Victoria Secret Perfume Discontinued List 2023

Discontinued Victoria’s Secret Perfumes 2024

Some people who love Victoria’s Secret perfumes are sad because the company has discontinued making certain ones. This makes them wonder why the perfumes are gone and what else they can use. Many fans feel nostalgic and emotional because these perfumes were essential to the brand. But things changed, and Victoria’s Secret had to say goodbye to some famous perfumes.

Victoria’s Secret has long been a popular choice for perfume fans. They’ve made many great-smelling perfumes that people love. But now, some of those perfumes have been discontinued. In this article, we’ll discuss why Victoria’s Secret discontinued some perfumes and what you can do if you still want to find your favorite scent.

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What Is Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret is a retail outlet for lingerie, clothing, and beauty in the United States. In addition to its leading lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret has secondary product lines, including activewear known as Victoria Sports, swimwear, and a beauty division that includes perfumes, make-up, accessories, and other body care products.

The brand has struggled since 2016 as the largest company selling lingerie in the United States. This is due to changing consumer preferences and controversy surrounding corporate leadership’s business operations. The company also has a long list of discontinued body washes, sprays, and other product lines.

Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued List

Victoria’s Secret discontinued perfumes are considered provocative, romantic, or playful. They can be found online at sites like eBay or FragranceX and may still be available at select Victoria’s Secret stores. The availability of the product depends on when it was discontinued. Body by Victoria was redesigned in 2014, and the original 2012 formulation is no longer available.

The following Victoria’s Secret perfumes have been discontinued. They are:

  • Victoria
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Wild English Garden Romantic Bouquet
  • Victoria’s Bouquet
  • English Harvest Garden
  • Forget Me Not, Romantic Bouquet
  • Freesia
  • Her Majesty’s Rose
  • Azurine
  • Breathless
  • Encounter
  • Body by Victoria
  • Basic Instinct
  • So In Love
  • Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold
  • Simply Victoria

Some perfumes, body mists, and creams in the product line may need help finding. Even though they have yet to be officially discontinued, they are hard to find. Scents like Pear Glace and the Forbidden Fantasy collection have become increasingly scarce.

Scentmatchers is a website that claims to imitate rare perfumes. They also match a favorite scent that is discontinued, hard to find, rare, and authentic. This source allows Victoria’s Secret perfumes to be discovered and bought online or even expertly replicated and recreated.

Why Does Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Some Perfumes?

Victoria’s Secret has produced many perfumes over the years. They range from flowery and fruity to sexy and alluring. Many people love their perfumes because they make them feel sensual and feminine.

Well, it’s ordinary in the beauty world. Sometimes, people’s tastes change, so companies need to make new perfumes that people like better. Also, perfumes can be expensive, and sometimes, the ingredients they need aren’t available anymore.

Victoria’s Secret has discontinued some extraordinary perfumes over time. For example, there was one called “Heavenly,” which smelled like sweet vanilla and musk. Another one, “Love Spell,” was a cherry blossom and peach mix. People miss these perfumes because they were favorites for many.

Is Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Original Pink Perfume?

Victoria’s Secret Original Pink is a fruity citrus that begins with dazzling, alluring bergamot, lemon, and orange leaf notes. The heart is tempting us with gardenia blossoms, jasmine, peach, and summer rose aromas.

When you initially spritz the original perfume on your skin, it has a toasted citrus scent. It also has an attractive, slightly sweet, and fresh tropical accent. Because it delivers a timeless fragrance and transforms women into bright and feminine icons, it is ideal for Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

The best time to wear Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001 Perfume is during the daytime in the summer and in the spring. Romanian perfumer Annie Buzantian created it. She received a lifetime achievement award for her perfumery skills with another brand, and she now creates fragrances for the well-known brand Estee Lauder. Unfortunately, these perfumes fall short in some ways due to a lack of availability, but they’re stunning perfumes.

Victoria’s Secret Pink is available in two versions: 2001 and 2013. The accords were changed to a sweeter accent in the later version, but the bad news is that both versions are unique and rare. The earlier version receives favorable reviews but lacks the same punch due to its enormous sweetness.

If you pick a discontinued perfume as your routine, ensure you have backups. If you adore the brand, consider Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, which retains the Pink range’s youthful and vivid accents. It’s a more daring, fruitier, exotic, and provocative fragrance, with vanilla, Shangri-La peony, and passion fruit fragrances.

Georgio Armani Si EDP blends related green undertones with a sweet and fruity accent. This gradually increasing citrus accord is the closest match to Victoria’s Secret Pink perfumes. Georgio Armani is another term associated with high-quality fragrances, an excellent alternative.

What Makes Victoria’s Secret Wicked Perfume Unique, and Why Is It Being Discontinued?

Victoria Secret’s Secret Wicked perfume smells utterly different from other fragrances. Others are primarily fruity and floral, but “Wicked” has a dark and more intense scent. Because it is an Eau de parfume, it lasts about 4-5 hours. The base note, which lingers all day, is more vanilla-like.

It was just released in 2017. It comes in a heavy black and white glass bottle, making it feel luxurious. The bottle has black lace flowers, giving it a very sexy appearance. It’s a day scent, especially in the summer, but you can choose your favorite scent based on the season. It is ideal for day trips, work, and parties.

Victoria’s Secret has announced the discontinuation of its wicked perfume. The company tweeted, “Our Wicked perfume collection has been discontinued, Clarrissa, “We recommend stocking up while the mist is still available!

Why Was Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Perfume Discontinued?

