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Omega New Releases of luxury Watches 2024

Omega released some new watches this year inspired by summer and the ocean. They’re using a unique color called “Summer Blue,” which makes each watch unique And makes omega new releases of luxury watches one of our favourite this year.

They’re focusing on a color called “Summer Blue.” It’s like the bright sky in summer and the deep sea. This color looks different on each watch, making them all unique.

They’ve got different kinds of watches in this collection. There’s the tough Ploprof Diver, which got a modern update. Then there’s the stylish Seamaster Diver 300M and Seamaster 300, which are versatile and good-looking. And there’s the standout Planet Ocean Ultradeep, made for diving deep in the ocean.

Omega already released one new watch in January called The Dark Side of the Moon, “Apollo 8.” It’s pricey but impressive, with a cool rocket-shaped hand for seconds.

But we’re still waiting to see what else Omega has in store for 2024. Last year’s first release, the Speedmaster Super Racing, gave little away about the rest of the year’s watches. We’ve made some guesses about what Omega might do next. Let’s hope they come true!

Remember when Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, showed off a mysterious white dial Speedmaster at an Omega event? Well, this watch will be officially released in 2024. Yes, you read that right! It’s coming out officially in 2024, inspired by their space mission, Speedmaster. 

There’s also something called the Spirate System, regulating watch movements super precisely. Omega is constantly ahead in watch tech, making watches for magnets and getting accuracy certifications. Expect more cool designs like the Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon. Omega’s 2024 watches will be both innovative and practical!

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 omega new releases

What’s New About Omega new releases 2024 Seamaster Collection?

The 2024 Seamaster collection by Omega is about making watches look great and work well. They’re using a unique blue color called “Summer Blue” to make them stand out. This color isn’t just one shade of blue – it’s a range of blues that tell a story about the sea.

Each watch in the collection has a dial with an excellent fade effect, going from light blue in the middle to darker blue on the edges. This isn’t just for looks; it also shows how deep each watch can go underwater.

The lighter blue watches are for shallower waters, where the sun shines through the ocean. They’re pretty and peaceful. But the darker blue watches are for serious diving. They can handle the deep, dark parts of the sea where survival is tough.

Omega’s idea with these watches is to make you think about the sea and all its mysteries. Each watch is like a picture of the ocean, showing how amazing and adventurous it can be.

Next, we’ll discuss each watch in the collection and what makes them unique with their “Summer Blue” theme.

Meet the Classic Ploprof Diver: Back and Better Than Ever 

Omega is bringing back a classic watch called the Ploprof Diver. It’s a watch that was famous in the past, and now it’s making a comeback. This new version is still the same size as the original from 1971 – it’s 55mm x 45mm x 15.5mm. That means it’s big and tough, just like before. And it can go down to 1,200 meters underwater, showing how well-made it is for professional divers.

As we’ve already mentioned, this year’s model is unique because of its color – it goes from dark blue to black around the edges, like the deep sea. This color isn’t just for looks; it’s a nod to the watch’s history of exploring the ocean’s depths. The dial also changes color to show the different layers of the sea, from sunny to dark and mysterious.

The 2024 Ploprof Diver is not just a blast from the past; it’s also a modern masterpiece. It mixes old-school style with new technology, making it an excellent watch for collectors and anyone who loves Omega.

The Planet Ocean Ultradeep by Omega

It’s a fantastic watch that is made for exploring the deep sea.

This watch is all about pushing the limits. Omega’s involvement inspires it to explore the deepest parts of the ocean. The original version even went down to the Challenger Deep’s deepest point.

The Ultradeep watch has a dark blue dial that looks almost black. It’s like looking into the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. And there’s a neat surprise when you shine UV light on it – you’ll see a hidden map and a message that says, “Omega was here!” It’s a fun little detail that shows Omega’s adventurous side.

This watch isn’t just about looks; it’s tough, too. It can handle going down to 6,000 meters underwater. It’s the highlight of Omega’s 2024 collection, showing off their dedication to making top-notch watches and honoring the mysteries of the deep sea.

The Seamaster Diver 300M and Seamaster 300 watches by Omega

They’re both stylish and practical, perfect for everyday wear.

The Seamaster Diver 300M comes in a new blue color that matches the ocean. It’s great for diving, with a water resistance of 300 meters. The watch looks sleek and polished, suitable for underwater adventures or fancy events on land.

