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Coffee recall 2024 – Discontinued News

Coffee is a popular beverage enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is a blend of science, culture, and tradition rather than just a morning ritual. From its early origin in Ethiopia to its current status as a worldwide commodity, coffee has grown into a drink that crosses borders and brings people together. Coffee recall 2024?

In recent years, the demand for cold coffee and specialty coffee items has grown rapidly. Snapchill LLC is one of the companies leading the way in this trend. It is known for its unique approach to cold coffee and the brewing process. Snapchill gained an image for providing a tasty and refreshing experience by quickly chilling freshly made coffee. But recently, Snapchill faced a major challenge that disrupted its operations. It has raised serious concerns among customers.

In June 2024, Snapchill LLC initiated a voluntary recall of all its canned coffee products. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated this recall. It highlighted the importance of following safety laws in food and beverage production. This article explains the details of the recall.

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About  Snapchill LLC

Dave Dussault prefers his coffee cooled but not watered down. He also dislikes cold brew, which he believes destroys complex flavors. Thus, the MIT-trained thermal engineer made a vow to improve his coffee a few years ago. He founded Snapchill in Watertown in 2019 after three months of research to find the best hot and cold brews.

The process involves brewing the coffee hot and then quickly reducing the temperature from above 200 degrees to just above freezing. Dussault claims that the technology used is much the same as that used in refrigerators.

Even after four years, coffee drinkers are still unaware of Snapchill. This is because it is offered under the brands of Boston-area roasters. It includes George Howell Coffee, Fazenda Coffee Roasters, and Broadsheet Coffee Roasters. When compared to the 300 roasters that it works with, the Snapchill name is a minor detail.

Snapchill collaborations are also available in various grocery stores in the area. But Bosshardt stated that they plan to expand to Walmart by 2023. “By mid-2024, we’ll be all over the place, representing our region with a variety of roasters from across the nation,” Bosshardt stated.

The company has now issued a voluntary recall of its canned coffee goods due to suspected botulinum toxin contamination. The FDA raised major public health concerns. It’s due to Snapchill’s incorrect manufacturing technique for low-acid canned foods.

What is botulism?

Botulism is a rare but serious form of food poisoning. It is caused by the botulinum toxin, which is formed by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The allergen targets the body’s nerves, resulting in muscle paralysis. It also troubles breathing and, in severe cases, death. Botulism symptoms may begin as soon as six hours after eating infected food, although they can last for up to two weeks.

Common symptoms include:

1. Severe weakness and dizziness.

2. Double vision and drooping eyelids

3. Slurs in speech and trouble swallowing

4. Abdominal distention and constipation

Botulism is treated as a medical emergency. It’s because of its rapid growth and possible severity. Anyone experiencing symptoms after taking a product that may have been infected with botulinum toxin should seek medical help immediately.

Details of the recall

Coffee recall 2024

The recall was issued after the FDA informed Snapchill that it hadn’t filed its manufacturing procedure for low-acid canned foods. Low-acid foods, such as canned coffee items, are more vulnerable to botulism. It’s because the conditions in these foods promote the growth of Clostridium botulinum. Though there have been no confirmed cases of illness, the recall was still issued as a precaution.

The recall impacts nearly 300 products distributed nationwide under many coffee roaster names. The affected products are sold in metal cans ranging from 7 to 12 ounces. They can be identified by the text “Produced and distributed by Snapchill LLC” below the nutrition facts panel. Some products may also carry the “Snapchill Coffee” label.

An overview of the brands and products affected is given below:

Some affected brands

  1. Big Mouth Coffee: Varieties include Nicaragua, Nicolas, and Angela.
  2. Cape Cod Coffee: Varieties include coconut, French vanilla, and hazelnut.
  3. Five & Hoek: Varieties include Honduras, Biru Bekele, and Luis Guzman.
  4. New Hampshire Coffee Roasters: Varieties include Italian, Costa Rican Tarrazu, and Coconut.
  5. Wild Goose Coffee: Varieties include Blue River Blend and Red Line Draft Latte.

Complete list of affected products

  • Alchemy Roasting: Elixir Of Life
  • Appalachia Coffee: Kentucky Black Gold
  • Bent Tree Coffee: Squirrel Blend, Autumn Blend, Colombia Sotara, Ethiopia
  • Black Nerd: Colombia, Dark Matter, Ethiopia, The Golden Ratio
  • Bolt Coffee: Delki Guarero, Mass Appeal
  • Cafe Ammi: 109 Blend
  • Carrier: Bright, Nitro, Sweet
  • Copper Horse: Carriage House Blend, Seahorse Blend
  • Dayglow: Decadent, Juicy
  • Eclipse Coffee Roasters: Elevate
  • Electro Brew Coffee Co.: Vanilla, Caramel
  • Fire Grounds: Guts Over Fear, American Tradition, Full Send
  • Five Star Roasters: Nitro
  • George Howell: Daterra Sundrop, Chelbessa, Monte Carlos, Worka Chelbessa
  • Heady Cup: Monkshood
  • Helm: Black Coffee, Black Nitro, Maple Nitro Latte
  • Intelligentsia: Black Cans, Chicago Distance Series
  • Joe Bean: Nitro
  • Kaldi’s: Classic Black
  • Lanna Coffee: Original
  • Larry’s Coffee: Black, Decaf, Ethiopia, Mocha, Sweet
  • Madcap Coffee: Flash, Flash Maple Leaf
  • Metric: Garmas Gesha Single Origin, Deri Kadame Natural, Benjamin Paz
  • Perkatory: Solstice, New England Snapchill, Three Witches Brew
  • QUIVR: Golden Black, Hibiscus, Jade Oolong, Jasmine, Jasmine Green
  • Rockford Coffee: Morning Glory, Narino Arbuleda
  • Saltwater: Colombia, Ethiopia
  • Sepia Coffee: Grand Trunk, Northstar Lodge
  • Snapchill: Snapchill Coffee (various varieties)
  • Wild Goose Coffee: Blue River Blend, Red Line Draft Latte

Steps for customers

To know if your canned coffee is part of the recall, look for the phrase “Produced and distributed by Snapchill LLC.” It will be available beneath the nutrition facts panel. Some products may also say “Snapchill Coffee” on the label. If you find these on your coffee cans, they are likely part of the recall. Then, it should be handled accordingly.

If you have any of the recalled products, the FDA advises the following steps:

  1. Do not consume: Do not drink the coffee. Consuming products contaminated with botulinum toxin can be extremely dangerous.
  2. Dispose of the product: Safely dispose of the product to prevent any accidental consumption.
  3. Return for a refund: Return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund. Snapchill offers full refunds for these products with proof of purchase. This includes a photo of the product being disposed of.
  4. Contact Snapchill for help: For any questions or concerns, customers can contact Snapchill directly via email or by phone.

Snapchill’s response and future actions

In reaction to the recall, Snapchill regretted any issues given to customers. It pointed out its dedication to resolving the issue. A spokesperson for Snapchill stated:

“Snapchill has been providing ‘Snapchill’ cold coffee to a wide range of roasters nationwide since 2019. We have no recorded botulism cases among customers. Yet, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has informed Snapchill that the low-acid canned food procedure used to manufacture the recalled products wasn’t filed with the FDA. It is required by regulation.”

“There is a chance that the current manufacturing process could lead to the growth and production of the deadly toxin, botulinum toxin, in low-acid canned foods. No illnesses have been reported. Also, Snapchill is not aware of any cases in which the company’s products contained this pathogen. Yet, Snapchill is voluntarily conducting this recall in cooperation with the FDA.”

“At Snapchill, the safety and satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. We are working very hard to resolve the issue. We sincerely apologize for any concern this recall may cause. We are working with the FDA on solutions to resume  production within standards.”

As a result, the company is actively working on filing the required notification with the FDA. It plans to resume manufacturing once it has ensured safety compliance.

Regulatory and public health oversight

In the food and beverage industry, regulatory supervision is vital. It is made clear due to this recall. The FDA is responsible for observing and enforcing safety standards to protect public health. In this case, the FDA’s finding of a flaw in Snapchill’s production process for low-acid canned goods led to the recall. It is perhaps avoiding serious negative health effects.

The most important things to know for customers are:

  • Always check for recall alerts. Confirm that the products you purchase are impacted.
  • Stay updated on food safety practices as well as the risks involved with various kinds of food processing.
  • Help with public health monitoring and response activities. Report any signs of a foodborne illness to health authorities.


The Snapchill coffee recall in 2024 serves as a clear signal of the possible risks involved with food and beverage products. It also explains the value of strict safety standards. The precautionary recall shows the need to prevent foodborne infections like botulism. Despite this, no cases have been reported.

Customers should destroy any affected goods and contact Snapchill for a refund or more information. Snapchill is working to fix the issue and comply with FDA standards. However, the recall highlights the more urgent need for transparency and compliance in food manufacturing procedures. This is done to assure customer safety.

Customers can find more information and updates on the FDA’s website. If they have questions about the recalled items, they should contact Snapchill.

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McCain pizza recall 2024 – Discontinued News

McCain Foods Limited is the world’s largest producer of frozen potato products. On June 21, 2024, it issued an urgent recall for two of its frozen pizza flavors in Australia. The recall affects the 500g McCain BBQ Chicken & Pineapple Family Pizza and the 500g McCain Ham & Pineapple Family Pizza. McCain pizza recall 2024?

The recalled products were found to contain metal fragments. It will pose a significant health risk. So prompt action was being taken by both McCain and the food safety authorities. In this article, let us learn more about the recall of McCain Pizza.

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

Overview of McCain foods limited

McCain Foods Limited was founded in 1957 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. It was established by brothers Harrison and Wallace McCain. The business has grown from a small operation with 30 employees into a global powerhouse in the frozen food industry.

