ZLINE Recall 2024 – What is the problem with ZLINE ranges?

ZLINE Recall. There’s a bit of trouble with some ZLINE stoves – they’re recalling them! Around 30,000 might be letting out a not-so-friendly gas. Breathing that gas isn’t good, ZLINE wants to fix it. If you have one, better check and stay safe! Let’s find out more about this ZLINE Recall.

The reason? They might let out a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide when they’re being used. Breathing in this gas can make people very sick or even cause them to die, so it’s a big problem. When they first said there was a problem, they only offered to fix it. But now they’re saying you can get a new stove or get your money back if you’re worried about it. 

A bunch of ZLINE gas ranges have been recalled. The affected appliances are:

  • RG30
  • RGS-30
  • RGB-30
  • RG36
  • RGS-36
  • RGB-36
  • RG48
  • RGS-48
  • RGB-48 

If you have one of these stoves, you must stop using the oven part immediately, even if they already fixed it. Check the back of your stove for the model number. If you got it after 2020, look under the right side when the oven door opens. The ZLINE logo is on the door’s bottom. Look at these things to see if your stove is part of the recall.

Importantly, ZLINE stoves came in different door colors like black, blue, red, and white. They also had various finishes like stainless steel and cloudy steel called DuraSnow. You could buy these stoves at Best Buy, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and The Range Hood Store in stores and online. They were on websites like www.bestbuy.com and www.homedepot.com. The stoves were sold from February 2019 to December 2022, costing between $2,300 and $6,900. If you have one, check if it’s part of the recall.

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Other Recalled Appliances:

  • Samsung Washing Machines are recalled because they can cause fires.
  • Safety people say dehumidifiers can catch fire; 1.56 million more machines are recalled.
  • Electrolux and Frigidaire recalled refrigerators because they could choke you.
  • GE Electric Cooktops were recalled because they might burn you.

What Are The Issues With ZLINE Appliances?

The people who make the stoves, ZLINE, got 44 reports that the stoves were emitting dangerous gas, and three people even got sick. After they tried to fix it, 131 more people said it didn’t work, and the stoves were still putting out the harmful gas. So, if you have one, it’s better to be safe and not use it until they figure out how to improve it.

There’s this gas called carbon monoxide, and it’s super dangerous. You can’t see it or smell it, but it can make people sick or even cause them to die. To stay safe, the experts say we should put particular detectors in our homes, near where we sleep. These detectors can beep if there’s too much of that harmful gas. If you ever feel a bad headache, dizziness, or throw up, it might be because of this gas, so it’s essential to have those detectors to keep us safe.

ZLINE is contacting people who repaired their stoves, giving them extra details and choices like an inspection, a new stove, or a refund. The company lets people choose to get a new one or their money back. The stoves were made in China and came in sizes, like 30 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. They’re saying to stop using them now and follow the recall to get a new one or a refund. If you haven’t set up a repair yet, contact ZLINE to learn what you can do. You can still use the stovetop safely if it’s not part of the issue. Stay in the loop to keep your kitchen safe!

Who Owns ZLINE?

ZLINE started in 2007 with Andrew Zuro leading the way. It’s a family business in Lake Tahoe, USA, making stuff for kitchens and bathrooms. Andrew Zuro is the big boss. He and his team created and sent everything from the United States. They find inspiration in the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada places and want their products to be just as lovely.

ZLINE pays excellent attention to details, making things unique and stylish. They use sound technology to make their products even better. The goal is to make homes look and feel fantastic. ZLINE wants to bring nice things to the places that matter the most in people’s lives.

Why ZLINE Appliances Are So Popular?

ZLINE has incredible things for every home, i.e., it is a famous brand. They come in lots of styles and colors. The best part is they take care of you! If something goes wrong, ZLINE has a promise to fix it. They even have extra promises you can buy to feel super safe. 

Here’s a quick look at what they promise:

  • Stoves: They promise for one whole year and forever for burners.
  • Kitchen Hoods: Three years of promise on parts and forever for motors.
  • Wall Ovens: One year of promise.
  • Dishwashers: One year of promise.
  • Microwaves: Two years of promise on parts.
  • Fridges: One year of promise and five years for particular parts.
  • Sinks, Faucets, Showers: They promise forever.

