Balance Bars discontinued

Are Balance Bars discontinued or shortage only in 2024?

Are Balance Bars discontinued? Balance Bar is the brand name of a healthier snack bar. This product is founded on the 40-30-30 dietary concept. As a result, the diet has a 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% dietary fat mix.

Balance Bar Peanut Butter produces different flavors of children’s and adult-sized peanut butter. A large number of the brand’s popular products were recently recalled. The FDA did not start this recall. Yet the brand itself made an intentional choice to do so.

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Who owns Balance Bars?

Thomas Davidson and Richard Lamb developed “The Balance Bar” Company in 1992. The business was based in Santa Barbara, California, and was known as Bio Foods, Inc. Initially, and natural food stores sold these balance bars. In 1996, they were first made available in chain stores.

The company’s quick expansion attracted Kraft Foods’ attention. Later, it was acquired by Kraft Foods for $268 million in January 2000. This acquisition was part of a plan to expand into natural foods. Yet, under Kraft, the business failed. In December 2009, it was acquired again by the private equity firm Brynwood Partners. This firm is known for purchasing orphan brands from big businesses for an undisclosed amount. NBTY later purchased Balancing Bar in 2012. 

What happened to balance bars?

Balance Bars discontinued

NBTY and Carlyle agreed to buy Balance Bar from Brynwood Partners, who had purchased the brand from Kraft Foods in 2009. NBTY officials claim they are committed to rebuilding the brand regardless of what happened with Balance Bar. It is being made to help us fulfill our hunger and produce a high-energy snack. Balance Bar supplies us with satiating protein, helpful antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E), and other important nutrients.

Peanut butter balance bars

A bad news situation is spreading for people who are peanut butter lovers. It is nothing, but the majority of famous brands of peanut butter have returned to the market following a peanut butter recall. This predicts major peanut butter shortages for 2023. The cause of this global peanut butter recall varies depending on the brand. Some brands have been recalled due to quality issues. Others have been recalled because of a lack of raw materials.

In the United States of America, peanut butter is a huge part of breakfast. Most youngsters start the mornings at school with bread and peanut butter. It is extremely nourishing because it contains the right amount of protein and is highly filling. 

Almost 700 people have died due to an infection brought on by a particular kind of peanut butter. Several brands of peanut butter contain infections that have caused many health problems in those who have consumed them.

The manufacturer of Balance Bar Peanut Butter has issued a recall. The FDA did not make this recall. However, the brand itself decided to recall its product.

Balance Bars discontinued 2024

Balance Bars is a famous brand of nutrition bars. They aim to provide a well-rounded combination of essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats. These bars are a valuable and tasty way to fuel the body and stay satisfied throughout the day.

As of 2024, balance bars are no longer available. This famous nutrition bar line, created in the 1990s, has been discontinued. Several retail sources verified the discontinuation decision, and Balance Bars are no longer listed in their product catalogs.

For those who enjoy Balance Bars, there are various other nutrition bars. These alternatives suit your taste and nutritional needs. Here are a few choices:

  • Clif Bars
  • KIND Bars
  • Quest Bars
  • Luna Bars
  • Perfect Bar


The Balance Bar company was well-known for producing well-known protein bars. They tasted fantastic and could be eaten by anyone. Also, it has been providing the market with various protein bars and related goods since 1992. The manufacturing of this brand’s items will now end forever. This is according to recent press reports.

It is unknown why this product has been discontinued. The brand could not re-enter the market and resume making profits after 2012 recalls. This is the driving factor behind the company’s decision to stop making its goods. As a result, this brand’s goods are no longer listed for sale. It was well-known for using top-notch ingredients in sufficient quantities and serving for almost two decades. It had the right balance of nutrition and flavor.

Do balance bars contain allergens?

Yes, balance bars may contain common allergens such as:
Tree nuts

Are balance bars beneficial for weight loss?

Balance bars can be part of a healthy diet. It may aid in weight loss by providing a tasty, high-protein snack. Their well-balanced macronutrient profile can help control cravings and keep energy levels stable. When adding them to a weight-loss plan, keep the overall calorie intake and nutritional demands in mind.

What caused the end of the balance bars?

The discontinuation of balance bars can be linked to a variety of factors. This included issues faced following recalls and changes in ownership over time. It was finally decided to They have permanently stopped production, even though later owners tried to bring the brand back into existence.
The central element about the withdrawal of Balance Bars is verifying that they are no longer available for purchase.

Can I still get Balance Bars after their discontinuation?

Balance bars are no longer available for purchase because they were discontinued. The decision to withdraw the brand means that existing stocks may still be available in some stores or online sellers until supplies run out. However, there are no plans to produce or market additional batches of Balance Bars in the future. Balance bars are no longer available for purchase.

Will Balance Bars return in the future?

There currently needs to be plans to reintroduce Balance Bars to the market. Following years of issues and recalls, the decision to give up the brand appears to be permanent. Customers looking for similar products may choose from other nutrition bars on the market.

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