Now, the business has over 20,000 employees and 47 production facilities spanning six continents. McCain is renowned for its frozen potato products. It produces one in every four French fries consumed worldwide. 

Initially, McCain focused on frozen French fries. But by the 1970s and 1990s, the company had expanded its product line to include many prepared foods. It includes frozen pizzas and vegetables. McCain’s diverse product portfolio has contributed to its annual revenue, exceeding 8.5 billion Canadian dollars.

McCain has a global reach and an extensive product range. Despite these, maintaining product safety and quality remains a core priority for McCain. 

McCain Foods recalls frozen Pizzas

McCain pizza recall 2024

Two popular frozen pizza varieties have been recalled due to the presence of metal by McCain. The recall affects two specific pizza flavors sold across Australia:

  • McCain BBQ Chicken & Pineapple Family Pizza, 500g, with best-before dates of April 2025 (097 and 098).
  • McCain Ham & Pineapple Family Pizza, 500 g, with a best-before date of April 2025 (097).

The recall was initiated by the discovery of metal fragments in these pizzas. Due to this, a serious health risk can occur if ingested. Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) issued the recall notice. They advised customers to avoid consuming the affected products. Also, they told customers to return them to their place of purchase for a full refund.

The affected pizzas were available at major retailers across Australia. This includes Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, and independent retailers such as IGA. They were also sold at Drake’s stores in Queensland and South Australia.

The recall covers a broad geographic area. It covers:

  • New South Wales,
  • The Australian Capital Territory,
  • Queensland,
  • Victoria,
  • South Australia,
  • The Northern Territory, and
  • Western Australia.

Customer Safety Measures

Food recalls are regular and play an important role in protecting public health. The McCain pizza recall comes after many similar incidents. This includes:

  • the recall of Primo Foods  salami due to unknown allergens and
  • the recall of Frisp Oats peanut butter for lacking allergen warnings.

These cases show the need for strict quality assurance and quick response systems to deal with food safety issues.

Customers who have purchased the recalled McCain pizzas are advised to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. FSANZ stated that products containing metal can cause serious health issues. This includes injury or illness. Thus, customers need to know about the recall notice and avoid eating the recalled products.

If anyone has already consumed the pizzas and is experiencing health concerns, seek medical advice immediately. McCain Foods is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its customers. So, it has provided clear instructions for the return and refund process.

McCain Foods has expressed regret over the incident. It is cooperating fully with food safety authorities to address the issue. The company has initiated an internal investigation. This is to find out the source of the metal contamination. The business is trying to prevent future occurrences.

McCain points out its dedication to product quality and consumer safety. It cites a history of strong quality control methods across its production plants.


The recall of McCain’s frozen pizzas in Australia due to metal contamination is a major issue. It highlights the importance of food safety in saving human health. McCain Foods, a frozen food industry leader, is taking the steps needed to fix the contamination and maintain the safety of its goods.

As the investigation goes on, McCain remains dedicated to maintaining its reputation for quality and safety. Customers should avoid potential health hazards. They should follow recall notices and take caution when it comes to food safety.

This recall highlights the food industry’s complex problems and the continued need for strong quality controls. Learning from such incidents allows the industry to continue to improve and maintain the highest levels of food safety.

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SunChips recall 2024- still available or not?

Sunchips was a popular chip brand during the 1990s. Frito-Lay launched Sun Chips in 1991. This was one of the first chip products created in response to market demand for a healthier chip. While the criteria for snack brands in the 1980s and 1990s were not strict enough to offer entirely healthy snacking options, Sunchips were still healthier than many of their competitors. They were also very tasty!

Besides this, Frito Lay recently recalled certain snacks in Canada, including Sun Chips. It is due to Salmonella contamination. The snacks were made available throughout the country. Why are Sun chips being recalled? In this article, let us learn in detail about the product and its SunChips recall history.

DiscontinuedNews is impartial and independent, and every day, we create distinctive, world-class programs, news, and content that inform, educate and entertain millions of people worldwide.

History of SunChips

According to Sunchips’ website, the company started with a “going to rock your world idea.” Whole grains have always been key to the recipe for these chips. But Frito-Lay wanted to ensure that they weren’t boring. To add to the joy of eating this healthy chip, the Sunchips brand included a wave imprinted into each chip.

Frito-Lay spent almost ten years developing this product. It also spent millions of dollars on the machines used to manufacture it. By the time they hit the market, the chip industry was well-established. But the firm was determined that the wholegrain chips could still be delicious, crunchy, and tasty. Frito-Lay tested over 10,000 consumer tastes to develop their winning mix, which was later released.

Sunchips first entered the store shelves in the United States in 1991. They entered the arena to compete with other well-known snacking businesses. The nutritious and multigrain recipe of Sunchips promotes heart health and reduces the intake of sugar, salt, and fat. This was what set them apart from their competitors.

The Sunchips brand was intended to be the first “diet chip” on the market. But they were so delicious that they became an instant favorite with customers of all ages.

Sunchips briefly sold Suprimos, which were drum-wheat products with a cheesy covering. The chips were a failure, and the company later withdrew its patent application for that type of product.

Over time, the brand, like other businesses, discontinued some of the flavors. Several petitions on aim to revive sunflower varieties. Frito-Lay has not responded to any of these requests. Also, it is still being determined whether they would be open to rebooting popular flavors.

Sunchips recalled in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued an active recall of SunChips products in Canada. This was made public when a seasoning supplier informed the firm that one ingredient was potentially affected by Salmonella.

Thus, Frito Lay Canada is recalling two of its favorite snacks owing to potential salmonella infection. They are:

  • SunChips Multigrain Harvest Cheddar Snacks and
  • Original Munchies Snack Mix.

This recall does not affect any other Sunchip flavors.

According to a recall notice issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the business initiated the recall. Frito Lay’s representative informed Food Safety News that,

“This decision is a direct outcome of a seasoning supplier’s notice that an ingredient supplied to it by a third party was possibly infected with Salmonella. While no salmonella was discovered in the seasoning supplied to Frito Lay Canada, the business has decided to recall these items out of an excess of caution.”

The recall includes both individual bags and cases of items. Consumers are advised to check their homes for recalled products and discard all that they may have on hand. These goods have a long shelf life. Therefore, customers and retailers should check the best-by dates on the packages.

Salmonella infections

Salmonella is a bacterium that may cause diarrhea, fever, and stomach pains. Food affected by Salmonella germs does not typically seem, smell, or taste bad. Anyone can get sick from a Salmonella infection. Infants, children, older people, and those with weaker immune systems are more likely to become seriously ill. The CDC claims that’s due to the fragility of their immune systems.

If affected, most people heal without any therapy. In some circumstances, the patient may require hospitalization due to severe diarrhea. The elderly, infants, and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to get a serious illness.

Anyone who consumed any of the recalled goods and developed symptoms of Salmonella illness should seek medical care. Sick people should inform their doctors about any Salmonella bacterium exposure they may have had. It’s because salmonellosis requires a specific medical diagnosis. Salmonella infection symptoms might be confused with those of other infections. Thus, it may lead to a common misdiagnosis.

Salmonella infection can cause diarrhea, stomach pains, and fever within 12 to 72 hours of eating contaminated foods. If not, healthy adults usually get sick for four to seven days. However, in rare cases, diarrhea can be so severe that patients need to be hospitalized.

Older people, children, pregnant women, and those with weakened immunity, such as cancer patients, are more likely to suffer severe diseases. It also leads to possibly fatal problems.

Some people are infected without becoming ill or showing any symptoms. But they may still infect other people.

Details of the recalled products

The recall affects bags of SunChips Multigrain Harvest Cheddar Snacks and Original Munchies Snack Mix varieties in all sizes. They were also available in 32-pack and 40-pack snack boxes (both variety packs and flavor-specific boxes) throughout Canada. It has expiration dates that vary from “2024 JL 16” to “2024 AU 13.”

Recalled items listed below are available in Canada. This recall only affects the goods and flavors listed below, with the given best-before dates. No other SunChip flavors are affected.

Customers should check their pantry for any of the following products and discard them.

Product: SunChips Multigrains Harvest Cheddar Snacks

  • Size: All sizes
  • UPC: 060410040591
  • 060410066232
  • 060410001295
  • 060410037249
  • 060410003923
  • 060410053942
  • 060410053119

Codes: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13

Product: Original Munchies Snack Mix

  • Size: All sizes
  • UPC:
  • 060410001806
  • 060410003862
  • 060410067826
  • 060410054826
  • 060410054628
  • 060410039342

Codes: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13

Product: Variety Packs Cheesy Mix

  • Size: 448 g
  • UPC: 060410074817

Codes: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13

Product: SunChips Multigrains Harvest Cheddar Snacks

  • Size: 32 packs
  • UPC: 060410037256

Codes: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13

Product: SunChips Multigrains Harvest Cheddar Snacks

  • Size: 40 packs
  • UPC: 060410222768

Codes: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13

Product: Original Munchies Snack Mix

  • Size: 40 packs
  • UPC: 060410221228

Codes: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has warned Canadian shoppers that these popular chips and snacks are being removed from store shelves due to food poisoning concerns. The CFIA states that this recall is “national” and affects the “general public.”

What should customers do?

We should avoid consuming, using, selling, serving, or distributing these recalled items. The customers should do the following:

  • If you believe you have become ill after consuming a recalled product, contact your doctor.
  • Check to find out if you have any recalled products.
  • Avoid consuming, serving, using, selling, or distributing recalled items.
  • Recalled products should be thrown away or returned to the place where they were obtained.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Frito Lay Canada are working together closely. This is to make sure the recalled items are taken off the market.

Frito Lay claims that while no salmonella has been found in the ingredient, it is still being recalled out of caution. People are asked to search their cupboards for these items and dispose of them.

