Tudor New Releases

Most demanding Tudor New Releases Watches 2024

This year, Tudor has come out with two new Black Bay 58 watch versions. One is made of 18 ct yellow gold and has a see-through back, a fancy inside part, and a solid gold bracelet. The other is a brand-new Black Bay 58 GMT, certified as a Master Chronometer. Tudor has also released a new Black Bay watch with a monochrome look. It’s got some updated design stuff and a unique clasp called “T-fit.” Plus, it’s certified as a Master Chronometer by METAS in tudor new releases.

Tudor added a blue dial option to the Clair de Rose collection. These watches are only available in stainless steel and have mechanical movements inside. Let’s find out more about Tudor’s new releases!

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Tudor New Releases

What’s Tudor New Releases This Year?

Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT 

This new watch combines the old-school style of the Black Bay GMT with the sleek design of the Black Bay 58. It’s smaller, has a 39mm diameter, and has a fancy certification for its movement. This release might make the older version unnecessary for people with smaller wrists. Tudor listens to their fans and gives them exactly what they’ve been asking for.


  • Brand: Tudor 
  • Model: Black Bay 58 GMT 
  • Case Dimensions: 39mm (diameter) x 12.8mm (thickness) 
  • Case Material: Stainless steel 
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal 
  • Dial: Black with gold details 
  • Strap: Choose between a metal bracelet with rivets or a rubber strap with a folding clasp 
  • Price: CHF 4,100 for the rubber strap option and CHF 4,300 for the metal bracelet.
  • Movement: Automatic, made by Kenissi, with a power reserve of 65 hours 
  • Functions: Tells the time, date, and a second time zone (GMT) 
  • Availability: Available now 

The Tudor Black Bay 41mm

Tudor’s also released a new Black Bay watch that’s 41mm big. It’s black and white, blending old and new styles. People will probably like the black-and-white look, and they might make more versions like it. The case is 13.6mm thick and can handle up to 200m underwater.


  • Brand: Tudor 
  • Model: Black Bay 
  • Case Dimensions: 41mm (diameter) x 13.6mm (height) 
  • Case Material: Stainless steel 
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal 
  • Dial: Black and white 
  • Strap: You can pick from a metal bracelet with rivets, a five-link bracelet, or a rubber strap with a unique clasp 
  • Price: CHF 3,950 for the rubber strap option and CHF 4,250 for the metal bracelet.
  • Movement: Automatic, made by Kenissi, with a power reserve of 70 hours 
  • Functions: Tells the time 
  • Availability: Available now 

The Tudor Clair de Rose Collection 

Tudor’s got a new lineup of their Clair de Rose watches, now sporting stylish blue dials. They come in three sizes: 26mm, 30mm, and 34mm. And the best part is you can pick either Roman numerals or sparkly diamond indices of any size, so everyone can find something they like.


  • Size: You can choose from three sizes to fit your wrist: 26mm, 30mm, or 34mm.
  • Look: The dials are an excellent blue colour with a fancy pattern called guilloché.
  • Material: The cases are made of rugged stainless steel and have strong sapphire crystals covering the dials.
  • Strap: They all come with stainless steel bracelets and foldable clasps to keep them secure.
  • Inside: Depending on the size, they’re powered by an ETA 2671 or Sellita equivalent base automatic movement, which can keep ticking for about 38 hours straight.
  • These watches are available right now, starting at second CHF 2,350.

What they do: Tell the time and date and have a second hand.

Meet The Tudor Black Bay 58 18k 

Tudor jazzed up their famous Black Bay 58 watch by crafting it from solid 18k gold and giving it a striking green dial. A solid gold Tudor is more about showing off your unique style than flaunting like you would with a gold Rolex. It’s a cool nod to the 58’s success over the years.


  • Size: It’s the same sweet size as the regular steel 
  • Model, 39mm across and 12.7mm thick.
  • Look: The dial is a vibrant green colour that stands out.
  • Material: The whole case is made of 18k yellow gold and has a tough sapphire crystal on both the front and back.
  • Strap: It has a fancy matching solid gold bracelet with a foldable clasp.
  • Inside: It’s powered by a Kenissi-made automatic movement that can keep going for 70 hours straight.
  • You can snag one of these beauties right now for CHF 30,000.

What it does: It tells the time and date and even has a GMT function to track another time zone.

What Is The Most Demanded Tudor Watch?

Tudor watches are trendy, and some models are super cool. Let’s check out a few of the most demanded ones:

Tudor Black Bay Bronze:

This watch looks fantastic with its steampunk style and bronze case. It’s rust-resistant, and the grey dial gives it a unique look. Plus, it has those excellent “snowflake” hands. It runs on Tudor’s automatic movement, making it modern and stylish.

