Is Chanel Antaeus Discontinued in 2024?

Do you know about Chanel Antaeus Discontinued? It’s a perfume for guys that’s been around since 1981. People like it because it smells like wood, spices, leather, and tobacco. It’s named after this tough guy from ancient stories called Antaeus.

Now, there are some rumors that Chanel discontinued Antaues perfume. Some fans say they can’t find it in stores or online anymore. But guess what? After checking with the Chanel people, I found they are invalid! Chanel still makes and sells Antaeus. It might only be available in some places, but it’s still around.

So, if you’re a fan of Chanel Antaeus, don’t worry! It’s not discontinued for good. You might have to look a little harder to find it.

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What Does Chanel Antaeus Smell Like?

Chanel Antaeus came out in 1981 and smells like a mix of wood, leather, and other stuff. 

Some people might be a bit weirded out because it has something called “animal notes,” but don’t worry; it’s not scary. Chanel made sure it’s easy to wear and not too intense.

When you first spray it, you’ll smell mostly the leathery scent, which might be a bit strong, but don’t panic! After a while, you’ll notice some fresher smells mixing in, which balances things out nicely.

As time passes, it smells more earthy, like moss and wood. It keeps that masculine vibe but is clean and manageable.

Here are the prominent smells you’ll notice in Antaeus:

You get hints of myrrh, sage, coriander, bergamot, lime, and lemon at the start. Then, as it settles in, you’ll notice a bit of rose, thyme, basil, and jasmine. And finally, as it fades away, you’ll catch the scents of castoreum (the animal one), oakmoss, patchouli, and labdanum.

So, Chanel Antaeus smells strong at first, but then it gets more excellent and more balanced over time. If you like manly scents that aren’t too crazy, you might like it!

How Long Does Chanel Antaeus Last?

Chanel Antaeus stays on your skin for about six to eight hours and doesn’t smell too strong. At first, you can smell it from far away, but then it kind of fades and stays close to you.

When you wear it, the smell sticks around, making a nice scent trail as you walk. This perfume is best for cooler weather, like fall, winter, and early spring. If it’s hot outside, you might want to use less because it can get too intense and make people feel sick.

You can wear it for many occasions, like fancy events where you want to stand out. But be careful not to spray too much if you’re close to people, like on a date. And when you wear it, make sure you feel confident because that’s important!

Now, not everyone might like the smell of this perfume. Some people might think it’s too manly or strong. But that’s okay! Just wear it because you like it, not to please others.

Can You Still Buy Chanel Antaues?

Chanel Antaeus is still available for purchase. This timeless fragrance, designed for men, celebrates the fleeting virility of a Greek hero who remained strong as long as his feet were grounded. The scent is an intense, subtle leather-aromatic blend, exuding powerful yet sensitive masculinity. 

You can explore the Antaeus Collection on the official CHANEL website and discover your signature scent.

For those who appreciate the allure of Antaeus, the ANTAEUS Eau de Toilette Spray is offered in a 3.4 FL. OZ. Bottle for $130. Finding the perfect fragrance is like an alchemical journey—take your LE QUART D’HEURE ALCHIMIQUE and let your allure shine!

What Scent Is Similar To Chanel Antaues?

If you like Chanel Antaeus, you might enjoy these other perfumes too:

  • Tom Ford Oud Wood: It smells rich and woody, with spices and vanilla.
  • Dior Homme Parfum: This is fancy, with iris, leather, and spices.
  • Creed Aventus: It’s fresh and fruity, with pineapple and musk.
  • Antaeus Sport Chanel: It’s a sporty version of the original.
  • Vulcan by Kanebo: This one is classy and elegant.
  • Jaipur by Boucheron: It’s warm and spicy.
  • Derby by Guerlain: Smells like timeless leather.
  • Nautica Nautica: Fresh and watery.
  • Sport by Daniel Hechter: It’s lively and energizing.
  • Green Jeans by Versace: Kinda, young and fresh.
  • Aramis 900 by Aramis: Classic and smelly good.
  • Lacoste by Lacoste: It’s clean and can be used for anything.
  • Hatem by Rasasi: It’s bold and manly.
  • Kipling by Weil: It’s nice and woody.
  • Cologne Intense by Houbigant: It’s solid and captivating.

The Bottom Line

Despite rumors, Chanel Antaeus has not been discontinued, providing relief to its loyal fans. While some stores may temporarily run out of stock, Chanel continues to produce and sell this beloved fragrance. This confirmation brings reassurance to those who cherish its classic scent. 

If you’re a fan, you can still enjoy Chanel Antaeus without worry. Keep an eye out for it in stores or online, and you’ll likely find it available. The enduring popularity of Chanel Antaeus ensures its place in the fragrance world for years to come. So, rest assured, the scent you love is here to stay!


Is Chanel Antaeus a classic? 

Definitely! It’s been loved for ages and still has a big following.

Is Chanel Antaeus discontinued? 

No! Chanel Antaeus is still going strong. It has yet to be stopped officially, so you can still get your hands on it, even if it’s not in every store.

Why can’t I find Chanel Antaeus in some stores? 

Sometimes, stores change what they sell so that they might have something other than Antaeus. But don’t worry, it’s still part of Chanel’s collection.

Is there a new version of Chanel Antaeus? 

Chanel sometimes mixes things up, but there’s not a totally different version of Antaeus. You might want to check out “Antaeus Sport” though!

Where can I buy Chanel Antaeus? 

You can grab it from Chanel stores, big department shops, or online at the official Chanel website.

What does Chanel Antaeus smell like? 

It has a strong and fancy smell of leather, spices, and wood. Very manly and classic!

Can I wear Chanel Antaeus every day? 

Sure thing! It’s great for any time of day, whether chilling or heading out.

How long does Chanel Antaeus last? 

It varies from person to person, but it sticks around pretty well.

Can women wear Chanel Antaeus? 

Yep! Even though it’s made for guys, some ladies love its unique vibe.

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