Super saving grocery deals on Flashfood App 2024

When Was Flashfood Started?

Flashfood was started in 2016 by Domingues. The pioneering Flashfood app, now accessible to the public, transforms the grocery shopping experience by offering impressive discounts of up to 50% on fresh items nearing their best-before dates at stores across Canada and the U.S. 

Since its inception, Flashfood has diverted millions of pounds of food from landfills to homes, effectively combating food waste while delivering substantial savings for families. With natural, tangible benefits, families have saved thousands on groceries annually through this innovative platform. For those seeking to trim their grocery bills while actively contributing to sustainability efforts, downloading the Flashfood app for iOS or Android is a compelling solution. Flashfood is celebrated for its entrepreneurial zeal and unwavering commitment to long-lasting environmental and social impact.

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What Does The Flashfood App Do?

Flashfood, the innovative grocery app, partners with stores to combat food waste. Unlike typical coupon apps, it doesn’t deal with discounts or coupons. Instead, Flashfood offers fresh food items nearing their best-before dates at up to 50% off. By doing so, it reduces food waste while allowing stores to recover some costs. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Flashfood app and create an account (you can use any referral code for more discounts. For example, you can use TASI32ONE for $5 off your first $10 order).
  • Select a grocery store available in your Flashfood zone.
  • Browse available food items and add them to your cart.
  • Please enter your payment information (it’s saved for future purchases).
  • Confirm your pickup location at the store.
  • Visit the store, head to the designated Flashfood area (usually near the front entrance), and let an employee know you’re there to pick up your order.
  • The employee will load your cart with the selected items. There is no need to show the app; provide your name.

Unfortunately, you won’t receive a receipt, but the savings are worth it!

Flashfood empowers shoppers to be part of the solution by buying food nearing its best-before date and positively impacting food waste reduction.

How Does Flashfood Make Money?

Flash food helps stop good food from being thrown away. They make money in two main ways. 

First, when you buy food on the app, Flashfood gets a little bit of money from each sale. 

Second, they team up with grocery stores to sell food that’s still good but might not sell before it goes bad. The stores earn money, and Flashfood helps them be more eco-friendly.

Here’s how it works: 

Every morning, store workers check all the food and put it in a special fridge for Flashfood. The app updates daily with new deals on food that are discounted a lot because it’s close to its best-before date. So, if there’s not much today, there might be more tomorrow.

You can see all the discounted food on your phone when you use the app. You buy what you want, then go to the store for regular shopping. Before leaving, please pick up your Flashfood items from the special fridge and confirm with the store that you got them.

How Do I Refer A Friend On Flashfood?

To refer a friend to Flashfood, follow these simple steps:

Open the Flashfood app: Tap on the Profile icon at the top left corner.

Select Rewards: Copy and paste your referral code.

Share the code: You can share the code with your friends and family.

Your referral can enter your code in two locations within the app:

  • During sign-up.
  • On the earn/rewards screen.

For you and your referral to receive those sweet referral credits, their first purchase must be at least $10. When your referral makes their first order, they’ll see a $5 credit applied at checkout. Once the purchase is confirmed, you’ll automatically receive a $5 credit in your account. You can invite as many friends as possible and rack up the dough! 

Remember, a user can only be a referee once; the $10 minimum must be made in a single transaction.

How Do You Get Flashfood Credits?

Let’s check how you can get free credits with Flashfood:

Referral Program:

  • First, download the Flashfood app and type in a unique code when you sign up.
  • When you buy something for $10 or more, you’ll get $5 in credits. It might take a bit for the credits to show up.
  • To see your credits, go to Menu, then click on Rewards in the app.
  • Tell your friends and family about Flashfood and give them your unique code. You’ll get more credits when they buy something the first time!

Promo Codes:

  • Look out for special codes from Flashfood. These can give you discounts or credits on your orders.
  • When you do something, type in the code at the checkout to get your discount or credit.
  • Flashfood helps you save money on yummy food like meat and veggies by giving you great deals at local grocery stores.

Is The Flashfood App Free?

Yes, the Flashfood app is free! You don’t pay anything extra when you get your food from the store.

With Flashfood, you can find fantastic deals at local grocery stores, saving up to half price on fresh food like meat and veggies that are almost at their best-by date. It’s a within! You save cash and help stop food from being wasted.

Download the app on your phone, check out the deals, and save money on groceries! 

Who Is The CEO Of Flashfood?

The CEO of Flashfood is Nicholas Bertram. He helps the app connect people with good-quality food and stop food from being wasted. With him leading the way, Flashfood is getting even better at ensuring families can eat well and save money. 

Recently, they made their brand even more remarkable, showing how much they care about stopping food waste and helping us all find affordable food.

Is Flashfood Worth It?

Yes, Flashfood is indeed worth considering. Under the leadership of Nicholas Bertram, it has made strides in reducing food waste while providing affordable options. The recent brand revamp emphasizes this commitment. So, if you’re passionate about savings and sustainability, Flashfood could be an intelligent choice!

Can I Cancel the Flashfood Order?

Once you order something on Flashfood, you usually can’t wait. The food doesn’t doesn’t, so once it’s ordered, it can’t recant the app to sell again. But if it’s your first time canceling, you can ask for help. Go to the ‘Help’ section in the app or website, or chat with them.

How Many Users Of Flashfood?

Currently, over two million people use Flashfood to save money on groceries and help stop wasting good food. Together, they’ve saved more than 20 million pounds of food from going to waste! 

Every time you use Flashfood, you’ll make the planet greener. If you need any help, you can chat with them in the app.

Is Flashfood Available In The U.S.?

Flashfood is only available in some places in the United States. If you’re you’re it’s in Southsea, go to their website and put in where you live. You can find it in many East Coast and Midwest places, like GIANT, Tops Friendly Markets, and more. And if it still needs to be put in its area, don’t worry, it’s coming soon! 

Flashfood Reviews

Here are some Flashfood App Reviews from people in the U.S. about Flashfood. Let’s find Let’s

Micki tried Flashfood for a few months and liked it. She found lots of food at discounted prices, usually about half off. You can get all sorts of dairy, meat, and veggies. Micki thinks it’s easy to do and saves a lot of money.

The Money Sack says Flashfood helps fight high food prices. You can buy discounted groceries through the app and help stop food waste.

Loud Money Moves tried Flashfood and thinks it’s excellent for getting deals during regular shopping.

The Frugal Farm Girl likes Flashfood because it sells almost expired food up to half off. It’s in Canada, and it helps save money and stop food waste.

In short, Flashfood is an excellent app for getting cheap groceries and helping the planet. If you want to save money and do something good, try it!

Apps Like Flashfood/Alternatives

If you’re looking for apps like Flashfood in the U.S., here are some:

  • Instacart: You can order groceries online and have them delivered to your house with Instacart, which helps cut down on last-minute store trips.
  • FoodForAll: This app lets you buy discounted meals from restaurants and cafes that have extra food.
  • Too Good To Go: This app connects you with stores and restaurants that sell their extra food at a discount so it doesn’t go to waste. OLIO helps neighbors share food they don’t want anyone to waste.
  • Phoenix: This app helps businesses sell almost expired food at that amount.
  • Imperfect Foods and Misfits Market: These apps deliver produce that looks funny or would usually be thrown away, so you can help reduce food waste.
  • Hungry Harvest: Hungry Harvest delivers extra produce to your house, and you can pick what you want in your box.
  • FoodHero: FoodHero helps you find cheap groceries by showing you almost-expired food for less.

Each app is a bit different, so check them out and see which works best for you and helps you stop food from being wasted!

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