Havertys Discontinued Living Room Furniture | Is Havertys going out of business?

Havertys Discontinued Living Room Furniture | Is Havertys going out of business?

Is Havertys discontinued living room furniture available? Is Havertys going out of business? Havertys is a Furniture manufacturing brand founded in 1885 in the United States of America. They started selling Furniture in downtown Atlanta and later became one of the biggest manufacturers of Furniture in the United States of America. 

The brand has a massive influence in the northern and Southern parts of the USA. The brand was founded by the brother duo of James Joseph Haverty and Michael. Through all these years of their work, they came in collaboration with many organizations and then ended partnerships with them. 

In 1998 the company entered the New York Stock Exchange stock listings. This was a significant accomplishment for the brand as joining the New York Stock Exchange list wasn’t familiar at all. By the start of 2001, they had around a hundred stores in the whole United States of America. They started producing Furniture in bulk and released their different lines, such as living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, et cetera. 

The whole concept became extremely popular, and it became more accessible and sorted for people to buy Furniture per the rooms they wanted to furnish. They have a distribution center in Georgia which is around 800,000 ft.². They have expanded their showrooms in 16 states of the United States of America and now have over a hundred stores. The brand also has an official website of its own and sells Furniture on other famous websites. They make a lot of profit by selling their Furniture online. People also have a sense of trust in this brand as it is around 140 years old. The stocks of this company are also highly profitable and are ranked among some of the best furniture stocks.

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Eco-friendly Furniture

Havertys has also invested money in developing a line of eco-friendly Furniture. They have invested around $750,000 in purchasing equipment that helps recycle 120 tons of Styrofoam and 4,000 tons of corrugated annually. This line of eco-friendly Furniture was introduced in 2009. This is an initiative by the brand to make a small impact in making the world less polluted and reducing carbon footprints. 

Havertys Discontinued Living Room Furniture | Is Havertys going out of business?

The brand takes active initiatives to reduce pollution in both liquid and solid forms. They have taken the responsibility to ensure that any manufacturing in their units doesn’t hamper the natural resources in any way. They tried to use as eco-friendly measures as possible. 

The eco-friendly furniture line was also an initiative fuelled by the drive to change the world. This is quite inspirational because brands nowadays only pay little heed to environmental concerns once and unless the government doesn’t interfere. But Havertys has always been a self-motivated company in doing things to benefit the environment.

Is Havertys Living Room Furniture going out of business?

The living room furniture by Havertys has been continued. The living room furniture was on clearance sale around the beginning of this year. If you are interested in buying the Furniture, you could buy it for a highly affordable price. This keeps on launching a lot of clearance and festive season sales on its official website and offline stores. 

You can track all the sales and offs by checking the website of this brand from time to time. However, this is a highly profitable brand and plans to continue its furniture range for a while. The brand has many consistent customers who buy the Furniture regularly. So the real news of the living room range by Havertys being discontinued is untrue. No official executive from their side or the brand itself has announced anything like that. 

Havertys Discontinued Living Room Furniture | Is Havertys going out of business?

It is made up, and you should not believe rumors like this. For concrete and factual information, you can check the brand’s official website, where you can find the most authentic piece of information.

Is Harvey’s Furniture Good Quality?

Havertys is manufactured in Northern California. Many people think that this furniture brand imports its Furniture from China. This is a misconception about the brand, and you must not trust days. The Furniture is very much manufactured in the United States of America, so that you can trust the quality of the product. 

The products are set to be of premium quality and approved through quality check standards. As the Furniture by Havertys is more expensive than most other stores, a better rate is also expected from this brand. Through the years, it has managed to maintain a consistent amount of quality in its products. It also has a luxury range of Furniture. They keep on adding new designer Furniture to their stock to maintain the modernity of the Furniture.

What Customer need To know?

Havertys Discontinued Living Room Furniture | Is Havertys going out of business?

Some customers had complaints about the customer care services of this brand. It was said that the customer care service was highly irresponsible and did not answer their customers’ calls and queries. Many reports regarding the delivery of defective furniture pieces were reported online and on social media platforms. 

It was said that the customer care team did not pay any attention to these complaints, which made customers very annoyed by the brand. Similar complaints regarding on Store’s bad experience have also been reported. The staff at their stores is said to be highly in-cooperative and unfriendly. 

However, people like the quality of their Furniture, and the services offered by the brand or not are something worth repeating. This is why many people prefer buying their Furniture from a brand where they are respected and cared for. Havertys has denied any such allegations against its team. The installation, according to the customers, also takes much more time than promised. When a customer buys Furniture from a particular store, it is the responsibility of the Store to get it installed in the house. But as per customers who have purchased Furniture from Havertys store, the installation process takes weeks. This has angered the customers to another extent.

can you return furniture to havertys?

Havertys is a famous furniture brand subjected to some controversy through its more than a hundred years of work. The brand is a vintage one, as it has been there even before the first world war. They have managed to sustain the changing market conditions and maintained their relevance through time. Although their customer services are questionable, the products are of high quality. It would be better if the brand considers customers’ feedback and makes the required changes. They also keep launching many new furniture products from time to time so that people can enjoy their furniture products. The brand has a vision and can be a huge success even in the coming future. But they need to understand that the customer is the king and keeping the customer happy should be their primary focus.

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