Is Calvin Klein Escape Discontinued in 2024?

Do you know about Calvin Klein? They’re famous for making clothes and awesome perfumes. But did you know they had some perfumes that aren’t around anymore? Calvin Klein Escape! It’s a perfume that made a big splash in the world of fashion and smell-good stuff back in 1991. Sadly, Calvin Klein Escape discontinued. Let’s explore it together to find out everything about Calvin Klein’s discontinued fragrances!

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Calvin Klein’s Discontinued Fragrances

Along with the discontinuation of Calvin Klein’s Escape, other fragrances are also discontinued. Let’s find out those discontinued fragrances!

  • Calvin Klein Truth for Men (2002): Imagine walking in a quiet forest, smelling the fresh air. That’s what this perfume was like. It smelled green and fresh with a hint of patchouli. People loved its simple charm, but now it’s discontinued.
  • Calvin Klein Crave (2002): This perfume was like a burst of energy! It had a mix of citrus and sweet smells with a bit of spice. It made you feel lively and young. But now, you can’t find it anymore.
  • Calvin Klein Obsession Night for Men (2005): Picture a mysterious night with spicy and woody scents. That’s what this perfume was like. It made you feel confident and mysterious. But sadly, it’s discontinued.
  • Calvin Klein Dark Obsession (2013): This one was all about being deep and intense. It had dark and spicy smells with a touch of vanilla sweetness. It was like going on an exciting adventure at night. But now, it’s discontinued.
  • Calvin Klein Reveal (2015): Imagine a secret discovery with spicy and salty scents. That’s what this perfume was like. It made you feel curious and alluring. But just like the others, it’s not being made anymore.

Even though these perfumes are discontinued, people still remember how awesome they were. They made you feel all kinds of good things, from calmness to excitement. It’s like having a special memory you can’t forget!

What Calvin Klein Escape Smelled Like?

Imagine walking through a garden in the morning, where the flowers are fresh and the air is crisp. That’s the kind of vibe Calvin Klein Escape gave off.

The Smell Breakdown:

  • Top Notes: It started with a zesty burst of citrus, like squeezing a fresh lemon.
  • Heart Notes: Then came the floral scents, making you feel like you’re in a romantic garden full of blooming flowers.
  • Base Notes: It all settled down with earthy undertones, like the smell of damp soil after rain.

What Made it Special:

  • A Little Spicy: Unlike most flowery perfumes, Escape had a spicy kick to it, adding some extra flair.
  • Hints of Water: It wasn’t just flowers; there was something aquatic in there too, giving it a mysterious twist.

What’s People’s Thoughts:

People who loved Escape couldn’t get enough of its fresh and feminine smell. It was like being at a fancy wedding in a garden, where love and nature mingle beautifully.

Even though you can’t pick up a bottle of Calvin Klein Escape at the store anymore, its memory still hangs in the air, reminding us of its unique charm and the good times it brought.

Can You Still Buy Calvin Klein Escape?

Even though Calvin Klein Escape is discontinued, you can still get your hands on it if you’re in the United States! Here’s how:

  • You can buy Escape Eau de Toilette (that’s fancy talk for perfume) from And the best part? It’s cheaper than it used to be! You can grab a big bottle for $40.99 instead of $67. Plus, if you spend more than $59, you get free shipping!
  • Fragrance Outlet: This store has over 100 locations across the US, and they sometimes have Calvin Klein Escape in stock. So, if you live near one of their stores, it’s worth checking out.
  • The Perfume Shop: This place also sells Calvin Klein Escape online. They have the Eau de Parfum Spray, which is just a fancier way of saying perfume. And guess what? They’ll ship it to you for free!

So, if you miss the smell of Calvin Klein Escape, now you know where to find it. Whether you love the flowery scents or the spicy hints, these places can help you get that nostalgic smell back again!

What Scents Are Similar To Calvin Klein Escape?

If you’re seeking fragrances similar to Calvin Klein Escape, whether for nostalgia or to discover new scents, here are some enticing alternatives:

Eternity for Men:

  • Released by Calvin Klein in 1988, Eternity for Men combines lavender, mandarin orange, juniper berries, geranium, sandalwood, and patchouli.
  • A woodsy, spicy, and slightly floral fragrance that exudes confidence and attractiveness.

Obsession for Men:

  • Introduced in 1986, Obsession for Men is a spicy, woodsy scent.
  • Lavender, mandarin orange, jasmine, oakmoss, and amber create a masculine and earthy allure.
  • Perfect for day or evening wear, it leaves a lasting impression.

CK One Shock for Him:

  • A bold and daring fragrance blending woodsy, spicy, and citrus notes.
  • Bergamot, cardamom, elemi (top notes), tobacco leaves, black pepper, patchouli (middle notes), and ambergris, musk, vetiver (base notes) create a heady mix.

Euphoria Men:

  • It has a manly scent with woodsy and citrusy notes.
  • It is ideal for those who want to feel powerful and in control.

Truth by Calvin Klein:

  • Combination of citrus, sandalwood, and jasmine for a captivating experience.


In the world of fragrances, Calvin Klein Escape holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Though it’s discontinued, its memory lingers on. The scent, with its blend of floral freshness and spicy twists, brought joy to many. 

While it’s sad to see it discontinued, there’s still hope. Thanks to online stores like, Fragrance Outlet, and The Perfume Shop, you can still get your hands on this beloved perfume. So, if you’re yearning to relive those fragrant memories, these avenues offer a chance to reconnect with the essence of Calvin Klein Escape once more.


 Is Calvin Klein Escape still available for purchase?

 Unfortunately, Calvin Klein Escape is officially discontinued. However, you might find it through online retailers or specialty fragrance stores.

Why was Calvin Klein Escape discontinued?

Fragrance discontinuations can happen due to various reasons, including changes in market trends, production costs, or brand strategy. In the case of Escape, it’s a nostalgic scent that lives on in our memories.

What does Calvin Klein Escape smell like?

Escape is a floral fragrance with fresh and slightly spicy undertones. Imagine dew-kissed flowers in a serene garden.

Can I find similar fragrances to Calvin Klein Escape?

 Absolutely! There are other Calvin Klein fragrances like Eternity, Obsession, and CK One Shock that evoke similar vibes.

 Is there a men’s version of Calvin Klein Escape?

Yes, there is a Calvin Klein Escape for Men, which also carries nostalgic memories for fragrance enthusiasts.

What are the key notes in Calvin Klein Escape?

 Escape features citrus top notes, floral heart notes, and earthy base notes. It’s a harmonious blend.

Can I still get samples of Calvin Klein Escape?

 While official samples may be scarce, consider exploring vintage fragrance markets or connecting with fellow fragrance lovers.

How long does Calvin Klein Escape last on the skin?

The longevity varies from person to person. On average, it lasts around 6 to 8 hours.

What memories are associated with Calvin Klein Escape?

Escape reminds many of romantic moments, springtime, and the joy of discovery.

 Is there a chance Calvin Klein Escape will be re-released?

 While it’s unlikely, fragrance surprises can happen. Until then, cherish the memories of this iconic scent.

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