Peanut Butter Recall List

Peanut Butter Recall List 2024 – 9 Brands that recalled in the market

Peanut butter is a food paste or spread made out of ground, dry-roasted peanuts. Peanut butter is a nutritious food with high protein, vitamins, and minerals levels. It is commonly used as a spread over bread, toast, or crackers and in sandwiches. It often includes additional salt, sweeteners, or emulsifiers that change the texture or flavor.

Although peanut butter has strict regulations, you may have heard of some product recalls and safety concerns. Peanut butter can be contaminated with salmonella and aflatoxins. Salmonella thrives in peanut butter because of its low water content. This article explains the recalled peanut butter list in 2024.

If you are someone who loves peanut butter, then this might be bad news for you. There has been a recall of peanut butter, and most famous brands that offer peanut butter have recovered from the market. This means that in 2023 there will be a massive peanut butter shortage. The reason behind this massive peanut butter recall is different for different brands. There has been a quality-related concern for some brands, whereas, for others, the recall has been due to a shortage of raw ingredients. 

Peanut butter is a major part of breakfast in the United States of America. Most of the students have peanut butter and bread as their breakfast before going to school. It is very nutritious, has the appropriate quantity of protein, and is very filling. A brand of peanut butter has infected people and has led to the death of around 700 people. There were some infections in some peanut butter brands, which has caused many health problems among all the people who have consumed that brand. 

As a result, the FDA has released a full list of peanut butter brands that will be recalled from the market. In the coming months, you will be experiencing a massive shortage of peanut butter and all the famous brands that sell peanut butter in the market. The shortage will likely continue for a very long period as brands must rectify their production. 

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1. Jif natural peanut butter recall

Peanut Butter Recall List

Jif natural peanut butter is released in a variety of flavors. It recently came into the news because of a potential salmonella infection that killed many people. As a result, the majority of the products from this brand were recalled from the market in May 2022. The FDA ensured that people were informed about the damage these products could do upon consumption.

The company had also collaborated with other snacking companies that provided their peanut butter as a dip. These products were also recovered from the market, and companies were informed about selling their new batches without the peanut butter dip from Jif naturals.

Around 14 people were affected and got sick due to the poisoning from this peanut butter. Cases have been reported from 14 different states of the United States of America, and the government has been on high alert concerning these products. It can cause symptoms such as stomach issues and diarrhea among adults. In children and among older adults, it can show even more serious symptoms such as prolonged illness and even a threat to life. 

This is why you must avoid this product at all costs. FDA has released a proper list of the serial number of the products that have been discontinued. Jif official website help you to know more about it’s peanut butters.

2. Peter Pan peanut butter recall

Peter Pan peanut butter

The United States of America has recalled many brands from the peanut butter category due to the current outbreak of salmonella infection among peanut butter brands. Out of all of the brands that have been discontinued, Peter Pan is one of the many. Peter Pan peanut butter has also been listed in the recent list of brands that will be recalled from the market.

3. Skippy peanut butter recall

Peanut Butter Recall List 2023

A lot of people are allergic to peanuts. This is why all peanut-related product manufacturers need to pay a lot of attention to manufacturing their products. One single mistake can lead to a big blunder that may massively affect people’s health. Recently Skippy peanut butter recalled a batch of peanut butter from the market(FDA). It also put forward a formal statement informing the people that new products from the brand, except those listed, had been recalled. 

Everything unsafe for people’s consumption was taken off the market. People must be confident about buying the ones that are available now. Retailers also said they were informed about the recall early on and stopped selling the products to the customers. This means that the issue is not that serious, and people should be reassured as the problem has been solved.

Contrary to the ongoing problem of salmonella infection, there was a recall of skipping peanut butter because of some manufacturing-related problem. The exact problem was not told by the company, but it is being said that the products weren’t infected. There was some minor issue in the manufacturing, so the brand decided to recall the products from the market. Now you can safely buy all the Skippy peanut butter products available.

4. Balance bar peanut butter recall

Peanut Butter Recall List 2023

Balance bar peanut butter is another brand that manufactures peanut butter for children and adults in different flavors. The brand also recently recalled a lot of its variants that were available in the market. This recall has not been initiated by the FDA, but it has been a conscious decision by the brand itself. 

The brand was known to manufacture famous protein bars that could be consumed by everyone and were also great in taste. And since 1992, it has been distributing different protein bars and similar products into the market. Now there has been news that this brand has been discontinued and will stop the production of its products permanently.

 The reason behind the discontinuation of this product is unknown. After the recall in 2012, the brand couldn’t return to the market and start making profits again. This is probably the reason why the brand decided to discontinue the production of its products. As a result, the products from this brand are no longer available in the market. It served for almost 2 decades and was known to use high-quality ingredients in good quantities. It was an appropriate blend of flavor as well as nutrition. 

5. Santa Cruz peanut butter recall

Peanut Butter Recall List 2023

Santacruz is another famous brand of peanut butter from the United States of America. We don’t found any evidence of it’s recall. You can directly find it in Santacruz official website. The name of Santa Claus peanut butter was also written in the list released by the FDA.

It was suspected that salmonella contamination had been caused due to some manufacturing-related problems. Peanut butter is made from peanuts. Peanuts are highly allergic and cause a great deal of difficulty in digestion if not manufactured properly. As a result, all peanut butter manufacturers must pay utmost attention to the manufacturing process.

