Has KFC Popcorn Chicken Discontinued in 2023? – New Changes in Menu

Has KFC Popcorn Chicken Discontinued? Hey Popcorn Chicken lovers! Have you heard anything about Popcorn Chicken? If not, it may be difficult for you to digest that the time has come to say goodbye to KFC Popcorn Chicken. This is considered one of the best-selling and most iconic items on the KFC menu.

Popcorn Chicken is also known as Popcorn Nuggets. But KFC Popcorn Chicken lovers, no worries. Because your favorite food does not disappear completely from the menus.

We hope you are happier to hear that food items from the KFC menus will be around for a while.

As some outlets have mentioned, KFC has stopped selling Popcorn Chicken, but they still need to cut down popcorn chicken from the menus completely. According to a USA Today report, KFC aims to refresh its menu in 2023. 

It is clearly announced by the company that only five food items will be removed from the refreshed menu – in which the popcorn Chicken combo is also there.

If we talk about several news reports mentioning that popcorn chicken has been removed from KFC’s refreshed menu, we believe that they have missed something to reveal: the word “combo.” 

So, this has been cleared in the news outlets given by USA Today. Clearly, KFC has stopped selling the Popcorn Chicken combo, which is always considered a staple menu item.

Although one of the representatives for KFC stated, Popcorn Chicken lovers can still order Popcorn Chicken at specific locations.

Why KFC Discontinued Popcorn Chicken?

As we all know, KFC has not entirely removed this Popcorn Chicken item from its restaurant. To change its menu, they have discontinued some of its items. At the same time, some have been replaced with other best alternatives in a refreshed menu list.

Let’s discuss several possible reasons for the menu changes at the restaurant. 

One of the major possible reasons has been revealed by Yahoo! stated, “The company KFC discontinued Popcorn Chicken because they were observed as the underperforming food items. The company made this step to accommodate newer food items such as Sandwiches (Spicy Slaw Chicken Sandwich). 

It was noted that low-performing food items have been discontinued while some have been replaced with newer ones that may do better in restaurants.

Recently, the company made an announcement in which they have cleared that the well-performing Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps have been added to the refreshed list at restaurants across the country. 

This item is added on top because it was observed these wraps were performing well during testing in Atlanta the previous year. However, the testing was done for a limited time, but the consequences were better.

If you are a hard fan of popcorn chicken but unable to find them at KFC, then you still have other options to check. We are sure you will love them. Do you want us to reveal their names? We sure are, so let’s get rolling!!

Best restaurants that sell the best quality popcorn chicken in America include Jollibee, Popeyes, Roscoe’s House of Chicken’ N Waffles, Federal Donuts, Prince’s, Gus’s, Reel M Inn, Jackson’s Fried Chicken, The Old Country Store, Busy Bee Cafe, Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, Dixie Fried Chicken, Monte Ne Chicken Inn, Claudia Senders Dinner House, Crown Fried Chicken, Harold’s Chicken, and several more. 

Which KFC Item Is Replacing Popcorn Chicken?

So, fans, it may be good news for all of you!! As KFC is replacing Popcorn Chicken with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes! You have read it right; this new item will now be added to KFC’s refreshed menu list. 

One fan-favorite item is also coming back, i.e., Double Down Sandwich- made of bacon and cheese with two patties of chicken for its buns. It may bring back a broad smile on your face. So, holding your horses is unnecessary to make the most of this item.

Because you can have them right now, as KFC brought them back to the United States on March 6, do you have cravings for fried chicken and Double Down sandwich? If yes, then what are you waiting for!! Just go for them.

But dear, we also have some bad news for you, and these items will be served only for a limited period.

What Other Items KFC Is Going To Discontinue?

Along with Popcorn Chicken, KFC will discontinue its few other items, including Strawberry Lemonade, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Nashville Hot Sauce in the United States.

When asked for it by KFC US director Brittany Wilson, she stated, “These changes have been made for the customers so that they can make their orders easily without any inconvenience.”

She added, “We have not intended to axed these items from the menu, but for the customer’s ease, we made this step; this way, our customers can make their orders easily. It helps them to decide what to order and what not so they can focus on menu items that we do best.”

What People Have Commented On Its Discontinuation On Social Media?

According to reports outlets, the wraps were in demand and mentioned many times on social media, i.e., more than 42,000 times.

Nick Chavez, the US chief marketing officer, said, “We are so sorry and also aware of the fact that Wraps fans are insisting on fried chicken wraps to bring them back, but we are replacing that particular item with our new finger-licking alternative, i.e., KFC Wraps.”

He continued, “We offer two KFC Wraps for just 5 US dollars. There is a steal deal. We hope you all will love it! Whether you are looking for a Spicy Slaw or a Classic Chicken, we’ve got you covered.”

But this deal is not enough for the hard fan, and they are still broadcasting.

One person said, “Why are people eliminating only those popular items? Don’t you remove the unpopular ones to make room for newer items? Really.”

While another user tweeted, “What’s that mean for the famous bowl, if you are eliminating Popcorn Chicken from KFC’s refreshed menu? Are you insane!”

Wrapping Up

We’ve concluded that this time we have to say RIP Popcorn Chicken as KFC stops selling this particular item.

It is also believed that Popcorn Chicken has been discontinued partially. It is still there but at certain locations.

But there is no official statement on what is going on with KFC Famous Bowls.