energizes. But Still, Management is used to squeeze every dime out of Wisconsin as much as possible.” 

What If the Portage Energizer Plant Closes?

According to reports, if this move occurs and the Portage Energizer plant closes. Then, it is estimated that around 226 workers would be let go from Wisconsin. Portage Mayor said, “Govt. Tony Evers and his team are trying to resolve this issue. Due to this, they are working hard every day.” Craig confirmed this based on Gov. Tony Evers’s statements, as he is in close contact with him. 

What If the Fennimore Energizer Plant Closes?

Suppose the Fennimore Energizer plant closes. Then, it was reported that around 400 workers would be affected. Fennimore’s mayor, Ryan Boebel, said, “The closure of the Fennimore plant is not a final decision of Energizer. So it looks like this plant will remain open without letting go of any of its workers.” 

He added, “The closure of the Fennimore Energizer plant will affect many employees as it has employed many people for the past 53 years. Or we can say this plant is one of our major employers and has been a strong piece of our community’s history.”

Portage and Fennimore mayor hope for a quick and optimistic move taken by Energizer. Craig confirmed, “Our hope has become a necessity now. Because if it happens in the future, any or both plants will close. Then, for sure, hundreds of employees will be affected. So to avoid this step, we need to start working with those workers.” 

Energizer officials organized a meeting with Teamsters officials. Later, the company said, “A proposed agreement has been provided to our union representatives. Moreover, they all will start to work with them on what their workers would expect if any or both of the plants close.”

Also added, “As we are all near our final destination/ resolution. We are continuously focusing on those who are very close to this issue.” To get to know about the possible plant closings, Craig contacted Govt. Evers is now restlessly waiting for a response from his office.

In 2020, Energizer also announced layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Around ten employees were laid off from the Illinois-based Dixon plant in that layoff round.

Who Is Energizer Owned By?

Energizer Holdings, Inc., or Energizer, is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of batteries. It is an American company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Energizer Holdings, Inc. owns Energizer, as it also produces batteries under a few other brands, such as Ray-O-Vac, Eveready, and Varta. 

Later, in 2018 it also acquired the global battery and lighting division from Spectrum Brands, including Varts and Ray-O-Vac. The deal was finalized for around 2 billion US dollars. In 2019, after a long regulatory approval process, Energizer Holdings, Inc. finally took over Spectrum Brands. When the deal was going on, at the same time, it also purchased STP Armor All for 1.25 billion US dollars in cash and stock.

When Did Energizer Batteries Come Out?

Energizer came out as one of the largest battery manufacturers worldwide in 1896. It pioneered some of the world’s leading battery technology. Energizer is recognized for its rich and unique history. 

In 1905 the company launched the first energizer pocket Torch – The Eveready Battery Company. Since then, there has been the birth of the flashlight. It was believed that until 1980, Energizer was not incorporated as a company. After two years, Hubert introduced AA dry-cell batteries. Then, in 1911, they launched AAA dry cells. Ever Ready battery products have been the most popular company for many years. In later years, it became an important part of the National Carbon Company across the US. 

After that, Ever Ready became the largest manufacturer of small rechargeable alkaline batteries. Many of us currently use Ever Ready as the blueprint for our energy sources. Ever Ready competed with many big companies, such as Duracell, at that time. 

Later, in 1980, Ever Ready was replaced with Energizer. This is the name that we all know. Then, the Ever Ready Alkaline Power Cell was rebranded as an Energizer cell. Energizer launched another innovation, the first-ever zero mercury battery. 

Before 1996, mercury was banned in the manufacturing of batteries. But later, Energizer highlighted it again within the battery industry. When battery technology was initiated to start in the nineties, at that time, Energizer launched an AA lithium battery. It was the first ever lithium battery in the battery industry. 

Lithium batteries are more demandable as they are an ideal energy source for batteries. Today, the majority of the most reliable batteries are lithium-ion cells. Moreover, not all but many storms in consumer electronics are lithium-ion cells. There are several advantages of using lithium-ion batteries, including:

  • Lithium-ion cells have a low self-discharge rate
  • They do not lose charge immediately
  • When they are not in use, they don’t quickly lose their charge
  • They have an excellent energy-to-weight ratio
  • All in all, in today’s world, Lithium-ion batteries are well known. As they have proven to be a revolutionary product.

