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Is Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Discontinued: why is there a shortage?

Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Discontinued. Rumours have circulated regarding the discontinuation of Ritz Bits Peanut Butter, causing concern among snack enthusiasts. Contrary to the speculation, there is no need to fret—Ritz Bits Peanut Butter is not discontinued. This beloved snack remains available at various stores. It is offering its delectable combination of buttery Ritz crackers filled with creamy peanut butter. Whether used as a convenient on-the-go snack or a delightful addition to lunchboxes. Ritz Bits Peanut Butter continues to be a cherished treat. 

Let’s put the rumours to rest and rejoice in the ongoing availability of this classic and flavorful snack on the shelves of our favourite stores.

Ritz Cookies with Chocolate and Peanut Butter are a popular treat. But there’s a recall on Ritz Cracker Sandwiches and Ritz Bits due to possible Salmonella contamination. These snacks are being taken off the shelves in stores across the US. However, Ritz Bits sandwiches with peanut butter or cheddar are still available. Also, they have not been discontinued. You can check the product locator to find them at a store near you.

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Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Discontinued
Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Discontinued

What Do Customers Say?

Ritz used to have different kinds of crackers in stores, like cheese and peanut ones. Some people really liked the reduced-fat version, but now it’s unavailable. A person on social media said they couldn’t find it anywhere. Ritz replied that the product was no longer being made.

Other fans also miss the reduced-fat crackers. One person asked Ritz to bring them back because they liked how crunchy they were. Another person was really disappointed and said their family wouldn’t buy Ritz crackers anymore. They’ll get a similar product from another brand instead.

People who bought the reduced-fat Ritz crackers from Walmart rated them 4.7 stars out of 5 online. These crackers had 50% less fat than the regular ones. The ingredients included enriched flour, seed oils, salt, high fructose corn syrup, and natural flavouring. Before, you could get a 12.5-ounce box for $2.98 at Walmart.

Ritz isn’t the only snack brand taking away some of its snacks. Cheez-It, a rival brand, is also removing some items. One of them is the sweet & salty snack mix. It had M&M’s, pretzels, sugar corn squares, caramel popcorn, and Cheez-It pieces.

The box had artificial and natural flavours, seed oils, and fake food colourings. Each serving had five grams of added sugar. Cheez-It also stopped making other flavours like cheese pizza, cheeseburgers and puffed scorching hot cheddar snacks.

Even grocery stores are getting rid of products. For instance, Aldi won’t bring back a popular candle.

Whatever Happened To Ritz Bits?

Ritz Cracker Sandwiches and Ritz Bits are being taken off the shelves in stores across the US. It is because there might be Salmonella in them.

Also, because of the pandemic, there are problems with getting things from one place to another, and this is causing issues for different industries. Right now, there’s a shortage of vinyl, which is a material used in making various things, and it’s causing delays. Now, grocery stores are also dealing with some unexpected problems because of this.

Did They Stop Making Ritz Bits Peanut Butter?

No, they did not stop making Ritz Bits Peanut Butter. You can still find Ritz Bits Peanut Butter flavour in many grocery stores or on Amazon. Or you can use the product locator to see where it’s available near you.

As for Ritz Bits, in general, there’s no news about them being stopped. But, in the past, they stopped making some flavours, like S’mores.

Why Did They Discontinued Ritz Bits S’mores?

Sadly, Ritz shared that in 2016, they stopped making S’mores sandwich crackers. When someone on Twitter asked where they went, Ritz confirmed they were no longer making them and didn’t say why.

After that, people on Twitter wanted the flavour back. Some even started a petition to bring it back, but it only got 428 signatures. For years, the snack was forgotten, only popping up now and then in nostalgic conversations.

Then, on August 10, 2022, for National S’mores Day, Ritz announced on Instagram that they were bringing back the old favourite. But there was a catch – they only made 300 boxes and gave them away in a raffle. Even though many people asked to bring them back for good. Ritz hasn’t said anything about that happening.

What Ingredients Does Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Have?

The ingredients in Ritz Bits Peanut Butter are:

  • Unbleached enriched flour (made from wheat, which has niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate {Vitamin B1}, riboflavin {Vitamin B2}, and folic acid)
  • Peanut butter (made from roasted peanuts)
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil {made from rapeseed, cottonseed, and soybean oils}, and salt)
  • Soybean and canola oil
  • Sugar
  • Palm oil
  • Dextrose
  • Leavening (which includes calcium phosphate and baking soda)
  • Salt
  • Soy lecithin

Are Ritz Crackers Good For Weight Loss?

While Ritz Crackers may not be the best choice for weight loss, it is because they have processed and high-calorie ingredients like canola oil, palm oil, and refined sugar. You can still enjoy them in moderation on a weight-loss diet. One element to be cautious about is partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, a type of trans fat not allowed in food products in many European countries.

For those wondering about peanut butter in Ritz crackers. It’s not actually peanut butter but a mix of oil and crumbs that can happen during packaging. Regular Ritz crackers don’t contain peanut butter.

If you’re curious about the calories in 2 Ritz crackers with peanut butter filling, it’s 69 calories.

Ritz crackers might taste different now. Some people say it’s because they’re not as buttery as before. One person explained that the change could be because they reduced the moisture in the crackers to make them last longer on the shelf. But this change also makes them crumble more easily. The flavour change might be because they used a different kind of oil or shortening in making the crackers. They made this adjustment to improve the shelf life of the pirates. But it affected the taste and texture according to what some people are noticing.

What Are The Side Effects Of Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is a popular and versatile spread that many people enjoy in smoothies, oatmeal, or on crackers and fruits. At the same time, it’s usually good for you and can even help with constipation for most people because it’s high in fibre. Some folks feel backed up after eating it.

However, the constipation isn’t likely because of the peanut butter itself. Instead, it might be because some people don’t get enough fibre and fluids in their daily diet. Also, some individuals might have a hard time with peanut butter if they’re intolerant to peanuts, and that could cause constipation.

If you think peanut butter is making you constipated, choose natural peanut butter with more fibre. Or, if peanuts aren’t your thing, you could go for almond or cashew butter instead.

Are Ritz Crackers Vegan?

Ritz Crackers have been around for almost 90 years, bringing a touch of fancy to snacking. They started during the Great Depression, giving people a taste of luxury at an affordable price.

Many Ritz Crackers are vegan because they get their buttery flavour from artificial sources. However, some types of Ritz have dairy, like butter, cheese, and whey.

Why Most Ritz Crackers Are Not Vegan

Around 60% of Ritz Cracker types have non-vegan ingredients, especially those with cheese or honey.

  • Milk: Comes from cows, goats, or sheep and is used in various Ritz Crackers, including whey and lactose.
  • Cheese: Made by adding acid and enzymes to milk, some Ritz flavours include cheddar, parmesan, and gouda.
  • Butter: A non-vegan dairy product made from churning dairy cream’s protein and fat.
  • Sour Cream: Produced by adding lactic acid to dairy cream, creating a semi-firm, non-vegan substance.
  • Whey: A byproduct of the cheese industry, often added to baked goods.
  • Lactose: A milk sugar coming from non-vegan whey.
  • Buttermilk: Created by fermenting dairy milk with bacteria.
  • Honey: Not vegan, as it comes from bees.

Where To Buy Ritz Bits Peanut Butter?

Ritz Bits Peanut Butter flavour is available in many grocery stores and on Amazon. You can check where it’s available near you using the product locator. Also, you can find it on different websites like:

  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Instacart
  • Albertsons
  • Safeway, and more

Alternate Options To Ritz Bits Peanut Butter

Are you looking for alternatives to Ritz Bits Peanut Butter crackers? If so, here are some options:

  • Saltine crackers: These are a perfect substitute for Ritz crackers and can be used with salads, soups, stews, and chilis. They are also ideal for snacking, so savour them with peanut butter, butter, or cheese. However, you like.
  • Tree nut butter: Almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecan butter are great substitutes for peanut butter. They all have similar nutritional profiles and provide heart-healthy fats, fibre, and antioxidants.
  • Other brands: If you’re looking for different brands of mini peanut butter sandwich crackers, you could try Aldi, Kroger, Walmart, or Trader Joe’s.

If you’re missing the reduced-fat Ritz crackers, there are other choices. But you might have to try a different brand. Kellogg’s Club brand has a version that is 33 per cent less fat than the original. It costs a bit more, though – a box of 11.7 ounces sells for $3.82.

For those who love cheese, Cheez-It has an option with 25 per cent less fat than its regular version. You can find it at Walmart for $3.78 in an 11.5-ounce box.

The Wrap

Contrary to rumours, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter is not discontinued. Despite concerns, it remains available at various stores. The confusion may stem from past discontinuations of other Ritz flavours, like S’mores. This misinformation caused disappointment among fans, however, for those craving the beloved Ritz Bits Peanut Butter. There’s good news—it’s still on the shelves. So, enjoy the classic treat without worry, as it continues to be a delightful snack option for peanut butter enthusiasts.

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Cicis Pizza Discontinued Desserts: Does this still make brownies?

Is Cicis Pizza Discontinued Desserts? Looking for a Cicis Pizza dessert? Well, here’s the scoop – some of the old favourites are no longer on the menu. A Reddit post revealed someone’s longing for Vanilla Cream Breadsticks, and while the CEO hinted at a possible comeback, nothing is official.

But fear not! Cicis still whips up sweet delights to complement their pizzas. On the dessert front, there’s a lineup featuring cinnamon rolls, chocolate fudge brownies, and dessert pizzas like Bavarian and Apple. Do you want to give them a go? Just hop online or visit a Cicis near you. To order online, zip to their website, find your spot, pick your treats, and voilà! You can also catch Cicis on Grubhub and Uber Eats for delivery fun. Ready for a tasty adventure? Let’s dive in!”

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Cicis Pizza: A Tasty Tale of Pizza, Changes, and Bouncing Back

Cicis, once known as CiCi’s Pizza, is a chain of buffet restaurants based in Coppell, Texas, that’s all about pizza. It started back in 1985 when two folks named Joe Croce and Mike Cole opened the first one in Plano, Texas. By 1987, they were letting others join the pizza party by franchising.

In 2015, they decided to shake things up. They dropped the apostrophe, made the second ‘C’ lowercase, and ditched ‘pizza’ from their name, becoming just Cicis. A new logo and a fancy website makeover were part of the deal.

The pizza journey began expanding in 2001. Later, Cicis Pizza Spiced up buffet offerings and spruced up their restaurants. Fast forward to 2005, and Cicis had 500 spots, making it the fastest-growing pizza chain in the U.S.

Joe Croce handed over the reins in 2003, and Craig Moore took charge, making sure everything ran smoothly. After 17 years, Moore decided to hang up his hat in 2009. Michael Shumsky and Darin Harris took turns as CEOs until 2018, when Bill Mitchell stepped into the big cheese role permanently.

