How to find Discontinued Flooring Outlets

Discontinued Flooring Outlets – Know how to match it

Are you trying trending flooring outlets or tiles in your home, and now after a few years, worry about flooring outlets being discontinued? Deciding on the flooring of your house is a major decision during a house renovation. It changes the look of your house and makes it seem like a new house. This is why paying a lot of attention to your house flooring is extremely important. Sometimes people get their house flooring half done and leave the other half. They decide to get it done after some time. 

But soon after, they need help finding the same house flooring they got previously done. 

This can cause many problems, as uneven house flooring could be more attractive. In that case, what can you do to find discontinued house flooring? 

First of all, make sure that you check with all your local retailers if the flooring that you’re looking for is available or not. 

If the local retailers cannot help you, then you can check on online websites. Many online websites sell flooring, so chances are high that you will get what you are looking for.

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How to match discontinued flooring?

Well, it’s a little difficult for you to mature discontinued flooring, but it is possible. Two options can help you in this situation. One is that you can take a sample of the already done flooring in your home and take it to a flooring manufacturer. 

How to find Discontinued Flooring Outlets

By showing the manufacturer a sample of your half-done flooring, you can make it on order. The other option that you have is that you can take a new piece of hardwood to a hardware store. They can help you in matching the stain color. Once the stain color is sorted, you stain them yourself and finish the flooring process.

Types of discontinued flooring outlets

There are types of flooring tiles that manufacturers have discontinued. Some have been discontinued because of their old design, whereas others were discontinued because of high demand that could not be dealt with. Sometimes these discontinued flooring outlets are available at your nearest shops. below we shared a few brands of flooring outlets unavailable in the market.

Is it Possible To Find discontinued Pergo laminate flooring?

Finding the same laminate flooring is difficult, especially if the design you have used is discontinued. But there are a lot of websites that specially cater to the services of providing customers with discontinued laminate flooring. 

Even if you are still looking for the same laminate flooring you’re looking for, you’ll for sure get a close substitute. If you don’t want to do this, you can even get your flooring made on a customized order by a tile manufacturer. You can give them a sample of the kind of flooring you want, and they will give it to you. You can even make the same floor by purchasing the raw material.

How to match discontinued vinyl plank flooring?

You will most likely find this flooring on online websites like Alibaba or other Chinese websites. These websites have stored supplies of tiles that have gone out of stock or are unavailable. The reason why vinyl floor tiles are so popular is that they are durable as well as beautiful to look at.

They make your home look well-maintained and New all the time. They are stores selling only vinyl plank flooring, where you might find discontinued flooring. You can also directly check with manufacturers rather than retailers. This can help you in getting direct support and will save you time as well.

How to find discontinued Armstrong plank flooring?

Armstrong planks is a tile manufacturer that produces flooring material for offices, bathrooms, and other parts of homes. They are very famous for making tiles that give a wood finish. Of late, some variants of Armstrong planks have gone out of the market because they have been discontinued.

 You can either find discontinued Armstrong planks at a retailer of Armstrong flooring or get them customized. There are also chances that you will find the tiles on eBay.

Discontinued Bella Cera flooring

Bella Sara is one of the leading brands in the field of making hardwood flooring. The promise is to offer the best quality of planks and tiles to increase the prestige of your home and offices. It has been a very profitable venture for many years and has released many tiles and planks variants. Some popular Bella Cera flooring tiles are-

  • Avino
  • Vescovado
  • Caruso
  • Luna
  • Oscar

This brand has discontinued many tile variances under new, longer-available ones. You can get these discontinued tiles from online websites or customize them from some manufacturers.

Discontinued Tarkett laminate flooring

Tarkett is a leading brand of tile manufacturers, especially in Asia, where they have a big customer market. For many years they have been producing high-quality flooring for different countries in Asia. They have lately also started distributing their products on other continents as well. 

Tarkett keeps on bringing a lot of new styles of flooring now and then. Similarly, it keeps discontinuing the old designs to make the brand more contemporary. If you’re interested in buying old designs of Tarkett, then you will need help finding them on their official website. You can take the design to some small retailers or tile manufacturers and might get a similar design from them.

Discontinued traffic master laminate flooring

Traffic Master laminate flooring is a very budget-friendly option for people who don’t want to spend much money. Shaw industries manufacture it. It can be used in houses and for commercial purposes because it is suitable for both. It is also very easy to install and quite durable in terms of its life span. 