Energizer has become one of the largest battery manufacturers and distributors worldwide in producing the best batteries and is at the forefront of innovation. 

A few years back, Energizer launched the first battery. That was made up of 4 percent of recycled material from dead batteries. It was named as EcoAdvanced. The EcoAdvanced range of Energizer batteries is expected to adopt more good habits in the future. It promised to increase the amount of recycled material to 40 percent by 2025. Now, the company has announced the closure of its two Portage and Fennimore plants. A lot of employees will be affected by this move until 2025.

How Many Employees Does Energizer Have?

According to Macrotrends reports, Energizer had more than 5,000 employees last year. While in 2021, It had around 6,000 employees. It means last year the number of employees dropped compared to the previous year. Similarly, the number of employees dropped yearly from the prior year. It indicates that the company is continuously laying off employees. Another possible reason is that they might leave Energizer itself.

If we check the number of employees from the past decade (2010 – 2023), it dropped every year. Reportedly, the employee count measures financial performance calculated as the current cash flow minus capital expenditures on every share basis. 

Is Energizer A Good Company To Work For?

Energizer Holdings Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of batteries. It also manufactures lighting products across the globe. It manufactures and markets automotive appearance, air conditioning recharge, and fragrance products. 

According to Glassdoor, based on the company employee’s reviews, Out of 5, Energizer has an overall rating of 3.3. It is noted that the majority of employees have recommended working at Energizer Holdings. While a few have not recommended the same.

One of the Energizer employees reviewed, “When Energizer took over the facility where I worked for more than 15 years. At that time, I learned that Energizer was the best company to work for. I got to put my hands on different things, including machine design, stamping, molding, preventive maintenance, lean, SPC, tooling, vision systems, and several hats, etc.”

Another employee said, “Energizer is the world’s leading manufacturer of batteries. Besides, it is a good place to work. I have been working here for many years. They have a great pay scale. The company is well known for its safety conscious and offers good benefits. I don’t like that you’ve already worked there for years; its first shift is unreachable.”

When it comes to employees’ earnings, the company’s employees earn around 55,000 US dollars annually on average. If it is hourly, 26 US dollars per hour can be made. 

When employees were asked how satisfied they were working at Energizer. In response, employees rated the company 4.1 out of 5, including:

  • Regarding company culture, Employees ranked the company 4.0 out of 5.
  • In terms of Rewards, the company is rated 3.8 out of 5
  • In terms of Growth Opportunities, Employees rated 3.4 out of 5
  • In terms of support, Employees rated 4.0 out of 5

Who Are Energizer Competitors?

Energizer is the world’s leading distributor of batteries and related products to its consumers. It serves through several retail locations globally, including warehouse clubs, convenience stores, electronics specialty stores, food and drug stores, mass merchandisers, department outlets, hardware and automotive centers, and military and e-commerce stores. 

Still, if you want to know a few other and the best companies that compete with Energizer. Then, we have compiled the main competitors of Energizers in a list given below:

  • Duracell Inc.
  • Everready
  • Power-Sonic Corporation
  • Panasonic Batteries
  • Medic Batteries
  • Mascot Electronics AS
  • Batteries.com
  • Endrich
  • Batteriesinaflash.com Inc.
  • Edgewell Personal Care
  • Spectrum Brands
  • Rayovac
  • BroadBit
  • East Penn Manufacturing

The Bottom Line

Energizer is now become one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. It also becomes the most well-trusted and known source of battery technology globally. We can trust Energizer as it offers the best battery products for our appliances. For a good reason, it has been trusted for more than 100 years in terms of innovative products.

But now, the company has planned to close two of its plants. Due to these closures, hundreds of employees will be affected. This move is expected to take place, and employees will be laid off by 2024 or 2025. This is not the first round of layoffs, as Energizer has already laid off many of its employees in the past years. Still, the company is good to go.

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