Cicis had big dreams in 2010, planning to add 500 more restaurants in the next decade. But in 2021, COVID-19 hit them hard. Their buffet style didn’t work well with deliveries. They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But after just two months, Cicis bounced back, completing a sale and getting back in the pizza game.

Review of Cicis

Cicis is a pizza buffet restaurant that offers a wide variety of pizzas at an affordable price. Deciding whether to check out Cicis Pizza? Well, online opinions are a mixed bag. According to a review by Mashed, Cicis is a go-to locale for anyone craving a lot of food at an overly affordable price. They offer 28 different types of pizza, including unique options like spinach Alfredo, barbecue pork, and mac & cheese. The review suggests that while the basic pepperoni pie is worth trying. It’s best to venture into brand-new (and often unheard-of) territory. Cicis also offers wings, but they are not part of the buffet and come at an extra cost. The review advises that Cicis is a great place to visit if you’re craving pizza and nothing but pizza.

Some folks rave about the tasty and affordable options, praising buffet delights like “BBQ pork pizza” and “yummy thin crust.” Exciting, right? But beware, the internet’s got its critics, too. One blunt review compares Cicis to learning to love a frozen pizza, claiming it’s like licking a subway restroom’s toilet seat. Ouch.

Now, let’s talk desserts. After filling up on pizza, Cicis has a sweet twist. Try their apple dessert pizza (think apple pie in pizza style) or the Bavarian dessert pizza with creamy goodness and icing. Brownies and cinnamon rolls are also on the menu – classics that rarely disappoint. So, if you’re up for a flavorful adventure, give Cicis a shot! Pizza first, save a bit for sweet satisfaction.

What Happened To Cicis Pizza?

Back when buffets were a big thing, people weren’t worried about health stuff. Cicis believed that lots of pizza beat fancy pizza. They faced some financial troubles and even went through bankruptcy, but guess what? They bounced back pretty fast!

Cicis Enterprises did some money magic and sold itself to new investors. These new folks changed things up to make Cicis work better. Now, they own more than 200 Cicis spots, and they’re keeping them going.

Even though the whole pandemic made things tricky for businesses that involve touching stuff a lot, Cicis still has fans. Their “persistent guest loyalty” stayed strong, thanks to things like their MyCicis app, tech deliveries, and curbside pickup. The new owners believe they’re taking over at just the right time, especially as things slowly get back to normal.

Chris Dharod, from the new owners, said, “Cicis has a strong brand and business model, so we’re sticking around and helping it grow.” So, even if Cicis can’t go back to normal in all the states it’s in, a pizza buffet might be something fun we can all look forward to after this whole pandemic mess. A pizza party sounds just right for celebrating a buffet that survived all of this!

Does Cicis Make Dessert Pizza?

Yep, Cicis Pizza sure knows how to make dessert pizza! They’ve got some tasty options on their menu, like Bavarian Dessert Pizza and Apple Dessert Pizza.

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to make your dessert pizza at home, here’s a simple recipe for you – Copycat CiCi’s Dessert Pizza:

You’ll need:

  • One pre-made pizza crust
  • 1/2 cup chocolate pudding
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup chopped nuts
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips

Here’s what you do:

  • Heat your oven to 425°F.
  • Put the pizza crust on a baking sheet.
  • Spread chocolate pudding all over the pizza crust.
  • In a bowl, mix flour, brown sugar, and butter until it’s like crumbs.
  • Sprinkle the crumb mixture, chopped nuts, and chocolate chips over the pudding.
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes until the crust looks golden brown.
  • Wait patiently for 5 minutes before you dive into your delightful feast.

There you go – your homemade dessert pizza is ready to enjoy! It’s as simple and delicious as that. Enjoy every bite!

Can You Make Dessert Pizza At Home?

CiCi’s is famous for its tasty dessert pizzas, and guess what? So Yes, You can make one at home! Forget the usual cheese and tomato pizza; let’s talk about a sweet surprise – the Cicis Chocolate Dessert Pizza. Even though it’s not on their menu now, making this yummy chocolate treat in your kitchen is super easy.

This chocolate pizza is like a dream for chocolate lovers. With simple ingredients like chocolate pudding and pizza dough mix, you can whip up a sweet and salty pizza that’ll make your taste buds dance. It’s a unique dessert experience you don’t want to miss.

If you’ve ever thought about making your pizza dough, it’s not as hard as it seems. All you need are your hands and a food processor. Making things from scratch means you know exactly what’s going into your food – no weird or unknown ingredients. Check out how to make your awesome pizza dough here.

Now, let’s get to the fun part – making the Cicis Chocolate Dessert Pizza. Just spread pizza dough on a pan, bake it, add chocolate pudding, sprinkle some crumb topping, and bake a bit more. Then, slice it up and enjoy your homemade chocolate pizza! It’s that simple and oh-so-delicious. Time to treat yourself!

What Are The Alternatives To Cicis Pizza Desserts?

Suppose you’re missing Cicis Pizza desserts or want something different. There are some tasty alternatives you can try:

  • Chocolate Dessert Pizza: You can make a sweet and salty pizza with simple ingredients like chocolate pudding and pizza dough mix. This recipe is perfect for chocolate lovers!
  • Cinnamon Rolls: Cicis Pizza offers cinnamon rolls on their menu. These sweet and fluffy rolls are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • Fudge Brownies: Cicis Pizza also offers fudge brownies on its menu. These rich and chocolatey brownies are perfect for chocolate lovers.
  • Homemade Dessert Pizza: Create your dessert pizza at home using a pre-made crust, chocolate pudding, and toppings like nuts and chocolate chips.
  • Copycat CiCi’s Dessert Pizza: You can try making a homemade version of Cicis Pizza’s dessert pizza with chocolate pudding and homemade crumble topping. You can also experiment with different flavoured doughs or toppings to customize your dessert pizza.
  • Local Pizzerias: Check out local pizzerias in your area. Some may offer unique dessert pizzas or sweet treats.
  • Dessert Shops: Explore dessert-focused establishments that have creative pizzas or other tempting treats.
  • Bakeries: Visit a bakery for a variety of pastries, cakes, or pies that can satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Ice Cream Shops: Indulge in a different dessert experience by enjoying ice cream creations from your favourite ice cream parlour.
  • DIY Treats: Experiment with making your desserts at home, trying recipes for cookies, brownies, or other delightful sweets.

Remember, the world of desserts is vast, and there are plenty of options to explore beyond Cicis Pizza. Get creative, and you might discover a new favourite!

Can You Buy Cicis Pizza Dessert?

Yes, you can buy Cicis Pizza desserts in the U.SU.S. Cicis Pizza offers a variety of desserts on its menu, including Bavarian Dessert Pizza, Apple Dessert Pizza, Cinnamon Rolls, and Fudge Brownies. You can order these desserts online or visit a Cicis Pizza restaurant near you to enjoy them.

The Wrap

In conclusion, while Cicis Pizza may have bid farewell to some of its beloved desserts, the memories and flavours linger. The journey through the discontinued desserts showcases the ever-changing landscape of menu offerings. Whether it’s a quest for a homemade version or embracing the current delightful options, the sweet legacy of Cicis Pizza lives on in the hearts of its patrons.

Is Pizza Hut Super Supreme Discontinued in 2024?

Pizza Hut Super Supreme Discontinued. Remember that Super Supreme Pizza you loved from Pizza Hut? Well, sadly, it’s no longer on the menu. This delicious pizza with all the tasty toppings has disappeared. It left all the pizza lovers missing those mouthwatering flavours. If you’re wondering what happened to this classic treat, let’s dive in and find out why Pizza Hut decided to take it off the table.

Yes, you’ve read that right: Pizza Hut Super Supreme pizza has been discontinued. However, Pizza Hut’s menu is constantly evolving, and they may bring back some of their discontinued items in the future. 

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Why Was Super Supreme Pizza From Pizza Hut So Popular?

This pizza was so popular as it offers delectable flavours of Pizza Royalty with nine mouthwatering toppings, including:

  • Ham
  • Pepperoni
  • Italian sausage
  • Beef
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Green peppers
  • Black olives
  • Pork

The Supreme Lover’s pizza is a favorite from Pizza Hut. It features a delightful combination of pepperoni, mild sausage, beef topping, green peppers, sliced mushrooms, red onions, and pizza mozzarella.

Supreme pizza typically includes pepperoni. Or some additional meats (like sausage, bacon, and ham), red and green bell peppers, and onions. On the other hand, Supreme Deluxe goes a step further, adding Canadian bacon and black olives to the mix.

If you’re looking for a similar pizza, try the Meat Lover’s pizza, which is topped with pepperoni, ham, beef, pork sausage, and bacon, or the Ultimate Cheese Lover’s pizza, which is loaded with extra.

From the renowned Pizza Hut, the classic marinara sauce serves as the base for their Supreme pizza. It is topped with pepperoni, seasoned pork, beef, fresh mushrooms, fresh green bell peppers, and fresh red onions. Different pizzerias offer variations of Supreme pizza, with some incorporating Canadian bacon and black olives.

When it comes to nutritional facts, Pizza Hut’s offerings can have a significant impact, particularly on sodium intake. Studies have shown that a diet high in calories, fat (especially saturated and trans fats), and sodium can contribute to conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

As for why Pizza Hut may seem pricier, several factors come into play. Firstly, the cost of producing quality pizza is relatively high. Pizza Hut maintains a reputation for excellence. Additionally, the operational expenses of Pizza Hut outlets are elevated due to the high standards maintained in these establishments.

Pizza Hut reviewed Super Supreme Pizza. It said, “We decided to have Pizza Hut for lunch, and we chose the super supreme pizza with a Classic Crust. It had a thin base with a garlicky thick crust. The pizza was good but not super amazing. It had a mix of pork and beef for toppings, and they were spicy, just like we wanted.”

What Other Items Pizza Hut Has Discontinued?

