ClickUp Layoffs

ClickUp Layoffs 2023 – Why Did ClickUp Layoff Employees?

ClickUp Layoffs… Did you know? ClickUp announced a layoff round in 2022. According to reports, In 2023, the total number of tech layoffs exceeded as compared to the last year. 

No tech companies have left it unmarked. It estimated the number of layoffs for 2023 by June is 201,860. 

If you don’t know about layoffs so far and are curious about it, this is just the right place for you. Here, we have covered almost everything about ClickUp layoffs. 

To learn about ClickUp layoffs, go through this blog post!! So read on for a timeline of ClickUp, which has been cutting staff.

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About ClickUp Layoffs 2023

ClickUp Layoffs… ClickUp is a project management software (cloud-based). It is designed to be a unique one-stop shop for all. Its unique features make it different from the rest of the companies. It is significantly used to control engagements and workplace interactions.

However, the company will mass lay off its workers in 2022. But people are asking whether the layoff will continue in 2023. 

The tech startup ClickUp was launched by Zeb Evans and Alex Yurkowski in 2016.

ClickUp unveiled its move in 2022, which was called an unexpected move. The company announced laying off 7 percent of its workforce in May 2022. 

It reported that ClickUp also joined the growing layoff list. This announcement was called “unexpected” by the employees… who were laid off during that layoff round. 

When the company announced a layoff round. At that time, it also clarified which department was to be impacted. According to sources, it reported the layoff round affected those customers who belong to the following:

  • Communications and Talent Acquisition teams.
  • Customer Success.

Some companies announced the Layoff round unexpectedly, including ClickUp. The news came out as a big shock. Employees fumed with anger at the impersonal nature of the announcement.

It reported that ClickUp is financially stable and healthy. The productivity startup had a funding round of around 400 million US dollars in October. Due to this, the company put itself at post-money of around 4 billion US dollars.

In April 2022, ClickUp took over a universal search tool, Slapdash. In February 2022, ClickUp paid money for its first Super Bowl ad. One of the spokespeople of the company stated. This layoff round came out as a one-time decision. It is a preventative move to streamline our business. Moreover, it helped us to remain on a profitable path.

Why Did ClickUp Layoff Employees?

The CEO of the company, Zeb Evans, stated. We have made this move to increase the efficiency and profitability of the company in the future.

He added, “To enhance our business for utmost efficiency in the future. We have made restructuring changes.”

In another statement, he added, “We have made changes, and this puts us in a situation… to boost the company’s profitability. In doing so, we aim to accelerate our timeline to profitability. Then, we decided to achieve our goal of going public. However, we are laying off employees. But it does not mean that we paused hiring or slowed down.”

Moreover, the company said, “We have plans to hire more employees.” It is estimated the company will hire 250 new employees in 2022. In 2023, the company confirmed to hire 300 more new employees.

Another reason could be the market downturn. Tech companies are laying off employees to streamline their business. ClickUp also enlisted in a growing layoff list due to the market downturn. 

There can be several probable reasons for laying off employees… such as financial issues, unable to meet market trends or customer demand. However, it reported that ClickUp had no financial issues when it laid off employees. It seems the company was financially healthy. It even announced to lay off 7 percent of its workforce, which left everyone confused.

Where Is ClickUp Located?

ClickUp is a project management software company located at 350 Tenth Ave San Diego. The bold claim from ClickUp is “# Save one day every week… Guaranteed.”

Users of ClickUp said they have been using this for over the past couple of years. It works efficiently. One of the users said, “This is an amazing app. I have quit all other apps since starting to use this app. I complete things in less time as compared to other apps. Its visibility aids me every time, and I like this feature the most.” 

People were aggressively saying it was an unknown move. The company revealed it at the last moment. Nobody knows about layoffs before being laid off. Still, some employees highlighted the company’s most important features. All these features may be there on the to-do list. It includes:

  • ClickUp Relationships
  • ClickUp Dashboards
  • ClickUp Goals
  • ClickUp Templates
  • ClickUp Me mode
  • ClickUp Task tray
  • ClickUp Time estimates and time tracking

Can ClickUp Replace Slack?

