Are Red Bull Flavors Discontinued in 2023? – Is there any new flavor?

Are Red Bull Flavors Discontinued? We don’t want to answer in favor of this question, but we are helpless, and we can do nothing. So, the answer is Yes; some of the Red Bull flavors will now discontinue, while some have already been pulled out from the store’s shelves.  

It is high time to say goodbye to the Orange Edition/ Tangerine flavor of Red Bull. It is so pernicious to let them go from the market. 

According to sources, we have discovered consumers are up in arms and want all of them back, and the majority goes with the Orange edition/ Tangerine Flavor. Let’s put light on some of the comments:

A user said, “I prefer Orange flavor over any other drinks. I have searched for it in multiple places. According to me, there is no sense that the company will cut down on this flavor. Please Bring back my favorite flavor (Red Bull Orange); I don’t want to see them go. It is one of their most popular and best-selling flavors. If you guys want to eliminate flavors, why don’t you eliminate one of the less popular.”

Another user stated, “My all-time favorite flavor is Orange; this is the only one I would always like to buy. If it goes, so do I as a customer.”

Why Red Bull Discontinued Some Of Its Flavors?

Red Bull discontinued its less popular and low-performing flavors to vacant space for introducing their new fruit-flavored drinks in the future. The company is not doing so on its own, but they are doing it because customers have a stronger appeal to launch other new flavored drinks.

Another reason for its discontinuation was Red Bull wanted to launch fruit-flavored drinks that could be easily available everywhere. The company launched its products made up of seasonal fruits, that’s why they are available for a specific period. Customers want them to be available all year round; this way, other flavored drinks sales are largely impacted.

So, the company has decided to launch only those drinks considered evergreen.

Are you interested to know how many flavors Red Bull has discontinued now? If yes, then you must read on!

How Many Flavors Have Been Discontinued By Red Bull?

Yes, Red Bull discontinued some of its less popular and low-performing flavors. Do you want to know how many flavors have been discontinued? Get the list of a few discontinued items below:

  • Red Bull Cranberry (2020)
  • Red Bull Plum Twist (2021)
  • Red Bull Silver Lime (2016)
  • Red Bull Breeze (2019)
  • Red Bull Arctic Berry (2020 – 2021)
  • Red Bull Grapefruit (2017)
  • Red Bull Orange 

How Red Bull Came Out?

Red Bull is the brand that sells one of the most popular drinks worldwide. It ranked the third most valuable soft drink brand after Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 

It is manufactured and marketed by the Australian company Red Bull GmbH and was considered the most popular energy drink brand in 2020.

Red Bull has sold more than 100 billion cans since its launch in 1987 and made 11.5 billion in 2022 globally.

When the company was founded, it introduced its first and original flavor. It was sold in a silver blue, tall and slim can, and it was named Red Bull Energy Drink. As time passed, Red Bull launched a wide variety of flavors. 

It has a tagline, i.e., “Red Bull Gives You Wings.” When this slogan launched, it became one of the most popular and memorable slogans nationwide. Red Bull introduced its flavors and created a brand myth and awareness in the United States after its launch. 

It also advertised its brand through standout stunts such as the Startos Space Diving Project sport event series, including Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, and Red Bull Crashed Ice. It is marketed through music, i.e., Red Bull Records Label and multiple sports, team ownership, and celebrity endorsements.

Initially, a drink named Krating Daeng was introduced in Thailand; later, the Red Bull Brand culminated after getting inspired by Krating Daeng. This way, Red Bull launched its first drink, similar to Krating Daeng.

Dietrich Mateschiz and Yoovidhya both collaborated while doing business in Thailand. They both created a product for Westerners that may flatter their tastes by carbonating the drink. Later in 1984, both launched Red Bull GmbH in Austria (in Fuschl am See, Salzburg).

In 1987, the first can of Red Bull was sold in Austria, and after nine years, the business expanded and started its operation in the United States.

Since its launch in the United States, the growth has been rapid; the founders have seen uniform growth ever since.

Red Bull originated from Kraeting Daeng, so both of them use the same logo, but they have been marketing separately; one is in Thai, while another is launched to market their drinks in the Western markets.

Is Red Bull Still Around?

Yes, Red Bull is still around. There are numerous variants available in the market. Some have been discontinued, while some are still there.

You can buy various flavors that have yet to be discontinued in stores and online at several websites, i.e., Amazon, eBay, etc.

Best Red Bull Flavors (New/ Old)

Red Bull is a company that offers all varieties, from sugar-free flavors to new and special fruit-flavored drinks. These flavors have been introduced so that everyone can make the most of red bull drink to their preferences. 

Here we have compiled a list of a wide variety of flavors of this iconic red bull energy drink that everyone should try. We hope you find this Red Bull drink an ultimate energy source. So, let’s check them out!!

  • The original version is Red Bull Simply Cola
  • Red Bull Organics Simply Cola
  • Red Bull Winter Edition: Fig Apple
  • Red Bull Coconut Edition Sugar-Free
  • Red Bull Sugar-Free
  • Red Bull Blue Edition: Blue Berry
  • Red Bull Original
  • Red Bull Green Edition: Dragon Fruit
  • Red Bull Peach Edition: Peach Nectarine
  • Red Bull Red Edition: Watermelon
  • Red Bull Summer Edition: Strawberry Apricot
  • Red Bull Yellow Edition: Tropical
  • Red Bull Winter Edition: Pomegranate
  • Red Bull Orange Edition: Tangerine
  • Red Bull Coconut Edition: Coconut Berry

Red Bull drinks are so popular, and they may come in your favorite list of drinks as they contain water-soluble B-group vitamins that help yield energy by regulating their metabolism. 

It reduces tiredness and fatigue by building up and breaking down carbohydrates and proteins. Its instant energy gain formula makes Red Bull a special and unique drink over other drinks.

Wrapping Up

Yeah! Red Bull is a drink and way more than an ordinary drink/ beverage. Those who want to buy the energy drink can buy Red Bull; we can guarantee that Red Bull has something for everyone…

Also, it is available in a wide variety of flavors. People love all its different flavors; some find them a good source of energy with great taste, while some criticize its flavors. 

We are familiar with the fact that nothing is perfect in this world. Some love to appreciate, while some criticize the same; there is always a 50-50 percent ratio.

Red Bull was introduced in the 80s with one iconic flavor. But now, the company expanded its business and produced a wide variety of flavors with no-calorie and sugar-free flavors under the name of Red Bull Editions. 

In this blog, we have mentioned the 15 best flavors produced by Red Bull. Some of them have been removed/discontinued, while some are still available for a limited period of time in specific locations/areas/countries. 

Some of the iconic flavors of Red Bull have been discontinued, and you can’t find them anymore while some are still around. So, we can’t say that Red Bull has no traces left. Several other flavors remain and dominate over other drinks.