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BISSELL Vacuum Recall 2024 – Reliable Options

BISSELL Vacuum Recall. A certain type of BISSELL vacuum has been recalled. Its battery can get too hot and smoke, which can start a fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says BISSELL got 17 reports of the vacuum smoking and smelling like it was burning. In six cases, the battery pack caught fire. Three times, it caused a little damage. Also, two people got minor burns. These vacuums were sold in big stores like Lowe’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and online.

The vacuums were sold in different colours, with “Multi Reach” written on the handheld part.

If you have one of these vacuums, stop using it and contact BISSELL. They’ll tell you how to safely get rid of the battery and give you a new vacuum for free.

About 142,000 of these vacuums were sold in the U.S. and another 14,000 in Canada.

Which BISSELL Vacuums Are Recalled?

The vacuums that are part of the recall have specific model numbers. If you check your void, and it has one of these numbers: 

1985, 19851 (also known as Multi Auto), 19859, 1985T, 2151, 21512, 21513, 21517, 21518, 21519, 2151A, 2151T, 2151W, or 2151V, it’s part of the recall.

Stay Informed About Product Recalls: Simple Tips

It’s important to keep track of product recalls to stay safe. Here are simple ways to do that:

Government Websites:

In the U.S., use It brings together info from different agencies, making it easy to check recalls.

Manufacturer Websites:

Visit the official websites of the brands you use. They often share recall info and safety instructions.

News Alerts and Notifications:

Stay updated with news alerts. Reliable sources often report on recalls, especially if they’re risky.

Social Media and Apps:

Follow government agencies and safety accounts on social media for recall announcements.

Some apps are made to track recalls. Consider using them for quick updates.

Register Your Products:

When you buy something, register it with the manufacturer. This way, they can directly tell you about recalls.

Check Product Labels:

Look for recall notices or safety warnings on product packaging. Manufacturers usually include this information.

Contact Customer Service:

If you think a product might be recalled, contact customer service. They can check and guide you.

Government Agencies:

In the U.K., visit the GOV. U.K. product recall page for advice on checking recalls and reporting safety issues.

Remember, act fast if you find a recalled product. Follow the steps the manufacturer or authorities recommend to stay safe and avoid potential dangers.

Why Is BISSELL A Trusted Choice For Affordable And Reliable Vacuum Cleaners?

BISSELL is a good vacuum brand known for making reliable products at affordable prices. They have a great reputation for providing quality items that many people trust. 

Here are some of their most popular vacuum cleaners:


It’s an upright vacuum that cleans and washes carpets simultaneously.

It doesn’t need bags to collect dust; it even has a built-in heater for steam cleaning.

Easy to use and handle, perfect for carpets.

BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro:

This vacuum cleaner has strong suction power (150AW) and can vacuum and wash simultaneously.

It is ideal for pet owners because it works well on various surfaces, including hard floors and area rugs.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser:

A handheld vacuum for quick cleanups.

It’s lightweight but works well, especially for cleaning up pet hair.

It is affordable and great for cleaning cars.

BISSELL Steam Mop:

It is popular for its large water tank and lightweight design.

The long extension cord makes it easy to move around.

Perfect for everyday use and reasonably priced.


It makes mopping easier with a detachable tank, a spray button for cleaning solution, a 22-foot-long cord, and a 14-inch cleaning surface.

Lightweight and user-friendly, especially for electric mopping chores.

These BISSELL vacuum cleaners are designed to be efficient and make cleaning less hassle.

Is BISSELL As Good As Dyson?

Both brands are powerful, but Bissell measures power in amps, while Dyson uses air watts. Dyson vacuum cleaners cost more than Bissell vacuums. Dyson upright vacuums have a special Dyson ball technology that Bissell doesn’t have. 

Dyson offers a 5-year warranty, while Bissell provides a 3-year limited warranty. Bissell has a dual-edge cleaning system that Dyson vacuums don’t. Bissell has a wide range of products, with 21 upright vacuums, while Dyson only has 4.

Both brands use Cyclonic Technology for consistent suction. They both have bag-less technology with easy-to-empty bins. The power cords for their upright vacuums are around 30 feet long.

Here, you can check a detailed comparison of specific models:

Dyson V7, V8, V10, V11

  • Price: Ranges from $299 to $693
  • Suction Power: Ranges from 100 AW to 185 AW
  • Run Time: Ranges from 30 to 60 minutes
  • Power Modes: 2 to 3
  • HEPA Filtration: Yes
  • Type: Upright, Cordless
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bag-less
  • Corded/Cordless: Cordless
  • Weight: Ranges from 5.45 to 6.68 pounds

BISSELL ProHeat 2X, Pet Hair Eraser, Steam Mop, Spinwave

  • Price: Ranges from $89 to $249.99
  • Suction Power: 6.8 Amps to 0.9 Amps
  • Run Time: Ranges from 20 minutes to Not Applicable
  • Power Modes: Not Applicable
  • HEPA Filtration: Yes
  • Type: Upright, Handheld, Electric Mop
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bag-less
  • Corded/Cordless: Ranges from Corded (25 feet) to Corded (22 feet)
  • Weight: Ranges from 6 to 19 pounds

Cleaning Scores

  • High Pile Carpet: Ranges from 98% to 100%
  • Low Pile Carpet: Ranges from 99% to 100%
  • Hardwood: Ranges from 77% to 100%
  • Overall Cleaning Score: Ranges from 88% to 99%.

How Long Do BISSELL Vacuum Last? Tips for Maintenance

BISSELL vacuums can last a different amount of time depending on the type and how you care for them. Let’s break it down:

Upright BISSELL Vacuums: These you push like a regular vacuum usually last about eight years. If you clean the filters and empty the dustbin every month, they can last even longer. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum is a good choice if you have pets.

Handheld BISSELL Vacuums: These smaller vacuums in your hand have a shorter lifespan, usually about three years. To make them last, you should take care of them by untangling the brush and keeping the filters clean.

Tips for Taking Care of All BISSELL Vacuums:

  • Always empty the dustbin to keep the vacuum working well.
  • Wash or change the filters when needed, as clogged filters make the vacuum less efficient.
  • Check the brush roll for any tangled hair or debris to avoid damage.
  • Use the void the way the instructions say for the best results.

So, if you treat your BISSELL vacuum nicely and follow these tips, it can help keep your home clean for many years!

BISSELL Vacuum Alternatives: Reliable Options

Here are some popular vacuum cleaners that work well. Let’s check them out:

Miele Classic C1 Vacuum:

  • Type: Canister vacuum with a power cable
  • Features: Cleans both bare floors and carpets, uses bags, six settings
  • Pros: Professional-grade, durable, made in Germany
  • Cons: No fancy features like LED displays

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Type: Bagless upright vacuum
  • Features: Powerful and low-maintenance
  • Pros: Strong suction, works on various surfaces
  • Cons: No reported issues

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Type: Cordless stick vacuum
  • Features: Top cordless option
  • Pros: High-performance, versatile
  • Cons: Higher price point

Shark Lift-Away Pro: NV356E S2 Upright Vacuum:

  • Type: Heavy-duty but lightweight upright vacuum
  • Features: Lift-away design, suitable for various surfaces
  • Pros: Easy to move around, effective cleaning
  • Cons: No reported problems

Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Type: Cordless bagged upright vacuum
  • Features: Lightweight, suitable for carpet and hard floors
  • Pros: HEPA filtration, cord retracts automatically
  • Cons: Might struggle with larger debris

LG Cordzero A9 Cordless Stick Vacuum:

  • Type: Cordless stick vacuum
  • Features: Suitable for hard floors, carpets, and more
  • Pros: Comes with two batteries, extra filter kit
  • Cons: No reported issues

Remember to pick a vacuum based on what you need, whether for everyday cleaning, tough tasks, or specific surfaces. Each option has unique features to help keep your home clean and dust-free!

The Bottom Line

In short, the BISSELL Vacuum Recall is super important if you have certain models that might catch fire. If your vacuum has numbers like 1985 or 2151, you must stop using it now. Contact BISSELL for help, and they’ll give you a new one for free to keep you safe. Always check for recalls so your home stays protected. 

Do things fast, follow what they say, and consider other good vacuums. Your safety is the most important, and knowing about recalls is a smart and necessary thing to do.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Recall 2024 – How To Check?

Dry shampoos are a popular product for women’s hair care routines. They’re handy when you can’t wash your hair with water, helping to get rid of grease quickly. Also, if you’ve spent a lot of time styling your hair, dry shampoo can help it look good for longer.

However, there have been some problems with Batiste dry shampoo recently. This blog post discusses the recall, issues with benzene contamination, lawsuits, and how to keep yourself safe. So, let’s dive in!

Who Owns Batiste? 

Batiste is a well-known dry shampoo brand owned by Church & Dwight Co. Other brands they own include Arm & Hammer, Oxi Clean, Orajel, Trojan, First Response, Nair, and Kaboom.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Recall

Batiste is facing a lawsuit for $2.5 million. The lawsuit says that Batiste’s dry shampoos might have a harmful chemical called benzene, which can cause cancer in people.

People need to know about product safety. Even though Batiste settled the lawsuit, it’s always smart to use products correctly and be aware of any risks.

Batiste’s issue is similar to other companies’ issues, like Unilever and Procter & Gamble’s with their dry shampoos, also because of benzene.

On October 31, 2022, an independent lab named Valisure told the FDA it found high levels of benzene in many dry shampoo brands, including Batiste. The lab tested 148 batches from 34 brands and found benzene in 70% of them. Batiste’s dry shampoos, such as “Bare,” “Floral & Flirty Blush,” and “Divine Dark,” were among those tested, and almost all had benzene, some as high as 14.9 parts per million (ppm). The FDA says benzene should be below two ppm.

In short, Is Batiste dry shampoo being recalled? No, even though they found benzene, they didn’t recall it. But the company, Church & Dwight, agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle the lawsuit.