The Seamaster 300 has a vintage feel and is the same blue color. The color on the dial changes subtly, showing how deep it can go underwater.

Both watches are made to look good and work well. They’re designed to handle challenging situations, making them reliable choices for any environment.

What If Omega Releases a Fancy Gold Seamaster?

Omega is known for its connection with the Olympics, and with the 2024 Summer Olympics coming up, they might do something special. They’ve already released a two-tone Seamaster for the Paris Olympics.

But how about a solid gold Seamaster? It would be cool, even if it’s just wishful thinking. Omega doesn’t have one in their current collection, but seeing it would be awesome.

They could use different types of gold, like Sedna, Moonshine, or Canopus. It could be super fancy with diamonds, too. And since it’s an Olympic year, why not make versions in silver and bronze as well?

This might be a dream, but Omega loves the Olympics, so who knows? They might surprise us with something unique.

What Makes Omega Watch Dials Special In 2024?

Let’s take a closer look at how Omega designs the dials for their watches in the 2024 collection. It’s not just about making them work well; it’s about making them look beautiful too.

Omega puts a lot of effort into designing their dials. They use a unique fumée-style technique to create an excellent gradient effect, going from light in the middle to dark around the edges. It’s like looking at the different shades of the ocean. This makes the watch face look more exciting and changes depending on the light.

Omega adds even more details for some watches, like the Planet Ocean Ultradeep. They make intricate patterns on the dial that look like the ocean floor. And if you shine UV light on it, you’ll see hidden messages and designs. It’s like a fun secret!

Omega’s attention to detail and dedication to making each dial perfect show in their watches. Each dial is like a little piece of art that tells a story of innovation and elegance. It makes Omega watches stand out as valuable tools and beautiful accessories.


As we wrap up our exploration of Omega’s 2024 watch releases, it’s clear that the brand remains a trailblazer in watchmaking innovation. With the enchanting “Summer Blue” theme, Omega reaffirms its bond with the sea and showcases its dedication to marrying beauty with function. 

Each watch exudes Omega’s commitment to diverse design, from the iconic Ploprof Diver to the stylish Seamaster models. The Planet Ocean Ultradeep exemplifies their adventurous spirit and technical prowess. With intricate dials telling tales of ocean depths and human achievements, Omega’s 2024 lineup celebrates legacy, excellence, and a glimpse into the future of watchmaking.


What is the Dark Side of the Moon “Apollo 8”?

The Dark Side of the Moon “Apollo 8” is an impressive update to the previous-gen model from 2018. It features a mini Saturn V rocket-shaped second hand and was unveiled in early 2024.

Is there a white dial Speedmaster coming in 2024?

Yes! Daniel Craig was spotted wearing a mysterious white dial Speedmaster late last year. It’s set to be released in 2024 and seems to be a modern take on the fan-favorite “Alaska Project” Speedmaster. Expect red Speedmaster text, black hands, and white lume.

What is the Spirate System introduced by Omega?

The Spirit System is a new method of regulation that allows Omega to regulate its movements to 0/+2 seconds per day. Even better, Omega boutiques can perform these adjustments. We expect Spirate to be rolled out across more models in the coming years.

How does Omega continue to lead in cutting-edge watchmaking?

Omega’s technical innovation includes anti-magnetism, METAS certification, and commercializing the co-axial escapement. They consistently pursue cutting-edge technology at scale, making them a leader in impressive watchmaking.

What’s the significance of the “Summer Blue” ethos in Omega’s 2024 offerings?

Omega’s refreshed Seamaster Diver 300M and Seamaster 300 models showcase the “Summer Blue” ethos. These timepieces blend elegance and utility, emphasizing precision and durability.

Are there any solid gold or two-tone watches in Omega’s 2024 lineup?

Yes! Omega is introducing new solid gold and two-tone watches. While some are designed for ladies, gentlemen have plenty of options.

What’s the story behind Daniel Craig’s secret Speedmaster?

Daniel Craig’s white dial Speedmaster, seen at an Omega event, is rumored to be released in 2024. It draws inspiration from the covert “Alaska Project” Speedmaster, known for its white dial, red accents, and sleek design.

How is Omega’s commitment to precision and durability reflected in their 2024 watches?

The Seamaster Diver 300M and Seamaster 300 models exemplify this commitment. They not only look good but also emphasize functionality and robustness.

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