Discontinued Dearfoam Slippers – Can you Buy it in 2023?

Discontinued Dearfoam Slippers – Regarding slippers or shoes, the best brand that always comes first is Dearfoams. Because the brand has you covered with many ways to relax around or outside the house. In truth, Dearfoams introduces new seasonal products every year twice – in the Spring and Fall. 

Besides, the footwear brand also discontinued a few of its low-performing products. So that it can create room for new collections. However, Dearfoams does not ship its products internationally. Even though it is a well-known footwear brand among customers globally. Most Dearfoams slippers are machine washable and made of superior quality.

On top of that, they are great for wearing outside of the house. Dearfoam slippers have a thicker sole. The quality is closely related to the Ugg Scuffettes, which are trending nowadays. 

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Women’s Discontinued Dearfoams Slippers

Dearfoams pledged to deliver uncompromising quality along with its constant innovation. Dearfoams slippers always come with features that keep you comfortable on any occasion. It is best suited for indoor and outdoor use.

The best outdoor slippers have sturdy outdoor soles to wear outside. Dearfoams is the best option if you are searching for the best outdoor and indoor slippers. When choosing slippers, you must look for a slipper size chart. So that you can determine the best slipper size for you. Or you can also buy the size as exactly as your shoe size. Sadly, a wide range of women’s Dearfoams slippers have been discontinued so far, including:

  • Dearfoams Slippers Layla Ballerina Black – Slip-on Flat 
  • Dearfoams Slippers Womens Winter Booties Flats Black Zip – Faux Fur Front 
  • Dearfoams Slippers Boots Winter 21810 Black Zip- Faux Fur Lined
  • Dearfoams Memory Foam House Slippers – Quilted Pattern and Faux Fur House
  • Dearfoams MF – Terry Clog Slippers
  • Dearfoams Closed Toe Scuff – Memory Foam Upper Slippers
  • Dearfoams Slippers – Memory Foam
  • Dearfoams Suede & Faux Fur Shearling Moccasin Slipper – Dark Brown
  • Dearfoams Slippers Memory Foam Cat Slide Comfort Flats – Gray
  • Dearfoams Sandals Maci Gray Fabric – Slip-on mule slippers 
  • Dearfoams Wide Width Closed Toe Scuff – Memory Foam Upper Slippers
  • Dearfoam Clog Slippers – Gray Infused Outdoor and indoor wear
  • Dearfoams New Ladies Slippers – Gel Infused Memory Foam (Navy & Grey)
  • Dearfoams Fireside Cairns Shearling Slide Sandal Slipper – Easy on & off

Apart from this, Dearfoam slippers are almost everyone’s go-to slippers. These are the comfortable, softest, fuzziest, warmest slippers ever and the best for outdoor wear. 

Who Makes Dearfoams Slippers?

R.G. Barry Corporation makes Dearfoams slippers. R.G. Barry Corporation, commonly known as RG Barry. It is a marketer and developer of a wide range of handbags, foot care products, and footwear. Besides producing Dearfoams slippers, it is also famous for Baggallini handbag brands. RG Barry was introduced in 1947 by the visionary female entrepreneur Florence Melton. Its headquarters is in Pickerington, Ohio.

History: The Rise and Fall

After the establishment, R.G. Barry launched Angel Treads as one of its featured products. It was the first foam-cushioned, washable slipper introduced in 1949. In later years, in 1958, RG Barry released the Dearfoams slipper brand. Besides, it added operations to expand the company’s business. Its operations are in Tennessee, Texas, New York, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

Gordon Zacks was appointed to be the company’s president in 1965. Then, the Mushrooms brand (sold women’s sportswear such as sandals and footwear) was sold in 1974. In 1978, the Mushroom sales were reportedly boosted to 120 million U.S. dollars. Later, it was sold to the United States Shoe Corporation. 

Gordon Zacks was appointed to be the CEO and the Chairman of the Board in 1979. After a year, R.G. Barry focused on Dearfoams’ production. It redesigned a line of women’s footwear and the latest production of men’s slippers. It all happened so that the company may focus on ‘giftability’. Moreover, in an attempt to expand its business, R.G. Barry stretched its retail distribution to mass merchandisers, including:

Walmart and Kmart from department stores. To promote Dearfoams, the parent company released a series of television commercials. 

Later, Gordon Zacks was eliminated from his position due to low performance. After that, the company declined and closed many plants, including Mexico’s. 

After Zacks, Thomas von Lehman was appointed as the interim CEO of the company. Again, in 2006, The CEO was changed, and Greg Tunney (Formerly the CEO of Phoenix Footwear) became the new CEO. Then, the company flipped and was listed on NASDAQ instead of the American Stock Exchange in 2008.