If you bought Batiste dry shampoo before May 30, 2023, you can ask for money back. You might get all your money back if you have proof that you purchased certain Batiste dry shampoos, like Batiste Bare, Clean, or Light Bare ones. If you don’t have proof, you could still get $2 for each product, up to $10.

Refunds: If you bought certain Batiste dry shampoos before May 30, 2023, and can prove it, you might get a full refund. If you can’t prove it, you might get $2 back for each product, up to $10. If you bought other Batiste products, you could still get a $2 voucher for each, up to $10.

How to Claim: To get a refund, complete a form and send it in by November 15, 2023.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Lawsuit

The Batiste dry shampoo lawsuit, filed in 2022, said the products contained too much of a bad chemical that could make people sick. This lawsuit showed that the labels on the products didn’t say anything about this chemical, benzene.

Lately, people are paying more attention to benzene in personal care products. Big companies like Unilever and Procter & Gamble had to take back their dry shampoos because they also contained benzene. They found benzene in the spray part of the cans.

The Batiste dry shampoo lawsuit mentioned these products:

  • Batiste Bare
  • Clean & Light Bar
  • Batiste Products

Batiste Ingredient Investigation 

Apart from benzene, what about the other ingredients—are they safe?

Batiste’s “Original Classic Clean” dry shampoo contains the following ingredients: Butane, Isobutane, Propane, rice starch (Oryza sativa starch), denatured alcohol, fragrance (Parfum), Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl benzoate, Distearyldimonium chloride, and Cetrimonium chloride.

Are These Ingredients Bad for You? 

Let’s take a look at these ingredients one by one and see if they’re safe:

Butane: Used in aerosol sprays, can irritate and worsen respiratory issues. It’s rated six on EWG’s Skin Deep database.

Isobutane: Similar to butane, it’s also used in aerosols and gets a 6 rating on EWG.

Propane is another propellant. It’s an irritant but not as bad as butane, and it is rated three on EWG.

Oryza sativa starch: Just safe rice starch, but watch out for pesticide contamination.

Alcohol denatured: Safe in small amounts but can be harsh on the skin for some people.

Parfum (Fragrance): It can contain hidden harmful ingredients, so it’s best to avoid it unless the brand discloses what’s in it.

Limonene, Linalol, and Geraniol are found in plants but can be irritating. Their scores range from 3 to 5 on EWG.

Benzyl benzoate: An irritant and allergen with a 4-5 score on EWG.

Distearyldimonium chloride: An irritant that can cause asthma, rated four on EWG.

Cetrimonium chloride: Also an allergen and can trigger asthma, rated four on EWG.

Does Batiste Dry Shampoo Cause Cancer? 

Benzene can cause cancer if you’re exposed to it a lot over time. Since dry shampoo is used often and mostly indoors where you breathe it in, having benzene in it is worrying.

How To Check If Your Batiste Dry Shampoo Is Part Of The Lawsuit?

To check if your Batiste dry shampoo is part of the recent lawsuit:

  • Look at when you bought it. You might get money back if it was before May 30, 2023.
  • See if you bought one of these types: Batiste Bare, Clean, or Light Bare.
  • You can ask for all your money back if you have a receipt. If not, you might get $2 for each product, up to $10 total.
  • If you bought other Batiste products, you could get a $2 voucher for each, up to $10.
  • Keep an eye out for any updates from Batiste about the dry shampoo.
  • Remember, this info is correct for now, but it’s good to check for updates from Batiste.

Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Safe to Use Now?

Batiste dry shampoo was not involved in the recalls from December 2021 by P&G or October 2022 by Unilever because it’s owned by a different company, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. But now, independent tests by Valisure show that Batiste dry shampoo does contain benzene. Benzene is a chemical that’s not safe in large amounts. The FDA only allows very tiny quantities of benzene in products, but Batiste dry shampoo has more than what’s considered safe.

Valisure tested many kinds of Batiste dry shampoo and found benzene in almost all. They also tested brands like Not Your Mother’s, Garnier Fructis, and Redken and discovered benzene in about 70%. It’s important to know that benzene isn’t supposed to be in these products on purpose—it’s a contaminant. This means it gets in there by accident, and you can’t tell if a product has benzene just by looking at it. People are worried about benzene in aerosol products like dry shampoo, spray sunscreen, and deodorant.

How To Stay Safe With Your Hair Care?

If you think you got cancer from using Batiste dry shampoo, talk to a lawyer right away. They know what to do and can help you with your case.

Some ingredients in Batiste dry shampoo can cause skin problems, but they don’t contain talc, sulfates, parabens, or aluminum. Some experts say you should try other dry shampoo brands that don’t have these irritating ingredients. But be careful because some Batiste dry shampoos now contain talc.

Different Dry Shampoo That You Can Use Instead Of Batiste

If you want a different dry shampoo instead of Batiste, here are some excellent choices:

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: This one works well and doesn’t contain any bad stuff. It’s suitable for different hair types.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: It’s made with oat milk and no sprays. It’s nice on your scalp and makes your hair feel clean and big.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo doesn’t contain bad stuff. It makes your hair less oily and gives it texture.

Make sure to pick one that fits your hair needs. These options are safer for keeping your hair fresh and clean without making you sick.

Summing Up

To sum up, the Batiste Dry Shampoo issue in the US has many people worried. Some Batiste dry shampoos were found to have benzene, which is not safe. Even though Batiste hasn’t officially recalled the products, they did settle a lawsuit for $2.5 million. People should check when they bought Batiste dry shampoo and what type they got to see if they can get their money back. 

It’s also a good idea to look for other dry shampoo brands that don’t contain benzene. Being careful, learning about products, and keeping up with the news are important for staying safe with beauty products.

What’s the deal with the Batiste Dry Shampoo Recall in 2024? 

People are suing Batiste, saying their dry shampoo has a lousy chemical called benzene that can make you sick.

Which Batiste dry shampoos are in trouble? 

The ones called Batiste Bare, Clean, and Light Bare.

Is Batiste saying they didn’t do anything wrong? 

Yeah, but they still pay $2.5 million to settle the lawsuit.

How can I get my money back for Batiste dry shampoo? 

If you bought the bad ones before May 30, 2023, and can prove it, you might get all your money back. If you can’t prove it, you could still get $2 for each one you bought, up to $10.

What if I bought other Batiste stuff? 

You can still get a $2 coupon for each other Batiste thing you bought, up to $10.

What happened in October 2023?

They’ve met to decide if everything’s okay with the settlement.

Are there other dry shampoos that are safer? 

Yep, you could try ones from Living Proof, Klorane, or Bumble and Bumble.

Where can I check for updates on the recall? 

Watch out for news from Batiste or the people in charge of this stuff.

Subaru Recall 2023-2024

Subaru Recalls 2023. Some Subaru cars from 2023 are being recalled and need to be fixed. About 4,311 of these cars in the United States are part of this recall. The reason is an issue with its drive shaft, which helps the car move. In making these cars, some bolts in the drive shaft were painted by mistake, which could be a problem.

Subaru says these painted bolts might need to be better. Because of this, the front part of the drive shaft might come apart when the car is moving. This could make driving risky and might lead to a crash. If you own one of these cars, you might hear strange sounds or feel vibrations while going.

To fix this, Subaru sent a message to the owners of these cars around November 20, 2023. They will fix the problem for free by cleaning the bolts, putting in new ones, and ensuring everything is safe for driving. 

About 4,311 cars from 2023 must be fixed because of this recall issue. These cars are models like the Outback, Legacy, Ascent, and Impreza hatchback. 

If your car is one of these, it was made between March 20 and 31, 2023. They also found 148 Impreza sedans that need fixing from March 22 to March 27, 2023. 

Subaru found a problem with some of their cars on April 4, 2023. Subaru checked and saw that this problem didn’t cause any accidents or warranty claims. But to be safe, they’re telling owners of the affected cars about it. Let’s find out more information about Subaru and other car recalls!

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How Many Recalls Does Subaru Have?

Subaru has had several recalls in the past few years. According to NBC News, Subaru has recalled nearly 875,000 cars and SUVs in the US. It is due to engine and suspension problems. The recall covers more than 466,000 Crosstrek SUVs from 2018 and 2019 and Impreza cars from 2017 through 2019.

Why Is Subaru Having So Many Recalls?

Subaru has issued so many recalls for the following reasons:

  • There is a risk of engine stall due to potentially faulty fuel pumps.
  • Possibility of engines stalling or rear suspension parts detaching.
  • Improper adjustment of the brake light switch is a potential issue.
  • The ground bolt securing the Positive Temperature Coefficient heater’s ground terminal may have needed to be more adequately fastened during vehicle production.

What Is The Issue With The Subaru Impreza 2023?

Subaru cars are known for being reliable, but sometimes they can have problems. 

Let’s talk about some issues with the Subaru Impreza and how to fix them.

  • Rear Oil Leak: Some older Imprezas can have an oil leak at the back. This happens because of a part called the oil baffle. You can replace it with a better one.
  • Check Engine Light: If the engine light comes and goes, it might be the knock sensor. It’s an easy fix; you can also check the spark plugs.
  • Clutch Noise when Cold: A clattering sound from the clutch area when starting might mean a clutch issue. Subaru might replace it under warranty.
  • Brakes Wear Out Quickly: Brakes in new Imprezas might wear out fast. If you hear noise or must press hard on the brake, replace them.
  • Brake Lights Not Working (2010-2016 models): A burnt-out brake light might mean a bigger problem for these models. Check for silicone gas in the light housing.
  • Infotainment System Freezing: The screen in Subaru’s infotainment system can freeze sometimes. Restarting the car might help, or you can visit a Subaru dealership for a software update.
  • Windshield Cracks: In cold weather, some Imprezas windshields may crack when you turn on the heat. If you notice this, get it replaced quickly.
  • Underpowered Brakes: Some people find the brakes in the Impreza not strong enough. This can affect the suspension. If the ride is bumpy, the velocity joints might need replacing.
  • Poor Control and Sloppy Handling (2004 model): The 2004 Impreza can have steering issues, making it hard to control. If you feel it’s bumpy on a test ride, be cautious.
  • Black Smoke from Exhaust: Turbocharged Imprezas might have black smoke if the engine gets dirty. Change the oil and the oil filter to fix this.
  • Rodents Chewing Wires: Some Imprezas (mostly from 2017-2021) have wires with a soy coating, attracting rodents. You can try natural ways to keep rodents away or ask a mechanic for help.
  • Head Gasket Failure: If the check engine light shows a head gasket problem, fix it. Subaru might cover it under warranty.

