Were Oreo Cakesters Discontinued: do they still make it in 2023?

In the early 2000s, Oreo Cakesters became a beloved sweet snack. These beloved cookies from the 2000s were introduced in 2007. These soft, delectable cakes were an instant hit. It features chocolate cake on the outside and Oreo’s signature velvety filling. They even came in unique flavors like Peanut Butter and Chocolate Creme. 

While some likened them to whoopie pies, Cakesters had a distinct flavor and texture of their own, captivating fans. They tasted like regular Oreo cookies. But their soft, fluffy mouthfeel as the cream filling dissolved in your mouth was amazing.

However, in 2012, to the dismay of loyal fans, Nabisco discontinued Oreo Cakesters. This news baffled fans, and they were missing them from store shelves for nearly a decade. 

In this discussion, we’ll delve into the rise and fall of these beloved snacks and the reasons behind their discontinuation. Also, we’ve discussed the emotional impact on fans and their comeback. So, let’s explore the bittersweet tale of Oreo Cakesters, the snack we loved the most.

Were Oreo Cakesters Discontinued?

Mondelēz International is the parent company of Nabisco. It unexpectedly discontinued Oreo Cakesters in 2012. It left all the fans disappointed. Moreover, the company did not give any explanation regarding its discontinuation. For years, people eagerly awaited the return of this beloved snack. 

Its Comeback After Discontinuation

Thankfully, in September 2021, Oreo made an exciting announcement on Instagram. In an announcement, it said, “Oreo Cakesters will come back.” At that time, they were joined by Nutter Butter Cakesters. This news was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Oreo lovers. It reignited their love affair with these cakey, sweet treats. 

However, in January 2022, after a decade of fan requests. Oreo Cakesters made a triumphant comeback. To celebrate the relaunch, Oreo partnered with Blockbuster in a nostalgic campaign. It aimed to transport everyone back to 2007 when Cakesters first won hearts.

Justin Parnel, Oreo’s Vice President of Marketing, expressed excitement and said. “Oreo fans have eagerly awaited the comeback of Oreo Cakesters. Also, we’re thrilled to celebrate this epic comeback! We anticipate the Blockbuster acquisition will nostalgically transport shoppers to the year 2007. It was the time when Cakesters first launched. The time when the soft-baked snacks became a fan-favorite.”

However, some fans who loved the 2000s-era Cakesters have noticed a few changes. They said, “The updated recipe doesn’t appear as moist”. It led to a bit of disappointment among fans.

What about Other Flavors Of Oreo Cakesters?

Unfortunately, Nabisco has not heard about bringing back its classic flavors, including Golden, Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Creme. Fans are left wondering if they’ll ever savor those nostalgic tastes again.

But here’s some good news for peanut butter enthusiasts. Do you want to know what is that? In 2022, Nabisco relaunched Nutter Butter Cakesters. It came in the same convenient snack-style packaging. Besides, it has a cakey texture like Oreo Cakesters.

Oreo continues beyond bringing back old favorites. They also collaborate with other top snack brands to create exciting new flavors. Before the Cakesters’ comeback, Oreo partnered with Pillsbury and Funfetti to craft baking mixes for cakes, brownies, and pancakes. Also, the beloved Funfetti frosting – now with Oreo cookie bits. It’s a treat worth trying!

While the fate of the classic Oreo Cakesters flavors remains uncertain, Oreo’s exciting partnerships and new releases hint at more delicious surprises ahead for those wondering if Cakesters are here to stay. Oreo confirmed on Instagram in April 2022 that they are here to stay.

How Fans Reacted Upon Hearing The News Of Its Comeback?

In May, Oreo teased the return of Cakesters with the message: “Now you can have your cake and OREO cookie too.” Fans rushed to get their hands on them, fearing they might disappear again.

I found a big pack at Sam’s Club after nearly a year of searching,” One shopper joyfully shared. “Now, it’s my kid’s favorite snack.” Fans are expressing their excitement, too. They’ll never forgive Oreo if these cookies are discontinued again.

On Twitter, users shared their love for Cakesters, with one saying. “I’d go to great lengths for Oreo Cakesters,” One person exclaimed. “I’m picking up a pack the next time I hit the store,” declared another. Even those who don’t usually indulge in such treats were tempted by Oreo Cakesters. They describe them as a unique experience and incredible.

People with a sweet tooth are also hoping for Cakesters coated in fudge.

But Cakesters aren’t the only treats making a comeback. Oreo’s cotton candy-flavored cookies were originally released in 2015 as a limited edition. They have also come back to delight fans.