If we check the online rating of both apps, the ratings are similar. ClickUp has 4.66 out of 5, and Slack has the same rating. 

ClickUp has 3672 reviews, while Slack has 22934 reviews. Let’s check who replaces whom. Here, we have mentioned some pros and cons for both of the following:

What People Like about ClickUp?

  • No issue arises while using ClickUp; it is efficient and easy to use.
  • Documentation and Video guides are also available to help you.
  • It has more capabilities and functionalities than Trello and Asana.

What People do not like about ClickUp:

  • There is a lack of a Pomodore facility available. That does not allow users to focus on an activity for a longer time.
  • There are plenty of options that may confuse any of the users. Some users are there who don’t know how to start. 

What People Like about Slack:

  • It is a fast and reliable app.
  • Slack comes with a great feature of integration. It also comes with other appropriate software like Google Drive.
  • It has a nice interface that helps the user to get directions easily.

What People do not like about Slack:

  • The messages do not deliver when there is an internet issue.
  • Plenty of notifications pop up that may distract the user.

When ClickUp announced the layoffs round, Employees impacted by this move started to post on LinkedIn. Let’s put light on what people posted on LinkedIn. Here you can check:

One of the employees said, “No matter what position you are in… Layoffs come and hit harder for the employee who impacted. Layoffs are not lesser than breakups. I can feel the same pain, as I was also laid off in the past months.”

Another employee wrote, “Not for only me, I consider everyone thought Monday is a bit crazier than other days. But last Monday was awful. As I learned, the company announced that it is laying off. This was unexpected news, and I was also laid off. On that Monday, I was a part of the ClickUp Layoffs.”

She added, “My colleagues were also part mass layoff at ClickUp. My heart goes out at that moment. I hope every impacted employee will get new jobs soon!”

Employees were up in arms at that time. But some were calm, and some were aggressively posted against the ClickUp Layoffs round. 

Of course, we can’t mention all the LinkedIn posts here. But we have mentioned a few that may help you to anticipate. How do employees feel?

What Other Tech Companies Have Big Layoffs?

The past few years look set to follow a layoff trend. This year also seems to follow the same trend for tech layoffs. The tech companies that recently announced big layoffs are listed below. Let’s check it out.

However, Tech layoffs came out as big news in 2022. It looks like 2023 is also following the same path. The layoff series will not be quiet; it goes on and on. 

Recently, the major tech companies that have already slashed their workforces are as follows:

  • Amazon
  • Salesforce
  • Tesla
  • Shopify
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Netflix
  • Zoom
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Meta
  • Yahoo

All of these big tech companies cut staff. In contrast, some companies announced layoffs many times, i.e., twice or thrice.

In recent times, no tech company has left unscathed. Most other tech companies, but not major companies, announced layoffs. 

For instance, Klarna declared a layoff round. In which the company laid off 10 percent of its workforce in 2022.

Netflix also had another round of layoffs after the first layoff round. At that same time, another startup, Mural, laid off workers. 

Carvana also downsized its company and made an announcement. In the layoff round, 2,500 employees were impacted.

SAP, a business software powerhouse, laid off 2,800 employees in 2023. The company made this move to keep its business productive and healthy. 

Final Thoughts On ClickUp Layoffs

ClickUp, a Project Management platform, laid off 7 percent of its workforce. It estimated the layoff eliminated around 60 employees. Besides, it cut approx 860 jobs at that same time. Reports say the company decided to move into its new locations. 

It shifted its headquarters to downtown San Diego in October 2021. ClickUp boosted 400 million US dollars in a Series C funding round. Due to this, the company achieved a 4 billion US dollar valuation. 

Moreover, Europe-based tech startups such as Gorillas and Klarna also announced layoffs.

Tech layoffs this year are now on track to get worse than last year. It reported from January till now, and major tech companies announced their plans to deduct 315 percent of their workforce. These companies also cut around 417,500 jobs. 

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