Here are some items that used to be on Pizza Hut’s menu but are now discontinued:

  • P’Zolo: Pizza Hut’s take on a sub sandwich with various ingredients wrapped in pizza dough. But it’s no longer on the menu.
  • Enormous Pizza: An enormous pizza that was 40% larger than other items on the menu. It was cut into 16 rectangular pieces. It didn’t stick around.
  • Triple Deckeroni Pizza: Two thin crusts with a blend of six cheeses and 90 pepperoni slices. It was introduced in 1996 but is no longer available.
  • Quepapas: Tater tots with cheddar and jalapeño inside. They were served with ranch dressing, but that is no longer an option.
  • The Big Italy: A nearly 2-foot-long rectangular pizza with Italian spices in the crust. It’s no longer on the menu.
  • Bigfoot Pizza: A large pizza measuring 2 square feet that was available in 1993. It was massive and affordable, but it’s gone.
  • Fiesta Taco Pizza: Introduced in 1979, it had taco toppings on a pizza, but it’s no longer offered.
  • Sicilian Lasagna Pizza: Featured two layers of crust, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, and ground beef. It’s no longer available.
  • Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza: Released in 2012 with hot dog bites in the crust. It didn’t stay on the menu.
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Dunkers: Special breadsticks with Hershey’s milk chocolate topping and a side of chocolate dipping sauce. They’re no longer offered.
  • Priazzo: Two layers of pizza dough stuffed with sauce, cheese, and various ingredients. It disappeared from the menu in the early 1990s.
  • Triple Cheese Covered Stuffed Crust Pizza: Featured Parmesan, Asiago, and Cheddar cheese toppings. But is no longer available.
  • Tuscani Bacon Mac and Cheese: Rotini pasta covered with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, and more cheese. It’s no longer on the menu.
  • The Big Dipper: It didn’t have sauce but came with three dipping sauces. It made a limited reappearance in 2020 but is no longer available.
  • The Edge Pizza: Introduced in 1997, it had a thin crust with toppings all the way to the edge. It briefly returned in 2021 but isn’t on the menu now.
  • Refillable Pepsi Jug: Offered in the 80s, customers could get a ½ gallon jug filled with Pepsi and could get it refilled for free during a promotion.
  • Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza: Released in 2014 with a crust stuffed with bacon and cheese blend, but was only a limited-time offering.
  • Bag Bag: A small red duffel bag with a black Pizza Hut logo, offered in 1983 as a promotional item.
  • Dessert Pizza: No longer available; dessert pizzas had a cookie-like crust with various toppings like apple and cherry.

While these items are no longer on the menu, Pizza Hut still offers other delicious options for its fans.

A Brief History Of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a big restaurant chain that began in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. It’s got lots of places around the world. It’s under a company called Yum! Brands. It started with two brothers and grew fast. A well-known football coach used to work there in the early days.

The Pizza Hut-style building we know today was designed in the ’60s. Later on, PepsiCo bought Pizza Hut. Then, Pizza Hut was part of a new company called Tricon Global Restaurants, which became Yum! Brands later.

In 1994, they did something cool with the internet – people could order Pizza Hut from their computers. But in 2011, the Canadian part of Pizza Hut had some money problems.

The oldest Pizza Hut in operation closed in 2015. In 2014, Pizza Hut tried to change things up to sell more pizzas. They added new food and changed how the employees’ uniforms looked. In 2019, they thought about closing some dine-in places in the US.

One time, Pizza Hut wanted to close down some places because the company that ran them went bankrupt. But later, another company bought lots of those places in 2021.

How Does Pizza Hut’s Supreme Differ from the Super Supreme?

Supreme Pizza includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, red onions, and mushrooms. For the Super Supreme Pizza, add ham, beef, and olives. Keep an eye out for Pizza Hut’s online coupons, as they often cover their gourmet pizzas for some savings.

The difference between deluxe and supreme pizza is that supreme usually has pepperoni, another meat, and a mix of bell peppers and onions. On the other hand, Supreme Deluxe features pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon, along with bell peppers, banana peppers, onions, and black olives.

Typically, burgers are considered more nutritious than pizza. Pizza Hut’s supreme pizza includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, red onions, and mushrooms. A Supreme Lovers pizza from Pizza Hut offers the flavours of authentic Pizza Royalty.

In short, Pizza Hut’s cheese pizza is fantastic. Domino’s Supreme is top-tier, and Papa John’s breadsticks are straightforward and delicious.

What Pizza Hut has bought discontinued Items Back?

Pizza Hut has bought back its beloved chilli and hard cheese shakers. These items were discontinued from restaurants almost a decade ago. Fans have been clamouring on social media for the return of these condiments. The hard cheese shaker disappeared in 2014. Besides, the chilli shaker in 2020 left loyal customers disappointed. The response on social media prompted Pizza Hut to reintroduce the shakers.

Kathryn Austin, chief people and marketing officer at Pizza Hut restaurants, confirmed their return as part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations. Pizza Hut started in Islington in 1973 and now has over 700 restaurants and delivery outlets in the UK. To mark this milestone, they are making their classic cheesy bites crust available across Britain. They are launching an exclusive birthday cake cookie dough for dine-in customers. McDonald’s also recently brought back an iconic freebie. Or shoppers have noticed the return of a beloved 90s discontinued food in supermarkets.

Alternate Options To Pizza Hut Super Supreme

You can try a few of the alternate options to Pizza Hut Super Supreme:

  • Domino’s Veggie Supreme: It has lots of veggies like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and black olives. Costs $13.99 for a medium.
  • Papa John’s Meat Lover’s: Covered with pepperoni, sausage, beef, and bacon. Costs $14.99 for a medium.
  • Little Caesars Supreme: Topped with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Costs $9.00 for a large.

You have the option to experiment with creating your own at home.

The Wrap

The loss of the Super Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut leaves a cheesy void in the hearts of many pizza lovers. At the same time, it’s sad to bid farewell to a favourite dish; the memory of its delicious toppings and unique taste lives on. Sometimes, change in the menu is just another reason to cherish those pepperoni-filled memories. 

There might be a new pizza waiting to become your next obsession. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready, and who knows, the next pizza might be even more supreme!

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Is Mrs Smith Sweet Potato Pie Discontinued? why is there a shortage?

Are you wondering about the fate of the beloved Mrs. Smith Sweet Potato Pie? If you’re a fan of this classic dessert, you might have noticed its absence from store shelves. Here, we share your curiosity and aim to unravel your mystery.

Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie holds a special place in the hearts of dessert enthusiasts. It is known for its flaky crust, luscious filling crafted from real sweet potatoes, and warm spices. This Southern classic has been a cherished treat at holiday feasts, family gatherings, and sweet-tooth cravings throughout the year.

The popularity of Mrs. Smith’s creation has soared over time, becoming a sought-after delight, especially during the cozy fall and winter seasons. However, recent observations suggest a decline in its availability. This has left fans questioning whether the iconic Mrs. Smith Sweet Potato Pie has been discontinued.

So, Join us as we delve into the details and seek answers to the pressing question: Is Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie discontinued or still gracing our dessert tables? 

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

Mrs Smith Sweet Potato Pie Discontinued

Nope, Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie is still ongoing. It is still around! But you might find it in some places and not in others, depending on where you live and where you go shopping. If you usually get Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie from your local store, it’s not always there. This could happen because many people want it, or there might be problems getting it to the store.

But, if you like shopping on the Internet, you might find the pie easier. Places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target usually have it online. You might also get it straight from the company’s website.

Remember, the pie might appear or disappear from stores or online at any time. If you can’t find it, you can call the store ahead to ask if they have it. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous. You could make the pie yourself using sweet potatoes and other stuff.

Why is Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie Not Available All The Time?

We like Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie, but sadly, it might not be in stores anymore. There are a couple of reasons why this could happen. 

One reason is only a few people might be buying it, and companies might stop making things that don’t sell well. 

Another reason could be that it costs a lot to make the pie because sweet potatoes and other ingredients can be expensive. If the cost is more than the money they make, they might stop making it.

Sometimes, companies stop making products because they want to focus on other things or change their plans.

Even though these reasons could be why the pie isn’t around, we are still determining for sure. The people who make the pie have not officially said why it’s not in stores anymore.

If you like this pie and can’t find it, try other pies or make your own at home.

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

To make sweet potato pie, you’ll need these things:


  • One pie crust (make sure it’s not baked yet)
  • 2 pounds of sweet potatoes
  • Six tablespoons melted butter.
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup evaporated milk (or cream)
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • Two large eggs
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Here’s how to do it:

  • First, get all your ingredients ready. Heat the oven to 400 F.
  • Put the pie crust on a pie plate and press the edges. Then, put the pie plate on a big tray.
  • Cover the crust with foil or paper and fill it with beans, rice, or pie weights. Bake it for 16-18 minutes until it’s a bit brown. Let it cool, and turn down the oven to 350 F.
  • Poke the sweet potatoes with a fork a few times. Microwave them for 5 minutes, turning halfway. If they’re not soft, keep microwaving for short times until they are.
  • Mash the sweet potatoes (you should have 2 cups) in a bowl.
  • Add melted butter, sugar, brown sugar, milk or cream, vanilla, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger (if you want), and salt. Mix it well with a blender or a mixer until it’s smooth.
  • Pour the sweet potato mix into the cooled crust and return it to the oven. Bake for 30 minutes, check if it’s browning too much, and cover the edges with foil if needed. Keep baking for 10-20 minutes until it’s set but a little jiggly in the middle.
  • Let the pie cool for 2 hours on a rack, then put it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat. Serve with whipped cream or a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar or caramel sauce.

Tip: Instead of microwaving, cook or boil sweet potatoes in the oven.

If you have leftovers, put them in the fridge for up to 4 days. To freeze the pie, let it cool, put it in the freezer until it’s solid, wrap it in plastic and foil, and thaw it in the fridge for 4 to 6 hours when you’re ready to eat it again.

What Happened To Mrs Smith Pies?

Mrs. Smith’s Pies is a big brand in the United States known for its frozen pies. It all started with a lady named Amanda Smith from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Her son Robert began selling slices of Amanda’s yummy pies door-to-door and at the local YMCA. As people loved the pies, they started a company called “Mrs. Smith’s Delicious Home Made Pies, Inc.” in 1925.

By 1930, they had four bakeries in the Northeast United States. In 1952, they started making frozen pies. Even though Amanda passed away five years before, her grandson Robert C. Smith continued running the business and became the president in 1972. The company went public in May 1972.

1976, the Kellogg Company bought Mrs. Smith’s Pies for $56 million. Then, in 1994, Kellogg’s sold it to The J.M. Smucker Co. for $84 million. Smucker sold it to Flowers Foods in May 1996. In 2003, the Schwan Food Company bought the brand.

The Mrs. Smith’s Pies plant in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, used to be a significant place, but it closed in 1998. Now, the plant is used to make the pie tins. The actual pie-making moved to Stilwell, Oklahoma. That’s the story of Mrs. Smith’s Pies!

Does Sweet Potato Pie Taste Like Pumpkin Pie?

Sweet Potato Pies and Pumpkin Pies are not the same; they’re different. These pies are yummy treats in the United States, especially during holidays. But there are some essential differences.

Sweet potato pie is more precious and creamier than pumpkin pie. Sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness and creaminess that comes out when they’re cooked. They also have a special earthy and nutty taste. On the other hand, pumpkin pie has a milder, creamy, sweet, and spicy flavor. It tastes uniquely from cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and allspice.

When we talk about how they feel in your mouth, sweet potato pie is lighter and airier. That’s because sweet potatoes become fluffier as they cook; mixing them with an electric mixer makes the filling even lighter. But pumpkin pie is denser because pumpkins are already heavy, even after cooking. Adding heavy cream to the filling also makes it thicker. So, even though they might seem similar, these pies have unique tastes and textures!

Where can you buy Mrs Smith’s sweet potato pie?