If not given the care that is required, it might cause a huge deal of problems. In 2022, due to some reason, a lot of peanut butter manufacturers went through the common problem of manufacturing-related defects. Many people have been hospitalized due to the same reason. This is the reason why the government had to intervene in this problem. The recall decision took time to ensure that no serious problems occurred. 

6. Laura Scudder peanut butter recall

Peanut Butter Recall List 2023

Laurus Kara is a famous brand that produces peanut butter and a variety of chips in the United States of America. The chips from these brands sometimes made an effort to as the king of the potato chip market in the United States of America. Similarly, their peanut butter is called the prince of the peanut butter market. Such as the popularity of this brand. They manufacture a variety of peanut butter flavors that are sold in the market. 

As a result, the famous and very tasty Laura Scudder peanut butter was no longer available for sale when we found it of online stores.

This is causing a shortage of Laura Scudder peanut butter in the market, and people are desperately waiting for the brand to return. Chances are high that the shortage will be prolonged as the brands are still figuring out what to do. Let’s see if 2023 brings good news for us, and we can buy the peanut butter of our choice. Many other brands, except Laura Scudder, have also been discontinued, as told by the FDA. 

Some of these brands have made the required changes in our planning to return to the market. A similar recall happened in the past as well. Due to the recall, most of the brands permanently stopped the production of their peanut butter as they could not take up the losses that happened due to the recall. 

7. Pick N Pay recalls peanut butter

Pick n Pay is recalling three varieties of peanut butter that are distributed all over the country. They are Eden Crunch, Eden Smooth, and No Name Smooth. Every one of these products was recently withdrawn from retailers nationwide. No other peanut butter brands are included in the Pick n Pay recall. The company said,

“The health and safety of our clients is our top priority. Customers who purchased these peanut butter items are advised to return them to Pick n Pay for a full refund. It is applicable for products that expire between now and July 2025. If anyone has issues, they are welcome to return these products, whether they fall within this expiration date or were already opened.”

After internal standard testing, these products were found to have higher-than-allowable amounts of aflatoxin, which might create a health concern. Although aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mycotoxin, the amounts they found exceeded the limit set by law. So, these products are being recalled.

8. Clover recalls peanut butter products

Clover, a food and beverage manufacturer, has recalled 10,776 units of its Go Nuts Peanut Butter 400 g. It was due to higher-than-allowable amounts of aflatoxin discovered during various tests.

Clover’s recall comes after the National Consumer Commission (NCC) issued recalls for some peanut butter products manufactured and distributed by several companies in February 2024. Those products contained unsafe amounts of aflatoxin.

Following these recalls, the NCC urged all producers, makers, and suppliers of peanut butter, peanut butter-based goods, and items containing peanuts to test their products for aflatoxin levels and report their findings to the NCC.

Clover decided to conduct a more thorough evaluation of its Go Nuts Peanut Butter product after several manufacturers initially recalled peanut butter goods during the first week of February 2024.

This was done as a preventative measure to ensure the product met quality standards.

Peanut Butter Recall List

Recall of multiple brands of peanut butter

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) advises customers who own different brands of peanut butter made by House of Natural Butters to return them to the place of purchase.

The manufacturer informed the Commission that its goods from some brands contained higher than legally acceptable levels of aflatoxin, according to Acting Commissioner Thezi Mabuza. This is explained in the R1145 Regulation Governing Tolerance of Fungus-Produced Toxins in Foodstuffs.

The recalled products are

  • Dischem’s Lifestyle 400 grams Smooth and Crunchy,
  • Dischem’s Lifestyle 800 grams Smooth and Crunchy,
  • Wazoogles Superfoods (all sizes starting from 32g to 20kg),
  • Pick n’ Pay’s No Name 1kg Smooth and
  • Eden All Natural.

Mabuza asked customers who were withholding these goods to stop using them immediately. Also, they should return them to the point of purchase for a full refund, “with or without proof of receipt.”

The Commission investigates the affairs of the manufacturer, House of Natural Butters (Pty) Ltd. Mabuza stated that the NCC will conduct a nationwide inspection to determine whether other brands are affected.


The current salmonella outbreak has affected the peanut market a lot. Due to this, many brands need to sell their products in the market as they have been recalled by the FDA. This infection is lethal, and currently, 400 infections have been registered. All those people who have been affected are told to go for medical care because it is a serious problem. Some deaths have also been reported. The problem is more serious among kids and people of older age as they are more prone to get the infection. A list of brands has been written in the list released by the FDA.

Peanut butter is a kitchen staple in many households. A jar completes sandwiches and delicious delights, but does it expire? Yes, peanut butter goes terribly but has a lengthy shelf life.

If you have or are worried about products from one of the recall-affected brands, throw them away so that no one else can eat them. It is unknown whether items contain the infectious agent, so it is advised to avoid anything with peanut butter flavor in it. If you need clarification, call the manufacturer’s number printed on the product to learn more.

This recall will cause a shortage of peanut butter in the market. You will see that many brands have disappeared, and you cannot buy your favorite peanut butter from the market. This is an implication of the recall, but you must understand that it is necessary for your health. If you’ve already bought peanut butter, you must check from the recall list whether it’s safe for consumption. It is a very serious problem, and you must not take it lightly as it is associated with your health. Be very mindful about what you take inside your body, as it may have a serious effect. 

Until the recall goes on and there is a shortage of peanut butter, you can choose to make it at your home. You can make peanut butter by looking at the recipes available online. The process is easy, and a gun takes a lot of time to make peanut butter. You can customize it and add the extra ingredients per your choice and convenience. This is a great way of saving money and, at the same time, being health-conscious. 

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