Is Basic Outfitters Still In Business after Shark Tank?

Have You Heard about Basic Outfitters? They sell good men’s clothes like socks, underwear, and more. Are they still doing business? Yep, they sure are! They’re still selling the same comfy and stylish clothes. So, no need to worry; your favourite place for basic clothes is still here, and they’re doing great!

They’re smart, and many people like it because it saves time. Guess what? More people are buying from them every year. In 2016, they made $1 million; by 2018, they made $3 million.

Besides, Basic Outfitters cares about helping others. They give extra clothes to groups that help people in need, like the Good+ Foundation and WIN NYC. So, it’s not just about selling clothes; they want to make customers happy and help others. Let’s dive in!

Is Basic Outfitters Still Going Strong In 2024?

They became popular in 2016 after being on Shark Tank, and people loved their awesome ideas and stylish clothes. Now, in 2024, they are still going great. If you check their website, you’ll see they sell socks, underwear, and comfy clothes.

A lot of people visit their website every month – about 30,000! That’s like having a big crowd in a stadium. On Instagram, they have more than ten thousand followers. So, people like what Basic Outfitters is doing.

With many people visiting and following their website on social media, Basic Outfitters is still a strong and popular brand. They are here to stay; we might see more stuff from them in the future!

About Basic Outfitters and Their Clothes

Basic Outfitters is a company that developed a new way for guys to get their basic clothes easily. Laura and Michael Dweck started this business because they saw that guys needed good quality clothes without spending too much money.

They went on a TV show called Shark Tank to get some help for their business. They wanted to make it easier for guys to buy their everyday clothes. Even though they didn’t get the help they wanted, many people noticed them.

Now, let’s talk about the things Basic Outfitters is doing:

Create-a-Drawer Service:

This is a special thing they do. It helps guys get new underwear, socks, and shirts in a neat drawer. It’s easy to pick what you like.

Different Clothes:

Basic Outfitters has lots of different clothes for guys:

  • Underwear: They have comfy boxers and briefs.
  • Socks: Different styles for other occasions.
  • Undershirts: Soft and cosy shirts to wear under your clothes.
  • Joggers: Casual pants that are stylish and comfortable.
  • T-Shirts: Everyday shirts that last long and fit well.

Subscription Service:

You can sign up for a subscription to get new clothes regularly. It’s like a surprise gift for yourself.

They want to make sure guys have good-quality clothes without any hassle.

Did Basic Outfitters Become Famous on Shark Tank?

Basic Outfitters became famous when its creators, Michael and Laura Dweck, showed their business on Shark Tank. They have an amazing thing called “Create-a-Drawer,” letting guys easily get new basic clothes like shirts, underwear, socks, and comfy clothes. This idea was to make shopping for guys’ basics easy and good quality.

Even though many people needed this kind of easy shopping, the big moment was when they went on Shark Tank in Season 8, Episode 12. They wanted the Sharks to invest and help their business grow. The Dwecks already had a good online business but needed more support. The Sharks liked their plan because it cut out the middleman and made the clothes cheaper for customers.

Is Basic Outfitters The Perfect Solution For Affordable And Quality Men’s Basics?

Basic Outfitters is a brand for guys who want to tidy up their messy drawers with new socks and underwear. It’s especially for regular guys with a normal amount of money who can only spend a little on fancy underwear that costs around $50.

Everything Basic Outfitters offers is at a low price, but it’s costly and low-quality. They ensure their clothes are good even though they don’t cost a ton. The brand wants to be known for having nice stuff for guys at affordable prices.

Basic Outfitters is perfect for those who prefer something other than shopping just for boxers, socks, sweatpants, and undershirts. Their “Create-A-Drawer” option is like a superhero movie for people who want to get all their basic clothes in one shot and not worry about it for a while.

Is Basic Outfitters The Right Choice For You?

Basic Outfitters became popular because they offered good-quality basic clothes for men at prices that didn’t break the bank. Unlike other big brands that make things expensive, Basic Outfitters wants everyone to be able to afford good underwear, undershirts, and socks.

The founders, Laura and Michael, understood how hard it was for regular people to buy all the basics they needed without spending too much. So, they came up with the ‘Create-A-Drawer’ deal. This special offer includes ten pairs of socks, three undershirts, three underwear, and sweatpants – all for about $60.

But it’s not just about the price; Basic Outfitters also cares about the quality of their clothes. For example, their underwear is mostly made of comfy cotton, and a bit of stretchy Spandex is added to make it flexible. The same care goes into all their items with well-thought-out fabrics.


  • You can get all your basic clothes in one go.
  • It’s one of the cheaper options.
  • The quality is good.
  • They have a wide variety of designs.


  • The fabric can stretch out quickly.
  • Some items might have size issues.

Who is Basic Outfitters For? 

Basic Outfitters is for guys who want to organize their drawers with new socks and underwear. It’s also for regular-income people who can only spend a little on branded underwear.

Basic Outfitters makes sure their collection is affordable but affordable. The quality shows that you’re getting good basic clothes on a budget.

Lastly, it’s for those who prefer something other than going shopping just for basics. The ‘Create-A-Drawer’ option from Basic Outfitters is perfect for those who want all their basic clothes sorted in one go.

Are Basic Outfitters Making Customers Happy?

It’s not just about making money; they’re also getting more and more customers. Here are some important numbers:

  • Over 200k Instagram followers 
  • More than 500k products sold 
  • Customers in over 50 countries 

Those numbers say a lot. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s also about making customers happy. People like their comfy socks and underwear, and they say good things about the stuff they sell.

But what makes Basic Outfitters special? It’s simple and easy to buy from them without giving up style or comfort. Even with some challenges like more stores online and people changing how they shop, Basic Outfitters is doing more than fine!

Are There Any Alternatives To Basic Outfitters?

Check Out Other Places Instead of Basic Outfitters:

  • Uniqlo: They have cool and affordable clothes for everyone – guys, girls, and kids.
  • Everlane: They care about the environment and have simple and good-quality clothes.
  • H&M: It’s a big store where you can get trendy clothes without spending too much.
  • J.Crew: They have classic and stylish chinos, shirts, and sweaters.
  • Gap: A reliable store for everyday stuff like jeans, tees, and hoodies that always stay in style.
  • American Eagle: This is your place if you want comfy and casual clothes, especially jeans and graphic tees.
  • Target: Look for Goodfellow & Co., their brand for affordable basics like socks and comfortable clothes.
  • Amazon Essentials: Amazon’s brand has cheap and good-quality basics like tees and socks.
  • Old Navy: They have stylish and affordable dresses, perfect for stocking up your wardrobe.

Explore each store to find what suits your style the best!

The Bottom Line

So, is Basic Outfitters still doing business? Well, the answer is a big yes!

Basic Outfitters keeps catching people’s eye today with their clever way of selling men’s essential stuff. They’ve figured out how to change by focusing on things like comfort and convenience and not making you spend too much money – something people like.

In short, Basic Outfitters is not just open for business; they’re doing well! So, if you want good men’s basics that don’t cost too much and come right to your door, you should give them a look.