You can buy Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie from Instacart, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. You might also find it on the company’s website.

If you want to go to a store and buy it yourself, check your local grocery store. But remember, it might only be in some stores, so it depends on where you live and where you usually go shopping.

Recommended Alternatives To Mrs. Smith Sweet Potato

Cheer up if you’re sad about not finding Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie anymore! There are other tasty sweet potato pies to try. Check these out:

  • Marie Callender’s Sweet Potato Pie: They make delicious pies with a crispy crust and a filling full of sweet potatoes, spices, and brown sugar.
  • Sara Lee Sweet Potato Pie: Sara Lee is known for yummy desserts, and their sweet potato pie is no different. It’s made with real sweet potatoes, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.
  • Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie: Patti LaBelle’s pie got famous a while ago, and it’s fantastic. The crust is flaky, filling with sweet potatoes, butter, and spices.

When choosing a new pie, think about how much it costs, what’s in it, and how it tastes. Sara Lee’s pie is usually more affordable, but Patti LaBelle’s one might be more expensive. Marie Callender’s pie has brown sugar, giving it a slightly different flavor.

Everyone has different tastes, so it’s up to you to decide which pie you like the most. Don’t feel sad about Mrs. Smith’s pie being gone – try these others and discover a new favorite!

The Wrap

Ultimately, we hope this info helps you find Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie! It may be tricky in some places, but it’s not entirely discontinued. Check different stores or online to grab this yummy treat. If you can’t find it, no worries! There are other tasty sweet potato pies, or try making your own with an easy recipe. 

Have Milky Way Crispy Rolls Discontinued?

Have Milky Way Crispy Rolls Discontinued? Yes, Milky Way Crispy Rolls have been discontinued last year. Fans were dismayed when they discovered this beloved chocolate treat had been discontinued. These crispy wafer biscuits were a favorite among chocolate enthusiasts, covered in milk chocolate and filled with a light whipped filling.

Milky Way is a brand of chocolate-covered confectionery bars. It is made and marketed by Mars, Incorporated. There are two types.

The US Milky Way bar, also known as the Mars bar worldwide (including Canada). Another is the global Milky Way bar, sold as the 3 Musketeers in the US and Canada. (In Canada, neither bar is labeled as Milky Way.)

Milky Way discontinued chocolate bars can evoke a sense of nostalgia and excitement when rediscovered. If you’re missing an extinct chocolate bar, you’re not alone. Chocolate enthusiasts were heartbroken when Milky Way Crispy Rolls appeared to have disappeared from store shelves in 2022.

In response to the rumors, a spokesperson for Mars Wrigley UK stated. “While Milky Way Crispy Rolls are unavailable right now. As they are no longer in production. We’re pleased to offer many delicious alternatives, such as Milky Way Magic Stars, Maltesers, and Mars. The love for Milky Way Crispy Rolls has been remarkable, and we’ve taken note.”

Both B&M and the Co-Op confirmed that they no longer stock them. Poundland was believed to be one of the few stores selling Crispy Rolls. It has also been confirmed they are not stocking them anymore.

Reasons for Discontinuation

Milky Way Crispy Rolls was a long-time favorite in the UK. It combined creamy nougat and crispy cereal, all enveloped in delicious milk chocolate. Its distinctive blue packaging was a common sight on store shelves and in candy aisles. Its attractive packaging made it a top choice for many.

However, the company behind Milky Way Crispy Rolls is Mars Incorporated. They recently revealed why they stopped making them. They clarified that this choice resulted from thoroughly reviewing their product lineup. It indicated that it wasn’t made lightly.

In their statement, Mars Incorporated expressed gratitude to the devoted fans. They also stressed their commitment to continuously innovating and adapting their product offerings so that they can match changing consumer preferences.

One significant factor contributing to the discontinuation is – the changing consumer preferences. Health-conscious choices and growing demand for snacks have reshaped the snack industry. While Milky Way Crispy Rolls were beloved for their taste. They may not align with these shifting trends.

Consumers are increasingly looking for snacks lower in sugar. Also, they are searching for snacks that contain natural ingredients and offer nutritional benefits. These changing tastes have prompted many companies to reconsider their product lineups.

Impact on Milky Way Crispy Rolls Fans

Milky Way Crispy Rolls have left fans disappointed as they’ve been discontinued. This beloved chocolate and wafer snack was cherished by many. But couldn’t escape being removed from store shelves.

Despite offering many alternatives, dedicated fans are rallying for a comeback. An impassioned petition has been launched, expressing disappointment at the discontinuation. The petition highlights the product’s popularity and low-calorie appeal, urging Mars Chocolate to reconsider.

The petition also suggests expanding the product’s availability to more stores. It is believed that it would boost its popularity even further. At the time of writing, nearly 1,800 signatures have been collected. It indicated strong support for the return of Crispy Rolls.

It remains to be seen. Whether these efforts and business suggestions will convince Mars to return the Crispy Rolls from their “galaxy far, far away.”

Some chocolates hold a special place in the hearts of fans. While for many chocolate lovers, Milky Way Crispy Rolls are one of those cherished treats. These discontinued chocolate bars and other bars are deeply missed by enthusiasts.

The longing for Milky Way Crispy Rolls is so strong. A dedicated fan, Jack Taylor, started an online petition on This petition has already gathered over 7,500 signatures. The goal is to reach 10,000 signatures. In the hope that this will grab the attention of Mars, the company behind the Milky Way.

Jack’s petition emphasizes the disappointment surrounding the discontinuation, especially considering the treat’s popularity. He points out that it was frequently sold out in stores. Besides, it raised questions about why larger supermarket chains didn’t carry it.

Jack describes the unique appeal of Milky Way Crispy Rolls. Highlighting their distinctive creamy filling with a wafer coating in Mars chocolate. It sets them apart from the classic Milky Way.

While the petition gains traction on social media, Jack’s ultimate objective is clear. It is “To persuade Mars Confectionery to bring back Milky Way Crispy Rolls.” Supporters of the petition express their frustration at the discontinuation. While some passionately declare it the best chocolate bar on the market.

The petition’s comments section is filled with testimonials from Milky Way Crispy Roll enthusiasts. They shared their love for the product and how its absence has affected them. Some express dismay, while others say they can’t imagine life without it.

The passionate call for the return of Milky Way Crispy Rolls continues. It is driven by a strong community of fans eager to see their beloved chocolate bar back on store shelves.

The Reactions Of Fans

Milky Way Crispy Rolls’ discontinued news has stirred strong emotions among its dedicated fans. Social media platforms are stuffed with posts and tweets. These express nostalgia for the beloved treat and disappointment over its discontinuation.

One Twitter user, @ChocoholicUK, shared his sorrow. He said, “Milky Way Crispy Rolls were my guilty pleasure. I can’t believe they’re gone! #BringBackTheCrispyRolls.”

Another user, @SweetToothEmma, said, “It’s a sad day for candy lovers. I’ll miss those heavenly bites of nostalgia. #MilkyWayCrispyRolls.”

The overflow of sentiment underscores the special place that Milky Way Crispy Rolls held in the hearts of many.

Milky Way Crispy Rolls Alternatives 

If you still need Milky Way Crispy Rolls. Many tasty options can curb your sugar cravings:

  • Milky Way Magic Stars: These are bite-sized chocolates with a creamy center and crisp shell. You can find them in the UK and Europe.
  • Maltesers are malted milk balls coated in chocolate and available in the US and the UK.
  • Mars: A classic chocolate bar featuring nougat and caramel filling, available in the US and the UK.
  • Kinder Cards: These are wafer biscuits filled with a creamy center. It is similar to Crispy Rolls.
  • Tago Wafer Rolls: Crispy wafer rolls filled with chocolate cream. It offers a comparable experience to Crispy Rolls.
  • Home Bargains Choc Rolls: Chocolate-covered wafer rolls similar to Crispy Rolls.

While Milky Way Crispy Rolls may no longer be in production, you can explore these alternatives to find a new favorite treat.

Can You Still Buy Milky Way Crispy Rolls?

Fans searching for their favorite Milky Way Crispy Rolls might be disappointed as the product appears to have vanished from store shelves. B&M and the Co-Op have confirmed they no longer carry them. 

Online, major supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s don’t offer them. Even Amazon is out of stock. At the same time, Milky Way Crispy Rolls are still listed on the Poundland website. They can’t be purchased online, so shoppers need to visit their local store. However, Co-op’s website still offers a multipack box for £1.30 each. But it’s essential to act fast due to the high demand for any remaining stock.

However, there’s good news for those craving a taste of nostalgia. Some lesser-known confectionery websites have these discontinued goodies available for purchase.

Shoppers excitedly shared their discovery on Facebook. On the other hand, many expressed their delight at the prospect of enjoying Crispy Rolls again. But there’s a catch – these bars come at a premium price. 

For those who want to stock up, offers a box of 24 for £30, which comes to £1.25 per bar. However, delivery costs an extra £4.45, making the total £34.45 for one box.

Belito offers a slightly cheaper option at £10.70 for a box of 24, working out to 44p per chocolate bar. Remember there’s a delivery fee of £6.75, bringing the total to £17.45.

While most supermarkets no longer carry Milky Way Crispy Rolls. Still, some lucky shoppers claim to have found them in local newsagents and B&M stores.

The Future of Milky Way Crispy Rolls 

While the discontinuation of Milky Way Crispy Rolls in the UK may disappoint some, Mars Incorporated has assured consumers that they’re actively developing new and innovative products so that they can meet changing preferences.

In the world of confectionery, companies must adapt to remain relevant. Mars Incorporated’s commitment to innovation. It suggests exciting developments are coming for candy enthusiasts in the UK.

The end of Milky Way Crispy Rolls marks the close of a beloved era. In comparison, fans may feel a sense of loss. It’s important to recognize evolving consumer preferences. Mars Incorporated’s dedication to innovation ensures the candy world will keep evolving as it offers new treats for generations.

For those cherishing Milky Way Crispy Rolls’ memories. It’s time to say goodbye to Milky Way Crispy Rolls. It is better to look forward to the exciting confectionery creations the future holds.

The Wrap

Milky Way Crispy Rolls, discontinued by Mars Wrigley UK. This news has left loyal fans disappointed. Fans want them to be back again in the market. The petition’s launch reflects their desire to see the beloved treat return. However, the company has confirmed its discontinuation. Instead, Mars Wrigley UK suggests appealing alternatives. Including Milky Way Magic Stars, Maltesers, Mars, and Kinder Cards. While the classic Crispy Rolls are no longer in production. The company acknowledges the deep affection fans hold for them. It indicated the possible future developments. 

In a nutshell, though, we bid Milky Way Crispy Rolls farewell. There’s still a world of delightful alternatives to explore for chocolate enthusiasts.

Were Oreo Cakesters Discontinued: do they still make it in 2023?

