Is Jo Malone Discontinued Scents in 2024?

Let’s explore Jo Malone discontinued scents! She’s really famous for making awesome-smelling stuff. These perfumes used to be in stores, but they were discontinued. Now, they’re like hidden treasures that only some people know about. It’s like going on a treasure hunt to find them! We’ll learn all about these special perfumes. 

So, get ready to dive into the world of Jo Malone’s discontinued scents and discover their magic together!

Jo Malone London discontinued some perfumes. We’re still determining which ones are still discontinued, but she brought back some old ones. You can buy them on the internet. It’s like discovering a secret treasure! Let’s check them out:

  • Blue Agava & Cacao Cologne: It’s like a mix of Latin music vibes with the smells of blue agave and cacao. 
  • Amber & Lavender Cologne: Imagine warm amber mixing with fresh lavender. It’s classy and cool.
  • Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne: This one’s spicy and exciting, with nutmeg and ginger making it smell awesome.
  • White Jasmine & Mint Cologne: Picture the sweet smell of jasmine mixed with the fresh coolness of mint.
  • Vanilla & Anise Cologne: It’s like a cozy hug with the smell of vanilla and anise together.

You can even mix these scents together to make your own super special smell. If any of these sound good to you, check out the Jo Malone London Archive Collection online and have fun exploring!

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Who Is Jo Malone and What Makes Her Perfumes Special?

Jo Malone started making candles and perfumes in her kitchen. People loved them so much that she opened her own store in London in 1994.

Later on, she sold her company to another big company, Estée Lauder. But then, she got really sick with breast cancer in 2003. It was really tough, but she fought hard and got better.

After that, she had to take a break from making perfumes because of a rule. But in 2011, she started a new company called Jo Loves. She made some cool scents and kept going strong.

Now, Jo Malone’s old company brings back some of her classic perfumes online. They’re like hidden treasures waiting to be found again! You can mix them up to make your own special smell.

What Is The Most Loved Jo Malone Scent?

Check out these most loved perfumes from Jo Malone:

  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt: Smells like the beach, but in a good way!
  • English Pear & Freesia: Imagine a sunny spring day after the rain. It’s fresh and fruity.
  • Wild Bluebell: It’s light and airy, perfect for summer days.
  • Vetiver & Golden Vanilla: A cozy, warm scent for winter.
  • Myrrh & Tonka: It’s sultry and rich, great for feeling fancy.
  • Nectarine Blossom & Honey: Smells like fruity happiness!
  • Scarlet Poppy: It’s complex and sweet, with layers of flowers and spices.
  • Honeysuckle & Davana: A fruity and floral perfume that’s great for layering.
  • Cypress & Grapevine: Earthy and mysterious, perfect for a night out.
  • English Pear & Sweet Pea: Light and sweet, great for warm weather.

Where To Buy Discontinued Jo Malone Scents?

If you’re on the hunt for discontinued Jo Malone scents, there are a couple of places where you can still buy them:

Jo Malone London Archive Collection: Jo Malone has brought back some of its classic discontinued scents in the Archive Collection, which is exclusively available online. These timeless fragrances are like hidden treasures waiting to be rediscovered. 

Local Department Stores: While discontinued scents may not be readily available in all stores, it’s worth checking with local department stores that carry Jo Malone products. Sometimes they may have remaining stock or special promotions.

What Scent Is Similar To Jo Malone Scents?

If you’re a fan of Jo Malone scents, there are several fragrances that offer similar olfactory impressions. Let’s explore some delightful alternatives:

For Fans of Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir:

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano XIV Eau de Parfum: Like Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir, this fragrance captures the essence of pomegranate with a spicy edge. It remains a Jo Malone bestseller since its launch in 2005 and is both familiar and distinctive.

For Lovers of Jo Malone Red Roses:

If you adore the romantic scent of roses, consider these worthy contenders:

  • Stella McCartney Stella: A fragrance that beautifully captures the essence of roses.
  • Chloe Roses de Chloe: Another delightful rose-centric scent.
  • Sisley Izia: Distinctive and captivating, it also celebrates the allure of roses.

For Those Who Enjoy Unique Scents:

  • Lime Basil & Mandarin: This iconic Jo Malone fragrance is energizing and refreshing. If you appreciate unique, zesty scents, it’s a dependable staple.


So, to sum up, Jo Malone’s old perfumes are super special to people who love nice smells. You can find them again online in the Archive Collection. They make us feel all nostalgic and happy. Each perfume, like Blue Agava & Cacao or Nutmeg & Ginger, has its own story. Jo Malone wants us to mix them up and make our own smell! 

Whether you like cozy scents like Vanilla & Anise or fresh ones like White Jasmine & Mint, Jo Malone’s old perfumes are still awesome. So, let’s have fun smelling and mixing them to make our own special scent!


Why did Jo Malone discontinued scents?

The reasons for discontinuing specific scents vary, but it could be due to changes in consumer preferences, ingredient availability, or marketing strategies.

Can I still buy Jo Malone discontinued scents?

Yes, some discontinued scents are available in the Jo Malone Archive Collection, exclusively online.

Are Jo Malone discontinued scents the same as limited editions?

No, discontinued scents were once part of the regular lineup but are no longer produced, whereas limited editions were released for a specific time period or occasion.

Can I find discontinued scents in stores?

Generally, discontinued scents are not available in physical stores but can be purchased online through Jo Malone’s website or other authorized retailers.

Are there any plans to bring back discontinued scents permanently?

Jo Malone occasionally reintroduces discontinued scents as part of special collections or promotions, but there are no guarantees they will return permanently.

Can I still find discontinued scents in other countries?

Availability of discontinued scents may vary by region, so it’s worth checking with local retailers or Jo Malone’s website for international offerings.

Are there alternatives to Jo Malone’s discontinued scents?

While nothing may perfectly replicate a discontinued scent, Jo Malone may offer similar fragrances in their current lineup, or you can explore other brands for comparable options.

Will Jo Malone offer refunds or exchanges for discontinued scents?

Generally, Jo Malone’s return policy applies to all purchases, including discontinued scents, within the specified timeframe and conditions outlined on their website or in-store.

Are discontinued scents still safe to use?

Yes, discontinued scents are safe to use as long as they have been stored properly and have not passed their expiration date. However, it’s always a good idea to perform a patch test if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

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