Spectrum Layoffs 2024- Is Spectrum still in bussiness?

Spectrum is the trade name for Charter Communications. Market customers, commercial cable television channels, and internet, phone, and wireless providers often use it. The brand launched in 2014 after previously being promoted to Charter. Hundreds of Vestal Spectrum Call Centre workers may soon lose their jobs. This article details the Spectrum layoffs .

Charter Communications is a large broadband and cable operator. Under the Spectrum brand, it serves over 32 million subscribers in 41 states. Last year, the company reported $54.6 billion in revenue, a 1.1% rise over the previous year. Charter employs around 11,800 people in North Carolina.

Spectrum said it will transfer to national centers over the next year. The employees at the Vestal Centre can relocate with financial support. The business did not provide a schedule for when employees would be offered a chance to be transferred or laid off.

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Issues happened in the company

On May 23, 2017, over 1,800 Spectrum employees went on strike in New York City. This happened due to the company’s plans to take control of their health insurance and pension plans. The strike ended on April 18, 2022. It was the longest strike in US history at that time.

Spectrum has declined to negotiate with the workers’ union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3. Instead, it has hired a large temporary staff of strikebreakers. The company tried to decertify the union.

Spectrum’s efforts to decertify the union have been met with legal challenges. This includes a March 2020 judgment by the National Labour Relations Board. It was identified as “a serious and substantial issue” with Spectrum’s decertification efforts.

Spectrum is firing off Milwaukee employees

According to reports, the firm that provides Spectrum cable TV and broadband services is firing 173 Milwaukee-area employees. This news was announced in January 2024.

Charter Communications, Inc. is based in Stamford, Connecticut. The company is closing its residential retention call center. This is according to a new layoff notification submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

The call center is located at 1320 N. King Drive, where the business operates. According to the notice, the remaining operations will continue to be open. According to sources at the time, the layoffs will begin on March 28.

Spectrum reports layoffs in Morrisville

Charter Communications will close its residential inbound sales call center in Morrisville. According to records filed with the state, it is said to lay off 67 employees. According to a business official, 85% of the center’s workers have been offered another position at a newly established video repair center.

“Charter, Spectrum’s parent company, will not close its plant at 4200 Paramount Parkway. That location has around 800 employees. Other sales and customer service activities will continue there.” This is according to senior human resources director Dilys Hamilton-Bryan.

Beginning May 28, employees who do not take on new roles with the organization will be fired. The workers are not members of a union. Also, the Charter fails to recognize “bumping rights,” which would allow one employee to replace another based on seniority or any other basis. The call center answers Spectrum Internet, mobile, cable TV, and voice services inquiries.

Wake County’s unemployment rate was 3.2% in January of this year as part of the Raleigh Metropolitan Statistical Area. It remains unchanged from the previous year.

Employees who remain with the company until May 28 and do not find another job will be offered severance. According to a company spokesman, this includes

  • salary continuance, 
  • continuation of the company’s contribution to health insurance and 
  • outplacement support.

Spectrum has launched an internship amid layoffs!

Spectrum recently launched a new internship program for St. Louis, Missouri, high school students. This program provides practical work experience in customer service. The internship curriculum prepares students to work as call center representatives. They can help clients with internet and phone service issues.

Interns are also paid $18.50 per hour and given benefits. They have the option of switching to full-time jobs after graduation, and this includes tuition assistance and other benefits.

Kamryn Hufstedler, an enrollee, expressed her delight in the program. She said it taught her to engage with clients and act professionally.

Another high school student, Anabel Rico, stated that the internship taught her communication skills, which allowed her to communicate boldly with customers.

The company is dealing with layoffs, even though the student interns at Spectrum expect a promising future there.


Charter Communications, Spectrum’s parent firm, will close its residential inbound sales call center in Morrisville, North Carolina. This will affect 67 employees. Dilys Hamilton-Bryan, senior human resources director, stated that layoffs will start on May 28, 2024.

Despite the layoffs, Charter Communications remains a large employer in North Carolina. The company has around 11,800 employees. In 2023, the firm reported revenues of $54.6 billion.

Last year, Spectrum opened its newest Spectrum Mobile customer service call center in Amherst, New York, creating 400 new local customer service jobs.

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