How Do You Know If Your Subaru Has A Recall?

Last week, the people who make sure cars are safe, called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said that almost 250,000 Honda cars have a problem. There needs to be something quite right in how they were made, especially in a part called the connecting rod bearing.

If you want to know if your car has any recall, you can check on NHTSA’s website. They help you find out if your car’s been recalled. You just need to enter your car’s special number, the VIN.

Other Cars That Have Been Recalled

NHTSA talked about cars that had issues from November 11 to November 18. 

Let’s take a look at those cars that have been recalled. If you have one of these cars, checking and ensuring everything is okay is a good idea.

BMW Recalls

BMW has a problem with some of their cars, and they’re telling owners about it. Special bolts in the engine help it work, and in about 155,600 vehicles, these bolts might get loose over time. If that happens, the engine might stop, which can be dangerous because it could lead to a crash.

The cars that might have this problem are from the years 2010 to 2012, and they include:

  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW X3
  • BMW X5
  • BMW Z4

BMW is going to fix this for free. They will send letters to the owners on December 12 and then another note when they figure out how to solve the problem. If owners have questions, they can call BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.

Volkswagen Recall

Volkswagen has a safety problem with some of their cars, the ID.4, from 2023 to 2024. A special cover inside the car is supposed to stop fires, but in almost 24,000 vehicles, it might need to be fixed. If the body doesn’t prevent fires, it could be dangerous and hurt people.

Volkswagen is going to fix this for free. They will put something on the cover to make it better at stopping fires. They will send letters to the owners around January 5, 2024, to let them know. If owners have questions, they can call Volkswagen’s customer service at 1800-893-5298. The special number for this recall is 60G3. If you have this car, make sure to get it checked to stay safe.

Honda Recall

Honda is telling almost 249,000 people who own certain cars about a problem. There needs to be a correction in how the vehicles were made, especially in a part called the connecting rod bearing. This part is in the engine, and it can hurt the engine if it’s not working right. According to a report, a damaged machine might suddenly stop, leading to a fire, crash, or someone getting hurt.

People who own these cars, like Acura TLX, Acura MDX, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, and Honda Ridgeline made in certain years, should go to the car shop. The people there will check the engine and fix it for free. Honda will send letters to owners around January 2, 2024, to let them know. If owners need help, they can call Honda customer service at 1-888-234-2138. XG1 and GG0 are the recall number.

These are the cars that might have this issue:

  • Acura MDX made from 2016 to 2020
  • Acura TLX made from 2015 to 2020
  • Honda Odyssey made in 2018 and 2019
  • Honda Pilot made in 2016, 2018, and 2019
  • Honda Ridgeline made in 2017 and 2019

Does Subaru Fix Recall For Free?

Yes, Some Subaru cars are having problems, and the company is fixing them for free. Here are two issues they found:

Problem with Rearview Camera: 

Almost 96,000 Subaru cars, like the Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy, and Outback from 2021 to 2023, have a problem with the back camera. A part called the inhibitor switch might let water in and stop working. If this happens, the reverse lights won’t show, and it could lead to a crash. Subaru will send letters to owners on January 8, 2024, and they can fix it at no cost.

Problem with Driveshaft: 

About 3,700 Subaru cars, including the 2024 Crosstrek, Impreza, 2023-2024 Forester, and 2023 WRX, have a problem with a part called the driveshaft. If it breaks, the car might lose power, even when moving or parking without the brake. This could also lead to a crash. Subaru will send letters to owners on January 8, 2024, and they can fix it at no cost.

If you have one of these Subaru cars, make sure to get it checked to stay safe on the road.

What Is The Most Recalled Car?

According to a recent study, Tesla is the most recalled car brand. Studies show that Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X secure four out of the top five spots for most recalled models. Porsche’s lineup includes four models that have been subject to multiple recalls.

It’s important to note that recalls are issued to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. While it may seem inconvenient, it’s better to have a memory than to risk an accident.


In conclusion, Subaru’s 2023 recalls highlight the brand’s commitment to addressing potential issues and ensuring driver safety. While every car may have challenges, Subaru’s proactive approach, including free repairs and notifications, showcases a dedication to reliability. 

Stay informed, and let Subaru keep you on the road with peace of mind.

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ZLINE Recall 2024 – What is the problem with ZLINE ranges?

ZLINE Recall. There’s a bit of trouble with some ZLINE stoves – they’re recalling them! Around 30,000 might be letting out a not-so-friendly gas. Breathing that gas isn’t good, ZLINE wants to fix it. If you have one, better check and stay safe! Let’s find out more about this ZLINE Recall.

The reason? They might let out a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide when they’re being used. Breathing in this gas can make people very sick or even cause them to die, so it’s a big problem. When they first said there was a problem, they only offered to fix it. But now they’re saying you can get a new stove or get your money back if you’re worried about it. 

A bunch of ZLINE gas ranges have been recalled. The affected appliances are:

  • RG30
  • RGS-30
  • RGB-30
  • RG36
  • RGS-36
  • RGB-36
  • RG48
  • RGS-48
  • RGB-48 

If you have one of these stoves, you must stop using the oven part immediately, even if they already fixed it. Check the back of your stove for the model number. If you got it after 2020, look under the right side when the oven door opens. The ZLINE logo is on the door’s bottom. Look at these things to see if your stove is part of the recall.

Importantly, ZLINE stoves came in different door colors like black, blue, red, and white. They also had various finishes like stainless steel and cloudy steel called DuraSnow. You could buy these stoves at Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and The Range Hood Store in stores and online. They were on websites like and The stoves were sold from February 2019 to December 2022, costing between $2,300 and $6,900. If you have one, check if it’s part of the recall.

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Other Recalled Appliances:

  • Samsung Washing Machines are recalled because they can cause fires.
  • Safety people say dehumidifiers can catch fire; 1.56 million more machines are recalled.
  • Electrolux and Frigidaire recalled refrigerators because they could choke you.
  • GE Electric Cooktops were recalled because they might burn you.

What Are The Issues With ZLINE Appliances?

The people who make the stoves, ZLINE, got 44 reports that the stoves were emitting dangerous gas, and three people even got sick. After they tried to fix it, 131 more people said it didn’t work, and the stoves were still putting out the harmful gas. So, if you have one, it’s better to be safe and not use it until they figure out how to improve it.

There’s this gas called carbon monoxide, and it’s super dangerous. You can’t see it or smell it, but it can make people sick or even cause them to die. To stay safe, the experts say we should put particular detectors in our homes, near where we sleep. These detectors can beep if there’s too much of that harmful gas. If you ever feel a bad headache, dizziness, or throw up, it might be because of this gas, so it’s essential to have those detectors to keep us safe.

ZLINE is contacting people who repaired their stoves, giving them extra details and choices like an inspection, a new stove, or a refund. The company lets people choose to get a new one or their money back. The stoves were made in China and came in sizes, like 30 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. They’re saying to stop using them now and follow the recall to get a new one or a refund. If you haven’t set up a repair yet, contact ZLINE to learn what you can do. You can still use the stovetop safely if it’s not part of the issue. Stay in the loop to keep your kitchen safe!

Who Owns ZLINE?

ZLINE started in 2007 with Andrew Zuro leading the way. It’s a family business in Lake Tahoe, USA, making stuff for kitchens and bathrooms. Andrew Zuro is the big boss. He and his team created and sent everything from the United States. They find inspiration in the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada places and want their products to be just as lovely.

ZLINE pays excellent attention to details, making things unique and stylish. They use sound technology to make their products even better. The goal is to make homes look and feel fantastic. ZLINE wants to bring nice things to the places that matter the most in people’s lives.

Why ZLINE Appliances Are So Popular?

ZLINE has incredible things for every home, i.e., it is a famous brand. They come in lots of styles and colors. The best part is they take care of you! If something goes wrong, ZLINE has a promise to fix it. They even have extra promises you can buy to feel super safe. 

Here’s a quick look at what they promise:

  • Stoves: They promise for one whole year and forever for burners.
  • Kitchen Hoods: Three years of promise on parts and forever for motors.
  • Wall Ovens: One year of promise.
  • Dishwashers: One year of promise.
  • Microwaves: Two years of promise on parts.
  • Fridges: One year of promise and five years for particular parts.
  • Sinks, Faucets, Showers: They promise forever.

ZLINE is doing things differently to make people happy. That’s why people like them!

What should you do if you have Called ZLINE Appliances?

Don’t use the oven if your stove is one of the ones they recalled. Talk to ZLINE to figure out what to do – they might give you money back or a new one instead of fixing it.

People who already have their stoves fixed are getting messages from ZLINE to check, fix, or get a new one. You can still use the burners on top, but don’t use the oven, even if it got fixed. Only use it again after ZLINE looks at it.

Call ZLINE at 888-359-4482 from 8 in the morning to 7 at night, Monday to Friday. Or email them at [email protected]. Check their recall page for info.

If you find something wrong with your stove, tell the safety people by calling 800-638-2772 or going to

Is ZLINE Worth It?