Unfortunately, not all Oreo decisions have pleased shoppers. Oreo’s Pie Crust has been discontinued. There are no plans to bring it back, according to Oreo’s parent company. However, the company remains open so that it brings back limited-edition products based on popular demand.

Nostalgic fans are also hoping for the return of Oreo Sippers. This snack was also discontinued years ago.

While Oreo fans have reason to celebrate, chocolate lovers longing for Reese’s Swoops must wait. As Hershey’s has confirmed, they won’t be making a comeback anytime. Despite there is widespread demand for the particular item among fans.

The Rise & Fall of Oreo Cakesters

In 2007, Oreo introduced Cakesters, their take on a whoopie pie. These soft chocolate cakes contain vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter creme. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2012.

In 2021, a TikTok creator, Stefan Jonson, launched a movement to bring back Oreo Cakesters. In the same year, Nabisco made a thrilling announcement. “In 2022, Cakesters were scheduled for a comeback, featuring both Oreo and Nutter Butter options. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the return of these cherished treats. Those who had missed them for nearly a decade have a unique experience.”

If you’ve never enjoyed trying Oreo Cakesters, prepare for a delightful treat. These snacks have sweet filling enclosed between two soft snack cakes. They offer a unique blend of cookie-like taste and cake-like melt-in-your-mouth goodness. This unique combination is hard to resist!

Why Did Oreo Discontinue Oreo Cakesters For a Decade?

The question arises – Why did Oreo discontinue a beloved product like Cakesters for a decade? Surprisingly, Oreo never provided a clear explanation regarding its discontinuation. In 2013, a concerned customer inquired about Cakesters’ disappearance on Facebook. The brand responded, “We’re sorry, the Oreo Cakesters have been discontinued. We’ll make sure to share your comments with our staff. Thanks!”

Around the same time, Kraft Foods underwent a significant split. It splits into two separate companies, effectively divorcing Oreo. This major change might have prompted Oreo to reassess its product lineup.

Some speculate that Oreo may have discontinued Cakesters due to the original recipe not living up to people’s memories. However, if that were the case, Oreo would likely have tweaked the recipe when they brought it back in 2022, as they did with Oreo cereal in 2017.

Interestingly, the relaunched Cakesters are remarkably similar to the original ones. A comparison of the nutrition facts reveals almost identical ingredients. There is only a 10-calorie difference (the newer version has slightly more). If you feel that the new Cakesters taste better, Then it’s the extra serving of nostalgia rather than any changes in the recipe.

Oreo Cakesters Alternatives 

If you’re craving a tasty alternative to Oreo Cakesters, consider these options:

  • Organic sandwich cookies: 

These cookies offer a taste and texture similar to Oreos. But they’re crafted with organic ingredients. You’ll typically find them in most grocery stores.

  • Chocolate wafer cookies: 

Thin and crispy, these cookies boast a rich chocolate flavor. They’re ideal for creating icebox cakes and other delectable desserts.

  • Vanilla creme sandwich cookies: 

These cookies have a texture akin to Oreos. But are filled with vanilla creme instead of chocolate. It’s a perfect choice if you prefer a non-chocolate option.

  • Kinnikinnick Kinnitoos Sandwich Creme cookies: 

For those with dietary restrictions, these cookies could be a great option as these gluten-free cookies mimic the taste and texture of Oreos. They do not contain wheat or gluten.

  • Homemade Oreos: 

You can whip up your version of Oreos at home using a straightforward recipe. It typically includes flour, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and other readily available ingredients. There are numerous recipes available online for you to explore and try.

Where to Buy Oreo Cakesters?

To get your hands on Oreo Cakesters. You can find them at grocery stores and convenience stores across the nation. The Oreo website offers a location finder tool. With the help of that tool, you can locate the nearest store that carries them. In comparison, the brand hasn’t specified which retailers will carry Oreo Cakesters. But you can likely find them at major chains like Walmart and Target.

If you prefer online shopping, you can purchase Oreo Cakesters from the company’s official online store. These revived Cakesters will feature smooth creme filling and soft snack cakes as they’ll be a permanent addition to the Oreo product lineup. So, tracking them down should be a breeze.


In conclusion, the journey of Oreo Cakesters, from their beloved introduction in 2007 to their unexpected discontinuation in 2012, has been a rollercoaster of emotions for fans. The mysterious reasons behind their disappearance left enthusiasts yearning for their return. Thanks to the persistence of devoted fans and a TikTok movement. Because of them, Oreo Cakesters made a triumphant comeback in 2022. Besides, the company made the promise for the comeback of both classic and new flavors.

All in All, Oreo Cakesters are back after a decade-long hiatus. Now, they are available in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. It’s great news for fans of this beloved snack!