Is Kirkland plastic wrap discontinued or shortage only in 2023?

Is Kirkland plastic wrap discontinued or shortage only in 2023?

Is Kirkland plastic wrap discontinued? Plastic wrap is a thin plastic film commonly used to seal food items in containers. It is also called cling film, Saran wrap, cling wrap, Glad wrap, or food wrap. It is used to keep food fresh for a longer period. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the material that was primarily used to make plastic wrap. It is still the most widely used material worldwide.

Preservation and safeguarding are the main tasks of plastic wrap in food packaging. Food can be kept fresher for a long time by using plastic wrap. Also, it is used to maintain the food’s quality. Plastic wrap shields food from chemical, biological, and physical dangers. Moreover, plastic wrap can lessen food waste, label products, and improve product visibility.

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Is Kirkland plastic wrap safe?

The USDA and FDA state that plastic wrap from Kirkland is suitable for use in microwaves. But the wrap shouldn’t come into contact with the meal. The container must be wrapped, and the food must be kept in the container.

The wrap is mainly a clear or transparent covering to protect the interior from food splatter. Plastic wrap from Kirkland can also be used as lids, although it should be disposed of more quickly. As a result, we didn’t have to clean it up later.

All common plastic wrappers, including Kirkland, are safe to use in the microwave. The two organizations specifically check them. They were examined for heat resistance, the capacity to withstand regular microwave oven temperatures without melting or catching fire, and BPA-free.

Polyvinyl Films, Inc. is the industry leader that makes professional, high-quality plastic food wrap. They produce Kirkland Food Wrap. Costco sells Kirkland Signature Stretch-Tite Plastic Food Wrap for $19.99.

Is Kirkland plastic wrap discontinued?

Is Kirkland plastic wrap discontinued or shortage only in 2023?

The manufacturer has not discontinued Kirkland Signature Stretch-Tite Plastic Wrap. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is used to make Stretch-Tite. There is concern that chemicals from the wraps could leach into food, especially at high temperatures. It is safe to use Kirkland plastic wrap in the microwave because it is of the highest quality.

One of the initial worries about microwaving plastic is that the heat from the device can alter the food quality. It may happen due to the release of dioxins, which are toxins. Further research has rejected that theory. Dioxins are not present in plastic.

The assumption that plastic releases dioxins into food arise from this fact. The fact says that dioxins are produced when waste of plastic, metal, wood, or other materials is burned.

The MomJunction Webpage lists the “11 Best Plastic Wraps Worth Purchasing in 2023,” including Kirkland Signature Stretch Tite Plastic. It is described as a great food wrap that preserves freshness. Also, it is rated the best because the product can deter fruit flies. People can preserve fruits and vegetables for months using 750 square feet of plastic wrap until it runs out. The height of this kitchen plastic wrap is 2.9 inches.


The answer is yes if anyone is wondering if they can microwave Kirkland Plastic Wrap. The biggest risk when using a microwave is keeping it away from the food while it is heating. It is because there is a chance that the plastic will melt onto the hot food or infect it with plasticizers.

Like Kirkland’s brand, ensure that plastic wrap has a microwave-safe label. This shows USDA and FDA approval for its usage as a food-grade spatter shield or covers for microwaving meals. As the pressure in the tight plastic releases, we should not forget to poke holes in it.