ZLINE is a brand that cares about making good stuff for your home. They’re all about quality and affordability, and they call it “Attainable Luxury.” They promise their things are tough and last long, and they even have guarantees for you. ZLINE makes fancy kitchen things that won’t break the bank, and they have stuff for new cooks and super chefs. Plus, they like helping their community, working with groups like Forever Young Foundation, and donating to first responders. Whether ZLINE is worth it or not depends on consumers’ preferences.

ZLINE has cool stuff for your home that makes it look fabulous and great. They have ranges, range tops, hoods, wall ovens, and dishwashers. 

Let’s break it down:

  • Ranges: These are like super cool stoves that come in different colors. You can pick the size that fits your kitchen, and they even have fancy editions with Italian-made burners.
  • Rangetops: These are like stoves but smaller. They fit on your counters, and you can cook with gas burners. They come in shiny steel and even special steel called DuraSnow.
  • Range Hoods: These are like superhero masks for your stove. They keep the air clean when you cook and come in different styles.
  • Wall Ovens: These are like magic baking boxes. You can cook things evenly, and they have a cool glass door so you can see your food.
  • Dishwashers: These are like magic cleaners for your dishes. ZLINE’s dishwashers come in different sizes, clean well, and you can even change the color to match your kitchen.

ZLINE makes everything relaxed and fun for your kitchen!

What Is Better – Thor Or ZLINE?

Two popular brands for kitchen stuff are ZLINE Kitchen and Thor Kitchen. Both make good things, but choosing one can be challenging. ZLINE is a family company started by Andrew Zuro in 2005. They make fancy kitchen things and believe everyone should have cool stuff. Thor Kitchen is in California and makes restaurant-grade kitchen stuff for homes. They want to give you great things without a huge price.

ZLINE stuff comes in different sizes and colors, even special steel. Thor things are all stainless steel and brutal like pro equipment. Both are good, but ZLINE is more about style, while Thor is about being practical. Pick what you like!

Recommended Best Gas Ranges Of 2024

The best gas ranges cook food well, have different burner sizes, and don’t cost too much. The Good Housekeeping Institute tested lots of them and found the top picks. 

Here are a few of the best gas ranges:

  • LG LSGL6337F is best overall
  • Maytag MGR6600PZ is a good deal
  • GE Profile PGS930YPFS is a smart
  • Samsung NY63T8751SS is best with two ovens
  • Dacor DOP36P86DLS is fancy
  • Viking VDR5366BSS is for pros
  • Frigidaire Gallery GCFG3060BF has an air fry.

LG’s range is innovative and cooks evenly. Maytag’s is good value. GE’s is brilliant and has potent burners. Samsung has two ovens. Dacor’s is fancy but needs careful cleaning. Viking’s is for pros. Frigidaire’s has air fry without taking up counter space. If you’re getting a gas range, these are great options.

Wrapping Up

ZLINE’s recall of around 30,000 gas ranges due to potential carbon monoxide risks is a serious matter. The affected stoves, sold from 2019 to 2022, could pose health dangers, prompting ZLINE to offer replacements or refunds. The company prioritizes customer safety and satisfaction. Despite this setback, ZLINE is known for its commitment to quality and design, reflecting the elegance of Lake Tahoe. If you own a ZLINE gas range, it’s crucial to check if it’s part of the recall, cease oven use, and contact ZLINE for guidance on securing a safe solution. Stay informed for a secure kitchen environment.

Diet Coke Recall 2024 | Is Diet Coke being discontinued?

Is Diet Coke Being Recalled? Coca-Cola Bottling Group United in College Park, GA, has recalled around 177 cases of Coca-Cola Ultimate. Yes, you read that right! We’ve got a recall on a soda called Coca-Cola Ultimate. It comes in 20oz bottles, with 24 bottles in each box. The problem? The label says “Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar,” but that’s not what’s inside. If you’re dealing with health stuff like diabetes or heart things and you’re cutting down on sugar, then you must avoid this soda. Some bottles got their labels mixed up. No one’s had issues from sipping them, but it’s better to play it safe. If you’ve got these bottles, toss them out – don’t take a sip.

This mix-up with Coca-Cola is the latest oopsie in a series of recalls for some grocery goodies. It would help if you looked out:

  • Lot No. SEP2523CPA
  • UPC 049000552065
  • The “Best By” date is Sept 25, 2023

If you bought this soda, don’t drink it – toss it away immediately! Stay safe!

It’s not only Diet Coke, but also some talk about other drinks. Seems like some popular ones are getting recalled in spots like Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Do you know where we heard this? Yep, a post on Facebook and some details from

Get this: Fanta Orange and Sprite, the crowd-pleasers, are part of the bunch. And get this, too – they got bottled and packed in Alabama. So, if you come across these drinks, maybe giving them a pass for a while is best. Other things, like certain hot dogs from Perdue and a bunch of romaine lettuce, have also been on the recall list. So, before munching down, it’s wise to check if your snacks are in the clear.

When Did The Diet Coke Recall Start?

The Diet Coke recall started on July 1, 2023, and it’s still happening. These bottles went out in Georgia. Stay soda-safe, folks!

Is There Any Difference Between Diet Coke And Coke Zero?

There are these drinks: Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Three wise dietitians say that the tiny difference in sweeteners doesn’t make one better than the other. Notably, Coke Zero contains less caffeine than Diet Coke. But guess what? The dietitians say that doesn’t mean one is healthier than the other. Caffeine doesn’t make a drink healthy, but it might be better or worse for certain people.

So, the extensive advice from these diet enthusiasts? Pick the one you like the taste of! If you’re into less caffeine, go for Coke Zero. But here’s the real deal – neither of these drinks is super healthy. The best bet? Try to drink less soda overall, no matter which one you fancy. The dietitians suggest slowly cutting back instead of quitting cold turkey. Try bubbly water with fruit if you’re craving something fizzy and sweet. It’s a way to enjoy flavors without the fake stuff.

Remember, occasionally, having a Diet Coke or Coke Zero is okay. But if you’re sipping one daily, think about cutting back. Have fun trying different fruits with bubbly water – it’s a tasty way to keep things natural!

In a nutshell, Coke Zero Sugar and Diet Coke are both sugar-free and have no calories. Coke Zero Sugar closely resembles the taste of the classic Coke. At the same time, Diet Coke has a lighter flavor with different blends.

Fun fact: Diet Coke was the first sugar-free cola in 1983. Then came Coca-Cola Zero in 2006, which later got a makeover and became Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in 2016.

Is Diet Coke Healthy?

Some people drink it because it feels like a treat without all the sugar. But is it healthy? Or Is it wrong for you? And did you hear about a group saying that a sweetener called aspartame might be linked to cancer?

First off, let’s clear things up. Some say diet soda could cause serious stuff like high blood pressure, diabetes, memory issues, and even cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) said aspartame, a sweetener in diet drinks, is a “possible” cancer thing.

Now, this “possible” cancer thing means there’s not enough proof to say it’s for sure wrong. Another group from WHO said it’s okay, though. They looked at the same stuff and didn’t worry. Most people don’t gulp down tons of diet soda every day, but experts suggest keeping it to just one can daily.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) checks these things and still thinks aspartame is fine for most folks in average amounts. Other sweeteners like stevia and sucralose are also considered safe. If you’re worried about the chemicals in diet soda, try drinking less and go for water or fizzy water instead.

Even though diet soda has no calories, it might make you gain weight. Why? When your brain tastes sweetness but gets no calories, it tells you to eat more. So, people might munch more snacks. It’s just something to think about if you like diet soda.

Lastly, having a few diet sodas won’t hurt you but won’t make you super healthy. Think about your whole diet and lifestyle. Eating good food, drinking water, and moving around are more important than how much diet soda you drink. It’s always good to eat less processed stuff and choose healthier options.

What To Do If Your Diet Coke Is A Part Of Recall?

If you have any of the food, Diet Coke, or any other food product that’s been recalled, don’t eat it. You must throw it in the trash or return it to where you bought it. There’s a worry that people might have this food at home because it lasts a long time. They didn’t show a picture of the food in the recall notice. So, remember, if it’s on the list of recalled stuff, it’s time for it to go bye-bye!

How Do You Check If Your Diet Coke Has Been Recalled?

To see if your Diet Coke has been recalled, try these steps:

  • Watch the News: Look out for news or stories about Diet Coke being called back. Sometimes, they share this info on the news.
  • Check Official Websites: Go to big websites like Coca-Cola or the FDA. They have the newest and best info. Find the part about recalls or keeping things safe.
  • Look at the Numbers: They’ll tell you about batch numbers or dates if there’s a recall. Match these with what’s on your Diet Coke bottle.
  • Use the Internet Tools: Some companies have tools online. You put in details about your product, and it says if it’s part of a recall. Check Coca-Cola’s website for any tools like that.
  • Ask for Help: Talk to Coca-Cola’s helpers if you’re unsure or can’t find info online. They can guide you and tell you if your drink is a part of the recall.

Always remember, it’s super important to know and act fast to keep yourself safe if there’s a recall.

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Diet Coke Too Much?

Some studies looked at people who drink diet soda a lot and found it might not be great for them. They saw things like gaining weight, problems with their stomachs, heart issues, and wanting more sweets. Recently, they even said it could maybe make the chance of having a stroke more likely. But it’s important to know these problems happen when people drink diet soda every day for a long time, not just once in a while.

Recommended Healthy Alternatives To Diet Coke?

If you like drinks with caffeine but want to cut back on sodas like Diet Coke, here are some tasty and healthy options. Let’s check them out!

  • Arnold Palmer Lite: A mix of iced tea and lemonade with less sugar than sodas.
  • Sparkling Water: Flavored sparkling water is a bubbly and sugar-free alternative. Some machines even offer caffeinated sparkling water.
  • Kombucha: A fizzy drink with probiotics and antioxidants for gut health.
  • Maple Water: A refreshing and subtle drink with a small amount of natural sugar.
  • Fruit and Herb Infusions: Mix your favorite fruits and herbs in water for a delicious, sugar-free beverage.
  • Coconut Water: A hydrating choice with natural sugars and electrolytes.
  • Mineral Water: A zero-calorie option with added minerals for a balanced taste.
  • Sparkling Water with a Splash of Juice: A low-calorie option with a fruity twist.
  • Tea – Iced or Hot: Try different flavors, and if you want sweetness, add a bit of honey.
  • Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade: A cold glass on a hot day with a hint of natural sweetness from cane sugar or agave nectar.

