Seiko luxury watches new releases 2024

Grand Seiko released some fantastic new watches at the big event in Geneva called Watches and Wonders. They’re known for making excellent watches, and these are extra special.

So, Seiko is a famous Japanese company that makes all sorts of cool stuff like watches, clocks, and even electronic gadgets. They’re good at what they do.

Now, let’s talk about some new releases from Grand Seiko. They’ve got nine shiny new ones in 2024, less than usual, but each one is exciting.

One of them has a new design on the front, and another has this relaxed movement inside that has yet to be used in 50 years, to be exact! And get this: There’s even a watch made with this super fancy metal called Ever-Brilliant steel, which is a bit smaller than what they usually make. How cool is that?

They also have this new version of a watch called Kodo. Sounds mysterious.

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SLGT005 Kodo Constant-Force Tourbillon

The Fancy name, huh? It is one of the fanciest ones they’re making. It’s like something from a spy movie!

This watch is part of Grand Seiko’s Masterpiece Collection, which means it’s top-notch. The case – that’s the part that holds everything together – is made of a mix of platinum and a super brutal metal called Brilliant Hard Titanium. It can even go underwater up to 100 meters deep! And guess what? The front and back of the watch are made of this tough stuff called sapphire.

The best part? The dial – that’s the part with the numbers – is see-through, and the bracelet – the band you wear around your wrist – is made of this fancy beige leather. You have to wind it up by hand to make it work, and it can keep ticking for 72 hours straight! Imagine that!

But here’s the kicker – there will only be 20 of these watches made, and we don’t even know how much they’ll cost yet. 

SLGH021 Evolution 9 Genbi Valley Limited Edition

Let’s talk about another new watch; that’s a mouthful! This one’s special because its design is inspired by this place called Genbi Valley, and it’s a pretty light green color.

And get this – it’s the first made with this unique metal called Ever-Brilliant Steel. They’re only making 1,000 of these, and they’ll be available starting in June 2024 for $10,400 each. That’s a lot, but hey, it’s super fancy! 

It’s 40mm wide, 11.7mm thick, and 47mm long. Just the right size! The case is made of Ever-Brilliant Steel, which is super special. It can go up to 100 meters deep underwater and even has a unique crown to keep water out. The dial is light green and covered with a solid material called sapphire. Check out the bracelet – it’s made of Ever-Brilliant Steel, too, and folds three times!

Oh, and here’s the best part – you don’t have to wind it up because it runs independently and can keep going for 80 hours! That’s like two school days!

Plus, it tells you the time, has a date thingy, and even shows you seconds. How awesome is that?

SLGW003 and SLGW002

What’s unique about them is they have a new kind of movement inside called the 9SA4, which hasn’t been used in watches for 50 years. This movement is like the engine of the watch, and it’s made to be wound up by hand.

These watches are smaller than usual, at 38.6mm wide. One of them, the SLGW003, is made of a strong metal called Brilliant Hard Titanium, while the other one, the SLGW002, is made of fancy 18k rose gold. Both have crystals on the front and back that you can see through. The dials are silvery with a pattern that looks like horizontal lines.

You can wear them in water, but they’re not meant for diving because they can only go underwater up to 30 meters. The strap on the watch is made of crocodile leather, and it has a clasp that folds three times.

These watches can keep running for a long time once you’ve wound them up – up to 80 hours! They show the time, have a particular part that tells you how much power is left, and also show the seconds.

The SLGW003 will be available in August 2024, but only 80 of the SLGW002 will be made. The prices are A$15,950 or US$10,700 for the Brilliant Hard Titanium and A$67,200 or US$45,000 for the 18k rose gold one.


It’s a newer version of their first watch, made in 1960. This watch is fancy because it’s made of rose gold, a special kind of gold. The color of the dial is dark blue, like a night sky full of stars. And guess what? Even the hands and numbers on the dial are made of gold!

Only 50 of these watches will be made, costing $26,500 each.

It’s 38mm wide, 10.4mm thick, and 45.7mm long. The case is made of rose gold, a shiny type of gold. You can wear it in a little bit of water, but not for swimming because it can only go underwater up to 30 meters. The front and back of the watch have clear covers made of a strong material called sapphire. The dial is dark blue with a pattern that looks like stars twinkling in the sky. The strap has fancy crocodile leather on top and softer calf leather underneath.

