Payday Candy Bar Discontinued: can you still buy it?

Is Payday Candy Bar discontinued? Hey, so you know that awesome Payday Candy Bar? It’s that delicious mix of peanuts and caramel, and it’s been satisfying our sweet cravings for ages. But hold up, and there’s some buzz going around that maybe, just maybe, Payday Candy Bar might have disappeared from the candy aisle. Say what?!

Well, let’s get to the bottom of these rumors! In this article, we’ll dive deep into Payday Candy Bar. We’ll uncover the truth behind those whispers and determine if our beloved treat has been discontinued. Trust me, and we won’t leave any stone unturned!

So, buckle up, candy lovers! We’re about to unravel the mystery behind Payday Candy Bar and answer all your burning questions. Get ready for the sweet truth! 

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Are Payday Candy Bars being discontinued?

Hey, great news! The PayDay candy bars are still going strong, and there’s no sign of them being discontinued. These tasty treats have been around for a long time, dating back to 1932 when the Hollywood Candy Company first introduced them. That’s a candy legacy right there!

So, since 1996, The Hershey Company has faithfully produced the classic PayDay candy bars without chocolate, keeping that delicious combination of salted peanuts and sweet caramel nougat alive and kicking. And guess what? In 2020, they added a “Chocolatey PayDay bar” to the product line as a permanent addition. Yum!

Now, there have been some cool variations over the years. Back in the day, tg. Hey tried a limited edition chocolate-covered PayDay bar. Still, it didn’t stick around for longer also experimented with a glazed honey limited edition in 2003 and a high protein energy bar called PayDay Pro in 2005. Talk about candy creativity!

But here’s the deal: There have been some rumors that the name of the PayDay candy bar might change because it supposedly offends the unemployed. But guess what? Those rumors have been debunked, and The Hershey Company hasn’t made any official announcements about changing the name. So, rest assured that the classic PayDay candy bar is here to stay!

Why Payday Candy Bar discontinued?

The PayDay candy bars are not going anywhere! So, here’s what we found from the search results:

Although the original PayDay candy bar isn’t marketed by the Hollywood Candy Company anymore, no worries because it’s still alive and kickin’. Thanks to The Hershey Company, they’ve been producing that tasty treat, so we can all keep enjoying it!

And guess what? Hershey’s even added a “Chocolatey PayDay bar” to the mix in 2020. That’s right; now we also have a chocolatey version to indulge in. Yum!

Now, there’s been some talk about changing the name of the PayDay candy bar because people said it offends the unemployed. But hold up! Those rumors have been debunked, and The Hershey Company hasn’t said anything official about changing the name. So, no need to worry about that!

In conclusion, we can all sigh in relief because PayDay candy bars are here to stay. The Hershey Company is still on board, and we can keep enjoying that awesome combo of peanuts and sweet caramel nougat. 

Where can I find Payday candy bars in stores?

If you’re hunting for some tasty PayDay candy bars, we have you covered! You can find these delicious treats in various places. Check it out:

Walmart is a great spot to snag some PayDay candy bars. Head to the candy section, and you’ll spot them in bulk packs of individually wrapped bars. Stock up for that sweet tooth!

Walgreens is another place to find PayDay candy bars. Look for them in the candy aisle or near the checkout counters. You might even spot the Chocolatey Peanut Caramel Bar there too. Yum!

Prefer online shopping? No problem! Amazon has got your back. They offer king-size, chocolate-coated versions of the classic PayDay candy bars. Sweetness is delivered right to your door!

For all those nostalgic candy lovers out there, is the place to be. They specialize in classic treats, and yes, you’ll find PayDay candy bars waiting for you there!

Don’t forget about Target! They’ve got PayDay candy bars too. Check out the candy and grocery section while you’re there.

But remember, availability might vary depending on the store and location. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your local store or use their online store locator to ensure they have those PayDay candy bars in stock. 

Why do some people believe that Payday candy bars have been discontinued?

 Some people might believe that PayDay candy bars have been discontinued for different reasons, but let’s clear up the confusion:

One reason could be that candy bars aren’t readily available in certain stores or regions. This might make some folks think they’re discontinued, but it could be due to limited distribution or stock issues. So, don’t worry; they might still be out there!

Another thing to watch out for is misinformation. Rumors can spread like wildfire, and in the case of PayDay candy bars, there have been some false rumors about their discontinuation. But guess what? Those rumors have been proven wrong, so panic is unnecessary!

Sometimes, changes in packaging or branding can create confusion too. The Hershey Company makes PayDay candy bars and might update the product’s look, but that doesn’t mean they’re saying goodbye to the candy itself. It’s just a cosmetic change!

The bottom line is that PayDay candy bars are still very much in production by The Hershey Company and are available in various stores and online retailers. If you need help finding them, check with local stores or use online platforms to locate those peanut-caramel delights. 

Are there any recent news articles about Payday candy bars being discontinued

Recent news articles are clear: PayDay candy bars are not being discontinued. Let’s take a look at what these articles have to say:

In September 2021, a Candy Retailer blog post addressed the rumors about PayDay candy bars being discontinued and clarified that it’s not true. Phew, that’s a relief!

A Yardbarker article from July 2023 highlights PayDay as one of the oldest available candy bars. It points out that the original version is not chocolate-covered, but a chocolate-covered version was introduced in 2020. So, it’s still very much in the candy game!

A YouTube video from August 2021 debunks another rumor about the PayDay candy bar changing its name. False alarm!

Not just that, a Mashed article from June 2021 also joins in on debunking the rumor about the candy bar changing its name. The name remains the same, folks!

To top it off, a New York Daily News article from August 2020 announced that a chocolate-covered PayDay candy bar had been added permanently to the product line. So, we got even more to enjoy!

These recent news articles are clear that PayDay candy bars are still in production and haven’t gone anywhere. 

Any Paypal candy bars that have been discontinued

Based on the search results, there is indeed one variation of PayDay candy bars that have been discontinued:

The “Chocolatey Avalanche PayDay” was a chocolate-covered version of the classic candy bar. However, unfortunately, it has been discontinued.

But fret not! The original PayDay candy bar is still going strong with its delectable combination of a caramel stick covered in peanuts. The Hershey Company continues producing the beloved classic we all know and love.

Not only that but Hershey’s has also introduced other exciting variations of the PayDay candy bar, like the “PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche” and the “PayDay Peanut Caramel Bar with Sea Salt.” So, there’s still plenty to enjoy and explore in PayDay candy bars.

Just remember, while one variation may have been discontinued, the core classic is here to stay, and you can continue to indulge in that perfect mix of peanuts and sweet caramel nougat. Enjoy your PayDay treat!