Trying these alternatives can be a fun way to discover new favorite drinks while cutting down on sugary sodas.

Bottom Line

So, there’s been a bit of a hiccup with Diet Coke – a recall situation. Some bottles got their labels mixed up! If you got a batch from College Park, GA, watch out. It’s not the end of the world; check the news or official sites for information. If you spot your bottle in the recall list, don’t panic. Chuck it away or take it back. And it’s not just Diet Coke; other drinks are in the mix too. But fret not, there are plenty of excellent alternatives – teas, lemonades, and even fancy stuff like kombucha. So sip on something new and stay refreshed!

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Bosch Dishwasher Recall – Report and analysis for 2024

Bosch is one of the most trustworthy dishwasher companies. The NY Times and the Wirecutter often give them high scores on almost all tests. But occasionally, some models may overheat or break down. The most frequent Bosch dishwasher issues include catching fire and overheating power cords. These issues may pose a home risk and have been linked to property damage.

Bosch is recognized as one of the top home appliance producers in the world. But even the best devices sometimes have to be serviced. Due to a fire risk, hundreds of thousands of Bosch dishwashers have been recalled over the past years. We shall go into great detail about the Bosch dishwasher recalls in this article.

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About the Brand

Bosch is the brand name for Robert Bosch GmbH. It is a global German engineering and technology business. Its main office is in Gerlingen, Germany. Robert Bosch founded the business in Stuttgart in 1886. The Robert Bosch Stiftung, a nonprofit organization, owns 94% of Bosch. Bosch is the largest automotive provider in the world by revenue.

About 23% of the overall sales for the Bosch Group in 2019 were attributed to the consumer products industry. Its offerings include everything from washing machines and clothes dryers to refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. It includes small appliances like coffee makers, food processors, and vacuum cleaners.

Besides, the Bosch Group operates businesses in various areas that aren’t considered part of one particular sector. The company has operations in more than 60 nations around the world. It does business through an advanced global structure of more than 440 regional and subsidiary companies.

About Bosch’s dishwasher

A dishwasher automates the process of washing dishes. We must load the dishes into the dishwasher, fill it with detergent, and choose a cycle. The dishwasher handles the rest, which delivers clean dishes to us. There are various wash cycles available in a dishwasher to clean our kitchenware. According to the items you use, these wash cycles vary the water, temperature, and time.

The amazing dishwashers from Bosch are of high caliber. They perform challenging jobs while assisting with conserving energy and water. From entry-level to top-of-the-line, the various Bosch dishwasher series are

  • Ascenta,
  • 100 Series,
  • 300 Series,
  • 500 Series,
  • 800 Series,
  • 800 Series Premium, and
  • Benchmark.

This list of the top dishwashers has been topped by the 800 Series, with the SHPM88Z75N holding the number one position recently.

Recalled Bosch Dishwashers

There is no confirmed Bosch dishwasher recall scheduled for 2023. The most recent recall occurred in 2019. There is no additional information regarding the company’s plans to conduct another recall. The recall history of Bosch dishwashers is listed as follows:

  • On January 15, 2009, Bosch recalled 476,000 units due to 51 occurrences. Out of that, 30 incidents involved claims of fire and property damage.
  • In response to five fires and electrical cord overheating reports, 149,000 devices were recalled on October 1, 2015.
  • On October 20, 2017, 408,000 devices were recalled due to a power cord overheating issue.
  • Bosch and other dishwashing brand manufacturers recalled 469,000 units on April 23, 2019. It was due to a potential fire hazard with the power cord.

Now, let us know about the above recalls in the upcoming sections. 

Recalls of Bosch dishwashers in 2009

BSH Home Appliances Corporation recalled dishwashers from the Bosch and Siemens brands in 2019. It’s because those products pose a fire risk.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Bosch Home Appliances issued a voluntary recall on January 15, 2009. This was to repair specific Bosch dishwashers made in the U.S. Certain Bosch and Siemens dishwashers sold in the U.S. and Canada between May 1999 and July 2005 are subject to this recall.

The brand name is printed on the dishwasher’s front control panel. You’ll find the model and serial numbers in the dishwasher’s upper right-side door panel. Thus, we can easily sort out the recalled items.

From May 1999 to December 2006, they cost between $550 and $1,100. They were sold at appliances and specialized merchants all around the nation.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for over 476,500 Bosch and Siemens dishwashers due to a fire threat. In some models, an electrical component might overheat and start a fire. 30 instances of fire were among the 51 reports of incidents the manufacturer, BSH Home Appliances Corp., received. There have been no injuries reported from these incidents.

It was instructed that consumers should discontinue use of recalled products immediately. Reselling or attempting to market recalled consumer goods was prohibited.

The recall of 5 million dishwashers from Bosch and Siemens

Reuters reported in 2013 that a Siemens and Robert Bosch joint venture plans to recall 5 million dishwashers worldwide. It occurred when a defective electrical device was discovered to pose a fire hazard.

Dishwashers Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Constructa, and Junker+Ruh have been known to overheat for years. (after the previous recalls). Until 2013, it was considered that they resulted from issues with local power networks. On September 5, 2013, a representative for the joint venture, BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgerate, made these statements.

She said the incidents happened in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Ireland. As we know, BSH first recalled dishwashers in the U.S. in 2009.

There have been 69 incidents of smoking in the dishwasher in Germany. In that time, 2 million of the problematic dishwashers have been sold. But most of them have not resulted in an open fire, the spokeswoman added.

She could not provide information on the number of instances reported globally or the potential cost of the recall. The joint venture owns equal shares of Bosch and Siemens.

Recalls of Bosch dishwashers in 2015

On October 1, 2015, BSH Home Appliances issued a recall notice for a few dishwasher models. It was due to the possibility of a fire hazard. The recall might impact owners of dishwasher owners made by Bosch, Gaggenau, Kenmore Elite, and Thermador.

Thus, selected BSH Home Appliances dishwasher models have been voluntarily recalled as of October 1, 2015, due to a power cord issue. The power cord may become hot. According to Bosch, it might cause a fire, damage to the property, or even cause someone to get injured.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall for 149,000 dishwashers sold in the U.S. and 45,000 in Canada. These products put you at risk of an overheating power cord that can catch fire.

 It was advised for people to check with the manufacturer’s website. This is for those who owned a Bosch, Gaggenau, Kenmore Elite, or Thermador dishwasher bought between January 2009 and May 2014. Customers can determine whether their dishwasher matches by looking at the model on the website.

BSH reported ten occurrences of overheating power cords. Five of them created fires and caused property damage. The dishwashers didn’t overheat when they were idle. But it happened while they were in operation.

Dishwasher recall expanded by Bosch home appliances

On October 19, 2017, BSH Home Appliances Corporation voluntarily extended its 2015 safety recall. This was to include the replacement of the power cords on specific types of dishwashers under the Bosch brand. This was done with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada.

The dishwashers under the Bosch brand that were subject to the above safety recall expansion were made between September 2012 and January 2015. Those products are distributed through specialty and appliance retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Recalls of Bosch dishwashers in 2017

In the two years, five more reports of power cords overheating, catching fire, and causing property damage have been made to BSH. (2015 to 2017) Due to this, the company recalled 663,000 dishwashers in the U.S. and Canada, adding 459,000. But there have been no injuries recorded.

The dishwasher recall covers some models that BSH Home Appliances produced during seven years. January 2008 to January 2017 were covered. The recalled models came in stainless steel, black, white, and custom panel options. The range of costs for those items was $850 to $2,600.

BSH urges users of affected dishwasher models to arrange for a free check and a new power cord. Consumer Reports estimated that the fix should take under an hour. Owners were said to contact the BSH recall hotline for more information and look at the CPSC recall notice.

Users should know where to locate their model and serial numbers before going online or calling the helpline. These are frequently printed on the inner door panel’s top or side within the dishwasher. Bosch advises users to pay close attention to their serial numbers. Not all products from the same model line are included in the recall.

Recalls of Bosch dishwashers in 2019

Bosch and other dishwasher brand manufacturers recalled 469,000 dishwashers on April 23, 2019. The power cord’s ability to overheat and catch fire caused this recall. The recall is an extension of a two-year-old recall that included 663,000 models of dishwashers in the United States and Canada. This includes 194,000 models from Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau, and JennAir.

The 2017 recall’s expansion covered 469,000 more units produced between early 2013 and mid-2015. A total of 408,000 of them were sold in the United States by the following:

  • appliance and specialty merchants,
  • department stores, 
  • authorized builder distributors, and
  • home improvement stores (both on-site and online).

Sixty-one thousand items were sold by Canadian retailers that were similar. The initial recall and the following extension both concern the following five brands:

  • Bosch brand
  • Gaggenau brand
  • Jenn-Air brand
  • Kenmore Elite brand and
  • Thermador brand

Users can find the initial recall and expansion announcements on the U.S. CPSC and Health Canada websites. It provided details about specific models and serial numbers. CPSC recall notices were issued for the BSH Home Appliances dishwasher recall in the United States

Only fifteen recall-related incidents have been recorded. One occurrence was reported in Canada, while fourteen were reported in the United States. Every incident that was reported involved fires caused by an overheating power cord.

Although there has been property damage in each instance, no injuries have been related to them.


People should not panic about the recall. The manufacturer offers a free in-home repair visit from an authorized service specialist. They also offer a replacement power cord. Users can schedule a visit by dialing the BSH safety recall hotline during business hours.