You don’t have to worry about changing your tiles repeatedly as they’re long-lasting. To find discontinued variants of this brand, you can contact unofficial retailers or look on official websites that export flooring tiles.

Discontinued hardwood flooring

To find discontinued hardwood flooring of any brand in specific, you must first list its specifications. If you have a sample, you can also carry that along. Now try to explain to the shop salesperson that you visit what kind of tile you’re looking for. Give them the specifications and show them the sample if you have that. I asked them to check with the inventory if a similar type of tile is available. If it is unavailable, ask them to give you a close alternative of the same tile.

Lumber liquidators discontinued flooring

Lumber liquidators are a brand of tile flooring specially made for kitchen design. They have introduced many popular designs in the world of kitchen flooring. They are still one of the most popular brands in redesigning the kitchen and a lot of people’s first choice. 

If you’re looking for discontinued flooring tiles of this brand, then it is very likely that you need help finding them. One thing that you can do is go to their official stores and ask their salesperson about the tile that you are looking for.

Discontinued Allen and Roth flooring

Allen and Roth are also among the leading tiles manufacturers that gave a wood finish to their flooring planks. What is special about these flooring tiles is that they are easily available and very dynamic. You can use their tiles in almost all parts of your home, and it will not feel awkward or weird. You can also easily get their tile made on a customer order by some local tile manufacturer. You can also try making similar tiles home by getting these same Hardwood planks and color stains. There are also chances that you can find their discontinued variants on eBay.

How to find exact match flooring alternatives?

How to find Discontinued Flooring Outlets

First, you must understand that finding an exact alternative for a particular tile is only possible. There will be another difference between the one you are looking for and the one you get. This is why you must keep your unexpected or high expectations aside while looking for an exact alternative match for your flooring.

You can show a tile manufacturer or retailer a sample and specifications of the tile you’re looking for. They can give you something very close to what you are seeking. You can also find close alternatives to the tile in some other brands. Tile brands usually make overlapping designs, so you will likely find a close substitute.

Cheaper alternatives to self-leveling compounds

There are a lot of alternatives to self-leveling, as it can be expensive when a person is trying to renovate their house on a budget. Some of the alternatives are as follows-

  • You can use a mixture of sand and cement to level out irregularities in your floor. But one thing you must remember is that unlike the conventional mixture used for leveling compounds, the mixture of sand and cement will not level up on its own. You will have to level tap yourself by using some leveling tool.
  • You can also use sand and concrete as it is also the right mixture to make your surface smooth. In this case, also you will need a leveling tool to make the surface as plain as you would like.

This will help in saving a lot of money and make the whole process very cost-effective. This can be done at home by people of a family together only. You will not need any professional help for the same.

Hardwood floor alternatives 

Hardwood can be extremely expensive while renovating your house and changing the flooring. The cost of wood has increased over time, which is why hardwood has become so unaffordable. But there are a lot of alternatives to this tile in the market that will help give you a similar finish but for a very low price. Some of the alternatives for hardwood tiles are-

  • Pretty Porcelain
  • Natural Bamboo
  • Tile
  • Cork
  • Laminate
  • Concrete
  • Henwood

These are cheaper and pricey and give a very similar-looking finish. A person without knowledge will not be able to differentiate between them.

Laminate alternative

There are a lot of alternatives to laminate flooring in the market as well. Laminate has also become very common, so if you want to experiment with the flooring of your home but want to give a very similar finish as well, then we have some options for you. These are-

  • You can use luxury vinyl tile instead of laminate. They are more durable and need less care. You don’t have to clean them every day to maintain their shine. Also, they are less expensive than laminate flooring and will not burn your pocket. They’re extremely budget-friendly, and you will get your floor done at half the price.
  • Sheet vinyl can also be used. It is also extremely budget-friendly and has a lustrous shine.

Alternatives to yellow tongue flooring 

Light hardwood and laminate, yellow tongue flooring is also expensive and high maintenance. People are now looking for alternatives to yellow-tag flooring. We have listed many substitutes for yellow tag flooring similar to the latter. These are-

  • cork floors
  • laminate floors
  •  HPL floors 
  • solid wood floors.

You can use this at your home, and it will increase its brightness and beauty.


There are a lot of different types of tiles available in the market. Many of them become unavailable over the period as new designs are introduced. But some favorite cult variants remain in people’s hearts for longer. This is why people actively looked for them even if they were discontinued. In situations like these, it’s very important to understand that the best you can do is get them customized. You can never get a similar design, but you can try to get a close substitute.

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