Is Yoplait Whips Discontinued – Why is it hard to find?

Yoplait is one of the world’s largest franchise brands of yogurt. This renowned brand is a joint venture between General Mills and Sodiaal. According to reports, there’s no sign of Yoplait Whips being discontinued in the US. The official Yoplait website still showcases Whips as part of their product range. 

If you are a Yoplait Whips enthusiast concerned about their availability, you certainly aren’t alone. Questions and rumors swirled about the status of Yoplait Whips recently. 

What Are Yoplait Whips?

Yoplait Whips! A low-fat yogurt Mousse—a light and fluffy snack that’s big on deliciousness. It’s a creamy, strawberry-flavored yogurt mousse with a delightful, airy texture. This treat satisfies your sweet cravings without guilt. It comes with just 2.5g of fat, 140 calories, and essential vitamins A and D in every 4-ounce cup. It’s gluten-free. Plus, it is made with live cultures and free from artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup.

Enjoy it as a midday pick-me-up, or stash it in your portable cooler for on-the-go snacking. For a cool and creamy treat, try freezing these yogurt mousse cups. Create delightful yogurt parfaits by layering this mousse with your favorite fruits. When it’s time to unwind in the evening, Yoplait Whips! Lowfat Yogurt Mousse is the perfect choice. Keep it in the refrigerator until you can savor it, one spoonful at a time.

In a nutshell, Yoplait yogurt is all about goodness. It’s free from artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and colors from artificial sources. You can enjoy the goodness of Yoplait in every spoonful!


The history of Yoplait traces back to 1964. It was the time when 100,000 French farmers decided to merge six regional dairy cooperatives. It was done for more effective nationwide marketing of their dairy products. The Yoplait brand emerged in 1965. It was created by blending the names of two cooperative members, Yola and Coplait.

Philippe Morlighem designed the company’s logo. It features a six-petaled flower, symbolizing the six founders of the main cooperatives. A few years ago, a redesigned logo with five petals was gradually introduced.

On May 18, 2011, General Mills announced its acquisition. They controlled 51% interest in Yoplait SAS, the brand’s primary operating company. They also acquired a 50% interest in the brand’s intellectual property. At the same time, Sodiaal retained the remaining ownership stake. The acquisition was completed on July 1, 2011.

Is It Hard To Find Yoplait Whips?

Yes, Yoplait Whips is hard to find right now. The company said, “We’re sorry to hear that finding your favorite Yoplait flavor was challenging. The yogurt industry saw increased competition. Due to this, limited shelf space and distribution challenges exist for some Yoplait flavors. We were actively addressing these distribution issues. We encourage you to use our product locator to help locate your preferred Yoplait flavor. If your local retailer doesn’t carry your favorite flavor. We recommend letting the store manager know about the Yoplait flavor you’d like to see on their shelves.”

Also added, “In our mission to create delicious yogurt. We’re constantly introducing new flavors. Unfortunately, this sometimes means discontinuing less popular ones. If you miss your favorite, we encourage you to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also share which product you want to see on the shelf. Please take a moment to explore our Flavor List, featuring over 40 flavors. You might discover a new favorite among our offerings!”

All in All, Yoplait Whips have not been discontinued! They are still a part of the Yoplait family, offering a range of delightful flavors to enjoy. So, if you’ve been missing your favorite Yoplait Whips, you can sigh in relief.

Impact on Consumers

Competition in the yogurt industry is getting fierce. This means some Yoplait flavors may need more shelf space. They’re actively working on improving distribution. The company stated, “We respect our customers, and their satisfaction is our priority.”

Fans are sharing their love for Yoplait Whips! One fan expressed their affection, saying, “I love these! I wish my local stores had more flavors.” 

Another fan, living in Central Florida, shared his enthusiasm for the strawberry whip. But mentioned it’s become more challenging to find.

Three months ago, a fan said about enjoying Whips when they were younger and is thrilled to have found it again. 

Five months ago, another fan emphasized the popularity of the strawberry mist flavor. Besides, he requested more availability in stores. 

They suggested that Yoplait should produce more to meet the high demand.

Is Yoplait Whips A Healthy Snack?

When it comes to the question of whether Yoplait yogurt is a healthy snack, it certainly has its merits. Yoplait yogurts contain probiotics, known for their immune-boosting properties and potential health benefits. Additionally, they’re fortified with vitamin D, aiding calcium absorption.

For those watching their weight. Yoplait offers options like Yoplait Light, a fat-free yogurt. It’s a smart choice for those seeking a lower-calorie snack.

Lastly, if you’re searching for the healthiest Yoplait yogurt, plain varieties are often recommended. They are typically lower in calories and a good source of protein and calcium.

While Yoplait Whips remain available, it’s important to note that Yoplait has discontinued some other product lines. For example, Custard Style Whips has been discontinued. But other products of Yoplait are still available. So, you can continue to enjoy the goodness of Yoplait, whether it’s Whips or other healthy yogurt options.

What Happened To Yoplait Whips?