In the early 2000s, Oreo Cakesters became a beloved sweet snack. These beloved cookies from the 2000s were introduced in 2007. These soft, delectable cakes were an instant hit. It features chocolate cake on the outside and Oreo’s signature velvety filling. They even came in unique flavors like Peanut Butter and Chocolate Creme. 

While some likened them to whoopie pies, Cakesters had a distinct flavor and texture of their own, captivating fans. They tasted like regular Oreo cookies. But their soft, fluffy mouthfeel as the cream filling dissolved in your mouth was amazing.

However, in 2012, to the dismay of loyal fans, Nabisco discontinued Oreo Cakesters. This news baffled fans, and they were missing them from store shelves for nearly a decade. 

In this discussion, we’ll delve into the rise and fall of these beloved snacks and the reasons behind their discontinuation. Also, we’ve discussed the emotional impact on fans and their comeback. So, let’s explore the bittersweet tale of Oreo Cakesters, the snack we loved the most.

Were Oreo Cakesters Discontinued?

Mondelēz International is the parent company of Nabisco. It unexpectedly discontinued Oreo Cakesters in 2012. It left all the fans disappointed. Moreover, the company did not give any explanation regarding its discontinuation. For years, people eagerly awaited the return of this beloved snack. 

Its Comeback After Discontinuation

Thankfully, in September 2021, Oreo made an exciting announcement on Instagram. In an announcement, it said, “Oreo Cakesters will come back.” At that time, they were joined by Nutter Butter Cakesters. This news was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Oreo lovers. It reignited their love affair with these cakey, sweet treats. 

However, in January 2022, after a decade of fan requests. Oreo Cakesters made a triumphant comeback. To celebrate the relaunch, Oreo partnered with Blockbuster in a nostalgic campaign. It aimed to transport everyone back to 2007 when Cakesters first won hearts.

Justin Parnel, Oreo’s Vice President of Marketing, expressed excitement and said. “Oreo fans have eagerly awaited the comeback of Oreo Cakesters. Also, we’re thrilled to celebrate this epic comeback! We anticipate the Blockbuster acquisition will nostalgically transport shoppers to the year 2007. It was the time when Cakesters first launched. The time when the soft-baked snacks became a fan-favorite.”

However, some fans who loved the 2000s-era Cakesters have noticed a few changes. They said, “The updated recipe doesn’t appear as moist”. It led to a bit of disappointment among fans.

What about Other Flavors Of Oreo Cakesters?

Unfortunately, Nabisco has not heard about bringing back its classic flavors, including Golden, Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Creme. Fans are left wondering if they’ll ever savor those nostalgic tastes again.

But here’s some good news for peanut butter enthusiasts. Do you want to know what is that? In 2022, Nabisco relaunched Nutter Butter Cakesters. It came in the same convenient snack-style packaging. Besides, it has a cakey texture like Oreo Cakesters.

Oreo continues beyond bringing back old favorites. They also collaborate with other top snack brands to create exciting new flavors. Before the Cakesters’ comeback, Oreo partnered with Pillsbury and Funfetti to craft baking mixes for cakes, brownies, and pancakes. Also, the beloved Funfetti frosting – now with Oreo cookie bits. It’s a treat worth trying!

While the fate of the classic Oreo Cakesters flavors remains uncertain, Oreo’s exciting partnerships and new releases hint at more delicious surprises ahead for those wondering if Cakesters are here to stay. Oreo confirmed on Instagram in April 2022 that they are here to stay.

How Fans Reacted Upon Hearing The News Of Its Comeback?

In May, Oreo teased the return of Cakesters with the message: “Now you can have your cake and OREO cookie too.” Fans rushed to get their hands on them, fearing they might disappear again.

I found a big pack at Sam’s Club after nearly a year of searching,” One shopper joyfully shared. “Now, it’s my kid’s favorite snack.” Fans are expressing their excitement, too. They’ll never forgive Oreo if these cookies are discontinued again.

On Twitter, users shared their love for Cakesters, with one saying. “I’d go to great lengths for Oreo Cakesters,” One person exclaimed. “I’m picking up a pack the next time I hit the store,” declared another. Even those who don’t usually indulge in such treats were tempted by Oreo Cakesters. They describe them as a unique experience and incredible.

People with a sweet tooth are also hoping for Cakesters coated in fudge.

But Cakesters aren’t the only treats making a comeback. Oreo’s cotton candy-flavored cookies were originally released in 2015 as a limited edition. They have also come back to delight fans.

Unfortunately, not all Oreo decisions have pleased shoppers. Oreo’s Pie Crust has been discontinued. There are no plans to bring it back, according to Oreo’s parent company. However, the company remains open so that it brings back limited-edition products based on popular demand.

Nostalgic fans are also hoping for the return of Oreo Sippers. This snack was also discontinued years ago.

While Oreo fans have reason to celebrate, chocolate lovers longing for Reese’s Swoops must wait. As Hershey’s has confirmed, they won’t be making a comeback anytime. Despite there is widespread demand for the particular item among fans.

The Rise & Fall of Oreo Cakesters

In 2007, Oreo introduced Cakesters, their take on a whoopie pie. These soft chocolate cakes contain vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter creme. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2012.

In 2021, a TikTok creator, Stefan Jonson, launched a movement to bring back Oreo Cakesters. In the same year, Nabisco made a thrilling announcement. “In 2022, Cakesters were scheduled for a comeback, featuring both Oreo and Nutter Butter options. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the return of these cherished treats. Those who had missed them for nearly a decade have a unique experience.”

If you’ve never enjoyed trying Oreo Cakesters, prepare for a delightful treat. These snacks have sweet filling enclosed between two soft snack cakes. They offer a unique blend of cookie-like taste and cake-like melt-in-your-mouth goodness. This unique combination is hard to resist!

Why Did Oreo Discontinue Oreo Cakesters For a Decade?

The question arises – Why did Oreo discontinue a beloved product like Cakesters for a decade? Surprisingly, Oreo never provided a clear explanation regarding its discontinuation. In 2013, a concerned customer inquired about Cakesters’ disappearance on Facebook. The brand responded, “We’re sorry, the Oreo Cakesters have been discontinued. We’ll make sure to share your comments with our staff. Thanks!”

Around the same time, Kraft Foods underwent a significant split. It splits into two separate companies, effectively divorcing Oreo. This major change might have prompted Oreo to reassess its product lineup.

Some speculate that Oreo may have discontinued Cakesters due to the original recipe not living up to people’s memories. However, if that were the case, Oreo would likely have tweaked the recipe when they brought it back in 2022, as they did with Oreo cereal in 2017.

Interestingly, the relaunched Cakesters are remarkably similar to the original ones. A comparison of the nutrition facts reveals almost identical ingredients. There is only a 10-calorie difference (the newer version has slightly more). If you feel that the new Cakesters taste better, Then it’s the extra serving of nostalgia rather than any changes in the recipe.

Oreo Cakesters Alternatives 

If you’re craving a tasty alternative to Oreo Cakesters, consider these options:

  • Organic sandwich cookies: 

These cookies offer a taste and texture similar to Oreos. But they’re crafted with organic ingredients. You’ll typically find them in most grocery stores.

  • Chocolate wafer cookies: 

Thin and crispy, these cookies boast a rich chocolate flavor. They’re ideal for creating icebox cakes and other delectable desserts.

  • Vanilla creme sandwich cookies: 

These cookies have a texture akin to Oreos. But are filled with vanilla creme instead of chocolate. It’s a perfect choice if you prefer a non-chocolate option.

  • Kinnikinnick Kinnitoos Sandwich Creme cookies: 

For those with dietary restrictions, these cookies could be a great option as these gluten-free cookies mimic the taste and texture of Oreos. They do not contain wheat or gluten.

  • Homemade Oreos: 

You can whip up your version of Oreos at home using a straightforward recipe. It typically includes flour, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and other readily available ingredients. There are numerous recipes available online for you to explore and try.

Where to Buy Oreo Cakesters?

To get your hands on Oreo Cakesters. You can find them at grocery stores and convenience stores across the nation. The Oreo website offers a location finder tool. With the help of that tool, you can locate the nearest store that carries them. In comparison, the brand hasn’t specified which retailers will carry Oreo Cakesters. But you can likely find them at major chains like Walmart and Target.

If you prefer online shopping, you can purchase Oreo Cakesters from the company’s official online store. These revived Cakesters will feature smooth creme filling and soft snack cakes as they’ll be a permanent addition to the Oreo product lineup. So, tracking them down should be a breeze.


In conclusion, the journey of Oreo Cakesters, from their beloved introduction in 2007 to their unexpected discontinuation in 2012, has been a rollercoaster of emotions for fans. The mysterious reasons behind their disappearance left enthusiasts yearning for their return. Thanks to the persistence of devoted fans and a TikTok movement. Because of them, Oreo Cakesters made a triumphant comeback in 2022. Besides, the company made the promise for the comeback of both classic and new flavors.

All in All, Oreo Cakesters are back after a decade-long hiatus. Now, they are available in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. It’s great news for fans of this beloved snack! 

Costco Meat Recall: what product is Costco recalling in 2023?

Imagine going to your favorite store, Costco, to stock up on groceries. Then you hear about a “Costco Meat Recall.” It’s different from the kind of news any shopper wants to hear. Costco is an American multinational corporation. It is famous for its membership-only big-box retail stores, often called warehouse clubs. It’s a massive retailer and, as of 2022, ranks as the fifth largest in the world. Costco is known for being the world’s largest retailer of prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine. However, despite its reputation and success, Costco has faced several recalls over the years due to various food safety concerns. 

These recalls are essential to discuss. Because they directly affect the safety of the food items we find on Costco’s shelves. They remind us that even a retail giant like Costco can encounter food safety challenges. To safeguard our health and make informed choices as consumers. It’s important to stay up to date about such incidents.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the recent Costco Meat Recall details. Here, we’ve highlighted what happened, why it’s important, and what you need to know. So, let’s uncover the story behind the Costco Meat Recall and why it matters to you.

Costco Meat Recall

The recalled products list keeps growing. Costco has now issued recalls for three more products, i.e., pork, protein powder, and a children’s item. Notably, there have been a total of seven recalls since September began. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued this warning.

It recalled the Kirkland Signature Master Carve Half Ham as Sunnyvalley Smoked Meats Inc. discovered a possible listeria contamination. Listeria can make people sick if it’s in their food, which is a serious concern.

Costco’s recalls are grabbing headlines. But other stores like Trader Joe’s have also faced product issues recently. Trader Joe’s recalled six items over five weeks during the summer, including some with rocks, metal, or insects. It’s a reminder always to stay informed about product recalls for the sake of your safety.

Costco Recalled Products

The recalled ham products were made by Sunnyvale Smoked Meats in Manteca, California. But here’s the crucial part. These affected hams were sold only in Northern California and Western Nevada. The specific ham you must watch out for has a label with some key details. It’s called “Kirkland Signature Master Carve Half Ham, Natural Juices Boneless Smoked Half Ham.” Check the date on it – it should say “Use / Freeze by Jan 20, 24.” And there’s a sticker with the number “264 – 4.”