If you suspect your dishwasher is affected by this recall, disconnect it and cease using it until you are sure.

Call the safety recall hotline if you have concerns or worries. The manufacturer set up a hotline to respond to any relevant queries. They will certainly resolve concerns, assist customers in determining whether their dishwasher is covered by the recall, and schedule appointments.

No Dreamland Sleep Sack Recall and Is safe for you

There is no recall of Dreamland sleep sack, but there are certain things to know before you plan to find it. On The largest group of pediatricians in the nation has warned that a sleep aid for babies might be fatal. But, weighted swaddles and sleep sacks’ makers compare them to a parent’s hand resting gently on an infant’s chest. This means it creates the sense of “being held and hugged.”

One of the most well-known manufacturers of weighted sleep sacks is Dreamland Baby. The business claims that its products are secure. They promise that their products adhere to strict safety standards. Also, they are endorsed by experts in healthcare, research, and testing. According to the study, Dreamland Baby has never been the subject of a recall.

The Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack is a product you should know if you’re already elbow-deep in researching the top baby sleep sacks. This is because it follows the anxiety-relieving idea of weighted blankets for kids but in a creative sack-style shape. Let us learn more about the Dreamland sleep sack in detail in this article.

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What exactly is a Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack?

The Dream Weighted Sleep Sack provides a delicate layer of comfort for babies. They evenly spread the weight from your baby’s shoulders to their toes to help them fall asleep. It has the same comforting quality as a parent’s hug and is free of motion. The lightweights allow newborns to comfortably roll, sit, stand, or even play in their sleeping area without worry.

It has a 1.0 TOG level, ideal for rooms maintained at 68–73°F or 21–23°C. Drool and diaper blowouts are no problem due to machine washability. Choosing the proper sack or swaddle is simple because sleep sack sizes are also based on baby weight.

About the Manufacturer

Dreamland Baby manufactures a cutting-edge line of weighted blankets and sleep sacks. It is an expert in weighted sleep solutions for infants and children. The products have received doctor approval for providing sound sleep for happy and healthy families.

This product was developed by Tara Williams, a mother of four, after the birth of her fourth child, Luke. Tara Williams requested $100,000 from the Shark Tank for 10% of her business, Dreamland Baby. She developed this brilliant concept after struggling to get her infant to sleep at night. These customized blankets for falling asleep soothe babies and promote better sleep.

Tara informed the sharks that the lifetime sales of her business, Dreamland Baby, were close to $30,000. One of her online crowdfunding efforts brought in about $25,000 in revenues. Customers who visited her website online provided the remaining $5,000.

The energetic and pleased entrepreneur received a $100,000 offer from Lori Greiner for 25% of the shares. Tara Counter quickly provided 20% equity. Ultimately, they reached an agreement at $100,000 for a 22.5% stock stake in Dreamland Baby. On December 1, 2021, DreamandBaby declared it had hit a $10,000,000 revenue milestone.

Dreamland Baby has expanded its color and size selection. They did so by offering an XL Dream Weighted Sleep Sack for children between the ages of 24-36 months. The company has released the Dream Weighted Sleep Sack for infants from 0 to 6 months old.

Dreamland Baby’s weighted supplies were created by working with pediatricians, NICU nurses, and skilled sleep experts. To ensure their security, pulmonologists review them. They have also met all requirements the Consumer Product Safety Commission set forth.

Since the brand’s September 2019 launch, it has had exceptional growth. It was expected to reach 8-digit sales levels by 2021 itself. It gained popularity after Tara signed a deal with Shark Lori Greiner on ABC’s Shark Tank in May 2020.

Several retailers now offer Dreamland Baby products, including Target, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale, Amazon, Babylist, and The business is actively expanding its global reach.

Are weighted sleep sacks unsafe for infants?

Adults with insomnia or anxiety are increasingly using weighted blankets. They claim the product’s soothing pressure helps them fall asleep more quickly. But several businesses, such as Nested Bean and Dreamland Baby, offer weighted sleep goods. These are meant for infants and even newborns.

Pediatricians and several product safety experts, like those at Consumer Reports, are worried about those products. They claim that these items are being offered with little to no safety testing or safety guidelines.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warned the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in a letter in June 2023. It is said that babies shouldn’t ever use these weighted goods.

“There’s no rule for these,” explains Rachel Moon, pediatrics professor, MD. He also chairs the American Academy of Pediatrics’ task committee on sudden infant death syndrome. 

She says, “People believe that if something is on the market, someone has considered it safe.” However, in the United States, this is different.

A federal agency called the CPSC is responsible for ensuring that consumers are protected against unsafe items. According to a spokesperson, it has at least one fatality report utilizing a weighted infant product.

The group has been gathering data for its continuing investigation into wearable blankets. The CPSC continues to advise parents to shop carefully. They stress that parents should speak with their pediatrician before purchasing any product that claims to improve the health of a baby or assist with sleep.

However, entrepreneurs who founded Nested Bean and Dreamland Baby stated that their experiences as mothers of newborns who wouldn’t sleep inspired these products.

The devices made by Dreamland Baby contain plastic beads that evenly distribute weight over the torsos of infants. Infants up to 6 months old are heavier, weighing almost 13 ounces. They distribute the weight across a broader surface area.

The business expanded greatly after starting a Kickstarter campaign and appearing on “Shark Tank” in 2020. According to a news release from Dreamland Baby, more than 500,000 of its items have been sold.

Dreamland Baby prioritizes safety in all of its marketing campaigns. They claim that their goods adhere to strict safety standards and are endorsed by medical, research, and testing experts. Hence, Dreamland Sleep Sacks are considered a safe product.

How can a weighted sleep sack help your baby sleep?

It’s a known fact that parents spend a lot of time with the baby during a baby’s first few months. They will try to figure out how to get their child to sleep at regular intervals and for extended periods.

According to a poll, only one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep each night is achieved by over half of all parents of children. This survey was carried out with kids under six months. Even though it may be difficult, your kid will likely suffer more sleepless nights than you have in your entire life. But this is normal for growth. However, it does not imply that there are no ways to assist.

It can be challenging to determine what is safe and what isn’t. Doubt arises when trying to improve your baby’s sleep patterns.

We know that we want the research to back up our knowledge of what is safe for our infant. As per the study, babies who prefer to sleep in the security and comfort of their parents’ arms have a safe option in Dreamland Baby’s weighted sacks.

How reliable are Dreamland sleep sacks?

Dr. Jonathan Jassey is a pediatrician in Woodbury, New York. He believes sleep sacks are safe for babies. “I’ve discovered that babies from zero to six months old can benefit from the gentle weight of the swaddle. It provides them with a womb-like feeling. So it can help calm and settle them,” he says.

Infants can use weighted sleep sacks as they get older( up to the age of 36 months). The power of deep touch activation is utilized by even weight distribution from the shoulders to the toes. This can aid in relaxation and make it easier for them to go to sleep and stay asleep longer.

These innovative sleep sacks are a much better option. It is better than packing even the best baby cribs with blankets that could suffocate the baby. Weighted or unweighted sleep sacks are made to provide comfort and a cuddly feeling. They offer that without significantly increasing the risk of SIDS or other sleep-related problems.

In actuality, the American Academy of Pediatrics severely forbids placing blankets in cribs. The current sleep guidelines are to avoid blankets and suffocation dangers at all costs if a baby isn’t moving into the toddler bed zone.

Remember to use a weighted blanket after your child is old enough to take off weighted sleep items alone. Do not use that in a crib. The following details can show you how reliable the Dreamland baby sack is.

It is secure to use the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack:

What you’ve probably heard is true: babies shouldn’t use loose-weighted blankets. Dreamland Baby is a weighted sack that your child can securely wear. It is not a loose, weighted blanket. It zips and won’t cover your baby’s mouth or nose. Thus, it resembles the regular wearable blanket for babies in terms of design. The item abides by the advised weighted blanket safety suggestions. It states that the weight should be at most 10% of your baby’s body weight.

Weighted blankets offer a suffocation risk to infants and toddlers under two. But the weighted sack from Dreamland Baby is safe. Thus, it will improve your baby’s sleep.

Proper sizing uses less than 10% of the child’s body weight

The Dreamland Baby Weighted Sacks are composed of soft, natural cotton and have a two-way zip. The weight in the front area of the product is added by securely sewing inside beads. They are non-toxic, safe, and not made from recycled materials. The weight is uniformly distributed across the entire front of the sack to provide the ideal balance for safety and better sleep.

Doctors and medical research promote the safe use of the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack for babies weighing 8 pounds and up and aged 0 to 22 months.

A gentle weight (10% or less of the baby’s body weight) allows motion. Anything a baby can do in a non-weighted sleep sack will still be possible for your child to do, including roll, sit, and stand.

Dreamland Baby also feels safe if your kid can roll over

Babies roll over as early as 3 to 4 months of age. But you should put your baby to sleep on their back.

You ought to shift your baby from the weighted swaddle to the weighted wearable blanket as soon as they rolls over. Luckily, the Dreamland Baby’s 0–6 month size has a removable swaddling wing. 

Dreamland Baby completed its safety before its release

The company made it a point to only supply completely safe products for newborns to sleep in, with this being their number one priority.

Here are some specific safety details you should be aware of:

  • Dreamland Baby has passed all mandatory tests as well as additional ones. They exceed all requirements set by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • When used as instructed, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes Dreamland Baby’s Weighted Swaddle as a “hip-healthy” product.
  • Each sack can be used year-round in warm and cool places because of its TOG rating of 0.6.
  •  All items undergo thorough testing, both necessary and optional.


The Dreamland website offers a wide range of colors and sizes. It is the ideal way to purchase Dreamland Baby Sleep Sacks and Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddles. Certain styles of these sacks are now available on Amazon. Thus, this product is widely available and has not undergone any recalls.