J.B. Hunt Layoffs 2024- Is still in bussiness?

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is an American logistics company. In September 2023, it was announced that an undefined number of J.B. Hunt employees would lose their jobs.

According to reports, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. filed two WARN layoff letters in California between August 2023 and June 2024. Overall, 358 employees were laid off as a result of these layoffs. The company does not provide more information. This article will examine what went wrong with J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. and reasons of J.B hunt layoffs.

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Overview of the company

J.B. Hunt aims to build the most efficient transport network in North America. The business’s industry-leading products and mode-neutral approach provide value to customers. This is achieved by decreasing waste, lowering costs, and improving supply chain visibility. J.B. Hunt can meet every business’s specific shipping requirements due to one of the largest company-owned fleets in the nation and third-party capacity. It is nothing but the J.B. Hunt 360° digital freight platform.

J.B. Hunt delivers excellent value and service through focused investments in its people, technology, and capacity. These investments help the company and its stakeholders develop over the long term.

On September 14, 2023, J.B. Hunt announced the acquisition of BNSF Logistics’ brokerage business, a division of BNSF Railway. The company planned to lay off employees as a result.

A severe downturn in the freight market

The freight market began to decline in March 2022. Since then, the pandemic-induced overcapacity has forced freight-hauling rates to fall to 2019 levels—or worse. For some time, too many trucks carried too little freight.

However, the impact has extended beyond US shipping firms and freight brokerages. The challenges are not limited to the United States or trucks. Ocean companies, railroads, air cargo carriers, and freight forwarders have all been affected globally.

We are in one of the most severe downturns in freight market history. A significant increase in capacity induced this, and it will take time to burn it all off. In other words, there is a severe recession in the freight market.

J.B. Hunt Layoffs in the BNSF Logistics brokerage unit

An unknown number of individuals are expected to lose their jobs in the BNSF Logistics brokerage unit. BNSF Logistics’ brokerage operations have been transferred to J.B. Hunt Transport Services.

On September 14, J.B. Hunt announced the acquisition of BNSF Logistics’ brokerage business, a subsidiary of BNSF Railway.

BNSF Logistics offers an extensive list of 3PL services through its employees and agents. J.B. Hunt will acquire the truckload, drayage, expedited, and less-than-truckload platforms. BNSF Logistics will continue to provide warehouse, specialty retail, heavy-haul, and project-related services. The financial details of the sale were not disclosed at that time.

The parent business states that the layoffs result from duplicating company roles. The BNSF stated that

“The brokerage operations of BNSF Logistics are sold to J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. After that, some employees with similar responsibilities might not transfer to J.B. Hunt. Affected employees will be given severance packages. This includes continuous healthcare and placement assistance.”

What happened to J.B. Hunt?

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. said its 2023 third-quarter performance was affected by a continued freight recession. But its top executives were focused on the future.

According to company president Shelley Simpson, excess inventory in the supply chain is driving the freight recession. According to her, the freight slump may not be over, but things appear to be returning to normal.

The company stated that revenue in the third quarter of 2023 was affected by a drop in revenue per load in the intermodal and truckload segments. The company reported lower sales across all of its segments. Also, the higher equipment and insurance expenses pulled down operating profits.

JB Hunt’s quarterly earnings are below expectations

JB Hunt Transport Services failed to meet Wall Street expectations for its first-quarter 2024 earnings. It suffered from a drop in sales in its most significant sector and pricing challenges in its brokerage division. The company’s shares fell by more than 5% in extended trade.

J.B. Hunt’s most significant section is intermodal, which involves moving goods using two or more modes of transportation. The segment’s revenue fell 9% in the quarter ended March 31, but the volume remained steady compared to the same period in 2023.

Goods companies in the United States have reported lower shipping volumes. It’s because sticky inflation keeps consumer spending on new goods low.

According to the business,

“Overall demand for our domestic intermodal service offering in the quarter was lower than expected. It is partially due to rivalry from over-the-road truck options in the eastern network.”

J.B. Hunt’s integrated capacity solutions (ICS) unit provides freight brokerage services. This unit reported an operational loss of $17.5 million in the first quarter, compared to a loss of $5.4 million the previous year. The loss was due to reduced contractual and transactional prices and changes in the customer freight mix.

Excess market capacity causes spot rates to fall, reducing profits for businesses like ICS, which connects shippers and truckers.


Since early 2022, several well-known companies have gone out of business or drastically cut their workforce. Bankruptcies, closures, and layoffs have built up, causing significant financial and human losses. 

Regarding the layoffs at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., the company does not disclose sufficient information.

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