Suppose you have this ham in your kitchen. It’s crucial to double-check these details to make sure it’s the one that’s been recalled. 

Although there haven’t been any reported illnesses connected to this ham, it’s crucial to adhere to the recall instructions to eliminate any potential health hazards. Your well-being and that of your family should always be the top priority when it comes to food safety. Stay vigilant and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The first recall alarm sounded on September 9. At that time, Costco shoppers were alerted about an undeclared Kirkland Signature Chicken Tortilla Soup allergen. Since then, there have been more recall announcements, including:

  • Pre-cut organic butternut squash
  • Novaform mattresses
  • Culinary Treasures Organic Chicken Bone Broth

These recalls are due to various issues like mold growth and E. coli contamination. 

Another recall affects Orgain Organic Protein & Superfoods Powder. Especially the Creamy Chocolate Fudge with Probiotics variety. Orgain found sesame in the powder, even though it wasn’t listed on the label. Sesame is an allergen and can be risky for people with allergies. Only certain bottles with specific lot codes and expiration dates are part of the recall.

Lastly, a recall for the Rainbow Road Book Box by Make Believe Ideas. They received reports of loose plastic binding rings from some of their books. It could be dangerous for kids. Although no injuries have been reported, it’s a potential choking hazard. If you bought this item, you can return it to Costco or get a virtual prepaid card from Make Believe Ideas. 

These recalls are about your safety, and Costco is taking it seriously. Stay informed, and be sure to check. Your health matters!

What You Need To Know?

Suppose you bought ready-to-eat meats from Costco between September 26 and September 29. Here’s what you need to know. A letter was sent to Costco members who purchased this ham. Asking them not to eat any of it with the specified date on the label. Instead, please return it to your local Costco store, and you’ll get a full refund.

The reason behind this recall is listeria contamination in these products is possible. This issue came to light after laboratory tests conducted by Sunnyvale Smoked Meats. It is the company that made the ham that raised contamination concerns.

Your safety matters to Costco; they want to ensure you’re okay. So, if you have this ham at home, don’t take any chances – return it and get your money back. Your health is their priority.

How Listeria Affects Your Body?

Good news first: there have been no reports of people getting sick from eating the recalled ham. But let’s talk about why this recall is so important. Listeria, a nasty germ, can make people sick if it gets into their food. It’s the kind of bacteria you don’t want in your body.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that yearly about 1,600 people in the U.S. get sick from listeria. Sadly, around 260 people died from it. The folks most at risk are pregnant women and newborn babies. Besides, older adults (above 65) and folks with weaker immune systems are also at risk.

For pregnant women, symptoms can be like the flu, fever, muscle aches, and tiredness. But it can get really bad, even causing problems with the baby. In others, it might show up as a headache, stiff neck, balance issues, seizures, or confusion. But here’s the thing – most people who get listeria don’t show symptoms.

So, it’s not something to mess around with. If you ate that ham and are worried, it’s better to be safe and check with a doctor. Listeria isn’t something to take lightly, even if you feel okay. Stay safe, folks!

Food Recalls In Costco History

For many, Costco, a trusted name in shopping, has seen its fair share of food recalls over the years. These recalls are moments when certain products must be pulled off the shelves. It happens because of safety concerns. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest food recalls in Costco’s history. 

One recall involved Kirkland Signature organic strawberries, highlighting the importance of pesticide-free produce. Then there were the Foster Farms breaded chicken patties. It reminds us of the need for thorough cooking to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Pescanova shrimp street tacos raised concerns about the seafood supply chain. Regarding beverages, Kirkland Signature Colombian cold brew coffee faced a recall. 

Ground beef patties, like the Kirkland Signature ones, were recalled. It highlighted the significance of meat safety. Even seemingly healthy items like shelled walnuts and Greek yogurt, like Ellenos vanilla bean Greek yogurt, weren’t immune to recalls. It shows the need for rigorous quality checks.

Indulgences like Kirkland Signature chocolate crêpes and Redland’s dark chocolate-covered pistachios are also recalled. It reminded us to be cautious about our sweet treats. Even something as ordinary as canned black beans, the S&W organic black beans, faced a recall. It highlighted the importance of checking labels.

The Costco rotisserie chicken salad and Kirkland Signature American vodka also had their share of recalls. It indicated that vigilance in food safety is essential even in beloved store brands. Torn Ranch organic dark chocolate blueberries served as another reminder to stay vigilant about the quality of our snacks.

Recalls like these serve as a wake-up call for both consumers and suppliers. They remind us that safety and quality should always be paramount regarding the food we put on our plates.

The Wrap

In recent years, Costco has faced its fair share of food recalls. The company takes these matters seriously. When a product is found to have a potential health risk, Costco acts swiftly to remove it from its shelves. This dedication to safety is commendable. But it’s important to recognize that these recalls can impact how consumers perceive the brand.

Consumer confidence is crucial for any business. When recalls happen, trust in the products and the brand can erode. Shoppers rely on Costco for quality and value; any hiccup in that reputation can be concerning. It’s therefore incumbent upon Costco to maintain the highest standards of food safety and quality so that we can prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

As consumers, we play a role in this process too. Staying informed about food recalls is essential. It’s a responsibility we all share. We need to be vigilant when purchasing and consuming food products. We should check labels and be aware of any potential risks. In doing so, we can help protect ourselves and our families. While also holding companies like Costco accountable for the safety of their products.

In a nutshell, while recalls are not ideal, they serve as a reminder of the importance of food safety. Costco’s commitment to addressing these issues is a step in the right direction. However, it’s a collective effort – both from businesses and consumers. It ensures that our food supply remains safe and trustworthy.

Is Yoplait Whips Discontinued – Why is it hard to find?

Yoplait is one of the world’s largest franchise brands of yogurt. This renowned brand is a joint venture between General Mills and Sodiaal. According to reports, there’s no sign of Yoplait Whips being discontinued in the US. The official Yoplait website still showcases Whips as part of their product range. 

If you are a Yoplait Whips enthusiast concerned about their availability, you certainly aren’t alone. Questions and rumors swirled about the status of Yoplait Whips recently. 

What Are Yoplait Whips?

Yoplait Whips! A low-fat yogurt Mousse—a light and fluffy snack that’s big on deliciousness. It’s a creamy, strawberry-flavored yogurt mousse with a delightful, airy texture. This treat satisfies your sweet cravings without guilt. It comes with just 2.5g of fat, 140 calories, and essential vitamins A and D in every 4-ounce cup. It’s gluten-free. Plus, it is made with live cultures and free from artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup.

Enjoy it as a midday pick-me-up, or stash it in your portable cooler for on-the-go snacking. For a cool and creamy treat, try freezing these yogurt mousse cups. Create delightful yogurt parfaits by layering this mousse with your favorite fruits. When it’s time to unwind in the evening, Yoplait Whips! Lowfat Yogurt Mousse is the perfect choice. Keep it in the refrigerator until you can savor it, one spoonful at a time.

In a nutshell, Yoplait yogurt is all about goodness. It’s free from artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and colors from artificial sources. You can enjoy the goodness of Yoplait in every spoonful!


The history of Yoplait traces back to 1964. It was the time when 100,000 French farmers decided to merge six regional dairy cooperatives. It was done for more effective nationwide marketing of their dairy products. The Yoplait brand emerged in 1965. It was created by blending the names of two cooperative members, Yola and Coplait.

Philippe Morlighem designed the company’s logo. It features a six-petaled flower, symbolizing the six founders of the main cooperatives. A few years ago, a redesigned logo with five petals was gradually introduced.

On May 18, 2011, General Mills announced its acquisition. They controlled 51% interest in Yoplait SAS, the brand’s primary operating company. They also acquired a 50% interest in the brand’s intellectual property. At the same time, Sodiaal retained the remaining ownership stake. The acquisition was completed on July 1, 2011.

Is It Hard To Find Yoplait Whips?

Yes, Yoplait Whips is hard to find right now. The company said, “We’re sorry to hear that finding your favorite Yoplait flavor was challenging. The yogurt industry saw increased competition. Due to this, limited shelf space and distribution challenges exist for some Yoplait flavors. We were actively addressing these distribution issues. We encourage you to use our product locator to help locate your preferred Yoplait flavor. If your local retailer doesn’t carry your favorite flavor. We recommend letting the store manager know about the Yoplait flavor you’d like to see on their shelves.”

Also added, “In our mission to create delicious yogurt. We’re constantly introducing new flavors. Unfortunately, this sometimes means discontinuing less popular ones. If you miss your favorite, we encourage you to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also share which product you want to see on the shelf. Please take a moment to explore our Flavor List, featuring over 40 flavors. You might discover a new favorite among our offerings!”

All in All, Yoplait Whips have not been discontinued! They are still a part of the Yoplait family, offering a range of delightful flavors to enjoy. So, if you’ve been missing your favorite Yoplait Whips, you can sigh in relief.

Impact on Consumers

Competition in the yogurt industry is getting fierce. This means some Yoplait flavors may need more shelf space. They’re actively working on improving distribution. The company stated, “We respect our customers, and their satisfaction is our priority.”

Fans are sharing their love for Yoplait Whips! One fan expressed their affection, saying, “I love these! I wish my local stores had more flavors.” 

Another fan, living in Central Florida, shared his enthusiasm for the strawberry whip. But mentioned it’s become more challenging to find.

Three months ago, a fan said about enjoying Whips when they were younger and is thrilled to have found it again. 

Five months ago, another fan emphasized the popularity of the strawberry mist flavor. Besides, he requested more availability in stores. 

They suggested that Yoplait should produce more to meet the high demand.

Is Yoplait Whips A Healthy Snack?

When it comes to the question of whether Yoplait yogurt is a healthy snack, it certainly has its merits. Yoplait yogurts contain probiotics, known for their immune-boosting properties and potential health benefits. Additionally, they’re fortified with vitamin D, aiding calcium absorption.

For those watching their weight. Yoplait offers options like Yoplait Light, a fat-free yogurt. It’s a smart choice for those seeking a lower-calorie snack.

Lastly, if you’re searching for the healthiest Yoplait yogurt, plain varieties are often recommended. They are typically lower in calories and a good source of protein and calcium.

While Yoplait Whips remain available, it’s important to note that Yoplait has discontinued some other product lines. For example, Custard Style Whips has been discontinued. But other products of Yoplait are still available. So, you can continue to enjoy the goodness of Yoplait, whether it’s Whips or other healthy yogurt options.

What Happened To Yoplait Whips?

In 2017, General Mills reported a 20% decline in yogurt sales. The drop was even more pronounced for light yogurts as consumers leaned toward richer, creamier options. Yoplait now ranks the third-largest yogurt brand, trailing behind Dannon and Chobani.

