Is Rue 21 Perfume Discontinued in 2024?

Do you know Rue 21, the fabulous store with nice-smelling stuff? Well, rue 21 perfume discontinued some of their products. But don’t worry, some are still around!

There’s Rue21 Black, which has fruity and flowery smells. Then, there’s Pink Ice, but it’s harder to find now because it was a special edition. Steadfast by Rue21 is another one; it’s fresh and young. And Cozy, which is perfect for when it’s chilly outside.

Oh, and people loved this one called Revert Eco because it was eco-friendly, but they discontinued it. Some fans even started a petition to bring it back!

If you ever come across any of these perfumes, consider yourself lucky! They’re like hidden treasures now.

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What Does Rue 21 Black Smell Like?

Rue 21 Black is a captivating fragrance that combines sweet and spicy elements. 

Top Notes:

  • Orange: Adds a zesty and refreshing touch.
  • Pineapple: Infuses a tropical sweetness.
  • Green Notes: Provide a fresh and lively opening.

Heart Notes:

  • Tiger Lily: Introduces a floral elegance.
  • Creamy Coconut: Brings a creamy, exotic warmth.

Suppose you’re a fan of Rue 21 Black. In that case, you might also appreciate fragrances like Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, which balances fruity and floral notes, or Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar, known for its cozy warmth. 

Why Do Perfumes Get Discontinued?

Do you know why perfumes are discontinued? Let’s find out some reasons for this!

People’s Tastes Change: Just like how you might start liking different foods as you grow up, what people like in perfumes changes too. What was cool before might be calmer now. Back in the ’80s, people liked strong, flowery smells, but now they like fresher, cleaner ones.

Sometimes, They Can’t Make It Anymore: Perfumes use unique ingredients; sometimes, those ingredients become hard to find or not allowed to be used anymore. Like oakmoss, a smell used in some perfumes, had to stop being used because some people were allergic to it.

Perfume Companies Do Some Tricks: Sometimes, companies make only a little bit of perfume on purpose to make it seem special. But once it’s gone, it’s gone! This makes people want it even more.

So, even though it’s sad when our favorite perfumes discontinue, it happens for many reasons.

Can You Still Buy Rue 21?

You can still buy Rue 21 perfumes! Here are some options:

Rue 21 Black: It smells like being at the beach, with hints of orange, tiger lily, and creamy coconut. You can get it on Amazon for $38.16.

Rue 21 Pink Ice: This one’s a limited edition, so it might be harder to find. Check Rue 21’s website or other stores.

You can also look on websites like Poshmark for Rue 21 perfumes.

Watch for other Rue 21 perfumes like Wild by Rue 21. They’re still making that one! Remember to pick a perfume that fits your style and makes you feel good. Whether you like fruity, flowery, or cozy smells, there’s a Rue 21 perfume just for you!

What Scent Is Similar To Rue 21?

If you like Rue 21 perfumes, you might like these from other stores:

  • Victoria’s Secret Bombshell: It’s fruity and flowery, great for every day.
  • Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar: If you liked Rue 21’s cozy scents, this one has warm vanilla with some sweetness.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct: It’s fresh and young, with hints of fruit and flowers.
  • Hollister Wave: This one’s like Rue 21, chill and relaxed, with a beachy feel.
  • PINK Sugar Eau de Toilette: If you liked Rue 21’s fun and sweet scents, this one smells like cotton candy, vanilla, and caramel.

Just try them on your skin to see which one you like best. Everyone has different tastes, so find the one that’s perfect for you!

The Wrap

So, when Rue 21 perfumes are discontinued, it can make fans feel a mix of feelings. They might be sad that their favorite scents are gone, but it also allows them to try new perfumes. Understanding why perfumes are stopped, like if people’s tastes change or can’t get certain ingredients anymore, helps us understand why this happens. 

Fans might miss perfumes like Rue21 Black or rue21 Pink Ice, but they can try finding similar ones or special editions. There are always new perfumes to discover, so even though things change, there’s always something new and fun to try!


 Why are some Rue 21 perfumes no longer available?

 Rue 21 periodically evaluates its fragrance lineup, and some scents may be discontinued due to changing trends, production costs, or limited availability of specific ingredients.

Is Rue 21 Black still being produced?

As of now, Rue 21 Black remains available. However, checking with local stores or online retailers for the most up-to-date information is essential.

Can I find Rue 21 Pink Ice anywhere?

Rue 21 Pink Ice was a limited edition fragrance. While it’s no longer widely stocked, you might come across it through resellers or specialty fragrance shops.

What happened to Rue 21 True perfume?

Rue 21 True, part of the limited edition collection, may no longer be in production. Collectors and fans occasionally find it in vintage fragrance markets.

Did Rue 21 discontinue Revert Eco?

Rue 21 discontinued Revert Eco, a budget-friendly and eco-conscious fragrance. Fans expressed disappointment, and there was even a petition to bring it back.

Are there any alternatives to Rue 21 scents?

Absolutely! Explore fragrances from other brands with similar vibes. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct are worth trying.

Can I still find Rue 21 Cozy perfume?

Rue 21 Cozy, another limited edition scent, might be elusive. Keep an eye out at vintage fragrance stores or online platforms.

 Why do some Rue 21 perfumes become rare treasures?

When a fragrance is discontinued, its availability decreases. Collectors and enthusiasts seek out these discontinued scents, making them coveted and rare.

Is Rue 21 planning to reintroduce any discontinued perfumes?

Rue 21 occasionally surprises fans by re-releasing limited edition scents. Stay tuned for announcements or special events.

Can I still get Rue 21 Black online?

Yes, Rue 21 Black is available for purchase online. Check Rue 21’s official website or other authorized retailers for availability.

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