ZLINE is doing things differently to make people happy. That’s why people like them!

What should you do if you have Called ZLINE Appliances?

Don’t use the oven if your stove is one of the ones they recalled. Talk to ZLINE to figure out what to do – they might give you money back or a new one instead of fixing it.

People who already have their stoves fixed are getting messages from ZLINE to check, fix, or get a new one. You can still use the burners on top, but don’t use the oven, even if it got fixed. Only use it again after ZLINE looks at it.

Call ZLINE at 888-359-4482 from 8 in the morning to 7 at night, Monday to Friday. Or email them at [email protected]. Check their recall page for info.

If you find something wrong with your stove, tell the safety people by calling 800-638-2772 or going to saferproducts.gov.

Is ZLINE Worth It?

ZLINE is a brand that cares about making good stuff for your home. They’re all about quality and affordability, and they call it “Attainable Luxury.” They promise their things are tough and last long, and they even have guarantees for you. ZLINE makes fancy kitchen things that won’t break the bank, and they have stuff for new cooks and super chefs. Plus, they like helping their community, working with groups like Forever Young Foundation, and donating to first responders. Whether ZLINE is worth it or not depends on consumers’ preferences.

ZLINE has cool stuff for your home that makes it look fabulous and great. They have ranges, range tops, hoods, wall ovens, and dishwashers. 

Let’s break it down:

  • Ranges: These are like super cool stoves that come in different colors. You can pick the size that fits your kitchen, and they even have fancy editions with Italian-made burners.
  • Rangetops: These are like stoves but smaller. They fit on your counters, and you can cook with gas burners. They come in shiny steel and even special steel called DuraSnow.
  • Range Hoods: These are like superhero masks for your stove. They keep the air clean when you cook and come in different styles.
  • Wall Ovens: These are like magic baking boxes. You can cook things evenly, and they have a cool glass door so you can see your food.
  • Dishwashers: These are like magic cleaners for your dishes. ZLINE’s dishwashers come in different sizes, clean well, and you can even change the color to match your kitchen.

ZLINE makes everything relaxed and fun for your kitchen!

What Is Better – Thor Or ZLINE?

Two popular brands for kitchen stuff are ZLINE Kitchen and Thor Kitchen. Both make good things, but choosing one can be challenging. ZLINE is a family company started by Andrew Zuro in 2005. They make fancy kitchen things and believe everyone should have cool stuff. Thor Kitchen is in California and makes restaurant-grade kitchen stuff for homes. They want to give you great things without a huge price.

ZLINE stuff comes in different sizes and colors, even special steel. Thor things are all stainless steel and brutal like pro equipment. Both are good, but ZLINE is more about style, while Thor is about being practical. Pick what you like!

Recommended Best Gas Ranges Of 2024

The best gas ranges cook food well, have different burner sizes, and don’t cost too much. The Good Housekeeping Institute tested lots of them and found the top picks. 

Here are a few of the best gas ranges:

  • LG LSGL6337F is best overall
  • Maytag MGR6600PZ is a good deal
  • GE Profile PGS930YPFS is a smart
  • Samsung NY63T8751SS is best with two ovens
  • Dacor DOP36P86DLS is fancy
  • Viking VDR5366BSS is for pros
  • Frigidaire Gallery GCFG3060BF has an air fry.

LG’s range is innovative and cooks evenly. Maytag’s is good value. GE’s is brilliant and has potent burners. Samsung has two ovens. Dacor’s is fancy but needs careful cleaning. Viking’s is for pros. Frigidaire’s has air fry without taking up counter space. If you’re getting a gas range, these are great options.

Wrapping Up

ZLINE’s recall of around 30,000 gas ranges due to potential carbon monoxide risks is a serious matter. The affected stoves, sold from 2019 to 2022, could pose health dangers, prompting ZLINE to offer replacements or refunds. The company prioritizes customer safety and satisfaction. Despite this setback, ZLINE is known for its commitment to quality and design, reflecting the elegance of Lake Tahoe. If you own a ZLINE gas range, it’s crucial to check if it’s part of the recall, cease oven use, and contact ZLINE for guidance on securing a safe solution. Stay informed for a secure kitchen environment.