Yogos discontinued 2023 – Is they still make it?

Why Yogos discontinued? The snacks and candy industry is really famous among kids. All of us have grown up eating our favorite snacks and candies, which are a significant part of our childhood memories. We cannot imagine her childhood without the taste of these unique candies and snacks. As children, we did not understand the concept of demand and supply, but when we grew up, we started understanding why our favorite candy was discontinued suddenly. Such is a case of Yogos manufactured by Kellogg’s.

Yogos was a very unique candy sold by Kellogg’s. It took the concept of the goodness of fruits and made it into small fruit-flavored balls coated with yogurt. It had the goodness of fruits and the taste of yogurt as well. But unlike many popular snacks from childhood, such as skittles and M&M’s, yogas could not survive the time. It was eventually discontinued by Kellogg’s, and now it is no longer available in the market.

This snack by Kellogg’s was sold in many exciting flavors. The flavors included Strawberry Slam, Crazy Berries, Watermelon Burst, Island Explosion, and Berry-Berry-Banana. Although this was a healthy snack made from fruits and yogurt, it wasn’t a healthy snack. It was high in sugar content and had a very high-calorie value.

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Why Yogos discontinued? 

why Yogos discontinued?

Yoga’s house was discontinued five years after its release into the market. Although it was an exciting product, it needed to sustain itself in the market longer. People needed help understanding the reason behind its discontinuation as the brand did not reveal it officially to the public. But there have been many exciting assumptions by the public. One is that Yogesh could have been a more nutritious snack. It had a sugar content of 18 g in one pack. 

For women, the daily sugar consumption is 25 g, ideally. This means that if this one pack was consumed by a woman, it would make up for more than half of her daily sugar content. It did not have any beneficial nutrients to compensate for the high sugar content. Another reason why this Nekunj is probably discontinued is because of the oils that they use in their yogurt. Many parents complained that their children had an allergy after consuming the snack. There were also theories that Yogos contained oil unsuitable for consumption.

Another reason why this is supposedly discontinued is because of low-profit margins. The product was too expensive for the public and had low nutritional value. This is why people didn’t buy it, and it would only make a little profit in the market. The company decided it was not a profitable product which is why it was discontinued.

Low nutritional value

Yogos had meager nutritional value. 80 g or a product had 18 g of sugar content. This made it high in calories and sugar, and people didn’t like the fact that ye had nothing good to offer to children and adults who consumed this product. 

But many people have said that since it is a candy, its primary purpose was taste and not nutrition. This is why many people have asked Kellogg’s to bring back the snack into the market, as they miss it a lot. It had a unique flavor of its own and gave a fruit punch to the public. As of now, there are new plans for Yogos coming back into the market.

People have signed petitions to make this snack come back into the market. But right now, Kellogg’s doesn’t have any plans. It has also discontinued many of its other products, which could have performed better in the market. The thing is that even though Yogos has some fans in the market, more is needed to make this product profitable. To make a product profitable, a vast customer base is required. 

Will Yogos make a comeback in the market?

There are no plans for Yogos to come back in the market. The brand has not responded to any other requests by customers who have been pleading with Kellogg’s to bring back your house. Yogos was not a profitable product as assumed by the public. It could only appeal to a particular market segment which needed to be more to make profits. Also, the product must be redesigned regarding its nutritional value. 

It is not a nutritional product at all and is not healthy. Its sales were low, as people occasionally purchase it for taste. To be purchased regularly, it needs to have at least a mediocre level of nutrition and some low sugar levels. But if you are really interested in tasting something like Yogos, there are many products similar to that in the market. 

A product by Welch offers the same candy with fruit punch and yogurt taste. When Yogos are unavailable in the market, you can try those snacks by Welch and fulfill your cravings. Welch snacks are also available in flavors such as Strawberry, Blueberry-acai, and Mango-Peach.


Yogawast has discontinued long ago, but people still need to get over it. It was a compelling product with a short product life in the market. There are different reasons to support the discontinuation of Kellogg’s. One of the primary reasons is the low nutritional value, as it was not a nutritional product.

People today are getting more health-conscious and do not want to mess with their health. This is why for a brand to be successful in the market, especially in the food and beverages industry, it has to look after the health factor. Just giving anything to the public with taste but a high-calorie value is going to fail to work.

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