Victoria’s Secret has long been known for its stunning fragrance bottles. This one is no exception. It has remained unchanged since its release. While other fragrances have transformed over time, this one has not. It’s a clear bottle with a golden shimmer at the bottom and excellent gold wings on the back.

On the front of the bottle, the brand name is inscribed. Users can be confident that all details are printed on the box. The cap is made of high-quality plastic and clicks shut. They have created 15-ml limited-edition rollerballs for these signature fragrances, which are highly portable.

Victoria’s Secret angel gold perfume commences with a fruity blend of bergamot, orange, pomelo, kumquat, pear, and red berries. Milder floral notes such as peony, water lily, gardenia, jasmine, and tulip can be found in the heart of the scent.

There’s no denying why this is Victoria’s Secret’s all-time best-selling fragrance. Its floral scent will keep you feeling feminine and playful all day. When applied over your favorite moisturizer, it lasts 5–6 hours. Unfortunately, the brand has also discontinued Victoria’s Secret angel gold perfume.

Why Did Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Secret Crush Perfume?

Another discontinued product under Victoria’s Secret brand is Secret Crush. Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush is a floral-fruity perfume for women. A delectable combination of frozen pears, peonies, and peach blossoms is a part of the Secret Garden collection. It comes in EDT, body mist, and body care collections.

Crush is a flirtatious floral fragrance with spicy hot notes inspired by attractive lace lingerie. Victoria’s Secret was released in July 2016. This exciting scent features a fresh, feminine, and exotic floral bouquet with an alluring and vivid twist. Crush features pink pepper accords, spicy and vibrant flavors, and floral notes. 

The perfumers selected a specific peony hybrid and Ashoka flowers. The treasure peony develops citrus floral notes that are both fresh and feminine. Ashoka flowers blossom in Indonesia’s west coast rain forests from February to April. They are highly aromatic and have yellow-orange blooms. The Ashoka tree is revered and greatly prized in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India. The brand has discontinued such a distinctive featured perfume.

How Have Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Made an Impact, and What Might Happen Next?

Victoria’s Secret perfumes have significantly impacted how people think about fragrances. They’re known for making people feel sexy, feminine, and elegant, and many folks worldwide love them. These perfumes have become a part of people’s identity and remind them of memorable moments.

Because some perfumes are discontinued, Victoria’s Secret might make new ones to keep their fans happy. This way, they can keep up with what people want and offer different options that people might like. Even though some old favorites are gone, there might be new ones for people to try.

What Can You Do If Your Favorite Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Are Discontinued?

Don’t worry if your favorite Victoria’s Secret perfumes are discontinued! There are plenty of other perfumes out there to try. Here are some ideas for finding new scents:

Look at Other Victoria’s Secret Perfumes: 

Even though some perfumes are gone, Victoria’s Secret still has many others to choose from. Look at their collection and see if you find a new favorite.

One perfume that many will miss is Bombshell. It’s loved for its fresh and flowery smell, making women feel confident and attractive. It’s been a popular choice for a long time and will always be remembered fondly by its fans.

But recently, some Victoria’s Secret perfumes have been discontinued, leaving fans disappointed and wanting answers.

How Can You Find New Perfumes to Try and Enjoy?

You can try perfumes from different brands that aren’t as famous. They often have unique scents made carefully and might be just right for you.

Go to local stores that sell perfumes. They have many different kinds, even ones you haven’t heard of before. The people who work there can help you find one you like.

Join online groups where people talk about perfumes. You can get ideas from others who love scents and share your favorites.

Try a subscription service that sends you different perfumes every month. This way, you can test out many scents without buying big bottles.

It’s okay to feel sad when your favorite perfumes are discontinued, But trying new ones is also fun! Our memories with our old perfumes will always be unique, but many new scents await us to discover. Perfumes might change, but they’ll always make us feel something. Whether it’s an old favorite or a new find, let’s enjoy the beauty of scents and how they make us feel confident and unique.

Final Words

Victoria’s Secret has discontinued some of its perfumes. This might make their loyal customers sad, but it also allows them to try new perfumes. You can try different fragrances from Victoria’s Secret or other brands. There are lots of scents out there to explore. Finding the right smell is essential because it shows who you are and can leave a good impression.


Why are some Victoria’s Secret perfumes discontinued?

Victoria’s Secret hasn’t said exactly why they’re stopping some perfumes. But it could be because people’s tastes are changing and they want to bring in new perfumes.

Will my favorite Victoria’s Secret perfume come back?

There’s no promise that a discontinued perfume will return. But Victoria’s Secret often releases new perfumes, so keep an eye out for them.

How can I find a perfume I like if I can’t try it in a store?

You can check out online perfume groups, subscribe to perfume services, or read what other customers say about perfumes. They can help you find one you might like, even if you can’t try it in a store.

Are there other brands like Victoria’s Secret for perfumes?

Yes, many other brands with perfumes are similar to Victoria’s Secret. You can look at small perfume brands and find similar scents at unique perfume shops.

Can I still buy discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfumes?

It might be hard to find them in stores, but you can look online or at unique perfume shops. Just make sure the perfume is natural before you buy it.

How can I make my perfume last longer?

Keeping your perfume in a cool, dark place and making sure the bottle is closed tight when you’re not using it can help it last longer.

What are some famous Victoria’s Secret perfumes now?

Victoria’s Secret constantly releases new perfumes. Some of the popular ones are “Bombshell,” “Tease,” and more.

Can I buy Victoria’s Secret perfumes online?

You can buy them on Victoria’s Secret’s website or online.

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