None Such Condensed Mincemeat Discontinued

None Such Condensed Mincemeat Discontinued – Where can you find?

Is None Such Condensed Mincemeat discontinued? Apples, raisins, and citrus peel are combined with sugar and spices to create mincemeat. It is a delicious ingredient for baking and cooking. Old English recipes were used to create mincemeat, which is still one of England’s most well-liked Christmas meals.

Condensed mincemeat was initially created in 1878. It was discovered that when mincemeat was dried properly, a year-round product was produced. The manufacturer and distributor of canned products, Merrell-Soule Company, successfully introduced condensed mincemeat. It was known under the None Such brand name.

Unfortunately, the company that purchased the mincemeat has discontinued selling it.

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What company makes None Such mincemeat?

Mincemeat’s history can be traced back to 1413 when it was delivered at Henry V of England’s coronation. In the 1660s, mincemeat was served as a fruit and spice-flavored meat pie. The meat was introduced to Colonial America. Pies with more fruits and spices and less meat were served as desserts at that time.

None Such Condensed Mincemeat Discontinued

One of the oldest American-prepared foods is ready-to-use mincemeat. It was first sold in wooden buckets and crates. For over a century, mincemeat has been continuously marketed in the United States. Even early American cooks were unwilling to put in the time and effort required to produce mincemeat from scratch.

The Merrell-Soule Company introduced condensed mincemeat under the None Such brand name for Borden. Borden acquired the Merrell-Soule Company in the 1920s.

Where can I find mincemeat?

Minced meat was once created with dried fruits, spices, and alcohol. Mince pies have all but vanished from the American table. However, records show that the pastries introduced to North America by the initial wave of British colonists in the 17th century used to be a popular feature of American food culture.

Most of the time, mincemeat does not contain actual meat, but it could. There are numerous ways to prepare mincemeat. In the United States, fresh and dried cranberries, walnuts or blanched almonds, dried currants, dates, meat (beef, lamb, or chicken), and beef suet or butter are common additions.

The recipe then started to change. It becomes a little sweeter and shrinks from the huge rectangular shape once seen to a smaller round pie shape around Victorian times. Also, with the meat being removed from the recipe,

Regarding None Such, the company has existed since 1885. There are three kinds: standard, brandy, and rum-flavored ready-to-use versions, as well as the original “condensed” form, which must be revived with water.

We may use the store finder on None Such’s website, A link to a corporate online store allows us to get mincemeat in our required quantity.

The shelf life of None Such Mincemeat Ready-to-Use is 36 months after the date of manufacture. Its condensed form has a shelf life of 48 months after manufacturing. We must refrigerate and use the food within three to four days of being opened.

Homemade mincemeat can be made at any point in the year. When it is sealed properly, it will mature to a broader and more stable flavor. Canned and bottled minced meats are generally available all year on the racks of larger supermarkets.


During the Christmas season, mince pies and tarts are popular desserts. Mincemeat pies are also a time-honored tradition of the Thanksgiving holiday in the northeastern United States.

Most mincemeat ingredients had yet to have meat by the mid-twentieth century. However, it may contain animal fat in the form of suet, butter, or solid vegetable fats, attempting to make it vegan. Mincemeat is aged to bring out the different flavors. The alcohol alters the overall texture of the combination by dissolving the meat proteins. Mincemeat that has been preserved can be kept for up to ten years.

Homemade mincemeat is possible. Commercial preparations, mainly without meat, are widely available in jars, foil-lined boxes, or tins.

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