In an earnings call, General Mills President Jeff Harmening acknowledged the need. So that they can reposition their US yogurt portfolio into faster-growing, premium segments. The company invested nearly $1.2 billion in acquiring a 51% stake in Yoplait in 2011. However, the yogurt landscape has evolved.

Consumers seek simpler, better-tasting yogurts with an artisanal feel. Traditional yogurts like Yoplait have become commoditized. It is valued mainly for its affordability compared to more premium alternatives.

The real growth opportunities lie in premium varieties—notably Greek yogurt, which now accounts for a significant portion of the market. General Mills responded by reformulating Yoplait Greek 100. It enhanced its protein content, reducing sugar and improving texture and taste.

To cater to the growing interest in snacking. The company introduced Yoplait Dippers, Yoplait custard, and a yogurt drink. The aim is to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. Or to revitalize their yogurt business.

Do Yoplait Whips Still Exist?

As per the official Yoplait website, Yoplait Whips are still available in the US. They offer a delightful variety of flavors, including: 

  • Vanilla Crème
  • Strawberry Mist
  • Raspberry Mousse
  • Orange Crème
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Coconut Crème
  • Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Some rumors were circulating that Yoplait Whips were discontinued last summer. However, reliable sources confirm that they are still going. Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! It may have been in limited release recently. It is believed that they have been back on shelves nationwide in March.

Rest assured! You can continue to savor your favorite Yoplait Whips flavors without any concerns!

Alternatives to Yoplait Whips

Yoplait’s Chocolate Mousse-flavored Whips yogurt may not be the healthiest choice. With 160 calories, 105 mg of sodium, and a hefty 22 grams of sugar, it leans towards being less nutritious. Furthermore, it provides only 5 grams of protein. It is a small protein source. You’re just consuming extra sodium and sugar. This means you are not reaping the benefits of protein-rich yogurt. 

Consider healthier alternatives to support your dietary goals and well-being. Look no further! We’ve gathered a list of your healthiest and most delicious yogurt options.

Chobani Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Plain: 

It’s loved for its simple ingredients, smooth texture, and versatility. Plus, it’s packed with live active cultures for probiotic goodness.

Stonyfield Organic Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, Plain: 

This full-fat choice offers 16 grams of protein per serving without added sugars. Tasters appreciate its creamy yet light texture.

Fage Best Self Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt: 

If dairy gives you tummy troubles due to lactose intolerance. This lactose-free option is a tasty solution. It provides all the benefits of dairy yogurt without the discomfort.

Siggi’s Plain Icelandic Nonfat Yogurt: 

Siggi’s Icelandic skyr yogurt is super thick and low in carbs. Perfect if you’re craving something creamy.

Kirkland Signature Plain Organic Greek Yogurt: 

Costco’s Kirkland brand yogurt holds its own against name brands. Not only this, but it also comes at a budget-friendly price. It offers nearly 50 ounces in a tub.

Siggi’s 2% Coconut Icelandic Yogurt: 

It is a great choice for those seeking yogurt with less added sugar. It has a touch of tanginess and is ideal for those who prefer less sweetness in their flavored yogurt.

FAGE Total 2% Cherry Split Cup Greek Yogurt: 

Instead of sugary fruit-on-the-bottom options. Try Fage Total Split Cup Greek Yogurt for a fruity treat with less sugar. Cherry is a favorite, but there are other flavors to explore.

Two Good Strawberry Low Sugar, Low Fat Greek Yogurt: 

With only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar per serving and a touch of stevia for sweetness. It’s a great option for those watching their carb and sugar intake.

Where To Buy Yoplait Whips?

Yoplait Whips is a well-liked brand of yogurt mousse. It is available in many flavors. If you are on the hunt for your favorite Yoplait flavor. There is an exciting news for you. Yes, you read that right! You can buy Yoplait Whips from various retailers, both online and in physical stores.

For those looking for deals, Walmart offers Yoplait Whips in different flavors. It comes at prices as low as $0.72 per 4 oz yogurt cup.

You’ll typically find Yoplait Whips at your local grocery store. However, it is usually available in the dairy aisle or yogurt section. Suppose online shopping suits you better. Then, you can use the official Yoplait website’s product locator to find it at a nearby physical store or an online retailer.

Furthermore, if you prefer convenience, you can order Yoplait Whips from Instacart. Instacart delivers your product straight to your doorstep.


In conclusion, the status of Yoplait Whips may have raised questions and concerns among its dedicated fans. In comparison, Yoplait has indeed discontinued certain product lines in the past. Custard Style Whips is an example of its discontinued product line. The good news is that Yoplait Whips are still available for those who savor their delightful flavors.

If you’ve been facing challenges finding Yoplait Whips at your local grocery store. Then don’t fret. The official Yoplait website offers a convenient product locator tool to assist you. So, indulge in the creamy goodness of Yoplait Whips, knowing that they’re here to stay!

Banana Twins Discontinued: know about Little Debbie’s snack

Little Debbie’s Banana Twins is a delightful treat that’s been a favorite for years. But the rumors about its discontinuation are swirling around. Are they discontinued? So, the answer is Yes! According to a Reddit post, Banana Twins by Little Debbie was discontinued last year. Fans are upset because they can’t find this cherished snack anymore.  

In this piece, we’ll explore the reasons behind their discontinuation, share insights from devoted fans, and provide information on where you might still find them. Join us as we uncover the story behind the disappearance of this beloved snack. 

What Are Banana Twins?

Banana Twins are a popular snack. Little Debbie, a brand under the parent company McKee Foods Corporation, makes it. It consists of two banana-flavored cake layers. It was filled with a creamy vanilla filling sandwiched in between. These snack cakes were a nostalgic and beloved treat. It is often found in lunch boxes and enjoyed by people of all ages.  

Is Banana Twins Discontinued?

Yes, Banana Twins has been discontinued. They have been a part of Little Debbie’s snack lineup since 1965. Little Debbie has stopped making many of its snacks, including Banana Twins. Zebra Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Nutty Buddies, Fudge Rounds, and Oatmeal Creme Pies are its discontinued products. Oddly, the official Little Debbie website still lists Banana Twins as one of their products. This suggests that you still find them in certain stores or areas.

If you need help to spot Banana Twins in your local stores. Consider contacting Little Debbie’s parent company, McKee Foods Corporation, to ask if they’re still available.

Why Were Banana Twins Discontinued?

Banana Twins were discontinued last year because only a few people bought them. People miss this beloved snack and can’t find it in stores. Interestingly, the official website still lists Banana Twins as their product. 

History Of Banana Twins

The history of Banana Twins traces back to the Little Debbie brand. It is a subsidiary of McKee Foods Corporation. Little Debbie has been a well-known and beloved producer of snack cakes since its launch. As one of their product offerings, Banana Twins held a special place in the hearts of many consumers.

Banana Twins were introduced in 1965. They quickly gained popularity as a tasty snack option. These treats featured two moist banana-flavored cake layers with a creamy creme filling in between. The twin packaging allowed for easy sharing.

Over the years, Banana Twins became a cherished snack for those who grew up enjoying them. Unfortunately, the discontinuation of Banana Twins has left many fans disappointed. It’s not uncommon for companies to make such decisions due to changing consumer preferences and shifts in the snack industry. Or due to the need to focus on more popular products.

Despite their discontinuation, Banana Twins remain a fond memory for those who enjoyed them over the years. Their history is a testament to the enduring popularity of certain snack items.

Impact On Consumers

When people heard that Banana Twins were discontinued, they reacted strongly. 

One Reddit user said, “I can’t believe they discontinued these! Every time I saw them on the shelf, I had to buy them, or they’d be sold out. So how is there no interest in them? Bring them back; I see lots of people looking for them.” 

Another person expressed disappointment, saying, “They discontinued them, and I’m so disappointed. They were the only Little Debbie snacks I liked.” 

Someone even suggested, “We need to protest.” 

Alternatives To Banana Twins 

If you’re in the United States and want something like Banana Twins, you have a few options:

Little Debbie Banana Pudding Rolls: 

These rolls have a yummy banana flavor with a creamy filling. They’re made by the same company that used to make Banana Twins.

Hostess Banana Twinkies: 

Hostess Twinkies come in a banana flavor and can be a tasty replacement for Banana Twins.

Tastykake Krimpets: 

Tastykake Krimpets often come in banana flavors, offering a sweet and sponge cake-like snack.

Entenmann’s Banana Iced Cake: 

Entenmann’s makes various snack cakes, and their banana-flavored options can be a good substitute for Banana Twins.

Homemade Banana Twins: 

If you prefer, you can make your own Banana Twins at home using a simple recipe. This way, you can customize the flavor and ingredients to your liking. If baking isn’t your thing, you can also try these alternatives.

Remember that product availability can vary by location. Check with your local stores to see which options are available. Additionally, you might discover other banana-flavored snacks specific to your region that can replace Banana Twins.

Can You Make Banana Twins At Home?

Yes! You can make Banana Twins at home. Banana Twins are everyone’s favorite snack. You can make your own Banana Twins home if you cannot find your snack. These are banana-flavored cakes with vanilla cream frosting, a nostalgic childhood treat.

Suppose you have fond memories of banana twins or banana flip snack cakes from childhood. You’ll love this simple and fun Banana Twins recipe. You don’t need special equipment or advanced decorating skills. You all have to mix, bake, and fill with frosting. 

The great thing about this Banana Twins recipe is: 

You don’t require any fancy ingredients or expensive tools. You can make it using items you already have in your kitchen.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Butter: Unsalted butter is best because you can control the salt you like in your recipes.
  • Granulated Sugar: This sweetens the batter and helps make the butter light and fluffy.
  • Eggs: They hold everything together.
  • Banana Extract: This gives your homemade cake that banana flavor similar to Little Debbie Banana Twins.
  • Cake Flour: This fine flour makes the cake spongy and soft.

How To Make:

With homemade Banana Twins, you can savor the taste of your favorite childhood treat right at home. Making them is a breeze if you follow our simple recipe. Here’s how to get started:

  • Prep: Begin by preheating your oven. Now spray a 10x15x1 sheet pan with nonstick baking spray.
  • Make the Cake Batter: In a large mixing bowl, beat softened butter and sugar until it turns creamy. Add eggs and banana extract, and beat until the mixture thickens and turns light yellow.
  • Mix Dry Ingredients: Sift the dry ingredients into the batter and pour in the buttermilk. Mix just until everything is combined. Now, spread it in the prepared pan.
  • Bake and Cool: Once the banana snack cake is done baking, take it out and let it cool in the pan for 5 minutes. Put another pan or a wire rack on the cake, then flip it over.
  • To put the cake together, first, cut the cooled sheet cake in half sideways. Then, spread frosting on one of the halves and place the other half on top. Cut the cake in half sideways again. Then, divide each of those pieces into five more miniature cakes. In the end, you’ll have a total of 10 snack cakes.