In 2017, General Mills reported a 20% decline in yogurt sales. The drop was even more pronounced for light yogurts as consumers leaned toward richer, creamier options. Yoplait now ranks the third-largest yogurt brand, trailing behind Dannon and Chobani.

In an earnings call, General Mills President Jeff Harmening acknowledged the need. So that they can reposition their US yogurt portfolio into faster-growing, premium segments. The company invested nearly $1.2 billion in acquiring a 51% stake in Yoplait in 2011. However, the yogurt landscape has evolved.

Consumers seek simpler, better-tasting yogurts with an artisanal feel. Traditional yogurts like Yoplait have become commoditized. It is valued mainly for its affordability compared to more premium alternatives.

The real growth opportunities lie in premium varieties—notably Greek yogurt, which now accounts for a significant portion of the market. General Mills responded by reformulating Yoplait Greek 100. It enhanced its protein content, reducing sugar and improving texture and taste.

To cater to the growing interest in snacking. The company introduced Yoplait Dippers, Yoplait custard, and a yogurt drink. The aim is to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. Or to revitalize their yogurt business.

Do Yoplait Whips Still Exist?

As per the official Yoplait website, Yoplait Whips are still available in the US. They offer a delightful variety of flavors, including: 

  • Vanilla Crème
  • Strawberry Mist
  • Raspberry Mousse
  • Orange Crème
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Coconut Crème
  • Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Some rumors were circulating that Yoplait Whips were discontinued last summer. However, reliable sources confirm that they are still going. Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! It may have been in limited release recently. It is believed that they have been back on shelves nationwide in March.

Rest assured! You can continue to savor your favorite Yoplait Whips flavors without any concerns!

Alternatives to Yoplait Whips

Yoplait’s Chocolate Mousse-flavored Whips yogurt may not be the healthiest choice. With 160 calories, 105 mg of sodium, and a hefty 22 grams of sugar, it leans towards being less nutritious. Furthermore, it provides only 5 grams of protein. It is a small protein source. You’re just consuming extra sodium and sugar. This means you are not reaping the benefits of protein-rich yogurt. 

Consider healthier alternatives to support your dietary goals and well-being. Look no further! We’ve gathered a list of your healthiest and most delicious yogurt options.

Chobani Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Plain: 

It’s loved for its simple ingredients, smooth texture, and versatility. Plus, it’s packed with live active cultures for probiotic goodness.

Stonyfield Organic Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, Plain: 

This full-fat choice offers 16 grams of protein per serving without added sugars. Tasters appreciate its creamy yet light texture.

Fage Best Self Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt: 

If dairy gives you tummy troubles due to lactose intolerance. This lactose-free option is a tasty solution. It provides all the benefits of dairy yogurt without the discomfort.

Siggi’s Plain Icelandic Nonfat Yogurt: 

Siggi’s Icelandic skyr yogurt is super thick and low in carbs. Perfect if you’re craving something creamy.

Kirkland Signature Plain Organic Greek Yogurt: 

Costco’s Kirkland brand yogurt holds its own against name brands. Not only this, but it also comes at a budget-friendly price. It offers nearly 50 ounces in a tub.

Siggi’s 2% Coconut Icelandic Yogurt: 

It is a great choice for those seeking yogurt with less added sugar. It has a touch of tanginess and is ideal for those who prefer less sweetness in their flavored yogurt.

FAGE Total 2% Cherry Split Cup Greek Yogurt: 

Instead of sugary fruit-on-the-bottom options. Try Fage Total Split Cup Greek Yogurt for a fruity treat with less sugar. Cherry is a favorite, but there are other flavors to explore.

Two Good Strawberry Low Sugar, Low Fat Greek Yogurt: 

With only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar per serving and a touch of stevia for sweetness. It’s a great option for those watching their carb and sugar intake.

Where To Buy Yoplait Whips?

Yoplait Whips is a well-liked brand of yogurt mousse. It is available in many flavors. If you are on the hunt for your favorite Yoplait flavor. There is an exciting news for you. Yes, you read that right! You can buy Yoplait Whips from various retailers, both online and in physical stores.

For those looking for deals, Walmart offers Yoplait Whips in different flavors. It comes at prices as low as $0.72 per 4 oz yogurt cup.

You’ll typically find Yoplait Whips at your local grocery store. However, it is usually available in the dairy aisle or yogurt section. Suppose online shopping suits you better. Then, you can use the official Yoplait website’s product locator to find it at a nearby physical store or an online retailer.

Furthermore, if you prefer convenience, you can order Yoplait Whips from Instacart. Instacart delivers your product straight to your doorstep.


In conclusion, the status of Yoplait Whips may have raised questions and concerns among its dedicated fans. In comparison, Yoplait has indeed discontinued certain product lines in the past. Custard Style Whips is an example of its discontinued product line. The good news is that Yoplait Whips are still available for those who savor their delightful flavors.

If you’ve been facing challenges finding Yoplait Whips at your local grocery store. Then don’t fret. The official Yoplait website offers a convenient product locator tool to assist you. So, indulge in the creamy goodness of Yoplait Whips, knowing that they’re here to stay!