Inside the watch is a particular part called the movement, which can keep going for 72 hours once it’s been wound up. The watch shows the time, including hours, minutes, and seconds.

SBGJ277 Snowy Valley

This watch is made of stainless steel and is inspired by snowy valleys, where snow stays even in summer. The silver dial has a GMT feature, which helps you keep track of time in different places. It costs $6,800.

SBGC275 Caliber 9R 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

This watch is unique because it’s made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a particular type of movement. It’s made of a rigid material called hi-intensity titanium and has a red dial with a pattern that looks like a lion’s mane. There are only 700 of these watches, costing $13,400 each.


Another watch with a lion’s paw case made of hi-intensity titanium. The dial is silver and shiny, like a lion’s mane. This watch also has GM0T and costs $10,700.

SBGD215 Masterpiece

This is a super fancy watch, limited to only eight pieces! It’s made of platinum and has lots of sapphires and diamonds. The dial is blue and powered by a special kind of movement that needs to be wound up by hand. This one is costly, costing $300,000 each.

These watches have different features and designs, but they’re all made with quality materials and attention to detail.

Where Can You Buy A New Seiko Collection?

If you want to buy Seiko watches in the United States, here are some places you can look:

Seiko USA Official Online Store: This is the official website to buy Seiko watches. They have Seiko 5 Sports, Prospex, Presage, and Essentials collections. They offer free 2-day shipping on all orders.

Helios Watch Store: This online store is based in India but sells Seiko watches internationally. You can check out their collection for a Seiko watch that suits your style and budget.

Ethos Watch Boutiques: Another store in India that sells Seiko watches. They have a variety of Japan-made Seiko watches like Seiko 5 Sports, Coutura, and Dress. You can explore their selection online or visit their store.

Local Retailers: You can also visit local stores in the U.S. that are authorized to sell Seiko watches. You can use the Seiko Store Locator to find a store near you.

Explore these options to find the perfect Seiko watch for you!


In short, Seiko’s new watches for 2024 offer lots of excellent options for people who love watches. They have neat designs, are made well, and mix old and new styles. These watches are for all kinds of people, whether you like sports, exploring, or want a nice watch for everyday wear. Seiko has something for everyone!

You can choose rugged and affordable Seiko 5 Sports, super strong Prospex, or classy Presage watches. Check out Seiko’s new watches to find one that perfectly matches your style and needs!


What are the key features of the Seiko Prospex 1965 Heritage Diver’s Watch SPB453? 

The SPB453 updates Seiko’s famous 2020 line of 1965-inspired dive watches. It features smaller, thinner cases, higher water resistance, and an increased power reserve compared to its predecessors.

What special edition does the Seiko Grand Seiko Pink Snowflake offer?

In honor of Spring Drive’s 20th anniversary, the Grand Seiko Pink Snowflake features a pale pink dial that emulates the morning sun’s reflection on freshly fallen snow. It maintains the original dimensions and builds the titanium of the iconic Snowflake model.

Which Grand Seiko watch draws inspiration from Japanese cherry trees?

The Grand Seiko Sakura-Wakaba (reference SBGH343G) has a gorgeous green dial inspired by the budding leaves of Japanese cherry trees in spring. It features a 38mm case diameter and is powered by the hi-beat automatic Cal—9S85 movement.

What color dial does the Seiko Presage Classic Series SPB467 feature?

The SPB467 has a salmon-colored (technically araigaki) textured dial inspired by silk. It’s a refined piece from Seiko’s Presage Classic series.

What is the Seiko Evolution 9 lineup, and what’s its beautiful addition?

The Seiko Evolution 9 lineup receives a beautiful addition in the form of a brilliant dial for a new Sport GMT. This release celebrates Seiko’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Which Grand Seiko model features a “starry night” addition to the Elegance collection?

The stylish “starry night” addition to the Grand Seiko Elegance collection is a must-see. It adds a touch of celestial beauty to the lineup.

Where can I find more information about Seiko’s 2024 releases?

For comprehensive details on all the new Seiko and Grand Seiko models, keep an eye on watch enthusiast websites and official Seiko channels. The brand consistently releases exciting timepieces throughout the year.

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