These cakes are hand-held and look like the ones in the cellophane wrappers. These homemade banana cakes are like the beloved Little Debbie snack cakes, only better!”

Can You Still Buy Banana Twins?

Yes, You can still buy Banana Twins. Finding these tasty treats in a local store might take much work. This is because not all grocery stores carry them. If your store runs out of stock, you can ask them to order more for the next time.

You can also check a few online retailers like Amazon or Walmart. They deliver products across the country, including snacks like Banana Twins. This can save you money and time compared to searching in various stores with no luck. 

If you prefer to shop online, Amazon is a convenient option. The best part is that Amazon offers free shipping on eligible orders for Prime members. You can also use online grocery delivery services like Instacart and FreshDirect.

You can check the official Little Debbie website if you need a different option. You may find Banana Twins and other snacks from their product lineup.

When you’re shopping for snacks like Banana Twins, the price matters. Buying in bulk can save you money compared to purchasing individual packages. Yeah! It can be more expensive per unit. Here’s a price comparison:

  • Walmart (In-store/Online): 12 counts for $2.50 to $3, costing $0.21 to $0.25 each.
  • Amazon (Online): 12 counts for $6 to $10, costing $0.50 to $1 each.

From this table, you can see that buying from Walmart is more cost-effective than buying from Amazon. It indicates that there is up to a half-price difference.

The Wrap

Ultimately, the discontinuation of Banana Twins leaves a bittersweet taste in our mouths. We’ve learned about their history, the fond memories they’ve created, and the reasons behind their farewell. But let’s not dwell on goodbyes. Instead, we invite you to share your thoughts and cherished memories of Banana Twins. Did they bring a smile to your face in your lunchbox, or perhaps you had a unique way of enjoying them? We’d love to hear your stories.

While the aisles of stores may no longer echo with the presence of Banana Twins, our hearts can still resonate with the joy they bring. And who knows, with the power of collective nostalgia, we might find a way to get them back. In the world of snacks, anything is possible. So, share your Banana Twins memories. Keep the spirit alive, and who knows what tasty future surprises may hold.

Is Fiber One Cereal Officially Discontinued – What’s Next for Fans?

Is Fiber One Cereal Discontinued? If you’re among the many Americans seeking Fiber One Cereal to boost daily fiber intake. Then, we regret to inform you that your search might be in vain. Currently, Fiber One Cereal is nowhere to be found. This news has left many Americans frustrated.

Read on to know more about whether it is discontinued or short in supply! Let’s find out!!

Sadly, Fiber One Cereal seems to have disappeared from store shelves. It has caused a stir among consumers. But the fact is, Fiber One is currently short in supply. There is no official statement released on its discontinuation. 

Based on consumer reviews, it’s clear that this beloved breakfast option currently needs to be made available, and many are not pleased.

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

Consumer Concerns

One concerned consumer expressed. “I have been known with the news of Fiber One discontinuation through Twitter. What a massive disappointment. I searched every Southern California market to grab the last dozen boxes on the shelves, including Vons, Smart’ n Final, Albertsons, Ralph’s, Pavilions, and Gelson’s. But, all store shelves bear an ‘out of stock’ label. I hope this is a marketing ploy. Similar to Coca-Cola’s in the 80s when they temporarily discontinued the original Coca-Cola. But later reintroduced it as Coca-Cola Classic. Fiber One is too nutritious and fiber-rich to be discontinued. Please find a way to return our family’s favorite Cereal to the shelves.”

Another shared a similar sentiment. He said, “I favor other reviewers as they explained the whole thing clearer than me. This Cereal not only tastes good but also maintains its crunch. Apart from its taste, it aids digestion excellently, is nutritious, and is low in calories. I’d be devastated if it were discontinued. But it seems it will make a comeback. Guess I’ll have to start hoarding, like with the Brummel & Brown spread! LOL! I tried another brand that looked the same – it tasted horrible and turned to mush in seconds. Gross. I dumped it down the garbage disposal, wasting money because I tossed the rest of the box.”

A Plea to Keep It

Yet another consumer chimed in, “Wonderful Cereal. I hope it won’t be discontinued. I’ve been a satisfied user for years. As a retired diabetes specialty physician, I’ve recommended this Cereal to many patients. It was a great success. I also have diverticulosis and have relied on this Cereal to control it. I truly feel the difference when I’m traveling and don’t have it for a few days. This Cereal isn’t just delicious; it’s an essential ‘medical treatment.’ I’ve heard rumors of its discontinuation, and I strongly urge you NOT to do so. It’s a crucial food for many people.”

All in All, Fiber One Cereal’s unavailability has left consumers deeply concerned. They are eagerly waiting for its return. The testimonials speak volumes about its importance to people’s diets and overall well-being.

Who Owns Fiber One Cereal?

Fiber One is under the ownership of General Mills. In 1985, General Mills introduced Fiber One Cereal. General Mills, Inc. (NYSE: GIS) is a consumer food company with a global presence. Their products find their way into the hands of consumers through various channels, including retail sales, convenience stores, and food-service distributors. They proudly serve customers in over 100 countries across six continents.

General Mills’ products are a staple in many households in the United States. Shoppers can easily find a wide range of their offerings. It offers a wide range of products in local grocery stores, from cereals and soups to pizzas and desserts. 

In short, General Mills is a global consumer food company. It ensures its products reach consumers through various retail and distribution channels. It is a publicly-traded company. In December 2021, the Vanguard Group emerged as the largest shareholder. It holds an impressive 50.7 million company shares. General Mills commands a diverse portfolio of major brands. These brands resonate with consumers around the world. These include renowned names like: 

  • Annie’s
  • Betty Crocker
  • Nature Valley
  • Yoplait
  • Pillsbury
  • Haagen-Dazs
  • Blue Buffalo

In the cereal domain, they also hold sway with beloved products such as: 

  • Cheerios
  • Chex
  • Lucky Charms
  • Trix
  • Cocoa Puffs.

Why Is There A Fiber One Shortage?

Why is there a Fiber One Shortage? Here’s what the manufacturer, General Mills, explained. “Currently, Fiber One cereals are facing supply issues”.

All in All, the shortage of Fiber One on store shelves is due to supply issues. This reason has been acknowledged by the manufacturer, General Mills. They apologize for any inconvenience and anticipate a return to regular availability soon.

Is Fiber One Healthy?

Fiber One is A Healthy option if you are looking for More Fiber in Your Diet. Are you like most Americans who don’t get enough fiber daily? If yes, Fiber One Cereal could be a delicious solution to boost your fiber intake. Sadly, this item has had supply issues, and due to this, it is currently unavailable.

Still, if you are wondering why you chose Fiber One, look at its superior qualities.

Delicious and Nutritious

Made from whole grains, this crunchy Cereal is a tasty way to increase your fiber intake from food. Plus, it’s more than just delicious.

Promotes Digestive Health

Fiber One Cereal provides three times more fiber than the leading fiber supplement. With 18g of fiber per serving, it covers 65% of your Daily Value.

No Added Sugar

And the best part? It contains 0g of added sugar. Its ingredients include:

  • Whole Grain Wheat
  • Corn Bran
  • Modified Wheat Starch
  • Guar Gum
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • Sucralose
  • Natural Flavor

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

You’ll also find essential nutrients like: 

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Vitamin C, Iron
  • Zinc
  • Niacinamide
  • Vitamin B6
  • Thiamin Mononitrate
  • Riboflavin
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12.

In short, Fiber One Cereal is a tasty, healthy, and fiber-rich choice to supercharge your daily diet. Please take advantage of this fantastic option for promoting digestive health, as it could be the best option to get the fiber you need from your food.

Is Fiber One Cereal Still Available?

Our thorough research confirms that Fiber One remains unavailable at the moment. While there is indeed a Fiber One shortage, there’s no need for despair. The good news is that Fiber One cereal is not discontinued. General Mills confirmed the supply issues have made it hard to find this product.

The Fiber One cereal shortage may have ended when you discover a fiber fix that suits your taste. In the meantime, you can also check third-party sellers for its availability.

When Will Fiber One Cereal Return? 

Suppose you’ve been worrying about the discontinuation of Fiber One Cereal from the market. Fret not! Your concerns may soon be put to rest. Fortunately, there’s hope for those craving their favorite breakfast – Fiber One Cereal. 

Many consumers have expressed their frustration over the unavailability of Fiber One Cereal. However, there is relaxing news as the ray of hope culminated when one concerned consumer asked. “Could you please share the reasons for discontinuing this Cereal? Or if it’s a temporary situation, please share that information.”

The company aims to enhance transparency about the Cereal’s discontinuation. It said, “At present, Fiber One cereals are facing challenges with their availability. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused. But the good news is that we anticipate a return to normal stock levels by October 2023.”  

So, rest assured, there is a glimmer of hope. Now, you can anticipate Fiber One Cereal’s return later this year.

In conclusion, Fiber One Cereal may be temporarily unavailable. There’s a glimpse of hope in the end. Keep an eye out; your favorite breakfast option is expected to come back in October 2023.

Fiber One Cereal Alternatives

As Fiber One is temporarily unavailable from supermarket shelves. Consider other options until later this fall. This shortage might lead to potential difficulties in finding alternatives. But there are indeed several fiber-rich cereals available. Here are the best alternatives to Fiber One Cereal:

All-Bran Original

Kellogg’s offers a fortunate alternative during the Fiber One shortage. All-Bran Original Cereal contains 12 grams of fiber per ⅔ cup serving. However, this falls short of Fiber One’s 18 grams per serving. Consumers report that this product resembles Fiber One in both appearance and taste.

All-Bran Bran Buds

Unable to find the original All-Bran during the shortage. Try Kellogg’s All-Bran Bran Buds cereal. All-Bran boasts 17 grams of fiber per ½ cup, even more than Fiber One or its alternatives. However, it’s worth noting that Bran Buds contain 12 grams of sugar per ½ cup. At the same time, Fiber One has less than 1 gram of sugar in the same amount.

Nature’s Path Organic Smart Bran

For health-conscious cereal enthusiasts – Nature’s Path is the best. It offers a range of organic cereals, granolas, and oatmeals. Nature’s Path Organic Smart Bran cereal packs 17 grams of fiber per ¾ cup. In comparison, Fiber One has 17 grams in ⅔ cup. It makes it a solid alternative to Fiber One Cereal in its shortage.

In short, the Fiber One shortage presents a temporary challenge. Rest assured that there are suitable alternatives available. These alternatives are rich in fiber and can effectively meet your dietary requirements. 


In conclusion, Fiber One: A Shortage, but Not Discontinued. Yes, you read that right! Fiber One Cereal may be temporarily scarce, but it’s far from discontinued. While you wait for its return, explore alternatives and other fiber-rich food to maintain your dietary needs. There’s hope that the Fiber One shortage will be resolved soon. In the meantime, third-party sellers might offer a solution.