In January 2011, R.G. Barry took over the Foot Pedal brand. A Long Beach-based insole maker previously acquired it. Two months later, the same year, the company again acquired The Baggallini brand. Baggallini brand is a producer of handbags and travel accessories. 

On the contrary, In 2014, the company was taken private by The Blackstone Group and Mill Road Capital. Greg Tunney was also removed from his position in December 2017. At that time, the former COO of Shoes.com – Bob Mullaney, became the company’s new CEO to boost the company’s business and number of employees from 100 to 120 jobs. The Pickerington City Council voted to help in 2017. 

Can You Buy Discontinued Dearfoams Slippers?

The straight answer to this question is Yes. You can buy Discontinued Dearfoams slippers. There are several products that the brand has released so far. At the same time, it also discontinued a lot of its footwear, including slippers. However, there are plenty of footwear brands. But still, Dearfoams slippers have another level of fanbase. It is because of its superior quality that comes in unique colors and styles that people love the most. We know if any of our beloved items have been discontinued, it hurts a lot, and we put effort into finding them. If not, then we try to find something similar to it. 

But you don’t need to worry about its availability in this case. You can buy discontinued Dearfoams slippers from a few websites. In an attempt to do so, you can visit:

eBay, Poshmark, Lyst, Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, DSW, and several other websites.

We are not saying for sure that you will get all of those discontinued Dearfoams slippers from these websites, too. But yeah! You will be satisfied as these websites carry most of the products.

The Best And Similar Slippers To Dearfoams Slippers In 2023?

As we all know, the right support always soothes our feet. But it comes when we nicely choose a great pair of slippers. Dearfoams is among the best brands regarding quality, value, comfort, and durability, even if you want to switch from Dearfoams to other best footwear brands. 

Then, we have compiled some of the best brands of slippers that you must try at least once. Let’s find out a few of the best slippers of this year:

  • UGG Women’s Tasman Slippers 


It is similar to Dearfoams as it uses recycled materials

Hard rubber sole best suited for outdoor use

Unique appearance

Plush, warm lining


Its products are not vegan-friendly

  • Quince Organic Turkish Waffle Slippers


Prices are comparatively lower than other brands of slippers

Spa-like look and feel

Superior quality materials

Plush and breathable


These slippers are not suitable to wear outside.

Not very supportive

  • Vionic Gemma Mule Slippers


Adjustable and best for outdoor use

Supreme arch support and uniquely designed


You can’t wash them in machines

Its material may attract debris after some time

  • AllBirds Wool Dwellers


Great traction on all surfaces

Made up of sustainable materials

Easy to slip on


It comes with an open-back design, which is not warmer than other slippers.

  • Parachute Shearling Wool Clogs


Beautifully designed with great softness and ample support

Best suited for all ages 

Best for outdoor wear, also


It is heavier than other slippers and will likely slip off easily.

  • Sorel Nakiska Scuff Slippers


It comes with warm faux fur lining with a removable insole

Sorel slippers are light in weight


Its material stretches after being used once

  • Minnetonka Women’s Cally Faux Fur Slippers


It gives a classy, elegant look and comes with cozy lining

It is suited to all floor types


It also needs a few days to break in

  • L.L. Bean Women’s Wicked Slippers – Good Squam Lake Booties


It is extremely comfortable and warm without being too hot

Suitable on all floor types

It can be worn all year round


There are no cons there, but you can’t take them off without touching them

  • Birkenstock Women’s Zermatt Shearling Clog Slippers


It gives appropriate warmth and comes with narrow and wide widths.

It has a removable footbed


No durability like other brands’ traditional shoes

It is believed that Dearfoams Brendan Microfiber Suede Clog with Whipstitch Slipper is one of the best slippers ever. It is available online and in stores as well.

The Bottom Line

For an impeccable pair of slippers, they are seamlessly transitioning from indoor to outdoor wear. Undoubtedly, it would help if you considered Dearfoams slippers. However, other brands of slippers are also available and are the best-selling ones. But Dearfoams offers ultimate footwear products. However, several products have been discontinued by Dearfoams. Undoubtedly, people are missing them a lot and looking for their alternatives. 

Even though Dearfoams produces the latest seasonal footwear twice a year, so you can still have Dearfoams slipp.rTheThe best part of Dearfoam slippers is their appearance. It comes in tons of bright and neutral colors that suit all ages and preferences. You may find a little bit higher prices than other options. But prices satisfy youd won’t let you disappoint as it offers high-quality products. 

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