Tudor Black Bay GMT:

When Rolex returned their famous Pepsi Cola GMT watch, Tudor made their version, too. It’s a lot like the old-school one and can keep track of three different time zones. Even though it’s got the oversized crown and snowflake hands, it’s way cheaper than the Rolex.

Tudor Pelagos:

This watch is perfect for people who love diving. It can go down 500 meters underwater, so it’s super tough. It’s like the Rolex Sea-Dweller. Its unique features, like a helium escape valve and a robust 42mm case, are great for exploring underwater.

These Tudor watches are all about quality, style, and not breaking the bank. That’s why they’re so popular with people who love collecting watches.

Why Choose Tudor Over Rolex?

If you’re considering Tudor as an alternative to Rolex, there are several compelling reasons to do so. Let’s delve into the details:

Quality and Value:

Tudor offers impressive quality and value, making it an attractive choice for those who desire Rolex-level craftsmanship without the hefty price tag.

The association with Rolex adds prestige to Tudor, as the same parent company owns it.

Distinct Identity:

While Rolex maintains a guarded and conservative image, Tudor has more freedom to be playful and creative.

Tudor designs can be unconventional, featuring materials like bronze and silver and unexpected designs like the controversial Black Bay P01.

Signature elements like the polarizing “snowflake” hands contribute to Tudor’s unique identity.

Manufacturing Differences:

Tudor watches are not made with the same components as Rolex watches.

Unlike Rolex, which produces nearly all components in-house, Tudor sources watch cases and other elements from Swiss suppliers.

However, many Tudor watches feature in-house movements developed separately from Rolex movements.

Shared Ethos:

Despite diverging from Rolex’s vertically integrated model, Tudor shares its parent company’s pragmatic approach to products and business.

Both brands adhere to strict quality standards and are covered by a five-year warranty.

They are also sold and serviced by the same dealer network.

In summary, while Tudor isn’t a direct replica of Rolex, it offers a compelling blend of quality, creativity, and affordability. Whether you choose Tudor or Rolex, you’ll invest in a timepiece with a rich heritage and impeccable craftsmanship.


In 2024, Tudor released some new watches that got people excited. They had different styles, like the Black Bay 58 18k and the Black Bay Bronze, each with unique appeal. People liked the Black Bay GMT because it could tell time in three different places, and the Pelagos was great for divers because it could go deep underwater. 

These new watches showed that Tudor cares about making good quality watches that aren’t super expensive. People loved them, and Tudor kept showing that they were one of the best watch brands, making excellent watches that people love to wear.


What new watches have Tudor released in 2024?

Tudor has released several exciting timepieces for 2024, including the Black Bay 58 GMT, the redesigned Black Bay, the 18K solid gold divers’ watch, and the elegant Clair de Rose.

Does Rolex own Tudor?

Yes, Tudor is owned by Rolex. The association with Rolex adds prestige to Tudor, and both brands are committed to quality and craftsmanship.

How do Tudor watches differ from Rolex watches?

Tudor has more creative freedom than Rolex, allowing for playful and unconventional designs.
While Rolex makes nearly all components in-house, Tudor sources some components from Swiss suppliers.
Many Tudor watches feature in-house movements developed separately from Rolex movements.

Which Tudor watches are highly sought after?

The Tudor Black Bay Bronze with its steampunk-inspired design and bronze case.
The Tudor Black Bay GMT is a fraction of the Rolex GMT’s price and has three time zones.
The Tudor Pelagos is a robust diving watch with a water-resistant capability of 500 meters.

What is the quintessential modern Tudor watch?

The Tudor Black Bay Bronze embodies modern Tudor design, featuring a bronze case, slate-grey dial, and signature “snowflake” hands.

Why should you consider Tudor over Rolex?

Tudor offers impressive quality and value without the hefty Rolex price tag.
It has a distinct identity, creative designs, and unique features like the “snowflake” hands.

Are Tudor watches as reliable as Rolex watches?

Tudor watches are as precisely built, robust, reliable, and accurate as Rolex watches.

Both brands are covered by a five-year warranty and are serviced by the same dealer network.

What is Tudor’s first entirely solid gold divers’ watch?

Tudor’s first solid gold divers’ watch is part of the Clair de Rose collection, elegantly revisited in TUDOR blue.

Which Tudor watch is a tribute to the daring spirit?

The Black Bay Chrono Pink celebrates the daring spirit and adds a vibrant touch to the collection.

What are the predictions for Tudor’s 2024 releases?

Predictions include the return of the Tudor Oysterdate Big Block Chronograph with a new integrated calibre MT59XX.

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